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  1. With the look that NIGHT was giving the two men, Koga was beginning to think he'd said something wrong. He was just about to wave his hand in front of NIGHT's face to check that she was still responsive, and not lagged out or something when she finally spoke. Koga shook his head at the offer of cake, "No, thank you, appreciate it though." He wasn't much for cake. Silence. Well...this was not how Koga had expected the night to go. He looked between his two friends and their somber expressions, as NIGHT offered them some cake. Usually, people who were alone for Christmas looked like this, not those spending it with their friends. There had to be some way to salvage the situation, though, right? "I'm sorry we didn't bring any gifts." Koga restrained himself from slapping Yuki in the back of the head. It's Christmas you fool! How did you forget gifts?! "Uhm, actually-" Koga took a slight step forward, "It's Christmas and all. And, I mean, what do you do for your friends on Christmas? Get'em gifts right?" Koga chuckled a little awkwardly. This wasn't like him. "So...we," Koga nudged Yuki in ribs with his elbow. Forcefully. "brought some Christmas gifts." With a quick downward swipe of his finger, Koga brought up his menu, and quickly navigated to his inventory. He was nervous for some reason. Second thoughts about the gifts ran through his mind. It was so stupid, they weren't kindergartners, these were the dumbest gifts in existence. Blue light appeared above Koga's outstretched hand, quickly dividing into two bright orbs. The orbs quickly became rectangle before solidifying into a stack of framed photos, tied into a bundle with red ribbon. Koga held them tightly to his chest for a moment, before taking a deep breath and holding them out to the others. "We've made a lot of good memories, guys. So, uh...just so no one ever forgets." As they untied the bundle of photos, and looked through them, they'd be greeted by a photo from the night they'd all met together for the first time. It was a tavern, and everyone was in the frame somehow. Lonzo, Nora, Noct, Yuki, NIGHT, and Cordelia. It was clear that the photo's subjects weren't paying attention, all except Koga, who was smiling as he evidently took the picture. Lonzo was flirting with Noct, while Yuki, Nora and NIGHT all appeared to be conversing next to a very annoyed Cordelia. The next photo featured NIGHT running away from a giant wasp as Koga laughed. Another showed Yukiro slashing a Troll with a sword art. There was one with NIGHT, Yuki, Noct and Koga all in a hot pot restaurant. Yuki and the two girls had a terrified look on their face as Koga seemed to be trying to force feed Yuki. Another, a group of cloaked figures in a desert re-entering a settlement, the sun rising behind them. They had all dropped their hoods, so it was easy to tell it was NIGHT, Noct, Yuki and Koga. In the next, Tala seemed to be yelling at Koga and Yuki in the Nature's Treasure of Floor 1, both of whom looked dejected. One in a ramen shop,with Noct, Tala, Yuki and Lonzo, from when both couples had announced their engagements. There were some more recent photos as well. One was of NIGHT on guard in the dead of night, the lavalight of Floor Nine illuminating her form. Another of Yuki, petting Okami in Koga's home. The very last was Koga, NIGHT, Yuki, and Noct, all walking back to the settlement together. They seemed happy, and smiling, for the most part. @NIGHT // @Yukiro
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    [F05-PP] Saburra

    "I don't care too much," Koga said to NIGHT, the safezone now behind them, "I just feel bad having you do all the work. I'd like to at least pretend that I'm useful." Or that he could, you know, protect people he cared about. But life had proven him wrong time and time again in that respect. "To be fair," the swordsman answered, as he pulled pulled a black shemagh from his inventory and wrapped it around his nose, mouth and neck, "we were lower levels when we actually fought together. A lot more emphasis on the 'let's not die' bit back then." Koga tried to think back to the last time he'd fought alongside NIGHT before everything had gone to shit. "Actually...aside from recently, the only time we actually fought together was that one time we were looking for materials, right after we first met. Giant bugs, remember?" The man was surprised to find that they had never fought alongside each other after. Well, so long as you don't count punching a rock, or walking around this very same desert looking for some crates to be 'combat'. @NIGHT
  3. Koga

