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  1. Morningstar looked at Reyna, nodding in agreement with her statement. He stood, reaching out a hand to the child. She was quiet but managed to thank the pair with a whimper. The tip of his sword disappeared into its scabbard; however, his free hand stayed close to the hilt in case another bat appeared. His attention moved back to the girl, who was staring off at the exit to the cave. As they moved, he noticed that she was having trouble walking and guessed that fatigue was overcoming her. He stopped, kneeling down once more. "Here," he said, "Hop on." She watched him nervously for a
  2. Returning to darkness, Morningstar could hear the voices of Reyna and Koko mixing in with the heavy drips of water that fell from the ceiling. It was difficult to tell, but he thought they were to his left He traversed the pitch-black cave, avoiding puddles and weaving around spiked rocks when he could. His eyes were beginning to adjust to the lighting, or the lack thereof, and he caught a glimpse of what he thought was Reyna sticking out from behind a rock. With some speed in his step, he jogged in their direction. A screech from the void caught his attention. A large shape glided throug
  3. i'll sign up as a casual poster :)
  4. Morningstar noticed a bit of colour trickle into her pale cheeks. She broke their eye contact, looking back at the path, so he did the same. Reyna's question came expectedly. He wouldn't have taken her if he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he could protect her. The blonde left that part out, returning a half-truth. "It wouldn't have been much fun to go alone. Besides," Morningstar chuckled, "I don't have many friends." The path split off to the right and, according to his map, turning would lead them to their destination. Guiding Reyna along, he motioned for them to follow the n
  5. Bahr's exit from the shadows had provided Morningstar with the perfect opportunity to reset the tempo of the fight. Backing away, the blonde watched as the knight burned from Bahr's blade. It was quite an extraordinary weapon. Using their short burst of words to his advantage, Morningstar re-engaged, a green blaze of light crackling along his blade. He activated Shatter once more but, this time, the soldier had no chance to block it. The edge of the blade dropped down, sliding from the soldier's right shoulder to his lower abdomen. Morningstar's sword retreated for a moment before he swun
  6. Morningstar felt a twinge at his waist where his sword was secured. He agreed to Bahr's plan, watching as the man entered the shadows. His attention shifted to Levi, whose body shook from behind him. He'd be okay. Like Bahr had said, they would protect him. "We won't take too long," Morningstar flashed a smile. Levi nodded, preparing his slingshot and hiding within the trees. The blonde gazed out at the lone soldier, who chewed on his dinner with animosity. His frostbitten hands looked dead and his face was no better. His hand touched the hilt of his blade and with a ring, Meteor was
  7. He was familiar with the twisted wastelands and what they lead to. What once was a forest was now dead, left behind to rot after countless wars. It was clear from the man's expression that he believed that his wife was in danger. Morningstar gazed down at the man, pitying him. "What's your name?" The blonde asked. The question appeared to surprise the man. It was as if he had expected Morningstar to ignore him like all the rest. "Tythen. My name is Tythen." Tythen's hood had dropped a bit, revealing more of his face. Concern had weathered him. The elves were a race that, by defi
  8. From Levi's explanation, it was difficult to tell what they would be up against. That being said, it interested Morningstar. He glanced back at Bahr. It was unlikely that the man knew anything about the fourth floor and Morningstar was not familiar with much outside of Snowfall. "Let's accept it," he said, swiping open his inventory and finding his equipment. Meteor appeared at his waist with a golden glow and his armor switched out with his regular clothing beneath his cloak. His amber eyes fixed on the white-haired NPC. "We would appreciate it if you would lead the way. Even if it is st
  9. Battered and dreary, the twenty-third floor was a place of war. The two tribes of dark elves that called it home lived in constant conflict. The lands were bleak and the settlements unwelcoming. Morningstar avoided it for those reasons. Notes of an eerie piano played in his head as he treaded through the city known as Kalanaes. He could not put his finger on where he had heard the strange song but it was ingrained in his mind so deeply, you would think he had composed it himself. Gloomy scowls were plastered on the faces of the city's inhabitants. It was obvious to Morningstar that he was
  10. The festival reminded him of Christmas, although it was not the right time of year for that sort of celebration. The warm sun solstice, as the villagers called it, had arrived after two hundred years. Bahr asked him a question that puzzled him. Did he look two hundred years old? "No, I didn't even realize this festival existed," he replied, scanning the stalls around them. There weren't any games he'd played before, actually. It was like they were specific to the festival, aside from a game involving tossing snowballs into a hole that resembled a sandbag throwing game that he'd playe
  11. Morningstar took a moment to listen to the men talk back and forth. Already, they had found comfort among each other. He grinned at Alkor, whose attention had moved to Morningstar. The group piqued his interest; he wanted to see how where it would take him. "Dragon Adventure it is," the blonde said. Like clockwork, a notification screen popped up in front of him. It hovered a few inches from his face, offering him the chance to accept the quest. Without hesitation, he pressed the large, blue circle on the left side of the box. Quest <<Dia
  12. The massive tree loomed over the party, casting an eerie shadow. The top of the tree peaked above the clouds, making it impossible to see where it ended. Morningstar scanned the base of the tree from a distance before moving up for a closer inspection. Dark brown bark covered the entire tree like scales on a dragon. In some spots, he noticed sap that had solidified in the form of droplets running down the base. His fingers danced along the side of the tree, avoiding the sticky spots. It was rough and yet awfully soft for a tree of that size. Tapping his fingertips against the bark, he came acr
  13. Morningstar fell back into the battered green grass. He gazed up at the sky, noticing the orange and pink shades. The sun was setting. Somehow, he always completed his quests at sunset. It never happened during the night nor during the afternoon. It was at sunset every time. He bent his arms, placing them beneath his head. He had a bit of time before heading back to town was necessary. No monsters would bother him so close to the place that the Monkey King once called home. A yawn escaped his mouth and he shut his eyes. He wondered where he would go next. The ninth floor was so close
  14. The villagers, alongside Sewallus and Remington, parted ways with Morningstar. They walked off into the forest, leaving the blonde to himself. He dropped back down into the grass and stared out at the battlefield. The silence that he had found was beautiful. Not even a bird chirped near it. It was the calm after the storm that was the duel versus the great Monkey King. Perfectly tranquil. Morningstar gave the sword art another try. He activated Shatter, using up the last of his energy. Meteor became green instead of gold and he thought back to the moment he had met Sewallus. Morningstar h
  15. "I have one last gift for you," Sewallus said, "to thank you for your assistance with the Monkey King. I would not have been able to do it without you, my friend." Morningstar nodded, allowing the man to continue. Sewallus mentioned a sword art called Shatter and the image of the guard's axe glowing green returned to his mind. At the time, Morningstar had been unsure of what it was but after the explanation from Sewallus, it made sense. It was a special sword art that only the guard himself could teach. And he wanted to pass it on to Morningstar. Sewallus lifted his axe and with
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