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  1. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    Sam puts a balled fist calmly to her mouth and clears her throat. Trying the best she could to be serious she says "When you love someone your actions and thoughts become frisky...???" Was that the right words...Sam couldn't help but start to chuckle as she helps Kat pick the couch up and quickly picks up the loose clothing laying around. With a swish of her hand, they go into her inventory for safekeeping. Picking up Kat now she moves around to the other side of the couch and sits with Kat comfortably on her lap. "Please Haine sit," there was a chair next to the fireplace that Sam placed there before Kat even showed up. Being completely serious sow she says "When you find love in a place like this you need to keep it. Katoka walked right into my life and without a second thought, I knew she was the one." She kisses Kat on the cheek softly, before glancing at Haine again. "It is not easy to make friends for me and that day at the lake got me thinking about what I was really missing. Kat and I are getting married and I want you to be one of my brides mates. Will you do me the honor and join me by my side at our wedding, Haine?" Cuddling Kat closer to here now she waits for a response.
  2. Sam

    Sam's Evaluations

    Eval Please!
  3. PH Acquisition ID# [167288c ] Name: Radiance of Harmonious Dawn Type: 2H AS Rerolling on BLEED with Asgard's Finery ID# 180527 results: Loot: 17 Bleed is changed to Phase Acquisition ID# [160607b] Name: Ra's Destructive Wrath Type: Handwraps Rerolling on BLEED with Asgard's Finery ID# 180528 results: Loot: 14 Bleed is changed to Envenom (Offensive)
  4. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    Sam leans back on the couch as she feels Kat move back onto her lap. The little sweet kissed against her, and the hand up her shirt. Sam could feel her skin crawl, the warmth and heat she felt within her. Even though they just got out of bed not even 3 hours ago she wanted more. Kat was making her want more...The teasing was real...Sam sighs a bit with the attention she was being given. "Okay, okay, give me just a sec then..." She opens her HUD up quickly and messages Haine saying: To: Haine From: Sam I need to ask you something, come to my house it is right next to the guildhall. It's hard to miss... With a chime of her HUD, the message was sent. Shutting her HUD down she pulls Kat into a kiss now with passion. Sam flips Kat onto the couch now. Kat's back placed against her soft couch as Sam kisses her. This continues for a good 20 minutes before she hears on knock on the door. Sams first instinct was to flip the couch backwards. Hiding behind the couch trying to get Kat's pants back up and Sams shirt back on as she hears the door creak open and a voice. Sam can't help but giggle a bit like the rush to get presentable again was happening so fast. After a few seconds, she peaks just her head over the flipped couch now staring at the door. Her face was flustered. "Sorry I wasn't expecting you so soon,"
  5. Sam

    [Giving Away] Various Items

    Taking this Item... <<MONEY SHOT>> - (T3 PERFECT 2HBA) - ID: 155241 ➥ ABSOLUTE ACCURACY ➥ ACCURACY ➥ BLEED
  6. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    She thought about it for a moment and if given the chance she would have done the same. She feels a bit on edge thinking about this moment because the more she thought about it the more details she remembered. Sam being older now thinks of the question of why me? or what makes me so important that made me live and that kid have to die? She wanted to let that family know how sorry she was but, to be honest it wasn't entirely her fault for her being so young. She couldn't decide if she should put the blame on herself or if it was just something that fate chose to make happen. She sat back in her seat not really having an appetite now. Listening to Kat's story she takes her orange juice taking a sip. She thought about how those kids were so rude to her for just planning out something inside a game. Caring about what armor she had for better use of her time and protection. "Those people were stupid. They could not accept the fact that you were better at the game than they were. They were butt hurt that you figured out what they couldn't. I bet you that after you lost connection with them they got that armor." She was saying this out of the experience. "I had a group of friends that I hung out with on every game I played and to be honest I was the brains of the operations. They would fail to make smart decisions and I was always the one to make calls of what they should have been doing and gave them advice on what they should be wearing because it made them better at the game. When this game came out we decided to meet in the main town to play but they never showed. To this day I still have not a clue what happened to them, but I feel like they actually ditched me because I came off too bossy to them or something." "I really do feel like in another lifetime if we met, we would have been good together. You had the same issues with your friend as I didn't with mine. They wouldn't open their minds to the fact that we might have been right. They couldn't get over the fact that they weren't game smart like us," she slightly giggles at this thinking how stupid people can be these days. "I love that we think the same way when it comes to that stuff." "You will have to show me some moves later, I am sure I will be terrible at it but I am willing to try if you teach me." Kat gives her a kiss and pulls away slightly. Sam pulls her back into the kiss after she says some caring words. A very passionate kiss that lasted a good few minutes. Somehow Kat ended up on her lap... "I would love nothing more than share every waking moment with you." Hold Kat's face softly with both her hands now saying this. After cooling off for a moment, she moves Kat back to the couch next to her and feeds her some eggs. "Do you mind if I invite a friend over? I would love for you to meet her, she is one of the bride's mates. Her name is Haine." She eats some eggs herself and feeds Kat more as they were starting to get cold. The mood had lightened a bit as she was feeling more herself now actually talking about everything. It was really refreshing.
  7. Sam