    [F05-PP] Saburra

    To hear that NIGHT didn't have at least some inkling of what quests Koga had and hadn't taken, but her logic was sound nonetheless. Someone would've mentioned a mini field boss like this a long time ago if they'd encountered it. 'I"m not sure that I'll make that much of a difference in the Frontlines,' Koga thought to himself, though he didn't say it. "Protecting your investment, I see," he said in a joking manner instead, opting for his usual sarcastic quips. "So, I take it you've fought him before? Anything I should know about him, or are you gonna one-shot him again before I even get there?" He wasn't mad about that. If anything he found the fact that she'd dragged him through two days of volcanic hell just to one-shot the boss to be hilarious...actually, putting it that way, it was a little frustrating...at least they were able to teleport out. @NIGHT
  4. As NIGHT let the two men in, Koga was about to say he was fine with the couch or something if Yuki didn't want to share, but before the man could even open his mouth, his friend beat him to it. "Yeah, I don't mind sharing," he said instead, affirming the sleeping arrangements for the night. Koga looked around the home, realizing it was the first time he had been in it. "Nice place you got here," he complimented before he noticed the cut cake on the table. So they were interrupting something. "Sorry for intruding," Koga said again, apologetically smiling. There was an awkward silence for moment between the three of them as they all stood in a circle. "So, what's with the cake?" Koga asked, finally cutting through the quiet, "Is it your birthday or something?" Come to think of it, Koga didn't know any of their birthdays. Nor did he think they knew his. @NIGHT
  5. Koga

    [F05-PP] Saburra

    "Me neither," Koga replied to the woman, before following her into the crowds. He'd grown up in an area where sandstorms like these were common. Seasonal, but common. He never liked them. Sand threatening to attack your eyes, making its way into every crevice of your clothing and underneath it. Koga pulled his coat tighter at the thought of it. "Sure. Seen a couple screenshots of him from a couple of info brokers. Haven't fought him yet though. But you knew that." It was becoming clear to Koga that NIGHT had some sort of sixth sense for what quests he'd taken and which he hadn't. She was putting him through his paces, it seemed. "Don't really know much about him though. I'm guessing he's the next guy we're after?" Koga caught up to NIGHT, and walked only a couple paces behind her. Just enough so this cramped alleyway didn't feel anymore tight. @NIGHT
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    Koga sends Freyd <<Matriarch's Stinger>> [x1]
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    [F05-PP] Saburra

    With mysterious messages requesting one or the other to appear on some floor or another being a trademark of their relationship at this point, Koga was none too surprised when he received one from NIGHT. At this point, he should probably just have a go-bag set up specifically for occasions like this. Seeing as he didn't though, it took a few minutes of replying to NIGHT and ensuring he had everything he needed in his inventory before heading out to the Floor Eleven teleporter. Reappearing in Fortazela, Koga immediately winced at the harsh sun and wave of heated wind that blew into his face. "Home sweet home..." Koga muttered, before stepping off the platform and looking around for his friend and her signature tracksuit. He'd long ago learned to forgo looking for her in spots that would usually warrant waiting around, and instead looked towards the darkest nooks and crannies he could find. An alleyway this time. Koga waved at the woman as he made his approach. @NIGHT
  8. Koga

