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  1. The dungeon had been one hell of a roller coaster ride, but it was done. Finished. Finito. Honestly, he was just happy he made it out in one piece. But now it was time to choose his reward. It had been a long and hard-fought process and stepping up to the counter, Oscar didn't know what he was in for. Surely these final rewards would have to be pretty damn good compared to all the consumables from the dungeon, no? As his eyes surveilled the wares on offer, Oscar saw something that immediately caught his eye. It was standard fare, as far as event rewards were concerned, but it was nonetheless e
  2. Thread Summary Oscar - 9600 EXP, 80,000 Col, Horn of Battle, Duality, Huginn and Munnin, Gungnir's Shard, 2 Spirit Shards (3 Total, 1 obtained from previous thread) Lessa- 9600 EXP, 80,000 Col, Horn of Battle, Duality, Huginn and Munnin, Gungnir's Shard, 3 Spirit Shards Zandra - 4200 EXP, 30,000 Col, Horn of Battle, Duality, 2 Spirit Shards Itzal - 4200 EXP, 30,000 Col, Horn of Battle, Duality, 2 Spirit Shards Haine- 4200 EXP, 30,000 Col, Horn of Battle, Duality, 2 Spirit Shards Raidou - 2400 EXP Setsuna - 1200 EXP Gaius - 1200 EXP Freyd - 1800 EXP, 17,500 Col Simmone - 61,
  3. And now, they were in the home stretch. To hear Raidou tell it, a well-timed stun into a fully party pile-on would completely skip the “hard” part of the fight. Which they were well on their way to doing. Fenrir was limping around on its last legs, his goon squad having long abandoned him. Oscar, for his part, was ready to rock this guy out. He strode up to the stunned beastie calmly, completely unperturbed. Why would he be? The big bastard was stunned, after all. He raised his axe and summoned up the wrath of the tyrant. Black fire rippled around his weapon. In a burst of ebonflame, Oscar bro
  4. Things were going swimmingly. The party was laying down the damage, doing their thing. But, then the members of Fungus Amongus stopped their assault. Oscar paused to look at them, a bit perplexed at the sudden shift in tactics. But clearly, they knew what they were doing. They seemed to be old hands at this fight and Oscar was certain at this point they had some sort of trick up their sleeve. Rather than protest, Oscar decided to just follow their lead. He held his damage until they were all directed to unload on the nasty beastie. And unload he did. Oscar swung into the beast with all the str
  5. For all of its bluster and for all of his destructive ability, Fenrir really wasn't all that durable. In just two rounds of combat, the party had almost brought the beast down to half of its health. Oscar's turn came up next and hoo boy, was it a doozy. Coming in hot off the heels of Raidou's Focused Howl, Oscar vaulted into the air using the butt of his axe. In a typical display of acrobatic acumen, Oscar appropriated his axe upside top of Fenrir's cranium with a descending spinning cannon ball. Despite the devastation (that was not his intention) wrought upon the doggo's dome, Oscar landed l
  6. Great googly moogly things really went to shit. The moment Odin cut the ribbon, the beast set about unleashing itself upon the whole of Valhalla. Warriors took to the streets to battle the beast, only to be immediately gobbled up by its iron jaws. It was absolute chaos. And here Ford Anderson was standing smack dab in the middle of it. Oscar looked at the devastation - such that was not his intention - and shrugged his shoulders. There was nothing left to be done other than to put the doggo down. Fam Angus and the comeback kid was the only thing standing in between the rest of the world and Fe
  7. It was almost time. The party was more or less buffed to the gills and staring down this hongri boi like they were the hongri bois. Oscar, for his part, needed just a bit longer to recuperate his energy. It was a little disorienting to be so full of adrenaline and hyped up on hype only to suddenly be smacked down to Earth by the wrecking ball of a rest period. But that was neither here nor there. What mattered most was the hulking lupine behemoth of murderous intent who was dead-set on eating their hands and probably the rest of them as well. In terms of local threats, that was one hell of a c
  8. They had done it. Most of the party had left but Hel had been defeated. They found themselves transported to a shining glowing city and led deep underground by Odin himself. Cardinal had really pulled out all the stops on this one. And there it was, the opportunity Oscar had been waiting for. Odin specifically said the words “when you’re ready.” And Oscar wasn’t ready. He slapped his ass down on the stone floor in front of Fenrir and let out a heavy exhale. He wasn’t sure if he even wanted to fight a world-ending wolf at anything less than his best. Plus, Film Anime still needed to shovel a to
