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  1. It had taken no small amount of work (and even more random philanthropy from NIGHT), but Oscar had finally obtained everything he needed to refine Money Shot into what would perhaps be its final and strongest form. And, as with every other time he needed something done with a weapon, Oscar found himself back in Macradon's shop. He stepped up to the counter with a grin and placed the two weapons needing to be combined on the counter. "You got me boss?" All costs paid to Banker here 20,000 Col, 15 Materials transferred to @Macradonas payment.
  2. Combining [-1 Demonic Shard, -1 Rainbow Scale] Final Product: Item Name: Umbral Avarice Item ID: N/A Item Tier: 4 Item Type: Warhammer Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: Abs.Acc | FLN | FLN | ACC
  3. Oscar

    Staff Rewards

    1,000 Col per page/evaluation would quickly add up and is also a higher Col reward than one would earn from actually completing a page of roleplay. I don't think that, at a baseline, approvals should garner more income than the base thread reward. That said, the base thread reward is a wholly inconsequential amount and could do with being ramped up.
  4. At long last, the exit was in sight. And, Oscar had an answer to why he was so angry. Like most people, he didn't like being fucked with and unlike most people, he was very, very much a creature of habit. He'd grown accustomed to the same routine, the same build, the same sequence of actions - right down to the same Sword Art. He had essentially woken up one morning with everything about his avatar having been shifted around willy-nilly. And, in the moment, he appreciated the ephemeral challenge of finding something that would work and tweaking that build to suit his needs - but he still prefe
  5. A lot of those changes had not at all been for the better. This dungeon - or, indeed any grinding - was simply indicative of that. He stopped for a moment, taking stock of the loot that he had earned thus far. It was a very respectable amount and, as far as Unidentified Items went - the best he had ever done. But he couldn't help but notice that his own abilities had diminished. The haul would have been much better if he didn't have to wrangle cooldowns and the like. Cardinal had begun to limit him and the Players at large in ways it had never done before. It felt like a punishment for clearin
  6. As he strode through the same dark corridors and passed through the same dark chambers, he had to question why he was so unhappy. This wasn't anything new to him. He was perhaps one of the few people he knew willing to venture forth by his lonesome and just brutalize mobs of an hour or two. Everyone else didn't have the time or the inclination or the stats for it. It was definitely something he enjoyed - especially since Tyson and his crew had gone to ground in the recent days. Dismantling that organization - or at least the goal of it - had quickly become a fantastic pastime of his. A one-man
  7. Oscar had a tendency to become frustrated out of nowhere. He'd spent the entire foray into this dungeon keeping his cool and entertaining himself however he could when the truth was that he was absolutely miserable. This feeling lingered under the surface, buried under all of his fake excitement about having the absolute pleasure of being able to gather moss. For a brief moment, there was a flash of anger in his eyes. This was punctuated by him slamming his hammer into the ground - Odin's Wrath tearing apart the Revenants with a sudden and hitherto unseen brutality. All it took was a flash to
  8. On his trek back to the exit, he entered yet another open chamber with yet another quartet of spectral knights. For the life of him, Oscar couldn't exactly remember passing through this room earlier. Did the paths shift as well? That certainly would be an element of danger that stats couldn't overcome. Imagine being reliant on consumable recovery items and becoming hopelessly lost. Though, one always had the option of teleporting. In Oscar's case, not teleporting was something of a point of pride. He'd gone this far without needing to bitch out like that and he had no intention of starting sim
  9. Item Name: Dark Fortunes Item ID: Upgrade Roll - 195239, BD: 10 | CD: 12 | LD: 17 (Abs.Acc/Phase - Reroll activated) Enhancement Reroll - 195240, LD: 6 (Fallen Applied) Item Tier: 4 Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: Abs.Acc | Fallen | Acc | Para Description: A sleek dark hammer with a strip of gold inlaid in the handle. Promises great wealth, but at what cost?
  10. I don't know how it would interact with potential Sword Art changes going forward, but I don't really think that it would hurt anything to fold in the Unique Sword Arts as well. It would be much easier for Staff to use an existing Unique Skill (after they're retooled because I think they all need it) as an example of the power ceiling. If we go forward with this change and the option remains to create a Custom Skill or a Custom Art, I don't think anyone would be entirely interested in the latter simply because it's hard to pack the utility and power of a Custom Skill into a Custom Art. Th
  11. It wasn't long before the group rounded the corner and saw Oscar's familiar waiting patiently for them outside of the chamber. When his master rounded the corner, the two-headed hound barked happily and began to wag his two tails rapidly. Oscar cycled through his menu and produced a large steak, which he promptly tossed the dog's way. The pair snatched the large slab of meat out of the air and began to tear into it as Oscar headed into the room and approached the chest. He let out a heavy sigh and gestured back at Shield and Freyd, waving them inside. "This can go really good or really ba
  12. With that spectacular gathering failure under his belt, Oscar decided to start heading on back home. He'd managed to obtain a good amount of loot - perhaps the best he could have hoped for, all things considered. He'd ventured pretty deep into the Black Iron Dungeon. It would take a while for him to unstuck himself from within its "murderous" belly. Now that he thought about it, Oscar really couldn't remember the path he took to get this far. Regardless, it had to be somewhere back the way he came. So, turning on his heels, Oscar began the arduous trek to the exit. On his way, Oscar noticed a
  13. Aw yeah, we back to the good part! Moss! Brown Moss. Green Moss. Purple Moss. Blooming Purple Moss. All the absolute best types of moss sprang to mind. Unfortunately, none of those types of moss would or could be found, much to Oscar's chagrin. All that was left was that a single, tiny, desiccated strip of moss tucked behind the open flame of a torch. With nothing else better to do, Oscar began the arduous task of peeling the crumbling plant from the walls in the hopes of a material. The problem was, it was so close to the torch that Oscar didn't exactly didn't have a solid angle of approach.
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