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  1. "I did, I had no idea what it was being used for. Despite my suspicions, I was alone in this place for what felt like ages. The one thing I was good at was gathering information, and I needed to eat." He slides through page after page. "I am not proud of it, and as soon I was made aware of how it was being used, I left it behind me. Even still, there are so many that seek what I carry in here, and its existence works to disarm others from repeating my mistakes. Hard work is only necessary when there isn't such a readily quicker path available. Through it, I become a target, but it solves the i
  2. Flipping through the pages, he tore out a page. "I'm sorry for your loss." There was an obvious expression of sorrow, pained, upon his rather generic, boyish looking face. Raidou balls the piece up, lowering its durability quite considerably in an instant, before tossing it out into the field of flowers and seeing it destroyed. The topic was bitter, something that Mina clearly didn't want to drudge up. He'd switch that scope inward. "Mine, is this book." He remarked looking through the pages, catching on his peripheral a shutter as a familiar played nest atop his hair. To another page, ri
  3. MORGENSTERN | Approved Total EXP: 236600 Total SP: 190 Current Level: 31 Paragon Level: 38 Paragon Rewards: Paragon Level 5 - Laurel Wreath (Earn Col equivalent to 15% of player’s EXP earned in thread) Paragon Level 10 - (1) Gleaming Scale, (1) Demonic Shard, +1 LD to Looting* Paragon Level 25 - (1) Gleaming Scale, (1) Demonic Shard, Free Skill Respec
  4. Firm Anima Reporting in (12 Characters ready if you need them, Resources provided as needed) Shiina - Healer/Support/Debuff Raidou - Evasion Tank Setsuna - Single Target Output Kasumi - Multi Target Output Gaius - Energy Conservation/High Raw Griswold - Stun Tank Simmone - DoT/Support/Healer Sam - DoT/AoE Spec Freya - Absolute/AoE Spec Celeste - AoE/High Raw Eruda - AoE/DoT Tank Ruri - Single Target Output
  5. It wasn't quite what he wanted, Raidou was rather plain in what he enjoyed. Unsweetened green tea would have sufficed, but he chose to accept what it was that was brought, and it was pleasant. Although a bit too sweet for his typical wants. Another order and shared conversation as the two attempted to catch up to times, learning quite a bit how he and Haine were fairing. The nomad couldn't help but smile at the prospect, finding solace in the story shared. It was all he ever wanted for them both, glad that it was something that could finally transpire. Now all that lingered on the horizon was
  6. Wandering with his friend in tow, he ushers into the small cafe. A ring of a bell alerts the NPC to his presence. The girl behind the counter, her head twists as a grin begins to form. A band begins to play rather unfitting music, and Raidou finds himself to a table. Once the waitress finds her way to greet them, an order is placed. The cacophony of background noise does well to rise the nomads nerves. But a plain look toward Kiluia who didn't seem to be bothered by it in the slightest helps root them before it begins. A short time later, what was placed is made real. Small glasses filled
  7. Looking up into an awaiting screen as the sensation of heat burned across his shoulders. It felt as though his skin could tear itself off and fold into a tiny origami crane. The blood boiled in his veins, and even still, outwardly you couldn't even tell. A victory of practice, a facsimile of what was going on underneath. It comes out completely placid, dead pan, without any idea how he was supposed to respond in this moment. "Cheese." The following photo would reflect just an almost aloof, albeit serene expression. Another feverish rub of his thumb on that book, and another question buzzi
  8. Such joy from Mina, and yet Raidou couldn't find the grounds to appeal with the same. He was never the brash or excitable sort, always so meticulous and studious. In a way he envied her. Instead, just an almost unfeeling acceptance of what was, and rarely a smile to match it. Else it was nothing more than just a response, a confirmation that he had heard. The wanderer caught on the words again, Violet was clinging to something personal. He could pick up on the turn of phrase, from experience. But it wasn't bothering her now, but some part of him was frowning deep down. That was another one, an
  9. A hand planted firmly on his head, raking the strands like the flame before. That same signature bubbling in his stomach, from the exposure and the contact. Raidou steels himself his best to quash that rush, one that back in the day would have seen him face first on the floor. Mina may just be right, and the wanderer couldn't argue with it, but yet couldn't help but feel as though he was ignoring them through it. "Quite expressive, it suits you." Raidou remarks, as the toes in his shoes wiggle as a physical release. It's plucked free, and the static that was ripping down his nerves subsid
  10. "Blind..." Spoken as if the sentiment was returned, shattered into a million pieces that littered the floor like a broken glass. Joining Violet's gaze, two insignificant specs under a newly birthed starlit sky. Peeling from that blackened layer, small pinholes that allowed souls in through its cover. "Am I?" a rather plain-looking boy, sitting on a device of his own ideals and without it, he was no different. "I wonder if that's true, I find that all that I run across has some dream. Some unspoken need of the heart, that they are too afraid to let free. Is it kindness, in how intrusively I ana
  11. A somber wind, a desperate shake. The twist of a wind that carried with it a scent. Raidou's chest expands with a silent inhale. Eyes closed as a chorus of repeated words and phrases racked and riddled themselves within the space between the back of his skull. "I disagree." He spoke, exposing the amber iris that baked in the soft glow and reciprocated it. "There is wisdom in fear, in finding gravity in choices made." A coo from a beast that bends and coils around its given master, sensing the discomfort and aiding accordingly. "And it's a fair assertation to make, that an eye is always for an
  12. Approved, Keep in mind these are Tierless given the enhancements do not scale.
  13. "Mistakes, are hard to avoid." he catches just a slight glimpse of some damage riddling her skin as she reached for that king. He could pick up on the subtly, the slight crawl of her skin. The uncomfortable shutter, the way her voice broke. A soften in her demeanor, he removes and polishes a pair of lenses from his brow. "To be honest, I've forgotten how. How to enjoy a day." folding the lenses and placing them away, for safe keeping. "All I can see is that bloodshed, and none of it ever feels paid for, does it? Ever feel worth the sacrifice." A rather serene scan of the board, an al
  14. Concentration CD [3/5], Focused Howl CD [1/4] Appearing out of Setsuna's vapor, with his own force to be reckoned with. The blade tears against the coming assault as Raidou shifts the weight off to one side. It passes by harmlessly, as the swordsman exhales to release the pent-up pressure. A reach for the lenses on his brow and a slight adjust of them, back to sit correctly on his face. "But I've told you before, you'll need to try harder. I've faced attacks far greater than what you've shown so far." Heavy blows one after another, from sources on all sides, see entire pieces of scaled ar
  15. MINA | Approved Total EXP: 15800 Total SP: 100 Current Level: 20 Notes: One Extra SP for Breaking the Unbreakable Completion Included Thread: Bittersweet (1) Included Thread: Gala of Intertwined Fate (1)
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