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  1. After finally finding a small forge that suited his needs Wulfrin set to work attempting to build up a stock of items. While yes he could sell them, it was more likely he could use them to fuse together for more powerful items. He set to work on a few weapons. DATE: [30/10/20] RANK 1 BLACKSMITH | [EXP: 0/19] | Daily Crafting Attempts: 2 CRAFTING BUFFS: Ambition Tool +1 EXP per craft Crafting Tier 1 [One-Handed Straight Sword]s: RESULT: +0XP () | [EXP: 0/19]
  2. Towards the outskirts of Coral on Floor 22, there rests a small smithy. It may be small but the open concept for the forge allows for a wonderful view of the nearby lake. The sounds of metal being worked can be heard as it's smith strikes away at a project. "Be with ya in a moment," The young smith says noticing you almost immediately. "In the mean time feel free to shop the racks, or if you need something specific fill out a form!" He quickly reaches a stopping point before approaching the counter to help you with whatever needs you may have. Amenities: - Ambition Tool Price List
  3. "Right now," Wulfrin said as he stepped up to the boulder. "I'm just glad I'm still even getting to experience this place. It's odd honestly. I have to remind myself that this isn't my life, that it all has to end." Wulfrin took his stance and prepared to strike. "It's weird I almost feel like I belong here more than the real world. It's like some kind of advanced Stockholm syndrome, but if you look past the whole death game aspect, it's actually a pretty decent experience." Wulfrin reared his fist back and struck the boulder. The collision was solid and continued to chip away at the boulder's
  4. "Heard of it? Yes. Been there? Not yet." Wulfrin replied. "But it is on the list." Wulfrin cracked his fist against the boulder once more, this time he struck true. The crack expanded more and more, the visible damage finally starting to show. "Shouldn't be too long before this thing shatters." Wulfrin said as he took a step back, clearing a way for Morningstar. "Honestly it will take a lot to get me to go somewhere other than near Coral. It's kinda nostalgic. I just wish I had more people around my skill level. This game is designed to be tackled by parties of players, but I'm basically flyin
  5. The constant reminder of not rushing to the frontlines rang through his ears. It was true he had been pushing himself to level up as quickly as possible, but that seemed the only way to progress. Here your numbers literally determined if you would live or die. He hadn't been thinking of SAO as what it was meant to be, a whole new world where someone could start and live a whole new life. Wulfrin's thoughts must have wandered too far off course, as he struck the boulder pain shot through his arm. Was it as bad as if he had done it in the real world? No, he had the system's pain absorber to than
  6. "Levels and allies are the current goal," Wulfrin replied to his companion's question. "I would love to start getting my hands dirty on the frontlines, but in my current state, I would at best just be there for the exp, or more likely some monsters morning snack." Wulfrin contemplated his own intentions. "To be more direct, yes. I was looking forward to collecting the skill. Way back when I was younger, my parents enrolled me in a class that was a mix of sword play and martial arts. I had fallen out of practice as I got older, but since getting trapped in here, the skills have kind of resurfac
  7. Eager to take on the final test, Wulfrin stepped up to The Boulder. Wulfrin took a moment to prepare himself with some limbering stretches. Then he took a combat stance and cleared his mind as best he could. This was less about damage and more about accuracy, as he and Morningstar could hit this thing multiple times with no repercussions. Physical obstacle course? He may of been out of shape in the real world but here he was way more agile. Mental control? Definitely a weakness he'd have to overcome. Punching a boulder? He was confident that would be no issue. Wulfrin took in a deep breath and
  8. "Definitely not," Wulfrin said patting Morningstar on the back. "Turning one's body into a weapon isn't meant to be easy. That was brutal." Wulfrin took off his boots and waded to wards the waterfall. Mental concentration has never been Wulfrin's best skill. His mind often wandered away from him allowing him to be easily distracted. This was a slight advantage in the heat of combat, since he could notice and react quicker to his opponents moves, but for an exercise that required mental focus, it was definitely going to be a hinderance. Wulfrin took a seat beneath the torrential waterfall.
  9. "So we have to train our body and mind then smash a boulder?" Wulfrin repeated the steps aloud. "Why do I get the feeling we are about to go through a Karate Kid training session?" Wulfrin pondered a moment as he limbered up his virtual body. He had undergone mental and physical trainings before. but that was when he was in his early childhood years. "Honestly I wouldn't even question it. I've already seen plenty of references to other media in this game. It wouldn't surprise me if Cardinal was designed to pull from the real world in real time." Martial arts was always something Wulfrin wanted
  10. Wulfrin made use of Morningstar's help to get to the top of the wall. Wulfrin reached down and help Morningstar up the rest of the wall. "Here's hoping I continue to meet more," Wulfrin said as the duo took a short break. "Each one that I meet passes on more info that I didn't have before. So far they are the only reason I've progressed as far as I have. Otherwise I might still be in the Town of Beginnings waiting for someone else to free me from this virtual prison." Wulfrin looked up the next section. They had already traveled a good portion of the mountain. "We shouldn't have too much farth
  11. "Looks great," Callum said as he inspected the new blade. Judging by the stats of the weapon Wulfrin was certain the new rapier was not much better than a weapon that a first time player would receive. "Its a decent blade, a little rough on the edges and the blade is a bit warped, but for a first craft its not bad." Callum handed the weapon back to Wulfrin. Holding the blade, he could see the imperfections, but at least it was his own. He hadn't intended for one, but a small signet was cast into the blade. A phoenix with wings outstretched as if rising from its ashes. He always thought himself
  12. Shop Post Transaction Date 2/22/24 Cost of Transaction free for <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> Crafter's Profession <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> Crafter's Rank 0 Item Name Simple Rapier Item Tier T1 Item Type Saber(Rapier) Item Rarity Uncommon Item Enhancements Accuracy I
  13. The trip back to Tolbana was very uneventful. The paths were well traveled and monsters kept their distance allowing for a swift return. Wulfrin navigated to the back ally smith shop where Callum did his work. The sounds of metal being shaped with rhythmic strikes of a hammer filled the soot filled interior. The workspace was still cluttered, but as suspected there appeared to be a larger stock of scrap pieces. Callum was at the anvil shaping another ingot into a long thin blade. A rapier perhaps? "Ah, welcome back," Callum said as he quenched his current project in the nearby barrel. "I
  14. Wulfrin cast the line for the final time. Success or fail didn't matter the only things he would keep were if he opened another chest. Any additional materials he managed to scrounge up would be confiscated by the system, but that was never his goal. He wanted a chest to expand his inventory a bit. The more options he had, the more he could offer to other players, or upgrade his own gear. A new future in Aincrad was withing reach he just had to catch it. He watched the bobber intently. Time seemed to elongate as he watched every small movement. Just as he was about to reel in the line, the bob
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