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  1. Parry Duration [2/3] PH Calamitous Disaster [x15] 12 EN, Calamitous Disaster CD [0/3], Galaxy Destroyer CD [1/4], Parry CD [2/3], Vengeful Riposte CD [2/4] ID# 189537 results: Battle: 5+5-2=8, Hit vs. Nemo, Wind of Gaia dealing 29x15=435-100=335 DMG, Reducing Nemo to 10 HP and triggering Gaia's Protection Player: Raidou | HP: 989/989 | EN: 80/104 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 92 | EVA: 4 | ACC: 5 | BH: 54 | LD: 6 | VENGEFUL Boss: Nemo, Wind of Gaia | HP: 10/720 | DMG: 226 | MIT: 100 | EVA: 2 Twin Fangs | On a natural BD of 9 with a CD of 8+, the boss tears into the player wit
  2. Parry Duration [1/3] Ripping the blade from its scabbard sees it transmorph and a sudden and powerful light akin to a pillar fragment wash down its length, Raidou is caught of guard as his entire peripheral screams with skills flooding back in. Rank 1 Weapon Skill Acquired - <<Straight Unlocked>> Rank 2 Weapon Skill Acquired - <<Lightning Unlocked>> Rank 3 Weapon Skill Acquired - <<Storm Unlocked>> Rank 4 Weapon Skill Acquired - <<Tempest Unlocked>> Rank 5 Weapon Skill Acquired - <<Macros Cosmos Unlocked>> The i
  3. A bit of a lean toward the nomad sees him lean a bit back in his own right, there was still a barrier that he kept. Personal space was his own to keep and there was still some semblance of discomfort when it arose. "Every landscape imaginable, every smell and sight a new one." He'd cough softly, before taking another drink to steel his rising nerves. His attentions shift to his robe, laying beneath them both and still stunk of brimstone and oils. That smell would never fade, although it looked untarnished it remembered just as he did where they had been. "To resist captivity is to be huma
  4. A slight smile, in a way the girl reminded him of a few someones. Wasn't the first to misunderstand how his tastes could savor bitter over sugar, but that was who he was. An almost desperate and frantic search cut short, a polite gesture and an ode to her desire to share what she had. As the jar playing glass was given away, she'd breathe deep in that green tea. "Not a problem, a small gesture paid in full." He'd swell in his own cup before finishing the last, pouring more with fluid and soft movements. "Risk, A walk into the unknown." He'd speak nursing the liquid into the cup, living se
  5. A lift of his hand with a slow draw from the book as its placed to his side, grasping the girl's hand in his own. Recalling another that had done the same, even still it almost burned his skin with pins and needles accepting it. There was no change outwardly, practice came to effect but within the nomad was still nervous just repressed down. "I am not too particular on sweets, No." He responds gently to her with honesty, as she'd search him and find a pair of reflective lenses on the bridge of his nose. She was younger, chipper, unspoiled by this world it seemed. Where most were left call
  6. A sudden pulse of red bleeds off of his back. "Explain to me, why you continue to follow me despite every effort I've made to avoid you." Raidou was almost bluffing, even still his skills were still absent from his view. Shadow's presence still held over them in a fuzz, a static that claimed it all. But he wasn't about to just wane or give in. Every journey started somewhere. There was a firmness in his voice not unlike the stance from that very same fight, a sense of the presence that Orgoth bestowed. His eyes revealed through his lenses toward a Nemo that had stopped dead. "Simply put, your
  7. Hastening his steps with an attempt to lose his pursuer, wanting only to get his barring before he'd get into such an exchange. But Nemo simply would not let up, like a man with a package clambering for him to attempt to slow him. "Why exactly won't you leave well enough alone." Raidou spoke beneath his breath, with a soft inhale and exhale. Like many before him, this man made of data simply would not take no for an answer. Some programming was forcing him, something beneath that veil refused to allow him to. Where another would accept refusal this one did not. It boded ill for his intentions,
  8. Nemo approaches drawing the swordsman into a further peculiarity, offering to play the guide to a him. Raidou shakes his head no, and begins to head deeper into the confines. Nemo gives pursuit, determined to give him direction and follow him in. The nomad knew where he was going, he had been within the treasure troves in the yellow mists time and time again. It had since evolved, ever changed by the inclusion and tearing away from what it once was. But still similar enough that Raidou knew the directions for the walls were still similar that lead out of Tomoika. The cool silver haired male he
