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  1. Overview: Hello Incarcerated Citizen's of Aincrad, Time to address one of the elephants in the room: Armor Skills. There has been noticed a small amount of confusion but a drastic amount of inconsistency across the board in regards to these passives. It has lead to a 'meta' in the shape of light armor and it discourages variety. This patch aims to rectify this. Original Skills: Originally our Armor skills looked like this: Change Reasoning: Now first lets look at the worst offender in overtuning, Light Armor by comparing the other two skills: Cloth Armor | Can
  2. Overview: Given the state that support archetypes are currently in (we know, staff as a whole is trying to find a good way to approach the problem) we've discovered that most supports have little to use their post actions on. We'd like to address that by looking to one of their only non-heal based post actions (action economy is everything, and we want players to spend it in a meaningful way.) Likewise, we'd also like to address the difficulty of obtaining equipment. As it sits we feel as though our current avenues for gearing and preparing a 'frontline ready' character is a little t
  3. "Vague threats with little proven backing, in stark colors on a stranger..." Raidou remarks taking in the sunshine that bled through the window pane, gesturing a bright morning toward an afternoon. Everclear skies peaked past, not a cloud in view. His attention peeled to Bahr, finding a curiosity in the near lack of recollection on his demeanor. Perhaps the man was forgetful, or perhaps something had disjointed his memory. "That I do, and what I understand the Tarot share the same sentiment." He'd nurse a kettle to refresh his cup. "That's why we are allies. You do remember?" Placing
  4. Now that all is said and done, we'd like to plug the community and see how the material was received. This is an attempt to cater future content to the desires of the community. Below is the outline of the design process behind Wushen and the Ronbaru Roundtable companion event. Wushen: Too big to hurt, he was supposed to embody the idea of facing a titanic monster that easily dwarfed the players involved. Based around the Wuxing cycle, he was the embodiment of a Boss that had access to Incarcerate/Trickster builds and was really DoT heavy. Phase 1: Does low damage, attacks ava
  5. The glimmering white floor of marble glared in light from a round sunroof of muraled glass, that stunk of the sun elves ode to extravagancy. A centralized statue in feminine form embraced a garden beneath its feet held fast in a gate. A seat beyond his tastes, but the furnishings were provided so he'd accept them and stave off the need to do any shopping. The man wasn't the sort to furnish a building, his last being so gracefully bare and empty for the longest time. The sudden inclusion of a man he'd not seen in some time. A voice spoke over the classical music that seemed to ring from th
  6. Offering a handful of silver coins to the countertop, for another round for this has had to been one of his longest running conversations up to this point. It was an ode to simply being a person instead of anything else, and strangely Raidou clung to it. "I appreciate the compliment, I think." The man remarked nervously as he'd rake the hair on the back of his head, remembering a time where he would have fled the room with every ounce of his being under such scrutiny. "There isn't harm in being realistic, and the fact is two things are true. One: this is a game that teeters on the brink of act
  7. Offering a hand on the Shin's shoulder, although perhaps such a thing was not wanted she appeared to be in need of some comfort. However, her response could be either one of dismay or safety. Those pieces would fall where they may. "Radical..." A simple decree while locking eyes with the woman before his hand slides free. "And yet, match my own." The few footfalls that grace crimson carpet. Bold, yes but the façade could soon fall away. "There is no reason to lose heart now, Brienne. Your ideals were challenged by a turn coat, the fault lies not in your view but those that would conspire
  8. Raidou cannot help but chuckle, as Alexander started to pour liquids in each of their respective cups. A bit spilled as it clearly startled the man given how abrupt it was. The wanderer begins to rub his eyebrows "You wouldn't be the first woman I had to drag kicking and screaming to reality." Taking a piece of cloth from his coat, he starts to aid in efforts to mop up the mess. "The answer is simple, importance is a perspective." He looks to Alexander, with a smile. "To me, Alexander here is important." Getting a raised eyebrow from the man. "But you know how many players probably treat him l
  9. Sliding up from his seat, clearly the game was limiting his involvement. The sheer gravity of the amount of damage this disturbance between territories could cause was his only primary concern. Even still, it was as though the cardinal was limiting his attempts to aid in their efforts. Not once had a leader bit, nor shown the interest in biting. Akin to fishing without any bait, they'd eye the hook as if it was only a weapon. Slowly pushing in the chair, then a different approach was in order. "If that will make this easier, then I can manage." The nomad would not struggle to face Fu
  10. Another player had approached but it appeared as most did not claim the invitation. The boy he recognized from a small campsite from the outskirts of floor 3, he was silent then but now he spoke with a voice of reason. Despite obvious objections which the nomad expected. "A fair point, but the point stands." His gaze shifts as he scans the others within their seats. "If such threats were true, would you be able to defend against them in your current state?" His tone still adamant but clearly lacked vitriol. The shock tactic had bought silence, and finally facts were starting to find themselves
  11. At first this entire display appeared the part of an act, where a number of different actors upon a stage broadcasted their displeasure as a form of entertainment. It was unrealistic in its nature but such was the folly of a such work. The rather plain man sat in stillness and a silent judging of the play, ears ringing under the strain of the pure selfishness and distrust that had bled its way across a similar people. This brought a boil to the stomach of a man who had endured infighting, injustice, turmoil and decay. Irritated at the prospect that this fallacy was in fact the real deal.
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