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  1. night breathed, slow, watching nari chase after lilith and watching the vampiress back off on instinct. was it all in the weapon? given how many times she'd changed her own, she figured she knew better by now. so the constant foiled attempts, night thought, were either an equipment mismatch or... "--stop." she, too, chose to dive in once nari had swung to her fill. a scythe wasn't the best weapon for reach, but it did have more than most, to the detriment of its curvature. straight edges weren't the best due to the need for accuracy, but perhaps that was the exact type of precision t
  2. "Is it not perma-death in there?" night blinked, pausing partway through in consuming one of her dumplings. "i don't think so," she returned, briefly puzzled. "when we was there, i'm pretty sure we were still aware of the threat of death looming over us. whatever gave you that impression?" she took a bite anyway thereafter, giving herself space to think. "if there was a place with that sort of safety lock, we should've all heard about it by now, shouldn't we?" she kept quiet during koga's dish, only chuckling as he revealed his regret, finishing the bite she kept on hand. given his t
  3. <<dha:7>> | floor07. # NIGHT | Lv. 146 >> P. 113, Lv. 33 | status: n/a |
  4. r10 artisan | x12 daily crafting attempts | cd tool rhinestone. | TIER 4 TRINKET | AMBITION [desc.]: chipped jewels fashioned into small polished representatives of themselves. [27/08/23] | +9 [02/09/23] | +14 [03/09/23] | +12 [04/09/23] | +10 [14/04/24] | +9
  5. "huh? wingmanning--?!" another jest from night; she'd dropped her guard in receiving lilith then, as she focused on the dancing of the boss' health bar within her periphery. up and down again. night couldn't quite help but figure they were both forgetting something crucial regarding the death of the vampire. just as the beast was shoved in her direction, night swiveled around lilith's open maw curving into a sharp bite, and cut a gash into its side. a classic move to avoid being front-and-center food for the enemy. she slid away, allowing their target to spin around and face them in
  6. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Howl (10) Mod(s)/Addon(s)/Shift(s) Being Dropped: Focused Howl (5) SP Incurred Towards Limit: 10SP SP Refunded: 10SP Cost: 10,000col
  7. she figured the room would've changed the next time she entered it. when night was filtered into that golden hall, however, all that differed from the image in her memory was that it was living, breathing, through the particle effects of the game conveying an illusion of life. still, beyond its little light tricks, the room was completely sterile. silent, night shuffled up to the statue holding up the horn of battle and took it from its hands. then, she reviewed her inventory, and contemplated on the other items, now unretrievable, amidst her surroundings. step by step, she traced the per
  8. r10 artisan | x12 daily crafting attempts | cd tool [from here.] Hearing Aid. | TIER 1 TRINKET | ACC III [desc.]: A well designed piece tailor fitted to Nymoria's ear, it's dark blue surface twinkles with glittered pink stars. [ids.]: 214317-4
  9. r10 artisan | x12 daily crafting attempts | cd tool [from here.] Billy Mouth Bass. | TIER 1 TRINKET | AMBITION [desc.]: A small enamel pin of a bass guitar shaped like a big mouth bass. If you listen closely, some times you can hear it sing in a barely audible tone. "Don't worry, be happy." [ids.]: 221850 tomochi. | TIER 1 TRINKET | EVA III [desc.]: an adorable plush animal keychain. [ids.]: 221946-1, 221946-2, 221946-3, 221946-4, 221946-5, 221946-6, 221859 seafoam | TIER 1 TRINKET | EVA III [desc.]: a small glass bottle filled with sea water, miniature sea shells
  10. she'd practically been caught, having never intended to be present in the shop during daylight, and yet for a quick spring clean and a check-in on her favourite little familiar, who should've popped in but one of her friends? night hummed over the order received, setting aside payment. to them it wasn't much worth being miserly over. to nyanko it was his new toy (for now). "in a minute," she told him, disappearing to the backroom with a handful of metal lumps. in that amount of time likewise, the artisan was out, raising a magnifying glass to her craft to inspect her work before handing i
  11. r10 artisan | x12 daily crafting attempts | cd tool [from here.] laurel earcuffs. | TIER 1 JEWELRY | LD III [desc.]: brass earcuffs fashioned with the imagery of leaves and vines. [ids.]: 221709-1, 221709-2, 221709-3 basalt. | TIER 1 JEWELRY | ACC III [desc.]: unshapened but polished black rings carved from stone. it's lined with smooth polished gold within. [ids.]: 221709-4, 221675, 221667 wolf pendant. | TIER 1 JEWELRY | ACC III [desc.]: a wolf's head carved out of blackwood, with imperfections highlighted in gold. polished and strung up on dark cotton rope.
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