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  1. It had only just registered to her that they'd failed the mission objective once the interface at the corner of her eye was marked out with a strikethrough on their task. And she laid there, uncomfortably, waiting for the winds of the sandstorm to die down just as she heard Koga's rampant scampering towards her location, with orders for her to rise up from her mistake. "Leave me here," she'd managed to muffle out, after pulling down the hood of her cloak over her head, sheltering her cavity from dust and sand alike. Still flat upon the dune, she curled up even further, regret at the foref
  2. Rats, cannons and a sewer. NIGHT hadn't gotten the full rundown of the floor, having graced the underground district for the first time at meeting the labyrinth boss, but still found herself thinking back to the secrecy of it all. Urchins, the street vendors and food, all next to somewhere vaguely unsavoury. Cannons. "No idea," she fired out. Her once kept position, arms and legs both folded by the delicacy spoke of her reserved, contemplative nature. All of that unraveled once she set an elbow upon the wood, chin cupped at the edge of her palm, and furrowed brows evening out to a pe
  3. --Though, even all of the preparation in the world couldn't have helped her dodge that sort of attack. The tail struck her out of seemingly nowhere, and NIGHT had reached out to grasp at some element of the dragon, hoping to hang onto it to scramble onto and over, a distance away from the rest of its area of effect. Unfortunately, that just left the woman ushered backwards even further as her feet failed to keep up with the climb. One release of fingers, and in a toss, she saw blue. She angled herself towards a particularly soft dune-top, right before haphazardly swinging her blade toward
  4. She'd first squinted at the missive whenever she'd obtained it. Peanut gallery? So much for professionalism. Maybe this explained what did occur to the front-lines, fueling their reputation for lackadaisical progress. NIGHT shook her head at the sight, then reviewed the attachments accordingly. It was to her surprise that Firm Anima had been nearby. To think there'd be space for other locales surrounding that guild hall... After a quick forward to her associates, she waved away the window, glancing up from her interface towards the white-hooded figure. Some distance away,
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