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zGKlL8h.pngpatchwork, by doydle

" at first glance, [night] is seamless. it’s the eyes that give her away.

[night]'s eyes are cats’ eyes, mischievous and unfathomable. but on occasion they will lose their jewel like quality and tell the world things that [ren] herself would never let leave her pretty doll-like mouth.

the truth is, there is something horribly wrong with [ren].

[night] is no hero, nor is she a villain. [night] is a completely different breed, a mutt ripped apart and mismatched and stitched back together with clumsy child’s hands and eyes blurry with tears. there are loose ends to [night]. [ren]'s managed to keep them tied back before, but it’s harder now, now that [the game she finds herself trapped in has cut all her ties loose to the real world]. she’s frayed at the edges when it comes to certain things, certain things... "

in this house we pay tribute to one (1) series, one (1) anime character.
gmt +8. dm me on discord for quick responses.

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