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  1. What a sad state. The guild, she meant. Given his speech about 'front-liners' from earlier, it would only make sense that they might've been prided as heroes for making it out alive, or to have found some solace from other community members from the mishap that befell upon them. But she hummed, brow quirked upwards as she listened. From the way this gathering of players was portrayed, it almost seemed that they were just as lonesome as their ex-representative was. The grin she returned to him was suppressed. "So much for the depth of a guild, huh?" Not that she could relate. "Sounds like nothing more than a fancy title, then, if you can't even appear to rely on who you used to hang out with. Well!" The woman folded her arms as she came to a stop, having assumed the duo had reached their destination. A tilt of her head and a questioning look to her companion was in hopes of ushering him forward, not knowing for certain where his mark was about to be. "Sorry to hear about your tragic backstory. Here, why don't you take your anger out on the world?" "Make sure to put on a good show now!"
  2. And the man then proceeded to point at... nothing. This was a desert, after all. Amongst the wastes, it wasn't surprising that nothing would stand out. NIGHT raised a brow, glance shot towards Kyoto, before she returned an idle shrug, pacing towards the designated location at his instruction. "Maybe you're just an ancient relic, then," she joked with a smirk, hands locked in intertwined fingers behind her back. With things rising and falling fast in Aincrad over the years, that must've been the case, the woman reasoned inwardly. Another tilt of her head beckoned her quarry for more information. "What sort of situations would you find yourself be stopped for? Your infamy, perhaps?" Her gaze shifted to fall upon the sands again. "If you're companions with people from high places, it makes little sense why you'd come running to a stranger first, much less check on your friends' availabilities." The breath she'd loosened was both a scoff and a short sigh. "Don't tell me you've been... ex-commed?"
  3. Two more shadowlings darted forward, and she knew to hold her ground. Practiced bladework but scattered their figures into pieces -- the third swing wasn't necessary, but she made the connection upon steel anyway, as formality. Their clash rang out, drilling the memory of respect into her ears, but suspicion was the only thing she was capable of shooting back when her gaze was returned upon her own. "You..." The figment of her imagination spoke with her own voice, just as she watched their mouth move in tandem with their speech -- and the player felt her lips shift as though it had been customary. For the moment NIGHT caught the glimpse of their barbed crown, she hesitated. And had the field consisted of merely them, perhaps no other movements might've occurred until the system prompted otherwise. But NIGHT glanced at the traces of her surroundings, the suggestions of chaos in her vicinity, before pulling her own executioner away from Doombringer's edge. SUMMARY FREE ACTION: Trading [Glowstone] (1) to Raidou. POST ACTION: Calamity Disaster. Deal 287 DMG to Shadowling #7, 311 DMG to Shadowling #8. Shadowlings #7, #8 dead.
  4. Christmas Eve; a wonderful time for one of her friends to admit that he'd been taking voyeur shots of basically everyone without their consent throughout all their time spent together. What a wonderful confession of perverseness, certainly one he would be condemned for. — Just kidding. Though the revelation had caught her off-guard, the player continued to examine the polaroids, fingers tracing out the figures, eyes eating away at the remnants of humanity captured and ensnared in the photos behind gloss and digital code. She paid attention to the different ghosts behind the white frames, studying their faces, barely capable of remembering her last memory with each of these players. Were cherished moments like these meant to be fleeting? What even happened to each of these players when she wasn't looking towards the future? They were lovely shots, albeit each of them carried a weight heavy enough to have broken through glass. Uncertain of what to say, NIGHT kept quiet, a hand wrung around the back of her neck whilst her lips were kept in a wry smile. With a bit more time, she picked up the first image, holding it delicately between the pinch of two fingers. "I don't think I could forget," the player mentioned, before setting it aside, watching her friends reminisce about the past. In a jest, she picked up the one taken from the ninth, and simmered it into her inventory with an arrogant grin. "That's the best shot of me anyone's ever taken, though. I'll keep it, if you don't mind."
  5. NIGHT

