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  1. Trading this item to @Shield
  2. Current Level: 70 Current SP: 360 Link to SP Tracking: Here's my Spreadsheet, all threads are linked under the "Yuki RP" tab. Red Threads indicate Abandoned; Yellow indicate In-Progress; Green indicate completed. Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Jack's Plate Item ID: No ID, [Acquisition Link]; [Original Obtainment Link] Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Heavy Armor Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Fl. Aura II; Taunt Description: A dark full plate arm
  3. Reward choice: SP Loot Reward: Orgoth's Legacy Trading Orgoth's Legacy(ID#187502) with Baldur for Elder's Grace(ID#187503)
  4. Stepping off the platform of the teleportation terminal, Yuki took in the air of the lower floors. Nothing quite matched the cool breeze of fall on floor 22 where she lived, but it's not like she was complaining or anything. The moment she came off the platform, she could see Starla there waiting for her. "Oi, good to see you again." Yuki said with a slight small as she always wore. Though, before they could get started, she wanted to clear the air a little. The altercation between them had hit a climax that Yuki hadn't meant to strike. "I apologize for my insensitive approach towards you
  5. With the fall of the Shadow, Orgoth had proclaimed that the players clear out the remaining enemies of the battlefield. With them still active the shadow's storm was still affecting the area. Plenty of the front liners had already taken to jumping cross-party to finish of the stragglers now that the immediate danger of the Shadow himself had passed. Thankfully too, as Cordelia and Beat had seemed to have gone completely docile and unresponsive since the beginning of the boss fight. It was Yuki's job to protect those who stood behind her shield, but they made it rather difficult for her when th
  6. The moment the assailants had taken the Jailer of the damned to glass half empty, her cup was refilled. The previously orange bar collecting damage shot straight back up into a brilliant green. The ability in affect was clear. The team would have to free her prisoners should they want to come out of this battle with alive. Yuki stepped forward, getting ever so close to the frozen block that held Hel completely still. The golden glow of her radiant aura bolstered by her valorous horn had become even brighter against the shimmering frozen block. With just a thought, that aura continued to g
  7. Yuki's grin widened with Night's answer. All things considered, it was fairly obvious who she would ask for such a job regarding her wedding. No one else fit the place of being her maid of honor. "It probably went without saying, but I thought it would be best to formally ask you, of course. This is an experience I never thought that I would be able to go through in this hell, but I'm glad that I have friends here with me that are rooting me on. It's a foe that not even I could raise a shield to." Yuki admitted. "Planning things was never my specialty, and even if it's not yours I think our co
  8. Yuki glossed over the things that Crozeph said, seemingly unperturbed. She was totally aware that she was not able to protect literally everyone from literally everything, but so long as she stood before her enemies her friends would not suffer. Or so she thought. Before her action came off cooldown and she could activate howl to get the attention of the Shadow once more, he used his chain to bind Crozeph as he'd done with her. She turned to the shackle and raised her lance, now infuriated. Cro could take a hit, but no way was she allowing him to stay like that. Raising her lance in
  9. Although she hadn't given it a 100% clean that she could be proud of, Yuki would hate to keep him waiting. All things considered, she didn't have much of a right to just start cleaning his place anyway, but it had at least given her something to think about other the floor boss. Placing the rag she had at one end of the counter, she would take a seat across from where Endilix had setup the food. "Ittadakimasu." The girl would say in her native tongue, which Endilix would hear as 'Thank you for the meal' if his translation settings were on. Taking one of the kabobs, the paladin would nibbl
  10. "Having an assistant with cooking makes things extremely easier yes. I would love your company for my wedding." Yuki thought on it more, wondering how she should ask her next question. NIGHT would probably make a big deal out of it, all things considered. Probably try to convince her that there's someone better for the job. At this point, the paladin had decided to take her eyes off the bobber. Nothing was biting anyway, or so she thought. The moment she turned away, the bobber bounced against the calm surface of the water. Yuki pulled it out along with the fish. After recasting her line,
  11. Within a moment, everything was going to shit. Without those of higher hate values to take the hit, Yuki was the one left to take the next shackle. The chains would slam her back to the ground and wrap her to the floor unable to move. As she struggled against the stun effect, the golden glow of her aura began to disappear reaffirming that she was no longer the main target. The mechanic had lowered her hate value and others were targeted in the attack. The moment the Paladin was free, she stood to her feet. She knew the people here would be fine taking a single hit, but she wouldn't let th
  12. Crozeph triumphant attack on the Shadow left a pretty gruesome mark, but Yuki knew exactly what was about to happen. She needed to move in there and steal the control over the hate before he got targeted. Yuki's golden lance lit ablaze with ambition, a spear of destruction sure to get the attention of their target. This battle was long and arduous but with a little more adversity, the front liners would see victory. Soaring past her betrothed, the pink glow of her lance let out an explosive power as it collided with the Shadow's form. She would back off quickly before he could restrain he
  13. The quiet night with her soon-to-be left the paladin in a deep slumber. When he shifted out of the bed, she merely repositioned herself to get comfy on her own. He would speak lightly, slowly waking her up more as her brain had to process and react to what he was saying. "mmm. I'm trying to sleep." The girl complained as the man crawled back into bed with her. His arm wrapped around her midsection and gave her a soft peck on the forehead. "Let me sleep a little longer dangit." The girl said as she slowly started falling back asleep again. Drifting off in his arms, she couldn't help but th
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