  9. The battle had been hard fought. Oscar’s energy bar had never dropped this low in a boss encounter before. He had considered whether or not to use Meditation for the first time since he got the skill. But, looking at the pummeling that the goddess was taking, Oscar wondered whether it would even be necessary. Certainly he would be provided room and time to recoup his energy before moving on to the next challenge that the dungeon had in store for him. If not, well it wasn’t as if a Meditation would serve him very well at all anyway. What was another 20 Energy when he was swinging for 16 a round
  10. Holy fucking shitballs, they got reinforcements. Firm Anima dropped into the fight from out of nowhere, leaping into the fray as soon as their feet touched the ground. Seeing the cavalry riding in like that only inspired Oscar to work that much harder. After all, they had almost halved Hel’s bar in just a few brief moments. She retaliated and now things rolled all the way back round to Oscar. He dashed forward, wanting to make sure that they didn’t lose the sudden gust of wind that had caught their sails. Oscar raised his weapon over his head with both hands, bringing it down on Hel’s neck as
  11. Everyone was teleporting out but Oscar was still raring to go. And so was Raidou. That was enough for him to stick around. Two people could finish this dungeon no problem right? Right? Oscar didn't have time to let such thoughts get to him. Not when he'd just unlocked the challenge mode for this particular chunk of content. He rushed forward, delivering a slice directly to the center of Hel's chest. A cascade of black flame rippled out from the point of impact, the force of the explosion blasting Oscar back. He drove his weapon into the ground as his feet skidded across the stone floor to slow
  12. Without saying a word, Oscar ripped his weapon from the ground and took aim at the massive creature. He cocked back his arm, tracking the giant's lumbering movements like a trained sniper. Then, as the beast staggered about, he let his weapon fly. Like a tomahawk, the axe spun through the air and buried itself deep into Ugzeke's face, right between the eyes. Oscar had learned quickly that attacking the swole legs of the giant was foolish, especially with it raging as hard as it was. Dark ichor oozed from the wound as cracks began to spiderweb across its form. The crack's widened and the giant
  13. The tremors continued well past the point where the System-induced cooldown period would have allowed Oscar to attack again. Thus, he didn't even try. Oscar didn't exactly feel the need to embarrass himself further by falling flat on his face like something foolish as he attempted to navigate the dark, craggy cave while the ground was busy doing its best rendition of the worm. He held his position, able to manage to keep himself on his feet with the aid of his weapon jutting out of the ground. The giant swung wildly, again missing Oscar and Lessa by a country mile. If he was going to be stuck
  14. Oscar's suggestion had been almost prophetic. He swung and missed his attack, successfully demolishing the hard-fought momentum they had earned for themselves thus far. Oscar clicked his tongue, his lips twisting into a deep scowl. Ugzeke let out a loud roar and brought his mighty club over his head before slamming it down towards the ground. An attack like that would have seriously hurt, if not for the fact that Oscar stood about ten feet away from the impact. "This is why I suggested Parry! You're probably gonna be back at the top of the hate list soon," Oscar called over to Lessa, half drow
  15. It didn't take long for Macradon to fill Oscar's order. Radiance rolled off of the two weapons, light driving up to the ceiling and cascading down the walls. The myriad weapons within the smithy glinted in the light, resulting in a dazzling spectacle that would could not be contained within its four walls. Shafts of light spilled through the windows and onto the street outside, garnering the attention of spectators. Slowly, the light ebbed away. Oscar blinked as the room dimmed, not having been spared from the sheer, face-melting display through his aviators. Eventually, his eyes adjusted and
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