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  1. NIGHT shrunk into her tracksuit at the other woman's outburst; it didn't help that the player was so short in comparison to her companions, either. She tried to memorize the name of the familiar's owner, repeating it in her head, as she gave Ariel a nod. "NIGHT," she added, gesturing to herself. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." When Randal pointed towards their destination, the woman scoured the mountain for a route of their ascent. He'd suggested a cart be their first method of travel (on the first? For some reason, that thought was strange to NIGHT) and so they found one at the near
  2. EIRWEN | Approved. Total EXP: none. uh, hey, wait- Total SP: 5 Current Level: 1 Notes: Checks out. Since the character hasn't started on anything, makes sense to allow a build swap without penalties this early on. You gucci.
  3. Things that NIGHT expected to have happened today: [o] Met Randal [o] Gone on a Quest [o] Reported back to Bistro [o] Crafted Trinkets [x] Get hassled by a lion. But point five was true. She hadn't seemed to notice when the lioness was investigating her articles, hadn't even caught wind that another party had shown up recently with her eyes set on heading towards her companion and the howling of strong winds in the vicinity. But the moment that coat of white was in her periphery, she froze. She panicked when the cat nearly set her paws on the player.
  4. <<DHA:I>> A quest she'd done before? In this new system? Probably less likely than she thought. But it never hurt to give the information a check. With all the ordering Bistro had sent to her contacts, NIGHT barely had a moment of reprieve away from the duties of serving the brokers of Aincrad. At least, in this way, she'd get to do so on her own terms. to: Bistro NIGHT: im busy NIGHT: quest NIGHT: dont look for me Before the player could even send an affirmation in reply, the player changed her status immediately. to: Randal NIGHT: otw
  5. If NIGHT was still up past shop closing hours, it was because of Bistro's little col project, and it was on the artisan that she hadn't gotten time to it until this late in the day. She wasn't expecting customers, however; rarely would players seek out trinkets, and especially so in the eve. She didn't mind, however, when she realized it was a familiar face gracing her presence. NIGHT gave Lessa a nod and set aside the loaned materials; her own stock should've worked, she realized, once her eyes rested on the request sheet handed to her. Sentimental. The necklace was a tried path, w
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