    [OP-F22-GUILD] A Possible Reckoning

    Sam was listening to every speak as she feels her hand gets squeezed tighter after hearing Kat talk. Scooting a bit closer now she gives a very small chuckle now. Gripping Kat's hand with both of hers she gently rubs her thumb against the top of her hand for a form of comfort. "Then is agreed, the question is who will be there for the second meeting point. The guildhall would make a safe meeting point. I am not sure I am able to make it though, I have been busy with other things," at this point she gives Kat a glance, biting her bottom lip slightly. She knew that this was important but something like this, she didn't feel like she had enough courage to add any more than what was already said. Only certain people should be involved and she didn't think she should fiddle with something that didn't concern her specifically. "I will be here if anything goes wrong with the next meeting, just message me and I'll be here." She was now waiting for the right time to get up and make her exit with Kat by her side.
  8. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    Taking some eggs from the fridge she takes the frying small frying pan out. "I was thinking omelets. I know that it's a breakfast thing but it's what I am craving besides you right now." She lets Kat's words sink in as she takes a bowl out and breaks a few eggs inside it. Other things start to pop into her head that she has buried long ago. Whisking the eggs together she adds a dab of teriyaki sauce and a small amount of sugar. Blending them together, she turns the oven top on as she starts to frown a bit thinking about this. "There is one thing that I have not told you or anyone before..." She had not a clue why she was thinking about this now. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or something...Pouring the eggs in the pan the second it got warm. "I..." she struggles to put into words what she was trying to say... Letting the eggs cook she places her back against the fridge closing her eyes now taking a deep breath. "I was supposed to be dead... I don't remember much because I was so young, but I remember me trying to cross the main road by myself..." she attends to the eggs as she takes some bacon bits from the cabinet and some cheese from the fridge. Keeping her eyes on the food as she slices some cheese. Placing some cheese slices on half of the cooked large round egg, she sprinkles some bacon bit on the same half and folds the eggs over covering what she just added. Letting it sit there for a moment she says "I was crossing the road and next thing I know I am being pushed out of the way and hear screaming. I..." taking a deep breath she takes the omelet of the hot pan now onto a plate... And starts the process again. "I remember turning a seeing a blond-haired boy laying in the ground, red liquid everywhere. At the time I was too young to understand." Staying silent for a while as her head began to spin a bit. She finished making the second and sets it on another plate. Digging out some forks now she takes the plates to the dining room table. "Seconds after I saw this there was a crowd that showed up blocking him from view. My mother ran to me, hugging me covering my eyes." She cuts a piece of the egg just staring at her plate now. "I started 1st grade a week later and according to my mother, I was lashing out at everyone. This is when I started getting homeschooled. Given what just happened at the time, being so young I had not the first clue why I was doing what I was." Taking a small bite now she takes a deep breath. "This is when I got my first game system too, and by middle school, I was too involved in my games that I barely went to school. The few months that I did though I was getting straight A's. So I got my GED and road with my games that eventually consumed my life." Sam leans back in her chair now, letting it all sink in for her and Kat.
  9. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    "Oh you most definitely can be held accountable," she says rolling, and half pinning Kat as she nibbles on her neck. "But then that means I can too," she says bringing her head up just a bit as she gazes into her eyes, smiling. "Your right though, shopping for dresses and my suit alone, making the vows with our own words and waiting to see each other and saying our vows till wedding day is perfect. It will make the day that much more special." Playfully nibbling on her ear now she quickly removes herself with a roll off the other side of the bed as to not be eaten by her Kit Kat. "I shall not be eaten alive," turning to Kat after getting her shorts back on, " At least not yet. Maybe later when getting the foods in our tummy wummy's. Write what we decided in the book of idea's then come help me cook something." She chuckles as she puts her shirt on and comes around the bed. Leaning down giving Kat a kiss, placing her fingertips against her cheek. Pulling away slightly saying "I love you more than anything thing in both worlds combined." Giving her another kiss she removes her lips, but lightly bites Kat's bottom lip before she leaves completely. A small chuckle and Sam walks faster to the kitchen so that she couldn't do anything back to her with playful revenge.
