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  1. "We've got a heading then," Oscar said with some measure of excitement as he clapped his hands together. "Less information than I would have liked. Can't expect a solid tactical work-up from a bunch of scared kids, I suppose. Let's ride." One quick jaunt to Lhasri later and Oscar stared up into the dark eyes of his chosen mount with trepidation. The color had all but drained from his cheeks. "Y'know. When I said 'let's ride,' I meant it metaphorically." Flashing back to his days mucking out stalls and shoveling manure, beads of sweat began to form on his brow. "I agree with the merits of
  2. It was a shocking turn of events. Oscar had expected this to happen any day now and he was still reeling. He'd held out some glimmer of hope that Tyson wouldn't go that far. That at least some level of restraint remained in the kid. He hates me, but there's no way he'd go after some grade-schoolers right? Tyson isn't much older than they are. He can't be that stupid. But he did, it didn't matter, and yes, he is that stupid. It was because of this, Oscar let the silence drag to allow the gravity of the situation to really sink in. What had happened and what needed to b
  3. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Katana R5 (30) Mod(s)/Addon(s) Being Dropped: Precision (2), Ferocity (4), Stamina (4), Tech Shift (10) SP Incurred Towards Limit: 50 SP SP Refunded: 50 SP Cost: 50,000
  4. "Who is Tyson? What don't I know?" "Several things," Oscar said quickly, his eyes flashing gold as he activated his Searching skill. He wouldn't put it past Tyson to leave a couple of bodies to keep tabs on Oscar, even if the tactic had failed so gloriously before. He quickly swept the room behind Lessa and paused to respond. "I don't have time to go into it all. Long and short of it is that I've got an entire guild of Player Killers gunning for me at the behest of a real-life associate. I'm surprised Bahr didn't tell you about it." He started to turn to face Freyd, but stopped himself. "
  5. Thread Summary Word Total - 7,601 Oji - 1267 EXP [Base Rewards], 300 EXP [EaL: Artisan], 89,276 Col [Farmed], 110,724 Col [From Oscar], 400 Col [Base Rewards], 36 Materials [Farmed], Jigen kōtai [Crafted Trinket ID: 202833] Oscar - 10,133 EXP[Tier 8 EXP Rewards], 4 Demonic Shards Random Dungeon Map - 201479a, 201479b, 201758a, 201758b T4 Perfect Weapon - 200230a, 200230b, 201480b, 201481b, 201481c T4 Perfect Armor/Shields - 200164a, 200164b, 201480a, 201481b
  6. Oscar rarely slept anymore and when he did, it was never for long. It seemed as if whenever he slept for more than a few hours, he had half a dozen fires to go put out. Such was the life of the man waging a war all on his own. Occasionally, however, his mind simply gave out on him and forced him to slumber. Exhaustion was his greatest enemy and it had a tendency to sneak up on him. And so, Oscar awoke from one of those involuntary deep sleeps. And, true to form, he was greeted by a cacophony of chimes as messages hit his conscious inbox the moment he was aware of his surroundings. The staccato
  7. Oscar was careful to give Oji ample time to get back to town before he started on his own meandering path back to town. He'd not seen much of his enemies since the incident on Floor 13. That being said, Tyson was too pragmatic to let Oscar go completely unobserved. The goal here being to avoid roping anyone into his personal war unnecessarily. Especially not a guy who had only just gotten his courage together enough to engage with the game. A swift dash carried him around to a farther entrance to town. It was closer to his shop and far enough to make any distant observer assume Oji and Oscar's
  8. Dumbstruck, Oscar watched as the scene before him played out. Had the Frontliners finally lost all semblance of sanity? Speaking to Gabrandr as they were was little different to speaking to a rock. It wasn’t real and any “sentience” it displayed was an insulting facsimile created by a very sophisticated AI. Bound to Cardinal and doomed to be wiped from existence the moment the servers shut down, Gabrandr constituted nothing more than an obstacle standing between the thousands of remaining Players and their freedom. An obstacle they should have dispatched five minutes ago. As Morgenst
  9. They were in the back half now. Oscar had expected some big phase transition at this point, but it had never come. He found the boss's attempts to mimic sentience and tug at the raid groups heartstrings amusing, though equally disappointed that people were responding to the nonsense as if the amalgamation of binary before them could even truly comprehend what was being said. Kayaba was successful in creating lifelike caricatures, but at the end of the day, they were just that. Once this boss was defeated, there would be nothing after for it. Outside of the lingering memory of the encounter lef
  10. Chaos abound on the battlefield. A veritable clusterfuck of Players throwing themselves against the boss, frantically disabling explosive machinery, and - with this particular foe's mechanics - hoping to end it quickly. Gabrandr's blade had already shaved off a healthy portion of Oscar's health bar, even through his immense mitigation. If this turned to a war of attrition, the Frontliners simply wouldn't have the resources to deal with something with this much Phase. Sprinkled into the combat was dialogue from the boss. Oscar tuned it out. He didn't know what the story was and, frankly, h
  11. Was it nerves that had Oscar hesitating? He'd wasted an entire window of opportunity to leap into the fray. Everything that had transpired in the moments since the fight began in earnest whipped by him like a blur. It couldn't be his nerves. He wasn't shaking. It couldn't be fear. His heart wasn't racing. Had he merely zoned out for a moment? Oscar had never been one to particularly enjoy the scripting that all of the bosses followed. He was already about as immersed in the game as one could be so all this grandstanding that the bosses tended to do just disengaged him from the task at hand. A
  12. "Let's head back so I can get this quest done, and then we might go to the tavern for a few drinks? It's the least I can do for saving my ass." "That's... probably not the best idea," Oscar replied quickly. With all the people gunning for him - looking for any vulnerability to exploit - it wouldn't be a good idea for a newbie to be seen hanging with Oscar in public. The situation had escalated to the point where he doubted they would bother to hold a Oji hostage. Indeed, they would be far more likely to just kill him. It was one hell of a situation to be in. Couldn't be seen around him, n
  13. "The skill will help you out, man, but this Tyson business if what you really need to put to rest." Oscar shrugged. "I really gotta hope that after our little skirmish on a while back, he doesn't have the bodies to throw at me anymore. I've come to terms with the fact I might need to kill the kid, but that doesn't really mean I'm looking forward to it. That's something my old guild never really understood. Tyson builds a PK guild and goes on a tear across the game and that's all well and good and understandable, but the minute I draw a line in the sand and commit to doing what needs to be
  14. "Git 'is ass, Freyd!" It was times like this that Oscar forgot himself and his thick Bostonian accent bled through. The once-haughty "floor boss" was now on his last legs with Oscar up to the plate. The Beast of Aincrad stalked over to the demon, now cowering on the floor. Having been brutalized so by a pair of dumbasses, it was no small wonder that this thing's entire worldview was turned upside down. He struck, fast as lightning, reducing the enemy's HP to zero. Or as close to zero as possible to trigger the end of the fight. The moment Beelzebub's health reached zero, Oscar was greeted by a
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