    Merry Christmas SAO

    dude i love this and i love you. you cute <3
  9. "Blacksmith," Koga answered, although to really say he was a blacksmith would indicate he was somewhat successful at his craft. The abysmal amount of attempts it took him to make even a single craft would indicate otherwise. It was like the RNG gods had cursed him and all he ever made. "I'm uh, not really looking to to join a guild though." Koga chuckled softly, a hint of uneasiness in his voice. The idea of joining a guild still made him nervous. Would that feeling ever go away? "I guess I was just curious is all. After spending...what, five years in the game so far, and never being told about a guild until now, piqued my interest, ya know?" Koga wasn't sure what was more impressive though. The fact that Firm Anima had made enough of a name for itself that people were talking about it, or that he had somehow managed to avoid all mention of guilds for the last five years. "Oh, thanks for the help again, by the way. You're a damn good fighter yourself. I'd wager you fight on the Frontlines, right?" @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows
  10. "I'll take that as a high compliment," Koga said with a grin of his own as he joined Freyd in the walk back to Urbus. "So, Firm Anima, huh?" Koga said as the Stinger disappeared once more, back into his inventory. "I've been hearing a lot about you guys. Really organized from what I've been told. What's your opinion, from the inside?" It was a casual question, but one that could easily be misconstrued as fishing for some kind of information. To be honest, Koga wasn't sure himself why he was asking. Maybe to get an idea of what guild life was like. Maybe to see how all this Frontline stuff was going. Maybe just out of curiosity for how quickly they seemed to have risen to power. Koga didn't really pay attention to guild politics. In fact, he did his best to avoid it at all costs. Well, whatever his reasons for asking, they didn't really matter at the end of the day. @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows
  11. Koga smiled softly at the memory of the tavern. It had been odd to be around so many people after being on his own for such a long time. At first, if Koga remembered correctly, he hadn't been entirely happy about it. But looking back, it was a rather fond memory. "Yeah...good times." A few moments passed, where the only sound was that of Koga's fork quietly clattering against his plate. It didn't surprise him that Yuki hadn't heard anything either. They were gone like the wind. Well, maybe the wind would carry them back one day. There were no more words to be shared by the two as Koga finished up his second plate. The man stood, leaving Yukiro to eat more, should he so desire. There were still a couple servings left in the pot. Koga took his dirty plate to the sink and began to scrub quietly. "Hey, Yuki...I'm glad you're back..." --- Thread Summary
  12. "Pleasure's all mine," Koga replied in kind, giving the woman a firm shake before looking to the wolves once more. Unfortunately for Lessa, there was indeed butt sniffing. It wasn't long before the wolves were circling each out, doing...that thing..."Okami's pretty easy-going, thankfully. First time we've met another wolf familiar though. Glad to know he's actually getting along with one." Maybe he was getting along too well...well, better than having them fighting, he supposed. That would be a nightmare and a half. "Say, this is actually my first time on the floor. Seeing as we're both doing some hunting, mind if we tag along with you guys?" the swordsman asked as he turned back to the woman. Couldn't hurt to have some company, right? Besides...this area was a little empty now...so not like either of them would benefit from sticking around watching their mutts sniff each other all day. "We could 'aimlessly wander' together for a bit." @Lessa
  13. The pair of players stood waiting outside in the cold. Koga pulled his jacket a little tighter around his body. "I wonder what's taking her so long?" he said to no one in particular. NIGHT was usually pretty prompt as far as Koga knew. And they knew she was home, she'd sent them a message when she apparently heard their knock... The door swung open suddenly, and out stepped NIGHT...in clothing that didn't quite fit the weather. Wasn't she cold? Prompted by Yuki, Koga gave a short bow before standing upright with a sheepish smile and nervously rubbing the back of his neck. Believe it or not, he actually wasn't entirely comfortable with just intruding on people's homes like this but...no one should spend Christmas alone. Especially not three friends who had been through far too much in the last year. "Yeah, sorry. Besides...it's been a long time since the three of us have been in the same room togeth-" Koga stopped short of finishing this sentence and gave NIGHT an uncharacteristically strange look. Like he was both confused and intrigued by her appearance. "Uhm, you feeling, okay NIGHT?" he asked, arm dropping back to his side. "You're looking a little flush...and sweaty...are you sick or...?" Suddenly realization dawned on Koga. Christmas. Gifts. Significant other possibly? "OH SHIT!" the man cried out, perhaps a little too loudly, "Uhm, if we're interrupting something, we can just go, uh, wouldn't want intrude!" Koga frantically gestured with his hands as he spoke, doing nothing to lessen the attention he might be drawing. @NIGHT
  14. Koga opened up the pantry and coughed as a small amount of dust flew into his face. Empty. Well, not entirely empty. There were some cobwebs...too bad you couldn't eat those. Behind him, Okami whined pitifully. "Sorry bud," Koga said as he shut the pantry, "We got nothing." Well, Yuki had successfully eaten Koga out of house and home. Almost literally. What had been a fully stocked kitchen was now little more than an empty husk, luring in a weary traveler with the promise of rest, respite, a warm and full belly, only to tear away that illusion at the last second. Life really was just a cruel joke, wasn't it? Koga crossed his arms as he turned to Yuki, a slight frown on his face. "Well...there's no Christmas feast now...not that I could keep up with you anyways, but..." Koga wasn't really all that unhappy. It's not like they actually needed to eat inside SAO anyways. It was more like a comfort and a habit. Still Christmas dinner would've been nice. "Or wait..." that was when Koga got an idea. "Hey, maybe NIGHT'll take our sorry asses in for a night! Hope she doesn't have any guests over." Oh, Koga if you only knew. @Yukiro // @NIGHT
  15. That had been the first time Koga had ever seen a quick change before. It reminded him of something straight out of a video game. And then Koga remembered that he was, in fact, inside of a video game. That was a skill he would have to file away and grab for himself one of these days. Despite the impressive display as Freyd quite literally pummeled the Queen into the ground with what Koga assumed was a Martial Arts skill, the man still seemed slightly dissatisfied after being pushed away by the over sized insect. Embarrassed even. This time, Koga did spare the man a glance. And an amused smile of his own. "Don't worry about it," the swordsman replied as he raised his sword into a high guard, staring down the Queen who appeared unsure of who to target next. "I still gotta pay you, remember? Which means..." Koga disappeared for a moment, replaced by a small cloud of dust, before he suddenly reappeared above and behind the Queen, "I need the last hit!" One more devastating blow, right into crack in the Queen's defenses. Tsuki no Hikari cleaved her way through the squishy digital flesh of the Queen before coming out the other side, and be rewarded with glowing blue snow of a her own for her efforts. A small window popped up in front of Koga as he sheathed his katana. Exp gains. Col. And yup, the last hi reward. Koga summoned the item from his inventory, and showed the shiny black stinger to Freyd with a grin. "I'll give this to you back in town, yeah?" @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows