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  1. Current Level: 50 Current SP: 207 SP Tracking: Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Analyst's Harvester - Lethargy Item ID: 162303a Item Tier: T3 Item Type: Two Handed Battle Axe Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Envenom 1, Bleed 1, Paralyze 1 Description: A rather gruesome looking axe, with one reddish orange blade instead of two. It's shaped like a headsman's weapon, and once swung it leaves a string like wire in its wake. Rushing past you
  2. Sam gives a small huff as it seemed to be nothing or worth really. A shine at the bottom was shown again. She wondered if that was anything of value. She did find her familiar in the waters so there had to be something good right. Sam takes a deep breath as she dive underwater. It took her a minute to get to the bottom because to be honest she forgot how to swim for a moment before making long arm strides to the bottom. Picking up the shard at the bottom as she began to lose breath being under too long. A huge puff gasp of air saying "Look Shiina I found a... Shiina..." she was gone. Where the
  3. Sam giggles at the face Shiina makes when she stole a cookie. Any other time she would have gotten her hand slapped. "Well, I live on the opposite side of that clock tower a few blocks south. That is really funny to think about though. I spend pretty much my entire life on a computer and now I am in one. What are the flippin odds of that." Shoving the rest of the cooky in her face now she glances to Eruda. She seemed on edge now... Was she really that close to Raidou that it bothered her this much. "Well, just think, when we get out of here, we can all spend time together. Now that we know tha
  4. Freya quickly gets to the front of the line. The beach was fine with her. She hadn't swam in forever. Not since the fishing trip with Haine and her boo. Eruda seemed to decline the offer for beach an snacks as she had something else to do. Not sure what but she was a very busy lady. They did it though, and as a team as it should be. Raidou's words stuck about the working together part. Eruda took the hit for all of us and Shiina healed her like a boss while she and Freya kicked the living shit out of it. I was a great feeling that made her insides all warm a fuzzy. Shiina and Sam go to t
  5. "I never went to school. I got my GED when I was really young. Tried to go to high school, but the teachers thought I was way too smart." She wasn't going to mention why she never went to school, like the main reason because even thinking about it was too painful. "I had my face stuck to my computer for a lot of my time." It was strange to think that they all lived near each other yet never crossed paths until now. Right now it felt like almost fate that they found each other here. Like this group of people that was still growing, came into this specific game at the same time. She didn't reall
  6. In the same instant that Freya takes a huge chuck of it health, Sam is right there carving her Battle Axe up the length of its side. The creature now screams out in pain. As it falls to the ground once more, it tries to make a quick escape. Starting to dig down to go under the sands again, Freya and Sam both grab the back legs of the creature and throw him toward Eruda. Tumbling to the ground with a slide. It quickly gets up looking around frantically. It was surrounded. There was not much it could do from here... Eruda approaches closer as Shiina was all up in its grill while still somehow si
  7. "Oh wow, what a small world. That is where I live too. I was wondering why Raidou put up with you." After this she chuckles as she brushes down her hair. The afro was not a good look on her. Since they were going to do the whole 20 question thing now, she would need a cup of coffee to get ready for it. They make there way in the gates and find the nearest food area. Eventually finding one she walks in and sits at the first clear table. This place was sorta crowded. Sam frequented in places like these a lot as of late. She blamed Shiina and her love for sweets. Every quest she had done with her
  8. Arriving at floor 5 and getting the same invites as Freya does. Seeing droopy Shiina yawn Sam chuckle. "Here Shiina, have the rest of this. It's coffee, it tastes weird, but it does the trick." Sam hands the girl a half cup of coffee. She knew the effects that sugar had on her and she really looked like she needed it. Eruda explains the quest to Shiina knowing that Sam and Freya had done the research already. She also knew that Freya had already done it but explained that she needed the manpower to put this down quickly. Told Shiina to use ant de-buffs that she had because it was going to make
  9. Walking with the team toward the destination, keeping pace without a word to any of them. She was lost in thoughts that had over come while she was sitting idle. Sam looks around, hearing a huge out roar of nothing but anger. Snapping back into reality, she knew that it was what they were here for. Walking Shiina walk toward the beast, some hand movement. She was not really worried about Shiina going upfront any more. After that conversation that was had between them just the other, she just smiles watching her as a pulse across the waters and a glow of her weapon. She grins and vanishes. Endi
  10. Sam carves the last few into nothing. Turning to her at the comment that was made. She knew she wasn't half bad. It had been all that she was working toward since she joined this guild of hers. It wasn't until now that she was finally getting to where she wanted to be. "Your not so bad yourself," she would offer to the red head. If this girl really was someone that Raidou knew, that would just be crazy. The fact that he wanted Sam to practically spy on the girl was a new one for her. Gathering information is what she what she did and she would do everything she could, but right now... Right no
  11. A flick of her HUD upward as a reply comes through. With a silent nod, she closed her HUD. She would do just that. Gain knowledge that might help. It might be a bit hard given Celeste personality. Walking back to the rock still concealed, she slips through the hole in pure silence. The girl was nowhere to be seen and neither was her familiar, but she felt it was safe to assume that she walked through the cavern. Heading down the single path she hears clashing of weapons the echoes through the walls. A short jaunt away, she appears beside an enemy and cuts clean through it with her Ax
  12. Getting to the top and back into the yellow mist she vanishes. Pulling out her black book she stares at it for a moment before placing it back into her bag. Taking a deep breath she walks further into the mist to conceal herself from anyone view. Opening her HUD, opening her messages and composes one to Raidou: With the chime of her HUD the message was sent. She then mutes the volume on her HUD. She did not know if such things were connected but she was far from letting this go. She knew better than to just assume that it was nothing. Nothing was never just nothing... Taking a deep bre
  13. Out in the middle of a forest, vanishing connecting her weapon against a tree as her new found skill activates. Tree's couldn't bleed, but she felt it activate. She grins and goes again. She was practicing her new skills to make sure she knew what she was doing when she entered combat again with the guild. After a few more rounds she hears a chime from her HUD. Breathing hard, stopping to look at the message. It was from Eruda... Another quest. "Perfect," she says closing her HUD and doing the rotation one more time. Heading to the guild hall first to grab a few buffs. Walking out and mu
  14. Sam looks down the hole she came from after hearing a screeching sound, seeing the red slime looking thing slither past her going into pure rage mode, growing larger than first sight as jagged teeth are exposed from the maw that formed wide. The noise it made was a terrifying sound itself. Hearing the girl call out and then eventually getting inside the cavern. Sam's thought instantly go back to that day, to this cave where Raidou found his black slime. Sam's chest becomes heavy just thinking about it. "Your familiar I assume," she says not letting her emotions through... "Shit, I'll be right
  15. A shift of light change as she enters the area. She had one place in mind on this floor. The cavern that Raidou showed her. She had only been here a few times hell just the other day with her guild. "Hey, I have somewhere I want to show you. I have been wanting to check deep within this place and what better time to do it than now." Sam heads toward the rock. The white mist that overlaid across this area. "Keep up, don't get lost," she was the one leading now. Quicker than before as she knew her way around this area. The large boulder, she moves to its side, revealing a hole within it. She gla
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