  9. Back to the grindstone, following the same path that he had always. With his gathering skill returned to him, it was time to get it back to par. Whatever the Shadow had done would be reversed, Raidou was no stranger to hard work. There was no truer a phrase, he had worked hard to get where he was and this would be no different. As he played back and accepted the very same quest making note of a few alterations to its description, shown back at the addition of a new NPC that moves to greet him all his own. An almost unwelcome intrusion that is placed upon him, causing the nomad who stuck to his
  10. Housing Addition (Most Recent Change Here) House Name: Hermit's Hermetics (Attachment/PK Accessible) Location: F22 - Cathedral of the Forgotten (Guild Hall)[Forest of Memory] Description: Most of what is built remains unfinished, a nod to the owner, and how most of the space provided is unnecessary. Rooms with no fixtures or place to rest, left barren for they serve no purpose. It is a strange contrast that something so large could be left so plain. when walking the halls one room may be empty while another is stocked to the hilt. Plot Size: Estate Room(s): [Basic Kitchen][Living Ro
  11. Accepting what was bestowed by the girl, they spend the rest of the day handling what was needed. Raidou was finding some semblance of balance with the blonde tank at his side, a gravity returned to his steps. There was a simplicity of understanding shared between them and in that simplicity it was easier for the nomad to clear his head. Pocketing the plant knowing full well what it would be used on in the future. There were new tiers and as such new consumables to be forged once he began to refine the processes required to make them stronger. But that started here with what they were obtainin
  12. A soft cough from him to deject from the sudden sense of uncomfortability that bled through the air, trying his best to focus through it. But it was more difficult than he wished it to be, the answer beckoned his own questions at what fate had in store. He was hardly the type to believe in faith, but it seemed the last while proved impossibility possible. He struggled convincing himself otherwise. The plants beneath him had difficulty speaking to him at all, his perceptions were blurred as he continued to steal glances at Eruda. She'd be the only one that made sense to be what the fortune coul
  13. Keeping pace with Eruda as they moved to the NPC in the cart, for her to turn in the shard that she should to turn into her. But the NPC returns it back to the girl, the goal was simply to find it not to turn it in. As both players give back the compass as they were required to, having no need for it any longer. As they would leave her behind, Eruda couldn't help but question a time from the past. A memory of a china cup on a platter, a reading from tea leaves with symbols aplenty staring back at them both. It was then that the girl played the part of seer as he translated what it was she saw.
  14. "I believe you will find whatever you wish to, as long as you maintain the stance to keep looking." Raidou offers his own conjecture in regards to her demand. It was all too few that were discouraged by the simplest moment of the system disagreeing with their actions. It was pleasant that Eruda was wise enough to see it through, finding what he had within its interior and claiming what it was that she needed to get started. Now she was ready to learn from him, knowing that tempering her actions was the quickest way to develop her skills. As she would palm that small gilded leaf that she had cl
  15. As Eruda would lower, Raidou would do his best to watch her movements. Seeing if she could discern the small differences. She continues to glance over that which was claimable, unknowingly passing by what could very well be taken. He would allow these mistakes, allow her to find her vision to see what was and wasn't. It was through these trials and tribulations that he had learned to find his own eyes, his glasses were a reflection of everything he had seen, shown back on repeat toward his eyes and worked to bring them to a focal. A million roads, a million paths that always seemed to come to
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