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  1. So, is Discord down for everyone else? I can't seem to log into it.

    1. Destiny


      Yes, yes it is 

  2. Ryo

    Rewarding Staff Members

    I suggest a player assist system. Donating time to the site in which ever way shape or form would awarded players with "AP"(Assist Points) And those are spent on SP at a rate of something like, 10 AP to 1 SP. These AP can be earned by staff and players alike. Discord Roles (already have those as staff tags) Wall of Acknowledgment and a custom roles displayed on the main page are already on there. As members of staff. Quests are already custom, staff are the ones who make them. As a staff member who has made quests, a valid reward should not be 'make another'.
  3. Ryo

    Rewarding Staff Members

    From the amount of work and headache that goes into creating an event I would frankly love to be compensated for my work. I'll go over how a Floor Boss is created. First you get an idea in your head, as well as a few mechanics. Something to make the boss fun and enjoyable but not outright unkillable or a slog to get through. After that, you have to flesh out your ideas moreso. You add dice rolls, and numbers to its HP and other stats. You nab an image give the boss a name and slap it into staff section of SAO and wait for other members to get around to looking it over. System De
  4. Ryo

    Rewarding Staff Members

    Hello SAO-RPGians! We recently had a discussion in the staff chat, and thought it would be appropriate to bring it to the community. The conversation ran along the lines of how much work goes into the events that take place around site. Keeping track of everyone's stats, keeping the events in context and engaging, and making sure that things stay on a reasonable timetable can really take a lot out of a person. Because of this, the idea was brought forth that perhaps it would be appropriate to reward the people who work on making events like this possible. A concern we had was how the comm
  5. Ryo

    Ryo's Tale

    House House Name: Ryo's Estate Location: Floor 11, visible on a hill from the entrance of Taft Description: A large mansion graciously donated by a mysterious benefactor, claiming to be of Lowenthal's aide. After arriving at the map coordinates, this mansion stood. The letter also held a key, which unlocked the front door. The mansion that laid out in front of Ryo was, amazing to say the least. "Ah! Good evening sir!" A voice blurted out. "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Master Lowenthal told me to be expecting company after some time. I didn't think he'd actually give you the e
  6. Ryo

    Ryo's Tale

    Inventory Good - Uncommon - Rare - Perfect - Demonic Weapons - Gin Kin² (Katana +6 Base Damage)[Damage-Damage-Damage] - Spirit² (Katana)[Phase-Paralyse] - - - Armor - Starter Clothing¹ (Light Armor +2 Evasion)[Evasion - Evasion] - Fierce Deity's Cravat² (Light Armor +36 Mitigation)[Mitigation - Mitigation - Recovery] - 'Winds of Gaia'¹ (Lght Armor +3 Evasion)[Evasion - Evasion - Evasion] - - Trinkets - Charm¹ (Trinket +3 Accuracy) [Accuracy - Accuracy - Accuracy] - - - - Consumables - (5) Healing Potions [Post Action to use; Heals 50HP o
  7. Back into the shop once, Ryo stepped to the counter and examined his items. Each item was, almost made to his specifications. The names and descriptions were changed a bit and would of course make organizing his inventory a bit more difficult. "Yes. These will do nicely." He said, before he could let the minor inconvenience show upon his face. Ryo quickly added the items to his inventory, doing his best to sort them into his system before giving a polite bow. "Thank you very much. I hope your business prospers." Returning to his standing position, Ryo left the store. -received 'Fierce Dei
  8. Following what his contact had said, Ryo soon found himself on all too familiar streets of the Town of Beginnings. He stopped to reminisce about area he had been before, his first mugging, the first person who was friendly to him, the area where a friend discarded him aside. Bitter memories that filled his mind and before he even knew it, the man dressed in quite fine violets and blues had made it to his destination. 'The Crusty Bahrnacle' was a tailor shop on the first floor, something he needed before taking on the Dragon Anthology quest line. Stepping inside the store, Ryo was taken slightl
  9. For those who own a copy of Dead by Daylight there is myself, @Teion, @Spencer, @Hestia, and @Kimi who all own it and play regularly if anyone wants to play with.
  10. Asuna and Kiritos noses are missing and I don't like it :<

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