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  1. set to the back of the room, night was quiet, huddled with the other nobles, her eyes set to the floor. there was a lot more space below deck than she'd first thought, once she saw the servants collected beside her; they were made to stand rather than kneel, in lieu of the number of attendants. the rabble were trading concerns over hushed whispers, with the occasional bark from one of their captors for them to shut up. it helped that night hadn't made a sound, then -- instead of listening, her attention was focused, wrangling the ropes locking her wrists together. soon, she was able
  2. – and hook, line, sinker; the chef appeared to be agitated with her read of his brow. now came the challenge -- the sounds of shuffled feet, despite their lazy and distress-ridden implication, only grew louder, melting into the cacophony of proper footsteps from brisk walking, before one of them decided to break out into a run. night pushed herself to follow suit, distraught and annoyed at the other's apparent willingness to follow suit. because that didn't feel right. was this the reason why her better half was fond of the man? any usual player would've stopped at brisk wa
  3. unfortunate that the lone nibblet was her only respite between occurrences; what she hadn't expected, however, was the sudden ambush. and from the way her companion reacted, it seemed as though it hadn't been planned for their meeting, either. which was a frustrating reveal. night had pulled open the interface just as the leader of the invaders had been pre-ambling, only to pull her hand away from typing when her shadow had stopped her, and the eyes from their system audience had been too much to bear. the resting palm on the back of her hand quickly shifted into a hard grip, that pulled
  4. night shook her head at the team's concerns. sure, she wasn't particularly worried about damage, but she would've rather forgotten her mistake than realize it by recovering from it herself. her clothes would do much of the healing after some time, and if not, out-of-combat healing would do the trick. nothing in night's arsenal would explain what she saw next, however. "Hey...guys, you may want to take a look at this..." so she did. and night was weary. chess? chess in a random labyrinth? as a puzzle? night did not play chess. as far as she knew, the knights made an L (haha
  5. lounging by the side of the ship didn't exactly seem like much fun to the average attendee. maybe if they were accompanied by a conversationalist, sure -- but the truth was that night was simply waiting for her two acquaintances to leave. she stayed, looking out, occasionally taking glances towards their travels, and when she thought it was clear, she started pulling herself away from the railing. only then did a sigh leave her lips. she sauntered back, slow, trying to scan the deck for any signs of players familiar. wasn't sure when hirru had managed to show up. noticed crow absent of yu
  6. summary. nari | t8 + 4520xp | (450 * 8 * 0.7) + 2000 + 878col | 200 + (4520 * 0.15) + mekem's blessing. night | t14 + 6410xp | (450 * 14 * 0.7) + 2000 + 1161col | 200 + (6410 * 0.15) + mekem's blessing.
  7. night would've objected, but she didn't feel the need to -- or rather, where nari was at head-space wise seemed distant, her thoughts scattered. if anything, it felt like the appropriate thing to do for her to stay quiet as they trekked along. so that's what she did. swallowed down her reassurances for the time being and kept her eyes to the road. what was her best bet to try and support her friend mentally from then on? maybe mio, she figured, watching the nine-tailed creature dogging it's owners footsteps. at some point during the fight, the hood on her cloak must've dropped off. s
  8. well, this was new. "chicken noodle soup has substance?" it had always been on the contrary where she lived, beyond aincrad. though she supposed finding it would've been a rarity first, given that fish was somehow the more accessible option of soup between the two. night did wonder, in following nari, if they were headed towards cordelia's stall, still lost out in the woods somewhere. quiet, and private. similar to the stroll they were taking, just how night preferred her presence on the world. she was attempting to guess where they were headed through the environment, but gave up inciden
  9. so she may have flinched, hearing the shatter upon raising the flat of her blade, but never feeling the impact upon her sword. still, night recovered quickly, letting out a breath as she bounced her sword back into her inventory. she shrugged at hirru's comment -- her energy was mostly in tact, and so long as they didn't run into any other enemy groups for a decent amount of time, it would be topped off once again. if she walked on, it wasn't in remembering she was taking the lead of the scout. neither would she then notice the enemies tagging along behind her. incidentally, it would
  10. her hand fell back to her side. so much for first impressions, it seemed -- but night gave a curt nod to their leaving acquaintances, before sighing and looking to nari. it wasn't as though she was disappointed with the woman -- rather, she was simply trying very hard not to remember that astralin was present for her own sake. still, her friend addressed the stranger either way. and night found herself brushing back part of her locks, hesitant, on the idea of following anyone else around the deck. partially because it sounded like jevi wanted to be alone in the stern, and looking for drin
  11. distracted, the only thing night had picked up was a familiar voice. and she hadn't expected them to cross the deck so quickly, but either way, her voice was quiet, tender, despite it coming with a hint of a growl. "i thought i told you not to--" her sights were slow, head turning, so it surprised her to notice the intended recipient was incorrect. there were two checks to this conclusion: there was no sign of the lapel pin on the-person-who-looked-like-lynn that they'd agreed on to share. just in case a scenario like this ever happened. with a glance towards the stern, she
  12. if she stared dumbfounded at the dragonling, it was in disbelief that they really were just asked to do that. yes, exactly in the manner that nari had whispered to her about -- and to that the woman could also return a tired, "please don't fly into me," before turning to see mekem drift off into the distance. an easy, quick wave to dismiss the completion notice. night opted to survey the area for an exit path, before her attention was stolen by the proposal of free food. but she considered who she was conversing with for a moment. "as long as it doesn't..." --jokes like those w
  13. there was a sleepover? night wasn't aware of it. but neither was it right for her to have joined in the festivities. so she declined the breakfast served when she arrived. picked up one of the training blades, and refused to let go. it wasn't the competition nerves that got to her today. the base of her palm dug into her neck, constant, trying to fight the urge to choke. jumpy, anxious -- a tremble showed even when she stood up from her seat on the floor, pushing herself off the tatami. she near stumbled trying to get to the battlefield. the crowd looked different today, and that was prob
  14. she figured the friend she had been keeping tabs on would approach her first. night nodded as nari closed the gap, though flinched at her posed question of who. the player simmered against the suggestion that she needed to be dragged out of home against her will. "i can dress myself, thank you very much. i am capable of designs -- lest you forget i also run a jeweler's shop..." her fingers ran up the back of her hair at that comment, and night scowled, turning away from nari. "no you don't..." but in a flash, she decided better to correct herself, sighing as she realized the mistake in be
  15. one tear beckoned another, so night shifted, following along the dragon's front to match the line of light marked out of sorsi's belly. the beast recoiled as best she could -- getting up on hind legs and ready to land several other attacks. yet, in midst the players' opening to retreat and dodge, the drakes to the side had gathered to nip at the mother's hind legs. against the dull skies, mekem was flying along, recognized as a snowflake only to the untrained eye. and, when he got close enough, he must've lunged with a killing intent, though night wasn't sure if it was sheer luck or if it
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