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  1. Current Level: 85 Current SP: 521 - (489 now i've gone through everything and cannot find/link all the old threads many sads) Link to SP Tracking: here. (ALL threads with SP should be listed here; if there are any issues please flick me a message!) 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Infernal Shadow Item ID: Event item Given by Macradon to Mari Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Light Armour Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Evasion, Evasion, Flame Aura De
  2. Mari

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    Character Name: Mari Character Description: Jaded by the world she was thrown in, cold and awkward. Not the crazy person rumours would suggest she is; just a woman mourning the loss of those she loved. Character Journal Link Character Name: Ceres Character Description: Loves Money, extremely naive. Doesn't know social cues and often makes things awkward with her forward way of talking. Character Journal Link
  3. I LOVE THIS @Snow @Baldur @Freyd @Shield @Oikawa @Snow
  4. Mari took a deep breath as she entered Shields workshop; she wasn't used to traipsing around safe-zones. The angry gash across her torso and third of her health missing was evidence enough. Mari exhaled again, relieved - knowing she was safe as long as she remained in his shop. Sure, in the past - Mari would have vehemently denied travelling through safe zones. For fear of upsetting others, players and NPCs alike - but after being forced to do so, to slap a certain blue haired boy upside the head - she found herself no longer caring. Was she growing bitter? Or just too damn tired. "Hey S
  5. Craft Attempt 1 ID#162692 | CD:6 SUCCESS Craft Attempt 2 ID#162693 | CD:12 SUCCESS Craft Attempt 3 ID#162694 | CD: 3 FAIL Craft Attempt 4 ID# 162695 | CD:10 SUCCESS Craft Attempt 5 ID# 162696| CD: 4 FAIL Craft Attempt 6 ID# 162697| CD:1 FAIL Craft Attempt 7 ID# 162698| CD: 4 FAIL Craft Attempt 8 ID#162699 | CD:11 SUCCESS 8 x T3 Mats sent to Banker +4 GALAXY DUST
  6. Craft Attempt 1 ID#162632 | CD:4 LD:5 Salvage! Keep 0 Mats Craft Attempt 2 ID# 162633 | CD:1 LD:12 FAIL Craft Attempt 3 ID#162634 | CD: 2 LD18 FAIL Craft Attempt 4 ID# 162635 | CD: 4 LD:9 Salvage! Keep 0 Mats Craft Attempt 5 ID# 162636 | CD: 12 LD 15 SUCCESS +1 Item (perfect item) Craft Attempt 6 ID# 162637 | CD:5 LD 9 Salvage! Keep 0 mats Craft Attempt 7 ID#162638 | CD:9 LD: 3 Success! (rare item) Craft Attempt 8 ID#162369 | CD: 4 LD:8 Salvage! Keep 0 Mats --- 8 x T3 Mats sent to Banker +2
  7. -In Progress- -Currently Empty-
  8. Below you will find a list of professions; members of the guild who wish to have their shop listed below please message Mari so the list can be updated. ALCHEMISTS Mari | Alchemic Contagion | Rank 7 | PK Accessible Shye | Perfect Perfumes | Rank 1 | PK Accessible ARTISANS Galilea | Antediluvian Antiques | Rank 6 | PK Accessible BLACKSMITHS Oikawa The Grand Forge of Seijuro Manor | Rank 10 | PK Accessible COOKS Beat Beats Eats | Rank 7 | Safe Zone Snow | Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar | Rank 5 | Safe Zone MERCHANTS Shield | Everyda
  9. Old Item Obtained here [T3]BLEEDING LANCE EQUIPPED -- [ +2 BLEED | +1 DAMAGE ] A long pointed weapon whose tip is hollow like a hypodermic needle, only rather than to inject it is designed to siphon. Just below the head is an engraving of a shield. New Item T3]BLEEDING LANCE EQUIPPED -- [ +2 BLEED | +1 BURN] A long pointed weapon whose tip is hollow like a hypodermic needle, only rather than to inject it is designed to siphon. Just below the head is an engraving of a shield. -Cerberus Etching used. which was obtained here
  10. Initial application: here Room(s) Being Added: Bedroom Room(s) Being Upgraded: N/A Room(s) Being Re-Assigned: N/A Total Cost: 10,000 Col text fluff ---- House Name: Frozen Cottage A quaint cottage that sits by one of the many frozen lakes on the 4th Floor - it is about a half hour walk from Snowfrost and hidden among the forest trees. A dim warm light often warms the surrounding area, even if no one is home - the fire is always burning. Offering solace and warmth. Location: Floor 4, in a clearing by a lake outside the safe zone. A thirty minute w
  11. Skills being Dropped: Grandmaster Dagger SP Refunded: 50 Cost: 50,000 Remaining: 0
  12. - Transferring Shield 87 eggies gained Here and here In exchange for 50 T1 mats and 37 T2 mats. Thank you. -Mari
  13. "Oh my, all perfects." Mari teased. "You're making this poor old girl work her frail fingers to the bone." Mari said with a sigh as she leaned back in a mock swoon. Mari straightened herself. "OK, but, I can try - it may take me a frew shots to get them all as perfects. But I'll do what I can. For this I'd probably use all crystals since you are requesting things that are only applicale to them...I'd hate to craft a perfect potion only to not be able to apply the correct craft to it." Craft Attempt 1 ID#143815 | CD: 6 LD 17 Uncommon 1 extra Craft Attempt 2 ID# 143816 | CD:
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