  10. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    Sam melts inside as she kisses her back. The heat between them was spiking and it was the only thing that was on Sam's mind right now. The moment that Katoka started reacting she quickly gets to her feet and swipes Kat up in her arms. Holding her tight, kissing her on the way to the room. Pushing the door open with her hip she sets Kat softly on the bed. Standing next to the bed above her, she takes her shirt off. Getting into the bed with her she dims the light and pulls the covers over the both of them, pulling her into a kiss now... Time Skip for 3 hours... Laying in bed now next to her lover. Turning to her side now looking eye to eye with Kat pulling the covers up slightly. Placing her hand gently on Kat's face saying in a soft voice. "I will never get tired of any of this. You will never be boring for me and that I can promise you." Giving her another small kiss she rolls to her back with a sigh. "So what are we going to do for our vows? Are we going to write them separately, together, or have the person that weds us give us a generic piece of paper? I much rather write them separately and keep them a secret till it comes time." Slightly glancing at Katoka as she pulls Kat closer and lays her small head against the inside of her shoulder holding her close. She kisses the top of her head while she tries to catch her breath from the cray fun time that they just had.
  11. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    "It's not sexy says you... Plus don't we deserve a break? We have been at this for a couple of hours now and I haven't seen you for 2 days. The rose petals were a glimpse of a bigger picture for our wedding day if you must know. I will not reveal anything else," she says with a chuckle. Scooting closer to Kat now, she takes the notebook and closes it, setting it on the table. She leans down and kisses her neck saying in a whisper to her ear "Tell you don't want this too. Tell me to stop," as she kisses her shoulder softly and puts a hand on Kat's leg. "Tell me to stop and I will," as she trails her lips back to Kat's neck, to the cheek, and then to her lips. Giving a small peck, then another. For now, she was just fooling around but she really wanted this. It's been two days too long and she was looking forward to this, for when they saw each other again. "Tell me no..." as she nibbles on her ear whispering in it...
  12. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    She chuckles a bit as she gets handed the book. "Hmm," she says as she starts writing down the people she would with to invite. Simmone, Kasumi, Eruda, Freya, Haine, Raidou, Setsuna, Shiina..."Some might not come but these are the people that have helped me the most since I got here. Kasumi is just so sweet and I think she would enjoy something like this. Setsuna not so much I don't think but she was a big part of me getting Curbie so it's something I want her to enjoy I guess. Haine is fun and Raidou helped me into the guild. Eruda and Freya are a package, being twins and all but Eruda was there for me when no one else was and I owe her my life if I am being honest. Simmone...to be completely honest...I had a crush on her before I found you. Now she is just my trainer but I just thought you should know since we are still getting to know each other and I want you to know everything." Kissing Kat on the forehead now as she scoots closer. "Don't be mad please..." she hands the book to Kat and sets a hand on Kat's leg. "What else...Oh and just letting you know that watching you plan, it is very sexy..." giving a grin and biting her bottom lip now as she gazed at Kat, trying very hard not to jump her right now, as her face starts to turn a bit red.
