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  1. Raidou

    PT Event Feedback

    From what I could tell the system in PT works gloriously, what looked to be the main goal here was diversity in build allocation. Focus, was the shining gem in this, producing a whole new avenue for DoT based non-stealth characters and I would like this sort of 'what if' outlook extended into more weird character types one wouldn't think existed. To expand on what was stated above by Hidden, I will work down the line and add my two cents: Holy/Fallen: Although there is a flat +184 DMG increase on Holy & Fallen, it's best not to forget that these are not only unique but have an activat
  2. Raidou recovers 54 via Battle Healing PH [x12] TECH-F, 11-2=9 + 2*4 = 17 EN ID#197539 results: CD:10 BD:3+5=8 MD:4-6=-2, HIT! using [x12] TECH-F vs. Cavern Fiend #6 Dealing 300 DMG!, Recovery Triggered [+6 EN], Cavern Fiend #10 Missed vs Raidou! ID#197540 results: CD:7 BD:6+5=11 MD:5-6=-1, HIT! using [x12] TECH-F vs. Cavern Fiend #7 Dealing 300 DMG!, Cavern Fiend #11 Missed vs Raidou! ID#197541 results: CD:8 BD:7+5=12 MD:6-6=0, HIT! using [x12] TECH-F vs. Cave
  3. A waning sun takes a leg to the beginnings of twilight, the rather a bustle crowd starting to diffuse into a more scattering smattering of faces who begin to yawn and draw into a close. Another turned page and another sip, simple and repetitive. A welcome addition to a rather hectic lifestyle, to take these short respites away from the status quo and the constant rat race into the guillotine that waits overhead. And yet Raidou was restless, a million small factors and numbers rushing through his head in the tedium of recurrence. Words read but not received, distracted despite the best efforts
  4. Squabble settled, peace returned without a single word spoken. Doe like eyes still riddled the back of the novel the nomad's eyes were locked in, and it took a moment before he finally notices. Folding the book loosely, still clutching the two halves with both hands, he glances up to the woman who proceeded to stare. It was as if the thing was some program on a TV, and she was the infant placed in front of it. Raidou's face twists into a bit of confusion, a brow raising as he stared back at her. A slight move sees her head follow. He coughs sharply, and is met with a flustered respon
  5. Raidou recovers 54 via Battle Healing The cacophony of slithering as pools of flesh and bone move through the halls, finding the swordsman so desperately trying to read what he could. A turn of his head sees a pair of white shields covering the top half of his face, reaching an arm back over his right shoulder and ripping clean a blade since docked. It glows with fury bestowed to it, energy running low but not out. He needed peace, a moment of reprieve from this constant interruption. But how would he obtain such a thing? This was starting to look like a foolish errand to pursue. Another
  6. Raidou recovers 54 via Battle Healing The blow tears from right to left, sending a spray of red light that mixes with the gold like a dying sun. The edge turns and sweeps back again, slightly higher, drawing more of the same upon digital skin. The creatures wail in agony before the screams stop, popping like a broken cup and sending their fragments into every nook and cranny they could seek. Back to the table immediately, desperate to find something to yield before and if more were to return. Scanning the pages one after another, finding what most were fake records of villains housed here
  7. Raidou recovers 54 via Battle Healing Evidently the strength begins to rebuild, and tightening his grip, he places down the parchment he was inspecting. It seemed that in this place, to understand anything he'd need to peruse during combat. There would be a break between unless he stole it, and his skill set would hardly reflect that as a possibility. Perhaps wiping them all out would work, he pondered, and yet he struggled to see it would work here. This place seemed designed with the intention of these numbers to never falter, unlike common floors this had no cap on how frequent the mob
  8. Raidou recovers 54 via Battle Healing Not but a few minutes later, the sounds of another racking of that steel as it screams, being used as a lightning rod from a self-contained storm. A gift from a boss that had unknowingly bestowed it to the man that faced it alone, foolishly. More health pools tick down rather aggressively, damage received so much before when it could even be countered. Littered about the place just the same, left to weakened frames and attempting to use every appendage imaginable to lift themselves up. Raidou begins to shuffle through papers on a table left here, read
  9. Raidou recovers 54 via Battle Healing, Exploration: ID#197070 results: Loot:6+6=12: Nothing Happens One more blast, stamina dumped into a weapon, causing it to surcharge and glow violently in an instant. His feet slide and his grip twists, point falling close to the floor. The robe again scatters as sprint triggers, casting his frame into a smear as that speed enters an unstable territory. Every skill that made him faster, all triggered one after another in a chain with a mental command. Detonation at the point of contact, a blast zone that sends more sparks jumping from his muscles to ed
  10. Another earth-shattering blow sees one reduced to digital ash, the sound follows the flash. Discharging in a scattering film of forks that seek the walls and floor as the closest exit from the air in bends, lightning escaping view. The prompts and a spin of his blade, air on the palm and a correction of his lenses in a silent stare. Sparks soon after as attempts against his hide find some semblance of purchase, dealing some but not an unmanageable amount of damage past his defenses. The grinding echoes off the walls, as writhing cables seek out his skin and find only steel. The flapping of a r
  11. Into the walls of the city, into the rather rhythmic droves of hordes eager to breach the night air and get a jump on mobs spawning for the new day. Raidou was moving opposed to them, past into the main birth of the shops and districts. A notification, one that breeds him to inspect the quest board. He finds a quest newly placed upon its surface, and within a moment and a few sways of a crimson robe upon his shoulders, he finds the narrow walks in darkened iron bars. A place that didn't exist until now, needed further inspection. Slithering masses with mouths a plenty find the static like
  12. Moved to Floor 1 Relaxed triggered, Full HP/EN Restored! The familiar greenery and outlook of a floor to which his journey had begun. Faces assault his memory as he was curious how some had turned out. Quinn, Rosary, Foto among others. Into the patch just on the outskirts of town, nothing seemed altered. The same wind blew, the same smells and sights paraded against his senses. The soft snap of the plants showed that they were much more mature than they should be on this floor, showing that there was some change, but not enough to make a large difference. It proved only that lower fl
  13. Three more pings, small envelopes in tiny glowing circles of blue. Raidou places down the novel and removes his lenses with a pluck of his left fingers. Using a bit of his robe still dangling from the chair to polish them, he casts the messages open and reads them without the spectacles present. Folding them and with an appearance of concern, his hand placed to his chin charading some thought. After a minute or so, he starts to work on the answer. One by one he handles whatever it was that those little pigeons conveyed, and within what felt like minutes sees the bell chime again. Another hour
  14. The edge of a cup still within range of his head, page after page you could see almost a faint shake of his head. It would be clear that something within the confines of the pages were just not quite sitting right with him, and occasionally he takes pauses and rubs his forehead as if traumatized by the experience. Back to his side, once again the worker keeping tabs on the tables she was dutied to. A small folding book with pen in her hand, a notebook for tracking orders, as if she needed it at all. NPC didn't, but they liked to pretend that they did. "More of the same?" Raidou slides the glas
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