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  1. The Pink Paladin gazed quietly on the column in the distance. A step on the stairway to heaven, so to speak. Soon the frontliners would be converging to clear the path to the next floor. Then they could repeat the cycle there. What felt like an endless cycle of despair and a fruitless endeavor. She would be rejoining them sooner rather than later. After all, how could she ignore the call to arms when she had the power to protect so many others so long as they stood behind her. With a sigh, the paladin stood from her seat in town and made her way back to the teleporter terminal to go back home.
  2. Darkness. Just like what had enveloped everyone in that boss fight, the shadows surrounded the paladin. Once a burning star of passion and light, was now dimmed to nothing but a dying flame. Night had fallen under this warrior's beautiful day. In the mind of others, there was nothing to be other than celebration. They had defeated yet another floor boss and had made progress in reaching the end of this hellish nightmare that was forced upon them. In Yuki's eyes, she could only fear the things to come after The Shadow's fight. Things became dangerous and she had dropped so close to her own
  3. Trading this item to @Shield
  4. Current Level: 70 Current SP: 360 Link to SP Tracking: Here's my Spreadsheet, all threads are linked under the "Yuki RP" tab. Red Threads indicate Abandoned; Yellow indicate In-Progress; Green indicate completed. Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Jack's Plate Item ID: No ID, [Acquisition Link]; [Original Obtainment Link] Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Heavy Armor Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Fl. Aura II; Taunt Description: A dark full plate arm
  5. Reward choice: SP Loot Reward: Orgoth's Legacy Trading Orgoth's Legacy(ID#187502) with Baldur for Elder's Grace(ID#187503)
  6. Stepping off the platform of the teleportation terminal, Yuki took in the air of the lower floors. Nothing quite matched the cool breeze of fall on floor 22 where she lived, but it's not like she was complaining or anything. The moment she came off the platform, she could see Starla there waiting for her. "Oi, good to see you again." Yuki said with a slight small as she always wore. Though, before they could get started, she wanted to clear the air a little. The altercation between them had hit a climax that Yuki hadn't meant to strike. "I apologize for my insensitive approach towards you
  7. With the fall of the Shadow, Orgoth had proclaimed that the players clear out the remaining enemies of the battlefield. With them still active the shadow's storm was still affecting the area. Plenty of the front liners had already taken to jumping cross-party to finish of the stragglers now that the immediate danger of the Shadow himself had passed. Thankfully too, as Cordelia and Beat had seemed to have gone completely docile and unresponsive since the beginning of the boss fight. It was Yuki's job to protect those who stood behind her shield, but they made it rather difficult for her when th
  8. The moment the assailants had taken the Jailer of the damned to glass half empty, her cup was refilled. The previously orange bar collecting damage shot straight back up into a brilliant green. The ability in affect was clear. The team would have to free her prisoners should they want to come out of this battle with alive. Yuki stepped forward, getting ever so close to the frozen block that held Hel completely still. The golden glow of her radiant aura bolstered by her valorous horn had become even brighter against the shimmering frozen block. With just a thought, that aura continued to g
  9. Yuki's grin widened with Night's answer. All things considered, it was fairly obvious who she would ask for such a job regarding her wedding. No one else fit the place of being her maid of honor. "It probably went without saying, but I thought it would be best to formally ask you, of course. This is an experience I never thought that I would be able to go through in this hell, but I'm glad that I have friends here with me that are rooting me on. It's a foe that not even I could raise a shield to." Yuki admitted. "Planning things was never my specialty, and even if it's not yours I think our co
  10. Yuki glossed over the things that Crozeph said, seemingly unperturbed. She was totally aware that she was not able to protect literally everyone from literally everything, but so long as she stood before her enemies her friends would not suffer. Or so she thought. Before her action came off cooldown and she could activate howl to get the attention of the Shadow once more, he used his chain to bind Crozeph as he'd done with her. She turned to the shackle and raised her lance, now infuriated. Cro could take a hit, but no way was she allowing him to stay like that. Raising her lance in
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