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  1. While everyone got acquainted, Yuki would start thinking about what general location the labyrinth would be. Of course they couldn't find the boss room without first finding the labyrinth but that shouldn't be too difficult. Her focus would soon be interrupted by a party invite, however. She would promptly accept the invite and turn back to the party. Zandra would then suggest they start looking outside of the settlement to begin. "Agreed." Yuki would nod with a smile. "Several of the floors tend to keep the main settlement in the center of the floor so narrowing down an exact location can be
  2. As the group introduced themselves, Yuki would take stock of her gear to make sure everything was in order. The last thing she wanted was to be wearing the wrong gear if trouble sprang up. Nevertheless, she would be approached by the blonde fellow who would arrive soon after herself. "Likewise, Jomei. You may call me Yuki, it's much simpler than my username." Closing her window she would look over to Vigilon and nod. "I don't think we've been introduced either, else my memory fails me. I'm looking forward to working with you, so stay behind me if we get into a scrap." Zandra would then sp
  3. Yuki would wait patiently for Syra to collect all the information that she needed. Obviously the paladin had nothing better to do in the moment and getting engrossed with the world was a good first step to seeing past it. If they were to escape this prison they would need to understand it first. Once they were finished and the newbie had collected her quest, Yuki would extend a party request to her. She could probably aid the red-head without needing to do such but it was a nice incentive to be able to see her health bar. That being said, she was sure that the enemies on this quest could kill
  4. It happened while she was lying in bed that morning. A message from a familiar face that she had not yet had the chance to meet up with since her recent absence for reflection. How many people would recognize her beside her name these days? Hell, she'd probably catch night off guard doing away with her usual dyed hair and change of gear. Despite her aforementioned absence, there were still players relying on her to help them. Perhaps not her in particular but she was still glad to be considered when she hadn't even shown up for the last floor boss. Times have changed though. Yuki was a di
  5. Several players would walk by. Eyes were trained on her, despite it not being uncommon for high level players to make their rounds on lower floors. Many of those people owned houses on these floors so some of them even lived here. That being said, the paladin herself probably stood out a bit more than others thanks to her attire. The way someone carried their self really changed how they were presented to strangers. Soon, she would find the person she was looking for. Young, even moreso than herself. To be completely honest, Yuki had spent so much time in this game tearing through mobs an
  6. <Let There Be Light> Back to basic. With the change of appearance, Yuki would be leaving behind the old title of The Pink Paladin and ushering in a new era for herself. No more hair dye or hiding behind an emotional shield. The blonde will carve a path to the future in whatever way she saw fit. Seeing as how the frontlines had yet to amass on the 27th floor's labyrinth boss so far, she would do with her time as a mentor for those still trying to find courage and skill to become strong player like herself. Well, stat wise at least. Floor two, Urbus. The eagerness she had when sh
  7. Within moments, the house started smelling like home again. The dusty cobwebs swiped away and the wonderful scent of meat and vegetables returned life to the disheveled abode. Crozeph's words rang true to her when he spoke about emotions being difficult to take on alone. It was even more difficult to ask someone else to burden what you feel are your own responsibilities. Learning to confide in someone you can trust is something she would have to adapt to. "Thank you, Cro. I appreciate you." A couple minutes later, the food would be finished. No matter how often she cooked in Aincrad she w
  8. If this was a cartoon, a sweat drop would be running down Yuki's head right now. It seemed that they took her metaphor a little too literally. Maybe it wasn't the best comparison but it got the point across to Becky at the least. "Of course, tanks are not literally swords. Like Becky said, I only meant to say that you're a rallying flag in the face of adversity. If you believe in your team, they'll believe in you. Be that inspiration to them and they will follow you come hell or high water." As they stepped into the courtyard, Yuki walked in fearing absolutely nothing. Her bravado may loo
  9. As she walked into the house, Crozeph would voice his regrets to her. Yuki would simply shake her head in response. “I’m the only one to blame. I tried to shoulder pain that I could not take alone. I should have sought you out and asked you to share that burden with me. If I had done that, maybe I would have been back for the floor 26 boss.” The pinkette would say, making her way into the lovely kitchen. It was much less maintained than she would have wanted but that’s what happens when you don’t go home for months. One of the first things she noticed was just how much of her stocked food
  10. Yuki's eyes would glow, confirming her use of the searching skill. Her eyes would pierce directly into Dazia's. There's no way could have missed their searing gazes meet. When Vigilon would speak up, asking if something was wrong, Yuki would deactivate her searching skill and shake her head. "You never know when some low-life could be lurking in the shadows to catch you by surprise. As a leader, it's my job to keep people safe. Luckily we are alone at this moment." The paladin would hide Dazia's position. The girl had a green cursor but Yuki had found her before she could catch them by surpris
  11. The group was now rallied together. Yuki was the spearhead of them all, leading the charge into battle. Astreya's response to her advice seemed to be taken somewhat lightly. Perhaps she had some doubts of her own and the fallen paladin couldn't really fault her for it. They only had one life and they had to make the most of it. That's why Yuki learned this MMO stuff. She needed to be able to protect herself and others from certain doom. "Your confidence is the team's confidence, friend. The blade of a sword is dull, it will not cut. Likewise, if a tank does not lead and show the team what they
  12. As another entered the fold, Mikoto would feel a little more certain about taking on the Cerberus. Usually, she would bring someone like Crozeph or NIGHT to help her fight but she wasn't sure how well she'd last against a higher leveled monster with ways through mitigation without some additional damage. Thankfully it looked as though they were completely covered in that aspect. Vigilon seemed nice enough. "Worry not, stand behind me and you won't even feel threatened." The girl would say so confidently that it almost sounded like bragging and she had almost every right to. Though, as the
  13. After confirming that the team was hoping to do a quest, Yuki would nod and reach into her inventory. Scrolling through the menus, she would find herself a nice little immolation potion that she constantly had downed before. It was her only way helping the team besides being a meat shield, but recent discoveries had put her towards changing her build slightly. The ability to withstand any attack while also returning damage like her friendly damagers could do. While discussing some strategy, the pink-haired paladin would chime in. "I focus solely on being a bruiser, to use the MMO term. Wh
  14. A ringing sounded as the teleporter whirred to life. The one who would be left in the beam of light was Yuki. The paladin was here to rend the Gatekeeper of Fire asunder, payment due for their first meeting after all. How was she going to get back into the game if she couldn't even tank this little bosses? As she stepped down into the plaza something caught her eye. A young, familiar girl looking somewhat confused? Upon a closer inspection, she could recognize the person: The smith that made some her new gear to go with Jack's Plate. Well, no time like the present. The paladin would appro
  15. Purchasing: 50x Immolation Potions[T4] (50x1200=60k) 50x Golden Keys (50x1000=50k) Total: 120,000 Col
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