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  1. [02/15/2021] [order progress:] [5/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect) [0/10] Calling -- Incarceration (Instant Effect)
  2. [02/08/2021] [order progress:] [3/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect)
  3. [02/02/2021] perfect masterpiece pls i am begging-
  4. [01/08/2021] [order progress:] [2/5] Trisection -- Incarceration (Mass Effect)
  5. [quest: Wail of the Banshee] | YOMI (OUTSKIRTS), DEC 29 20XX. The tinkling of coins ceased, the grieving widow having stopped the motion that shifted the meager drops of gold about its pouch. Hundreds and hundreds of repeats later and it never once realized that its disguise had been picked apart years ago, filed away methodically in Hermes' public record. All that was left to do was smile as the game of deception turned on its head. It appeared to be no hard task for Arabelle, until the final notes of the woman's plea lingered in the air, unanswered, and a gauntleted hand brushed ag
  6. [12/21/2020] --Now this was a problem. Arabelle had known that NPC attendant's services were suspiciously cheap, but she hadn't really considered she'd run into communication issues this early in the run. Two order slips, both nearly a month old, and a couple of music sheets lay pinned to her queue. She had not been notified, and had it not been for her earlier boredom, she likely would have gone an entire year from her shop in complete ignorance. And these requests-- maybe she should just temporarily close up for some crisis management? First things first. "You're fired."
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