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  1. Hyperactive Duration [1/3], Quick Change [CD: 3/3] Refreshed, Vanish: [2/3] ph Players: Celeste | HP: 649/649 | EN: 46/76 | DMG: 26 | MIT: 27 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 6 | LD: 3 | BLD: 12 | BH: 12 Simmoné | HP: 761/761 | EN: 78/86 | DMG: 27 | MIT: 63 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 3 | LD: 5 | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | KEEN: 1 | REC: 8 | TXC VNM: 24 Sam | HP: 761/761 | EN: 54/86 | DMG: 28 | MIT: 40 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 5 | LD: 9 | AA | PARA Griswold | HP: 826/828 | EN: 66/86 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 213 | ACC: 4 | LD: 4 | REC: 4 | TAUNT | THRNS: 112 Mobs: [0,0,0,2] Sundered Spire Soldier #19 | HP: 53/372 | DMG:
  2. Quick Change [CD: 2/3], Vanish: [1/3] Darting from cover to mist obscured by Freya's and Setsuna's fog like substance, she finds that her speed becomes unspeakable. Shiina's turn of events caused nothing to be able to predict what was coming to them as she notices that Simmone had delivered some blows but didn't finish them all the way through. With her other weapon in hand, she hoped that even the slightest help would cause the damaging blows needed to move forward with the group. Appearing behind Shiina now, as all four creations burst all at the same time in front of Simmone. If she co
  3. Vanish CD: 3/3, Quick Change CD:3/3, Rest 2/2 Everything is refreshed... Seeing Eruda hop through, looking to Freyd with a slight turn of the head. It seemed that he had a few tricks up his sleeves. Taking a deep breath and letting everything soak it, she would stay silent for now. Her trust for Freya was starting to grow, but it was still not there yet for Sam. Time is what she really needed, a lot of shit has happened lately for her and she needed to get her head wrapped around everything before focusing on one thing. For being so organized in her shop, her brain was no where near that.
  4. Vanish CD: 2/3, Quick Change CD:2/3, Rest 1/2 Sam suddenly appears in front of the vial, but couldn't take her eyes off Freya. Something was hugely different about the girl, she looked as though whatever was inside her was at bay or she finally took complete control of whatever it was. Sam was still terrified though. Afraid to speak about it... She was trying so fucking hard to forgive Freya for what she had done all those months ago but it was hard for her... Picking up the vial and throwing it against the ground causing it to shatter, glowing purple for a moment before is was just a poo
  5. Vanish CD: 1/3, Quick Change CD: 1/3 Sam hides in the dark corner, within the black mist bleeding from Freya's frame. She was pissed still but that would not stop her in this battle. It couldn't, not after all the hard work Eruda had put into trying to make equal grounds for both Freya and Sam. She would show that she could push all those emotions away and do what had to be done. It was the only way to get the proper respect that she had wanted for oh soo long. Sam knew that her new captain was watching her too. Needing to make every hit count... Hearing the creaking above, she waits for
  6. Sam just glares at Freya, knowing that her damage was matched in different ways than just base. Disappearing into the mist Sam gets into the large tower and is dove down by one of the crazy monkey's, Dodging just barely she knew that is was a missed opportunity, as she looks up at the others who are diving at the same pace. Smashing her Ax head into one, as she spins, the other two follows suit and is met by their friend who was still attached. As they cry out in pain and are smashed against the interior of the building, they burst into data. Sam glances to the remaining creature, that landed
  7. It was obvious that Simmone was not tagging along, but it was fine. Meeting Freya's eyes with a smile, as a message from Freyd comes in. Quickly reading it and nodding, "In time, lets wait for the rest to show." Right then she glances at where they were to be heading off to and finds Eruda leaning against the tree. "Another dps and a tank, waiting on Freyd now." Taking out a book now as she starts to scribble a few notes. "Haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?" She knew that the question was really bland, but if Freya had any brains, she would know exactly what that question was aime
