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  1. COMPLETE +4 SP +400 Col +5x Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) +1x Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) +1x Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)
  2. Eventually, Stephen found himself in front of the palace. It was much darker inside than it was outside. As he stepped in, he noticed that the air felt colder as well. He stepped up to the monument of life. The names of both the dead and the living looked down upon him. His eyes traced the names of many players who he did not know. It didn't take long to find Helios' name once he'd reached the H's. It was crossed out. Beneath it was a date, a time, and a cause of death. "Fall damage," Stephen winced. He lifted his hood, as if attempting to hide his emotions from anyone who may have b
  3. Before heading back to the inn, Stephen wanted to stop at the Monument of Life. He dragged his tired body through the streets of the Town of Beginnings. The Black Iron Palace looked massive, even in the distance. He wasn't sure what to expect when he arrived. Sunlight beamed on him as he strafed through crowds of players. A young woman smiled at him as he passed and he tried his best to return one of his own, but even that took more energy than he could sacrifice. Part of Stephen knew that going to the monument wouldn't do him any good. Logically, he should have gone straight to his room
  4. Stephen recalled a temple he'd found on the fourth floor. It was covered and show and shrouded in darkness. Stone, cracked and crumbling, made up most of the structure. It seemed old to Stephen—although he knew it looked that way intentionally. There were mobs inside, but no quests that he had heard of that involved the temple. He hadn't been the first to discover it; however, it was possible there were similar places out there that remained unknown. He'd also met a man there. "What was his name again? Helios? I wonder how he's doing." It had only been months since their en
  5. Stephen reached the edge of the town. His fatigue was finally setting in. It was early; however, the fields had already become occupied by players. He wouldn't be able to start a guild alone. Stephen wasn't even sure where to start. "Guild's have logos, right?" He summoned a notebook from his inventory. "I suppose I'll start there." He sketched many different shapes and symbols, although none of them carried any meaning. Stephen wondered if Lexa had any ideas of her own. If so, she hadn't left them with him. The sounds of clashing swords and joyful laughs filled the man's ears as he
  6. "If you're interested in joining, I'm sure we could put in a good word for you," Grace smiled. Stephen imagined himself wearing Chronicle's insignia; a white wolf. He imagined joining Joaquin's squad and taking on quests with a party rather than alone. He imagined having a place to call home. It sounded nice. He wondered what Lexa would think. He knew that if he asked, she would have joined him; however, the dream of their own guild never would have left her mind. "I appreciate the offer," he took turns making eye contact with the four, "but I don't think I'd be able to commit to Chr
  7. "It's nice to meet you all," Stephen smiled, taking a seat in between Grace and Simon. Joaquin fiddled with his diamond-embellished flute. He looked around at his group. "Stephen and I met on set a few years back," a couple chuckled amongst themselves as they walked down the quiet street, "it's not the most beautiful story ever, but we met at the snack table." Stephen laughed along with Joaquin's friends. His dad had been friends with the film's director and, if he were to guess, brought Stephen along to show off. Stephen was his supposed to be his father's acting prodigy, after all.
  8. "C'mon man, we've got plenty of room in the guild. It'd be like old times; Stephen and Joaquin against the world!" "I already told you, I'm not interested in a guild right now. Besides, we don't need to be guildmates to hang out," Stephen replied. Stephen, accompanied by his old friend, Joaquin, wandered through the streets of Delilah. It had been three weeks since they'd reunited and so far, Joaquin and his guild had tried recruiting him seven times. They didn't know how to take "no" for an answer. "What can I do to change your mind? We can offer free equipment." "I don't
  9. The night sky was lit up by what seemed like billions of stars. Streets that were so often full of people were nearly empty. The musicians that he had seen earlier were still playing their songs. As he walked past them, one stopped playing his instrument. "No way. Stephen Star?" The man called out to him. Stephen spun around, assuming it was someone random who happened to remember his face. Upon further examination, however, he realized that wasn't the case. "Joaquin?" He asked, starting to walk up to the man. "Man, you're in here too? Small world. I haven't seen you since—
  10. Stephen returned a grin and dropped the apples into the pot once more. This time, he took extra care when stirring. He glanced over slightly to see how the alchemist's face. He looked pleased so far. "Like this?" Stephen asked. "Yes, continue to do that and it should work this time," Zackariah said. The colour of the liquid began to change from clear to a light, almost muted pink. So far so good, Stephen thought, no explosion yet. For a couple more minutes, he continued to stir at a slow pace until eventually, Zackariah said it was ready. "Perfect! It is not often somebody
  11. If this was all potion making took, it didn't seem like a tough profession. Stephen picked up the slices of apple and dropped them into the pot. Then, he began to gently stir it. "Ah!" A sudden puff of smoke made both Zackariah and Stephen jump. They looked into the cauldron, only to see a pool of dark, murky water. I guess that's what I get for underestimating it. "No worries. I never expect someone to do it perfectly on their first try. Give it another shot," Zackariah said. Stephen had no idea what he'd done wrong. There wasn't much for him to do wrong, or so he thought.
  12. Working over the cauldron was Zackariah. He immediately noticed Stephen and gestured him in. "Ah, sorry. Just finishing up this batch of health potions. I assume you've brought back the materials I asked for?" "Yes, I've got them," Stephen said. "Very well, you can leave them on this table for now," he pointed towards a desk next to him. Stephen placed them down. It was an odd group of items for a potion; a combination of funny looking rocks and apples. He assumed it didn't matter though. Zackariah worked in silence and the brunette respected that, patiently waiting for hi
  13. Stephen sat at the gate of Urbus, his stare locked onto the intimidating mountains ahead of him. To put it simply, he was nervous. The quest he'd accepted was, admittedly, out of his league. The brunette was a confident guy, but even he knew when he was in over his head. He fiddled with the hilt of his sheathed sword, second thoughts clouding his mind. Maybe this was a mistake. There are other quests I could take, I don't need to do this. I could just do an easier one. He tried to shrug it off, but new it wouldn't be a permanent solution. Stephen knew the only way he'd get out o
  14. A sudden voice interrupted Stephen's rampaging thoughts. He turned his head towards the player. The first thing he noticed was the man's cursor; it was orange. Normally, he'd proceed with caution around a player like that, but this time he saw no threat. "It is. I usually find myself coming out here when I need a break from things. Something about the quietness helps me reset." Generally, Stephen would go out a little bit further. Two or three miles away from them (at least he thought it was that far) was a small forest that Lexa once showed him. But, assuming he was around nature of
  15. Stephen was in dire need of upgrades to his gear; whether he decided to go with NIGHT or move on alone, that would not change. "I'd love to. You can take me to the good shops," he grinned. The Town of Beginnings was close now. From the pair's position, they could see it's walls quite clearly. Soon enough, the quest would be complete, Stephen would receive his rewards, and he'd be moving on to the next big thing. And, for a short while, that would be his life. Working, becoming stronger, and planning his future in the virtual world. Suddenly, a wave of curiosity swept over him. "
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