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  1. Current Level: 85 Current SP: 521 - (489 now i've gone through everything and cannot find/link all the old threads many sads) Link to SP Tracking: here. (ALL threads with SP should be listed here; if there are any issues please flick me a message!) 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Infernal Shadow Item ID: Event item Given by Macradon to Mari Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Light Armour Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Evasion, Evasion, Flame Aura De
  2. "Halloween was never a thing where I'm from. I remember being a kid and getting so frustrated at seeing all the cool Halloween episodes and stuff on TV; and it just...didn't exist." Mari shrugged off the small tidbit into her life before the game. Before everything. She could have continued, about how she'd always let her daughter dress up for Halloween - give a mix of candy and apples. Evelyn loved apples. Mari cleared her throat. No- No she couldn't go down that memory lane trip. It left a heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach and her head throbbed. "You and I are different." Mari mut
  3. Mari

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    Character Name: Mari Character Description: Jaded by the world she was thrown in, cold and awkward. Not the crazy person rumours would suggest she is; just a woman mourning the loss of those she loved. Character Journal Link Character Name: Ceres Character Description: Loves Money, extremely naive. Doesn't know social cues and often makes things awkward with her forward way of talking. Character Journal Link
  4. Mari's lips turned down into a scrunched frown of disapproval when Hikoru said it only ate candy. "Urgh...that's way too sweet for my tastes." She mumbled. Still - she shook her head, snorting as her face returned to a more natural expression. "It is...interesting. Not sure how many people would feel drinking pumpkin flavored vomit from it though." As she said this she took the cup and took a large sip. Swallowing. Reiterrating the point that she was totally one of those people who very much would drink strange liquids from a creature. Hell, she drank from the river Styx. this was nothing comp
  5. "Well, guess that's one time my stature will help me then, eh?" Mari added with an awkward laugh. As Hikoru motioned to the fire she shifted toward it, but still avoided the chair. Instead she stood in front of the flames - watching them quietly for a few moments. She felt...off, it wasn't HIkoru's fault. He was doing his absolute best to make her feel comfortable. But the problem was...she just didn't. Mari felt strange being in a house - no... a home. Such a thing felt like a luxury she didn't deserve. Fire, warmth...safety. Why should she get any of this when she had taken it from so many?
  6. Peanut butter and jelly An odd concoction Mari never truly understood. It was never really a thing in Australia, and she had tried it once - and it tasted bloody awful. A gross, sloppy mess. And jelly? Wasn't it just jam. Another thing she didn't understand, but she wasn't going to berate a child for liking such things. She wasn't that much of a bitch. "Yeh, somethin' like that." Mari commented absently. She gave Aiko a smile and a nod when he said he'd tale his advice to heart. "You say that about the pumpkin..." Mari started, then snorted. "But honey is just bee vomit. Eggs come o
  7. Thread Complete Exp: 200* player Tier per page All participants receive: 200 Col
  8. Sp reward Rolling ID:187505 LD:2 Orgoth's Legacy | Tier 4 Perfect Weapon: 2H assault spear Choose one between the following enhancement pairs: PHASE | HOLY | Normal Enhancement of Choice
  9. STATS DONE JUST ADDING FLUFF "Mmmm....There's....more...." Mari muttered with an annoyed sigh. This battle...maybe it was her apathy, maybe it was how tired she was - but it seemed to drag on so long that time felt almost liquid. Hours felt like minutes, and yet minutes felt like hours. It was all very confusing and discombobulating. Mari just wanted to run off and take a nap - but she had a job to do - and so many people had fumbled in the heat of the previous strike. Falling over themselves, each other - tendrils... It was like the last burst of energy from the group been ever so slight
  10. “What the fuck are you doing?” Mari said as she stood. Hands still tied behind her back. It made no sense. Wasn’t he with them? Weren’t they working together. If Mari was able to, she’d have face palmed. And again, the comment on her harness. She didn’t know what to make of this. His comrades lay groaning in the snow - struggling to upright themselves. “Are you fuckin stupid?” Vayl just shrugged and launched the snowball in his hands. It sailed right by Landon’s head, leaving a trail of white, glittery sparkles in the air as it passed. The would-be boss grinned. It melted an inst
  11. Mari wasn’t afraid of death. She wasn’t afraid of these men, who were more busy fighting amongst each other than themselves. She shrugged and compiled, moving her arms behind her back. “You can imprison me, torture me, kill me. I don’t care.” Her voice was cold. It was a little relieving to be. Mari wasn’t placating these guys. She wasn’t trying to be nice. She wasn’t forcing a facade. “But I refuse to let hunters hurt the kid.” She was angry. At what she could only assume were PKer hunters - who were not only after her, but someone in her care. With a quick motion Lark was behind her, w
  12. “Dunno much about him. All I know is that Killers been sighted around a kid and that don’t sit right with me.” Landon muttered. “Didn’t she….” Avery cleared his throat and made a motion with his hands, though it looked nigh impossible to interpret. ‘You know…” “Yeh, her kin.” Added Lark solemnly. Too absorbed by the fluffy pom-pom flopping around from his new headwear, Vayl paid them little attention. It had been too long since he’d had a decent snowball fight, and lifted his spirit to have set those kids up for the most epic, powdery showdown in Snowfrost had ever seen, at lea
  13. "She's been sighted by town again!" Came the voice of a stalwart blonde swordsman. "Last time she managed to slip away but this time." He held up a teleportation crystal in his hand, showing it to his friend. An indescribable boring man, average in every sense of the word. "This time we are gonna corner her and take her to jail." Avery, the average man nodded in agreement. "True true. Did you hear? She's been seen with a child. Who knows what she is planning. We have Lark tailing her now…" With a flick of his wrist he opened up his messenger window. "She's alone, and tired. Lark con
  14. editing, roll complete "Last health bar...huh..." Mari stared at the Shadow, still nothing more than a child in her eyes. If everyone here had an all out attack, an onslaught, they'd defeat him. Right? He wouldn't just ramp up some ulterior form? "I'd rather be safe than sorry though." Mari said, more to herself than in response to Hidden, who insisted she didn't need help. Mari pulled out a health crystal, she didn't have many of these left, but - if the Shadow Man(baby) were to explode and deal a large amount of damage to everyone, then at least Mari would be confident that everyo
  15. I LOVE THIS @Snow @Baldur @Freyd @Shield @Oikawa @Snow
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