    [PP-F24] Enmity <<Date NIGHT>>

    "...I don't want to leave." Her brows only furrowed at Hidden's revelation. "The real world is just scarier than the real world." (--And the real world didn't have creatures ready to devour and slaughter them, poised to strike at any moment, either. It didn't have beastly enemies with large gaping maws, claws and fangs and hide, a foul scent and a venom secreted with nothing of value left to lose. It didn't have a health bar that, once in the red would pulsate and match with the incredulous beating of both the victim's heart rate and its overarching system notifying the player that they were about to die.) (It definitely, definitely didn't have manifestations of one's psyche haunt their every foot step, a literal demon given physical form.) NIGHT had to restrain herself not to laugh. "At least here... I can fight back. I mean, what's the point in going back if there isn't anything to go back to?" The player huffed instead. "Your friends and family, for one." 'Nothing to go back' to was an exaggeration in its totality. Every one of them stuck in Aincrad had ties and obligations that linked back to reality in some manner, in some form. And still her associate was ready to waive off her responsibility to escape Aincrad in earnest? Only in the narrowing of her eyes, the slight emphasis of her grimace did her dissatisfaction show, barely enough to reveal her disrespect to the assassin. "You talk as if you won't be able to meet anyone in here when this is over. And if everyone hates you, as you'd said, then what's the point of sticking around?" Right as Hidden had mentioned something about 'Paragons of Justice', NIGHT rolled her eyes, fighting back a growl as she lowered her last bite from her lips. What were they, twelve? "Never heard of them," she admitted. Wannabe-heroes, 'best-of-the-best'; it sure sounded like a paladin they both knew of, but it was the only source of earnest determination that the player found herself aware of. When her mind sifted through the bodies amongst Skalaugh's body from the other day, she could barely remember any motivations, drives nor faces that stood out. All she could recall was noise. NIGHT winced. "They're all loud and obnoxious, though," the woman dryly added, popping the bite into her mouth. Between chews, she was able to push out a muffled sentence. "At least you've got that right." For once, the woman had finally caught wind of someone's mumble, an insight that occurred once in a blue moon. She kept her silence, however. Learning how to be liked? Hidden's arrogance could've fooled her.
  6. NIGHT

    clean format thread

    _______________ _______________ CEYLON Lake Walker. NAME AGE GENDER ORIGIN Chihiro Arakawa 27 F Japan HEIGHT WEIGHT BIRTHDAY ORIENTATION 162cm 46kg 25/9 Asexual Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus sed velit mattis, commodo nisi a, laoreet mi. Donec vitae neque sit amet ante commodo dictum in ut sem. Aenean nibh velit, porta non auctor scelerisque, commodo nec magna. Pellentesque eu vestibulum ligula. Donec lacus urna, hendrerit sed purus sit amet, cursus pretium nisl. Pellentesque ullamcorper nulla ut condimentum semper. Nam commodo justo lacus, eget luctus dolor accumsan non. Integer interdum quis ex in efficitur. Suspendisse laoreet mollis arcu et aliquet. Proin pulvinar diam a ex luctus, laoreet fringilla sem molestie. Vivamus pretium justo at pellentesque pharetra. Aenean tristique libero risus, egestas ultricies diam sollicitudin vitae. Curabitur non ex porta ex sollicitudin dapibus ac accumsan libero. HISTORY PERSONALITY NOTES DOCUMENTS [sp tracking] [chronology] ALT CHARACTERS [one.] [two.] [three.] _______________ _______________
  7. NIGHT

    clean format thread

    Andreana | HP: 300/300 | DMG: 10 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2
  8. NIGHT

    clean format thread

    t h e g r e a t k i n g h a s a r r i v e d !
  9. NIGHT

    clean format thread

    Estelle | HP: 300/300 | DMG: 10 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2 THREAD INFO DECLARATIONS [quest info]
  10. NIGHT

    clean format thread

    :) Lappland | HP: 300/300 | DMG: 10 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2 notes: using mega-slime farm. (+2SP)
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    clean format thread

    vault! "baby, we built this house on memories."
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    clean format thread

    NAME ▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ AGE 25 GENDER F ORIGIN Russia 183cm HEIGHT ▇▇ kg WEIGHT ▇/▇ BIRTHDAY Asexual ORIENTATION "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam et tellus vulputate, vulputate purus et, scelerisque ante. Vestibulum non tristique neque, sed imperdiet est. Suspendisse potenti. Fusce nisl ipsum, condimentum ac mollis a, sagittis vitae ante." HISTORY PERSONALITY NOTES 6 P 6 2 DOCUMENTS [sptracking] [chronology] ALT CHARACTERS [one.] [two.] [three.]
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    clean format thread

    d e m i f i e n d
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    clean format thread

    O T S - I 4