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  1. Sitting in her bed, blanket pulled up to her face, Sam hasn't slept in days. That boy, she couldn't get that dream out of her head. It all felt so real though, the way that she felt after, that alone almost proved that it could have very much been real. The female, one that she had never seen before. How did she even know about that. Sam made a giant fool out of herself in the guild hall the other day. A huge blabbering mess is really what it was. She was scared and didn't know what else to do... A chime of her HUD causes her skin to crawl, opening her HUD it was from Freyd. "White-Haired
  2. "Wow" Sam was walking backwards with a few random spins. "I have never seen anything like this, all those games and events they held, they don't compare to this. It all feels so real..." Simmonè was right next to her, Sam could hear a small chuckle from the woman. It was true though, this was really new to her giving that she couldn't bring herself to leave her house for certain reasons. It all looked so magical to her and she was excited at the entire sight. Getting to the spot of purchase she instantly gets down to her knees. "Wow, look at all of this." Her hands began to touch everything. E
  3. Freya was on her side and she appreciated it, but Sam needed to hear what Lium had to say. Listening with that intensity of wanting to punch him. A hand on her face, -he wasn't going to even dare kissing me was he, not after everything he was trying to prove.- Sam thinks as she continues to listen. A forehead to hers now, he was begging for her forgiveness. If they were on land, he would probably be on his knees right now. Sam could also hear crying in his voice. I really was sorry, Lium never cried... Damn... Her glare lightens up. Taking a deep breath now as she pulls Lium into her arms as h
  4. Coming up from the water and turning to face Lium, pushing her bangs from her face. "You have until I get out of this water to explain yourself buddy. Convince me why we should still be friends at all." Sam was pissed, like royally pissed. -Oh yea, we can be friends- then he just leaves and hears no hi nor hair from him in a month. It was stupid, he could have just said that he needed time and she would have accepted and respected that boundary. Instead, he leaves her hanging as she tried to make sure on the daily, whether or not he was still living. That was a huge dick move and she didn't ap
  5. Throwing stuff around in her bedroom, even though she didn't really want to go with Lium, she was going. She wanted to see if he could make up what he fucked up. That last conversation with him and Kat pissed her off. The mix of that and not talking to her for months. On top of everything else that she is going through, she was not in the mood to hear excuses from her long lost friend that seemed like he was edging away inch by inch again. She did not need him to come back into her life just to leave again. Knowing that it wasn't really his fault that last time, she still couldn't let it happe
  6. "It..." she just kept seeing his face, that face. Some of what was said came to deaf ears. Sam knew this was all crazy talk and that right now it looked like she should be in a nut house. "That boy should be dead, he is dead. It was just a dream," tears started to swell in her eyes as she pulls both legs to her chest. Thinking out loud in a small voice, "If it was a dream, then why did it feel so real, that voice..." Sam was good with numbers and information but dealing and sorting out emotion or how to express them. She was terrible at it, as it showed. "How can a dream feel so real, that wom
  7. Placing her hands against her mouth, it wasn't until now that she realized that her voice was way too loud. Knowing that she sounded crazy, but everything about what she was going on was nearly bad shit insanity. At this point she did not care what the others thought about her. She needed advice and even if it was very bad knowledge given, she would still feel better that she got something from someone. This entire thing was freaking her out, worse than being in the front lines with a team she didn't know. Trying to explain her outburst, "When I was very young, I was in an accident. A ra
  8. Reading Simmonè's message, in a grumpy voice, "I do work, my deliveries come later. I do have a life outside the guild." A huff of breath as she gets to her feet. Closing her HUD as she grabs her jacket and walks to the guild hall. Her mind was stuck on this dream thing. She was distracted as of late, she just saw that dead kid that saved her life. Anyone would be struck by shock from that. She needed to know that she wasn't crazy, Sam needed to know that she wasn't slowly going insane. This white haired chick just comes into this dream like state and shows her someone that she had been trying
  9. ID:202289 | Battle:3, Craft:2, Loot:3+6=9 No Longer in Stealth A flicker as she becomes visible to others eyes which were now staring in her direction. A sigh, "This damn skill has never worked right for me." Glancing at what Simmonè was intending, she followed suit. Grasping tightly onto the valve as her maiden carves deeper to push it along further. Sam holds her breath with a small ongoing grunt. With a twist and turn, latching her other hand on the device, she pulls as hard as she could. Eventually it pops out and Sam falls backwards on her ass. A grin as she tosses it behind her, hea
  10. A conversation with a woman, white hair, seeing that boy with blond hair that gave her a second change. It was really sending her for a loop. Was that a ghost, who was this female and how did she know that cognition of this kid. She had already been having night terrors of this day, that car, those kids. Bottom line was that she had forced herself not to trust anyone up this point because the judgement that lingered in her heart got her into trouble. The truth was, even though Kat was in her life, she didn't feel like she had any real friends. Lium has been absent, most likely due to her break
  11. "Aww, but that is the best part of the mallow, I mean it is better with a bar of chocolate and cracker. Maybe it became soggy with the snow..." Eyeing the cup that Shiina hasn't really touched. "I get it though. That is why I'm out here. I have never done anything that wasn't in front of a screen. I want to experience life at its fullest and without the need to travel, I can do all of everything. This game is really a shortcut if you think about it. You can go anywhere you want within the limit. I want to do it all, and with your help there is no chance that I won't have fun. What do you say,
  12. "So it's your outlet, your big thing, I like it. Mine was video games, my major outlet and my thing. I sorta lost myself in them though. Couldn't bring myself to want to enjoy anything else. For me at first this was just a game. A big hot shot that I had to beat, but that is not happening anytime soon. It's way in indepth than I am used to." Talking mechanics might have been a bore for Shiina. Sam couldn't help it, it was something that she knew she could always go back to and could enjoy at the same time. "Why did you come here, I don't take you for one to like video games." Shiina was always
  13. "If you want, you can make another one and I will lift you up, it will make the perfect one. Maybe better than mine. This one is just soo huge, frankly the smaller the better." Sam scoots closer to the heat as she feels the earth move. "Is that from you humming?" Saying this as more of a statement than a question. She knew what Shiina could do with her music, had seen it first hand a few times. Sam just didn't know that even though the hum was light, it still made amazing impact. Crossing her legs, leaning on her hands, she could feel herself sinking slightly. "So do you have a favorite song.
  14. "Well, that is really something remarkable. I can assure you that you have been super helpful lately." Sam does a weird sit up and pushes herself forward with her feet. Falling to her hands and knees to catch herself from a whitewash, she shifts her body to look at her angel. Ripples from her clothing show upon it. Crawling to where her head was she draws a halo right above. "DONE" saying as her arms rise up in accomplishment. Eyes move to the crater of what was suppose to be an angel? "Hmm, very interesting," saying with a twist of her head. Scooting back from her angel, she takes out a cante
  15. From inside the snow you could hear a very muffled voice that sounded like a jumbled mess. Sam pokes her head out with a large exhale, revealing just below here chin. Her arms were stuck in this large ball of snow. Unable to move her head, she glances down at her figure. "Do I look fat to you? I think I gained a bit of weight." Just staring at Shiina with serious incentive for only a moment before they both burst out in laughter. Shiina helps her out of this situation as she places a hand on the ice and starts humming a tune. Feeling her body vibrating before it explodes. Landing on her back b
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