  8. Thread Complete: Katoka: 4185/30=139*(5*4)=2780 Total EXP 400/2=200+(2780*.15)=617 Total Col Lium: 4185/30=139*(5*1)=695 Total EXP Sam: 4185/30=139*(5*5)=3475 Total EXP 400/2=200+(3475*.15)=721 Total Col
  9. Seeing Simmone try her best to take the lot of enemies down, appearing behind the one with full health. Carving her Axe head into the creature back, using the momentum of it's weight as her weapons sharp edge seeps through the creatures chest. A wide swing toward the other three as they collide to the ground bursting almost intently from every direction. Giving a quick nod to Simmone as she sees Griswold charge by them with a gust of wind pushing her slightly backwards. With that she vanishes within the light mist around them. Running next to the large man as a creature runs in her way, not re
  10. Appearing out of seeming no where behind a creature, in a blink of an eye her Ax is in the back, bleeding out and unable to move. Looking to her right seeing Simmone about to jab the dude. With a burst, pulling her Ax away she smiles. "Hey, I got your back," a small wave of her hand before turning her head left, switching her weapons quickly and carving into another dude. Splattering to the ground, switching to her previous weapon now she vanishes into the mist that Setsuna created. Simple appearing next to the blue haired girl she nods to her comment. Focused on the task at hand she scans aro
  11. Sam's hand shifts from shelf to shelf, a little black book, a different one that you're used to seeing in her hands. This particular book has a Gold symbol of the Firm Anima Icon engraved on the cover. Made it herself, who knew she could be so crafty. A scribble here and there, keeping inventory of what they have and what was needed. Walking down the lining of compartments, the witches brew, "Well, we can't have that become empty," saying as she droughts something down. Simmone has been a busy bird, going through these like ice would melt in the sun. "Simmone, I am leaving for a bit. We need s
  12. Taking a deep breath with her head still against her loves, eyes closed just savoring the moment. Kat had mentioned food, and Sam simple smiles. "Sure," as she interlocks her hand in Kats walking into the kitchen. Getting out a few pieces of bread for a simple peanut butter and jelly. It was easy and her mind was on one thing right now. The wedding... It was nearing the time and Sam didn't want to wait any longer. Two sandwiches lay upon the counter as she leans against the counter. Taking a bite she opens her HUD and starts conducting a message through the guild chat saying "The time has come
  13. Taking a sip of the same glass Kat did, "I know, but I felt like this time was different. I didn't know how you would feel about me having a friend, an old one at that, that shared the same feeling you do about me..." She glares a bit at Lium now, "I swear I will put you down if you fuck this up..." Taking a deep breath now she pats her hands against her knees. "Now that the air is clear, let's get to the important stuff. Lium, you will stand as a bridesmaid... Bridesman?? Whatever..." she shakes her head, confused at the term but stands. Picking Kat up from her chair quickly and spinning her
  14. Sam gulps hard being a bit nervous. Walking through the house to the kitchen hearing her love outside, grabbing a cup. It was not for her, though. She grabs an extra chair too knowing there was only two out on the porch. She takes a deep breath and walks out the back door. Setting the chair next to the other two, setting the cup down on the table, why was she so nervous... Sam gives Kat a hello peck on the cheek and sits down next to her. A curious -why not more- look was given back to Sam. Taking a deep breath now she looks to the teapot and pours some more tea in Kats cup seeing it emp
  15. Staring into the bottom of this tea cup she finds a tear drip down her cheek. "I didn't think that you were coming back..." A small sniffle, "Deep down I wanted to believe that you were still out there and looking for me and in some ways I guess you were seeing that you are here right now in my dinning room." Setting her cup down now she gets up to grab some more coffee. Sitting back down after a moment as she just stared at his hand. "Another time, another place we might have been something more... After you I was just done with the guys though." Wiping her tears from a cheek, she did have so
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