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  1. ROW | Approved. Total EXP: 6200 Total SP: 60 Current Level: 12 Notes: [OP/NK/F1] Link Start! -> approved. +2 SP from the intended calculation to 29SP as stated in your eval.
  2. seeing the end of nari's spear once again instilled a different sort of fright into night. and she'd froze, stuck only until the shift of that blade was away from her front -- only then did the woman exhale and pulled herself to her feet. "what are you talking about," she mumbled, still on edge at their unusual arena, afraid to meet her shield's gaze. "i'm right here..." though the battle plan was spoke aloud, night blinked, hesitant if she understood their situation correctly. "the boss? ... you know, i wasn't sure if i'd actually hit it the first time you told--" her lids closed, t
  3. oh, she definitely hadn't been expecting koga to buy into the good ol' give-it-a-try. because, from the onset, night hadn't been ready to break out into song in the first place. "i'm not a choir kid," she objected with the fold of her arms -- not that she knew of the names of the artists being thrown about in the first place. and though 'over the rainbow' sounded like a familiar song title, neither was she certain she could recall the melody nor the lyrics. the player merely shook her head, only stopping when ghost's playing caught her attention instead. "hey, aren't those the opening bar
  4. night made sure chase kept pace with her the entire jog through. down a couple of streets, turn a corner once they'd made it to the teleporter plaza and out into another road, a smaller path. the player only skipped ahead once she was certain her friend had clear view of where she was going, and when she could see the merchant in stock. the trade of col was easily the quickest part about their journey for the blades. she decided it was best they stopped to allow chase to catch his breath. a quick summon of the weapons she'd purchased -- light and flexibly, with a decent durability f
  5. night squinted at the distance, the same direction she was sure nari had looked towards and found a threat of some kind. but she couldn't see anything out of the ordinary -- just darkness that blanketed the necropolis, similar to the sight they'd caught before. she remained wordless, even as she felt the soil beneath them shifting. dared she try striking at the absent space? it wouldn't make sense to do so, but she trusted the words of her companion, even as their target (was it their target?) only seemed to appear to one of them. from behind, then, she rushed forth, gaze still searching
  6. "i'm pretty sure it didn't." one lunge forth, and she'd batted the two revenants without fail; one completely by accident, and yet was caught by the tail end of her swipe. another chime of the bell in her hands, and the player jumped back, in time and tempo to the flow of battle she was so familiar from cardinal's puppeteering. orange? her health hadn't even reached fifty percent. her gaze was fixed on the red cloak with the lowest health. for that moment, she responded to koga, "if you can take aggro from me, sure." though she only raised it after a beat. hadn't she brushed past an
  7. the tattoo hadn't meant anything to the players, but it clearly did to president brienne. her question came after a hum. "so did you happen to recognize him? ...or, at least, what remained of him." the bodyguard snorted and shook his head. at the players' confused stares, it was their host who responded, her aid pacing over to her side. "apologies. my ward here comes from braso -- the mark of a sword and shield being one of the signifiers that one might be from that region. though i suppose you might already be familiar with their culture...?" she turned to night as her voice tr
  8. she did wonder what exactly had been stolen. from the looks and sounds of it, dazia was having a difficult time ferrying each crate over to the dinghy -- and a part of night had wondered if multiple trips might've been needed with the vessel to complete the quest. after all, they'd just culled a multitude of pirates in opposition to a handful of players, and granted the vessel for the former was likely to be larger than what the latter had been issued... it was the crumbling ceiling, that stray plank that had caught her attention, the woman picking up only a handful of items to carry outs
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