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  1. Recalling the past few hours and his perilous journey, he replied to the party's curious inquiries. "I was in the area. Good to see you made it out of town, Freyd." He kept it short. The heat of battle was no place for him to explain himself, although he did think it was among the most interesting stories of the day. A sliver of a space in between strikes was the perfect opportunity for Morningstar to move in. He slid past Mina, following her Charge with his own, and crashed into Owij'be The Indomitable with a fraction of his full force. Leave it to luck. The location and choice
  2. While Zandra went berserk on Cerberus, Morningstar watched intently. She was this sort of cheerfully insane presence that he had never witnessed before; Freyd seemed a bit more comfortable with it. Perhaps they had fought together in the past. The way she spoke told him that she was an ex-frontliner, and that he'd be seeing more of her in time. He followed her into the fray, noticing the Cerberus and its lackies were reaching the ends of their shockingly limited health bars. Zandra crushed one of the two remaining Cerberus heads with the brute force of her axe, before slamming into the sm
  3. A cry echoed through the foggy woodlands. The ground was damp and strewn with leaves that crunched beneath the swordsman's boots. His sight was limited to a small radius, a thick blanket of haze preventing him from looking any further. He thought he had been there before, but in a horror novel he'd read a dozen times as a teenager. It had a simple plot: a young girl and her dog move into a relative's house in the middle of a forest and spooky things happen. The stark difference was that he had no dog; rather, he held a sword. It comforted him throughout his chilling escape from Glyndebour
  4. "You do have a plan right Star?" His expression was neutral but his eyes aflame. "Win," he replied with a thumbs up. The trio followed him past the gates of Florenthia and back into the wild Forest of the Great Tree. The Monkey King's lethality came from its surprising nature. Locals of Florenthia often said that finding the beast was impossible; but, spend some time in the forest and it would eventually find you. Darkness did not hinder the king, nor did physical obstacles like trees or hills. It was a behemoth built from pure rage, unstoppable if not kept in check. "I don't ha
  5. Nari's call came from behind him. He turned to rejoin his party, slashing through the remaining Blightbound Monstrosity on the way back. Without the opportunity for a break, two more spawned from its disintegrating body. They writhed as they formed, building into the not-quite-humanoid beings that threatened the fearful NPCs of the floor. Their bodies were crimson, like flesh but with skeletal physiques. Black draped over their bodies, cloaking their horrific appearances. They radiated evil, more so than any of the four horsemen had. And yet the party cut them down like they were nothing
  6. The NPC dialogue with Remington was less intriguing than Morningstar recalled, but it had been some time since he had taken the quest. It wasn't impossible that he'd misremembered the chain-smoker's charisma. Sewallus, on the other hand, he remembered quite well. They had fought side by side against the Monkey King during their last escapade; he hoped that they would do so once more. As they departed from Remington's location, Ciela pulled his attention. "Yeah, years back. I must have below level twenty at the time. Pretty intense quest if you go alone. I found the monkey in a cave, but I
  7. Why are you leashed to him? Is he your master? Morningstar snickered, about as confused as Nymoria was. Even after the leash was explained, he found it so strange that it was difficult to stifle his laughter. It was a strange bunch of players, he thought. The idea of a dungeon was floated, and Morningstar rolled his eyes at it. "Have we forgotten about the last dungeon we cleared, Wulf? I'll tag along if you need help killing mobs but I'd prefer something with a little less... death," he stated plainly. The crew was funny and they had potential, but in terms of damage output they wer
  8. Morningstar could see it. The sliver of persevering health hung idly by a fraying string. A digit from shifting hues, it mocked them. They stumbled about, calculating and timing their attacks, maximizing sword arts and skills, and tearing down the numbers bit by bit until all they needed was one more attack. And Morningstar could see it so clearly. The flames that bit at hit his aching skin vanished, although the singe marks on his coat never would. Engulfed by a silver aura, he was freed from their grip; Zandra had taken it on for the both of them. His steps were slow at first.
  9. Junk Sale 15/4/2024 T4 Trinkets Rare [3]: 208231a, 208232a, 208813a T4 Consumables Uncommon [2]: 208814a, 208861a total revenue: 5,600 col
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