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  1. [04/21/2021] [order progress:] [5/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect) [4/10] Calling -- Incarceration (Instant Effect)
  2. [04/20/2021] [order progress:] [5/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect) [3/10] Calling -- Incarceration (Instant Effect)
  3. "...No customers?" It had only been a couple days since her last visit, but the appraiser immediately shot up from her chair and greeted her with an eagerness that almost left Arabelle with the impression that she was the best thing that happened to An today. (Considering the lack of unidentifieds and junk piling the corners of the shop, she probably was.) "You used to have so many." "Ehe-- n-not really? I only had one other and," she followed Andromeda's glance to a small square of space miraculously spared from her habit of collecting useless clutter, and she returned to
  4. [04/19/2021] [order progress:] [5/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect) [2/10] Calling -- Incarceration (Instant Effect)
  5. 12000 | (15) Teleport Crystal 15000 | (15) Golden Key 90000 | (300) Materials 117,000 Col
  6. [04/18/2021] [order progress:] [5/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect) [2/10] Calling -- Incarceration (Instant Effect)
  7. Dustin's smile. Pinball's vehement denial. She wasn't just amused anymore when she looked back-and-forth between the two. This day was just rife with coincidence, wasn't it? Arabelle politely detached herself from Pinball's side. She made no attempt to help Dustin up from his awkward position on the ground, but she peered down at him with the same hopeful smile she knew she had once worn back when they were 'close.' "Hey. Say my name," she said. Bother, she thought. She had been so close to hearing what Pinball had to say, for once. "I'm not," Arabelle returned. She sh
  8. "You know. Things that scurry about in the dark. Taking shiny sparkly things that aren't theirs. My parents raised me quite well, so I would've had some compassion for common vermin-- if they had just asked." His cold reception was neither unexpected nor unfamiliar. Arabelle didn't move a finger as Pinball went for his sword; she looked down at him and waited, as though she were dealing with a stranger's child throwing a tantrum, and once he realized her notable lack of defenses, his hand loosening around the weapons hilt as he scanned her warily, she pulled apart her entwined fingers and
  9. [DHA 3: Lost Blessings and Ancient Evils] ♝♗ | ESTIMATED LOCATION: FOREST OF WAVERING MIST, APR 07 20XX. Arabelle let her fingers glide beneath the surface of a small stream. A sickly glow emanated from the stone forming its bed and the gentle flow of water reflected in her ashen eyes as her gaze followed the current downstream to where it ended in a small pool against the side of the cave. Cool to the touch, perfect for drinking -- if one was at a point where they lacked access to any safezone's supplies, anyway. She figured those were refilled water bottles lined up along the ban
  10. Exactly what she wanted. “Bless your luck,” Arabelle sighed, “Pick the DoT.” The reroll window disappeared as the appraiser finalized the selection, and Arabelle took the weapon back into her hands. She’d had Andromeda replace the second [Keen] slot with an enhancement awarded by a spare etching in her inventory, and while she still wasn’t entirely satisfied with it, [Ode to Endless Time] should let her deal a little more damage on top of working decently with her current build. Andromeda fidgeted behind the counter. “D-do you like it?” “Mm. Realistically, this is the best
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