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  1. Mari was expecting a lot of things, none of which were Snow's fault. She expected fear. Screaming, and yelling. She expected Snow to retreat, to leave Mari alone amidst a flurry of snow and fractal monster remnants. But- What came was warmth. The gentle tug of shaking arms. A irrevocable feeling of comfort flowed forth from that timid embrace. It felt like time stood still, there was no cold winds, they weren't fighting for their lives in a tower. It was just them. In this moment, at the axis of their own private little world. "S-Snow-" Mari wasn't sure how to respond. The act
  2. All eyes were on her. Great. yup. This is exactly what Mari wanted. To be the center of attention, oh boy howdy does she thrive off it! The mighty Pker, bane to the players of Aincrad! Fear here as she....stands there looking like she had crawled across a forest floor. Twigs in her unkempt hair. Eyes lined with dark circles, and more baggage than the most sorrow stricken anime protagonist. Mari tugged on her scarf and cleared her throat. She wanted to be anywhere, but here. "Not just the meeting, the guild completely. I just...don't fuckin' get it." Mari got it. Chaser was a t
  3. A few hours earlier…. Mari stared distastefully at the skewered meat roasting over the fire - what was it? A lizard? Rat? A mix of the two? Mari wasn't sure. She wasn't even sure she cared any more. Mari had long forgone the luxury of 'good' food. Having felt hungry Mari decided she'd try to make do with what nature provided her. But - the acrid smell that came from the meat turned her off. With a sigh Mari stood from her seated position and picked up the skewer, only to discard it with a strong throw over her shoulder. "Eurgh." She'd rather just go hungry. "Mari. We need to talk
  4. It was a strange feeling. It felt heavy, sinking. Painful. Like someone had ripped her heart out and thrown it hard against the floor of her stomach. perhaps that last one was a tad dramatic. Mari could say though, it felt like she was on the downward track of a large rollercoaster. "A-Ah." Her confident stride in, her goal of trying to join the group, it all began to fizzle out, fall apart. Right. Right. Right. Of course Snow would look away. Mari took a step backward. Feeling the frame of the door against her spine. She closed her eyes. Right. No, Mari had been awkward as hell
  5. Not again!" "No." Mari said quietly. She didn't know of the pain that Snow felt, nor the past that seemed to upset her so. "Nothing like that will happen again. I'm here now." Mari inwardly cringed. That sounded...that sounded so unbelievably corny and terribly...just...Mari shook her head and snorted. Right. She never was good with words of comfort, was she? Hell - she had tried to comfort Snow a few times now and each time it left the blonde in tears. But - that was just who Mari was. Mari's first instinct was to stop Snow charging forward - but, in a way - it was probably
  6. Look at you, simply staring at the slithering shadows as they dance a maddening waltz, pirouettes and elancers. And look at the others. Fighting. Always fighting. For themselves. For each other. the one thread that you had, you fooled yourself into thinking people actually needed you. They don't. No one does. Mari exhaled, she felt goosebumps burst upon the skin of her arms as she strengthened her grip on the spear that she had been holding loosely. Somewhere along the way, amongst the clashes of blade against mist - amongst the crying tantrums of a shadow-child. She had lost focus.
  7. "who the fuck is Eruda?" Mari asked herself as she glanced at the name. It was a random message, sent from a random person. And it made Mari wary. She didn't like it. Even at the best of times, with people she considered friends - Mari was always very short with her written messages. Mari couldn't exactly explain why, but she very much disliked the entire messaging system. without even opening the message she snorted and promptly deleted the message. She had seen enough bullshit messages from people who she didn't know, who were not on her friend list to know better than to open it. It wasn't
  8. Half. Mari's energy was at the halfway point. She'd have to conserve her energy, granted the only real damage they'd received was from the shadowlings exploding. Amusing, in its own way. That a self proclaimed god was acting so childish. It reminded her of the folly of greek pantheons - and how they acted very much the same way. Having little hissy spits and spats. Mari sighed as she scratched her head. She felt..apathetic. Like she didn't want to be here, like she shouldn't be here. Still... Mari had a job to do. She was there as support for others. So instead of using her most powerful
  9. Mari slapped her face and groaned - of course - Of course some bullshit like this would have been pulled. when they were discussing the probability of darkness at the meeting she figured that they'd all need glowstones - but they were assured that the spoils of the previous boss would be enough. ... It wasn't. Of Course it wasn't. back in the day, Mari was virtually the only one who had ever bothered with the Night Vision skill. Back then, it was needed to traverse the darkness of the 10th floor, before it had been lit up by crystals. back then.... Mari exhaled. Back then, things wer
  10. "Don't beat yourself up over it." Mari said quietly. "That's kinda the impression I give. I can do it on my own, because...I guess I can. I have. I'm so used to doing it on my own I struggle to sorta see help when its right there. I'm tryin' But I feel like its one step forward and several steps back." Mari had been doing her absolute best to do it on her own. She felt like she didn't deserve the help others were offering, she was a murderer. Why weren't more people treating her as such? It didn't seem right. Mari reached out, her fingers momentarily dancing over his as she pried the cup
  11. Tears. Goddammit they were tears. Mari quickly wiped them away with the back of her hand.. Freyd would have probably chastised her, told her they were important, and even more so - to share them with others. But Mari wasn't strong enough for that yet. Everyone expected so much of her, expected her to be strong. Expected her to listen. You should do this, why aren't you doing this? You're not doing that? Expectation after expectation. No matter what she did, she was doing it wrong. "UGh-" Mari kicked at the side of the river, then had to quickly adjust her balance to avoid falli
  12. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Mari said with a small bemused smile - her fatigue threatening to pull the corners of her mouth back down again. "I know...I know you're not that kind of person." Mari reached out, a cautious hand landed on the small of his back. "Because its you, It's why I know." Mari let her hand linger there for a count of three seconds before removing it. "you know, we've met before." It had taken her a while to recall him, but lately - all Mari had were her own thoughts, and they kept travelling back down to the past. "Years ago - during the fifth floor. It was that quest
  13. Mari scoffed. "I don't know about that. Yuki isn't too fond of me. Hell, I haven't heard narry a peep from her since she shaked up with Crozeph." She averted her eyes, as they focused on the ground. "Hell. I haven't really heard from him either." Wasn't she supposed to be his guild leader? Crozeph had often come to Mari for aid, food, and a place to sleep. They'd talk - and Mari liked those conversations. But it seemed the moment someone else provided those needs for him she was cast aside. Mari guessed that their meetings weren't based on friendship. That suited her just fine. She was used to
  14. "And you were inches from rolling right off." So what? "So what?" Her words came out sharp and cold, a snap of ice that she layered over herself. So what if she had fallen? So what if she just blipped out of existence? It'd make many people happy. "If I had, there'd probably be a party in the town of beginnings." Mari added, a sense of mirth returning to her tone. Covering things with a sick, dry, and twisted humour. He coughed and Mari turned around to face him again. He was reaching out, right? Or did he feel guilty? "No...." Mari sighed, defeated. She was too tired to b
  15. "Roll off the..." Mari's eyes shifted from Raidou toward the cliff. "Yeh...right...ahah...hah, like I'd ever do that." But she would do that. Even now, a big part of her longed for that reprieve. To easily just disappear off the cliff. what would have happened if she did pass out and fall? wouldn't that have been for the best? She wouldn't even be conscious of the decision. Mari was very aware of Raidou right now, because he had been so close. So she was aware of him shifting away from her. Probably for the best. Mari shut her eyes. Her heart was pounding. Embarrassment? yeh. Probably. He
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