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  1. "well not that kind of cursed…" night was fibbing. she totally did want to know if it had such a lucrative enhancement attached to it. but after seeing koga fail to retrieve it with the snap of his fingers, her interest quickly faltered. if she were to continue, it might've been lies on top of more lies. so she let herself skip the topic if it was followed. took a look at koga as she paused in her scramble to the outside world through 'a convenient exit'. quest were made to be done as soon as possible, so... was he hesitating? "we won't die from this height if we use our ar
  2. "Oh yeah? Labyrinth got cleared already?" "yeah," night returned almost immediately. fruit inspection was big with veteran players these days, it seemed, as they were both in the midst of it as the woman pretended she wasn't playing blabbermouth. "i just went through it the other day with her. didn't seem like anyone else was up to gunning through the labyrinth, and figured we were in the best position to take a shot – albeit under orders." though koga set his pick down, night decided to give hers a purchase before moving on: a number of berries and a few plucked pods that resembled
  3. "a fourth is welcome," to sorun was all she was able to get out before the discussion somehow pivoted back to their levels. night was silent on the warning issued by oscar; it was appropriate and a given for anyone looking to venture out the city. it needed to be said from time to time, especially to starters. the flat of her index rubbed at her cheek, parallel to her jaw as he spoke. fidgeting. surely it would be safe with the two of them there, if oscar was interested in joining them on the quest. “I’m high level, NIGHT’s higher. Technically we’re both Frontliners." so there was th
  4. a goddamn hero? night smoothed her hair over even more, releasing a breath she'd attempted to suppress, unsure of what to say. what would even be worth saving? "the upper floors are no different from the lower ones," she stated plainly, glancing over to the beginner's weapon of choice. a whip wasn't conventional, but neither was starting late and levelling as an adventurer. "besides… i'm off limits from the floor clearance thing at the moment." (bistro's orders.) she shifted her weight to the side, throwing her gaze towards the surroundings of town. "we'll take anyone who's willing t
  5. TAKAO | Approved. Total EXP: 228900 Total SP: 195 Current Level: 33 Paragon Level: 35 Unlocked Paragon Rewards: Lv. 5 | Laurel Wreath (Earn Col equivalent to 15% of player’s EXP earned in thread) Lv. 10 | (1) Gleaming Scale, (1) Demonic Shard, +1 LD to Looting* Lv. 25 | (1) Gleaming Scale, (1) Demonic Shard, Free Skill Respec Notes: EXP Calculation SP removed from several threads due to incompletion, including the following: Sayonara, Sahhara! | Monster Hunter Arena | Paths of Glory II |
  6. silent steps as she stalked the hall. as always, there was this strange tension in the room, between the overcast light, however warm, as though sundown drowning the view. statues cast in gold, never scratched nor stained. and blank expressions, eyes filled with only what she thought they would have reflected back to her. the fear was innate, but not in the artificial. today, night staved that struggle off. took the crystal off its bearer, examined it as the floor cleared, now dissipating like sand gathered in the wind. no blemishes on her duality this time, either. and her eyes flicked t
  7. "oh, that was..." the calm and politeness set in before night could register its juxtaposition between her earlier anxiety. so the scream was... for nothing? at least, in terms of immediate danger. the player felt as though she should've been a little grateful, though part of her wrestled with the lack of a good meal and a calm morning. being on the first was starting to wear on her... she tuned back into their conversation quickly. the new player had meant to work on tutorial quests -- the same deal most other starters did -- and night rustled the back of her hair quickly. it would
  8. it would be easy to say that night was already on her way out of town, on another errand when she heard the call. but it was more likely that, in the midst of her morning routine, she'd heard a high-pitched shrill that had her fumble on her cooking. "gah, shit!" the sizzling oil but splashed out of the pan she had in her grasp, just in time for her double to look up. night shook off the mild pain, stepping back and allowing her duties to be relieved from home. it took no time for her homebody to double down on her leave, however, when she looked over her shoulder, knife placed down o
  9. according to this copy paste system, the text is automatically justified. why is that? i find that quite strange, and frankly i am worried about my copy paste abilities. i don't know if that's a good thing or not. i will be writing out this extremely long paragraph to see if i feel okay about it. by the way, this program is so nice and lightweight and also it has a really neat word counter. it's also incredibly minimalist. the way i read my text makes me feel happy on this one small program. i wish it could be in more people's hands.
  10. night finally showed to receive the gift. the first was expected, but the second wasn't so. after some hesitance, the player retrieved it from nari's grasp. "if you're certain. ...thank you very much. i suppose i'll continue to owe you, after this." retrieving: braso crystal-a, braso crystal-b.
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