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  1. The smell of the food reached Oscar even on his perch upon the rooftops. From such a high vantage, he was able to get the lay of the land much better than if he'd allowed himself to get caught up in the festivities. Well, a little better. He still towered over most of the NPCs. Even so, his attention was drawn to the kid dashing through the crowd like a bat out of Hell. It was weird, but maybe he had somewhere to be. Just like Oscar did. He couldn't very well stand on the roof all day. He leaped from his perch, the sudden shock upon the roof sending snow cascading off the edge and onto the hea
  2. Oscar walked up to the shop, fresh out of his completion of Breaking the Unbreakable. Seemed kinda dumb to pick up a new Weaponskill and not actually use the weapon. He took note of the "Go Away" sign and elected to ignore it. Instead, he began to pound on the door, hoping to get Setsuna's attention if she was inside. "Ey! Open up! Don't make me call the boss man. I got an order for you," Oscar bellowed through the closed door. If that didn't work, he didn't have much idea what else to do. Maybe kick it in?
  3. “If it’s safety you’re looking for, avoid the Frontlines,” Oscar said. He didn’t mean to curtail Kyo’s enthusiasm. They needed more like her in their ranks. But to say something was safer implied than any activity beyond hunkering down in the city was safe. None of it was and the distinction was important. Crucial, even. To remain “safe” on the Frontlines required, at least for him, a fundamental shift in perspective. “People have died to the Tutorial, after all.” None in recent memory that he could recall. But it needed to remain in the back of the mind that regardless of what you did ou
  4. Very rarely was Oscar in the right place and the right time. Having arrived on Floor 4 just as the festivities began, he had the good sense to leap onto a nearby rooftop so as not to be completely crushed by the swell of the crowd. When you're six-nine and built like the Statue of David, it's hard to move around on a wide sidewalk, much less smack dab in the middle of a celebration. Looking down at the hustle and bustle, something odd caught his eye. Oscar could pick the Whisper in the Shadows out of a crowd pretty easily. Not just because they were buds, but because Player Characters stood ou
  5. CS Eval ► Veteran Cost: 10 SP Passive Requirements: Any Rank 5 Weapon Skill, Quick Change Skill Effect: Choose two Weapon types. Declare one as Primary and one as Secondary. The Secondary Weapon now shares all Weapon Skill Ranks, Mods, and Shifts as the Primary Weapon. If Quick Change is used to switch between the two weapons types, Quick Change's effective Cooldown is reduced by one turn. Description: Adaptability is a crucial skill in combat. Those experienced in battle understand that sometimes, a single weapon doesn't cut it.
  6. Oscar made his way back to town. Stowing his weapon up his sleeve, he strode calmly toward the Teleport Platform. If he committed to this, there wasn’t any going back. He would land himself firmly back upon Tyson’s radar. The boy would stop at nothing to see him destroyed. He stopped just short of the platform, his eyes tracing the spaces between the bricks as he struggled with the decision. He considered the danger, but he’d also considered how much he’d given up in the name of his silent war with his former ward. Was Tyson not winning by forcing Oscar’s back to a wall? What would his self-sa
  7. One more wave and he could go home. It gave him pause. How long had it been since he’d actually been home? He wondered what state of disrepair the old manor was in nowadays. Was it time to end his self-imposed exile? He’d kept his distance from everything and everyone for their own safety. But a part of him still yearned for some sense of normalcy. Was he truly willing to put things at risk for his own comfort? No. But he was willing to take a more active role in reclaiming it. He’d bided his time, sat and waited, for long enough. His sudden reappearance would be enough to give his enemies pau
  8. Was all of this an exercise in futility? How exactly was he meant to come up with the SP to master an entirely new weapon with any sort of expediency? While actively mastering the weapon type hadn’t been his immediate goal - it had been the sweet, sweet AoE Stun TECH - the fact that it would sit in his skill list, not maxed would fundamentally bother him. Were there even enough quests to push him over that hump? He really doubted it. He had already been struggling to scrape by at like level 50. Now that he was almost 40 levels higher, he didn’t imagine that the situation would have improved ov
  9. It was the screaming that did it, really. It had been quite some time since Oscar had graced the humble streets of the Town of Beginnings. It felt like an eternity, really. Since he'd gone to ground over that whole clusterfuck a while back, it simply hadn't been safe for him around all the newbies. But, things change. More specifically, his feelings on the matter. Far as he was concerned, let them come. They didn't want this smoke, even if they were sure they did. But the screaming. Oscar had scarcely taken a step off of the Teleport Platform when his ears were assaulted by the
  10. No sooner than Oscar's hunt had reached its crescendo did he receive the call. His old haunts on the first floor harkened back to a simpler time - before Oscar decided to get involved in things earnestly. From the square all, the sights and sounds of the Town of Beginnings pulled memories of the before times to the front of his mind. He had been gone for some time. Things had mostly shaken out in the aftermath of his war. He thought it best to lay low and keep his distance lest history repeat itself. Some disgruntled former Guildmate of his ward could always very easily cause more than a
  11. It was a classic Catch-22. He didn’t want to become overly-reliant on the System, but it would be infinitely more efficient to allow Cardinal to do most of the heavy lifting for him. How else was he meant to gather the veritable mountain of required resources to make a pair of Handwraps that would compete with his Katana? Manually? Like a monster? He didn’t think so. While he had done his fair share of grinding his face against the cheese grater, he simply didn’t want it badly enough to justify giving it his full attention. Still, it would be a while yet before he had the SP necessary to maste
  12. With no time to waste, Oscar slammed into another group. Actually aiming was a foregone conclusion. It was literally impossible for him to miss his targets. It was perhaps a good thing that he was taking the time to learn a new type of weapon. He felt like he’d become a little bit too reliant on Absolute Accuracy. It was great for situations like this, but in more serious engagements, he would much rather rely on his own time-tested abilities. He’d never been one to let the System aim for him. While it was good to be able to turn his brain off against enemies that couldn’t possibly kill him if
  13. Heading out of town, Oscar set upon the nearest group of mobs in close proximity to one another. Water Elementals were a nice change of pace from the spiders. He was sure that, at this point, he had absolutely devastated the ecosystem of Floor 21. So much the better. No one liked spiders. He was surprised though. Despite the creatures being native to a Floor six higher than his previous haunt, they died just as easily. Had Cardinal enacted some sort of cap? If so, it would certainly make things all the easier. He noticed, however, that he was a bit rusty. Or, perhaps, unfamiliar with the weapo
  14. Despite being part of the Raid that ultimately unlocked the Floor, Oscar as of yet had not been to Floor 27. After teleporting to the new town, Oscar’s eyes needed time to adjust to the darkness. Once they had, Oscar realized that the floor was much like Floor 21. It was dark. There was a ton of ore. And it was a pretty bustling hub. That being said, it seemed more in tune with nature than the industrial mining operation that was going on on Floor 21. Still, it would make for some interesting - if not samey - grinding. Oscar had somehow run out of money. While he was out doing a quest, it seem
  15. Without breaking his gaze from the NPC, Oscar shot his fist out to the side and slammed his fist into the stone. The Boulder’s HP hit zero and the entire thing shattered like glass. It barely had enough time to scatter on the wind before a second boulder manifested itself in its place for the next person to undertake the quest. The NPC, however, hadn’t noticed this. “Good, good,” it said. “You have proven you have the strength of will and wit to undertake the long and arduous journey to become a Martial Artist. Mastering this skill will take lifetimes, but I shall induct you on the basics
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