  13. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    "I will have to look for something to wear as well, not sure on the whole suit thing yet. I could do a dress but it would have to be perfect. We will do the day wait thing before the wedding to make it spicy. Hmm," Sam thinks for a moment before saying, "The color theme of blue and red or maybe a little bit of black in the mixture. As for the food I am not really sure. Maybe a little of everything in appetizer form,' said with a small giggle. "I am not sure who would be authorized enough to wed us by I can ask Raidou. Not sure he would but it's worth trying. Your worth trying for." With a sigh, she moves a bit closer to Kat looking at her notes. Smiling she kisses her on the cheek. "This is fun, I thought it would have been stressful or something but I really love how we are on the same page about everything." Sitting, she pulls Katoka into a half hug as her other hand touches her cheek and moves her head slightly so Kat is looking at her now. Gazing into her eyes she says in a soft voice "I love you Katoka," it was then that she presses her lips to Kats closing her eyes.
  14. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    Sam chuckles a bit as she pulls out a notebook and starts draughting down notes and asked question after question. Taking a sip of her coffee as she listens to Kat's planning mode activate. The last thing Kat says though catches her off guard though. Scooting her chair a bit closer to Kat's, she kisses her on the forehead saying "I wouldn't have you any other way Kit Kat. Besides I am glad you are coming up with these questions because after last night and no sleep, my brain is not functioning properly. We are in the together so let see...First question...Freya and Gaius I think would be our best bets for food. If I remember right Freya just completed her earning a living quest so she will be starting anytime. It would be good practice for her." Tanking a bite of her eggs now she thinks of the answer to the next question. Flowers... "Roses would be simple, the color's of them should be a mix of our favorite colors. Make a few bouquets from them. The dress, I will help if you want, I don't really believe in the whole back luck thing. Simmone had a black cat soo..." Thinking about the whole theme thing now, "I think that if we had an actual theme wedding it would be all over the place. Maybe just a main color theme, colors that would blend together just right to make the table sets, banister and flooring look nice," having the Guildhall in mind for this planning. "We can use some of the empty rooms upstairs to get ready and have our Maid of Honors walk us down the stairs one by one. Have the prest or whoever doing it stands at the bottom of the stairs waiting." Sam was going on and on about her planning as the little hamster in her head starts spinning with idea's now. "The three traditional Bride's mates and the one Maids of Honor for each of us sound legit. I feel as though because this is a girl wedding though that if by chance we want a guy friend to be standing up there with us, a Man mate??? I don't know what they are called, that would be fine with me too," she says laughing a bit at the thought. Sam pauses now and looks at Katoka. Biting her bottom lip a bit now saying "I have shared my opinions now your turn on all of the suggestions. I want to hear what you want, if anything thing is different then we will match our ideas together and blend them if we need to. I want this to be just as perfect for you too," she says as she sips her coffee again and eats some on her bacon. "OH, I think that Shiina should be our Music play for songs and stuff. She actually has a great voice unless you have someone else in mind. All our familiars should be flower girls??? I am not sure if Curbie is male or female but it's all the same to me." Sam eats a bit more of her food with the ideas she had all out now, she was eager to hear what Kat wanted now.
  15. Sam

    [F22-PP] Wedding Plans

    Finally sitting to take a breather which is something she needed. She was up and moving since yesterday morning and her body was starting to feel it. Taking the toast with a yawn she nods at Kats idea. "The guildhall would be a great place because that is a special place for us all. I have my house right here for crying out loud." She chuckles a bit and takes a bite of her toast. "I was also thinking of wearing a tux, maybe a dark purple, ooh wait, no red..." she gets excited just talking about it. She looks Kat up and down now with a smirk. "I think that whatever color we decide, you should wear a cute little dress that matches my color." Sam thinks for a moment and realized right then that Katoka might want a traditional wedding...she then quickly says "Unless you want to do the whole white dress for both, I would be fine with either but this isn't a normal wedding...We are in a death game, living every day like it's our last. I just wanted to give this wedding our all. Have fun with it..." she realized then she was talking a lot, she chuckles nervously and says "Your thoughts lovely..." she begins to munch on her toast and a bit of bacon.