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  1. "Oh, uh," Shit. Koga hadn't realized he'd spoken out loud. "I-it's nothing," he quickly stammered out, passing over his stray thoughts as quickly as possible. Silence followed after again, just as awkward as before. Perhaps more so. Thankfully, Kasumi spoke up, asking a question Koga realized he didn't have an answer to. "When I get out of here?" Koga repeated, as if perplexed by the question itself. He crossed his arms and drew his eyes to the ceiling as he tried to piece together some sort satisfactory response. "I'll be honest, I've never really though about it," he replies after
  2. Koga wasn't sure whether or not he should pity the poor player, or burst out laughing as NIGHT wallowed in shame in her grave of sand, the storm slowly burying her. He kind of just stood there and waited, doing his best to suppress a laugh. It wasn't until a brief respite from the gravedigging storm that NIGHT finally recovered enough from her embarrassment to stand up and address Tarek. "Well, since the poor beast is dead, we must search for his hoard on our own," Tarek says before turning around and making a show of looking around, whilst shielding his eyes from the dust. A loud crackin
  3. The sensation of being dropped a tier was peculiar to say the least. Koga's body felt frail, his steps slower. If this is what getting old felt like, Koga was not looking forward to his golden years. Bu that peculiar sensation was also the thing that told him they were growing close to their target. At the Hunter's words, Koga drew readied his blade, the steel glimmering with the light piercing the forest's canopy. Mere moments later, a humanoid pine made itself known, and Hirru was diving head first into battle. Splinters flew through the air as Hirru let loose a flurry of attacks agains
  4. Something big. On this floor? At his level? Koga wondered what exactly that could be, given what he knew about the other man, which was, admittedly, painfully little. But, he doubted that an overgrown weed would prove much of a challenge for the man. In fact, anything on this floor should be a cakewalk for the Frontliner. "Koga. Just Koga," the man replied, giving the offered hand a firm shake. "And don't worry, I'm not gonna lie, I forgot your name too," he added with a slight chuckle. "Revert our stats?" the man repeated out of curiosity. "I'm down for that. Should m
  5. The only thing that kept Koga and Okami from being turned into pancakes was the fact that the massive wooden doors slammed into their bodies, and sending them flying backwards and rolling over the stone floors. Assuming he'd stumbled across some hidden boss fight or an ambush, the pair scrambled to their feet, and Koga went to draw his weapon until he recognized the person in the doorway. "Oh. Lessa. Fancy seeing you here," the man said straightening out and greeting her with a smile. "We gotta stop running into each other like this." Okami, apparently recognizing the other familiar's sce
  6. Koga looked up just in time to see NIGHT go flying through the air like a poorly aimed catapult and Avyss roar out his last. Koga scrambled up to his and looked up in shock as the dragon reared back and the ground shook, before he crashed to the ground in a heap of flesh and scale. The wind began to pick up as Koga stared on, mouth agape until the grainy sensation of sand forced it shut. "Well, that wasn't supposed to happen..." Koga said as Tarek dismounted his camel beside him. "Indeed it was not...what a sorry end for the magnificent creature...: Tarek lamented. "Eh, he'll respawn
  7. Eyes locked to each other for just a moment as Kasumi gave breath to words, even through obvious nervousness. It wasn't until just then that Koga realized how cringe-worthy his thanks must've been. Also, since when had his ears ever heated up like they just had? Never, so what was going on with him? Was he getting sick too now? "Y-you're welcome," the man muttered before looking away. 'She gives you a gift, and you're the one saying, 'you're welcome'? Seriously dude?' Koga made as if admiring the piece once more (he really did find it beautiful, but he was a little too deep in his own sel
  8. k o g a the elder wolf The cool marble was remarkably clean for being god-only-knows how old. Not a single spec of dust. Looking down at the ground, Koga could see his own reflection in it as sweat poured off his face, and dripped onto the floor, obscuring his ghostly image. With a grown, the man straightened his back, and stretched. "Ah, I think we're getting too old for this, Okami," the man said to his familiar, who was currently lying on his side, panting heavily. Since the pair had set foot in this place, it had been wave after wave o
  9. k o g a the elder wolf Good things didn't really happen to Koga. And even if they did, there was usually some kind of catch, which was why when Koga read the message that NIGHT had shot his way, he stared at it with equal parts surprise and skepticism. As casual as the message was, the matter it discussed was anything but. The boss room? Scattered whispers had made its way to Koga that the room had been discovered, so he'd at least known that much, but this was...well, Koga could only guess that it was an invitation to discuss how t
  10. k o g a the elder wolf With a click, Koga locked the door to his house behind him. Yuki had already gone out for the day to do...well, whatever it was that kid was doing these days, probably with Tala, but who really knew. In any case, Yuki had a key and could let himself back in, so all was well. The sun's reflection off the windows forced Koga to squint as he walked towards the town's square, katana in hand, and wolf at his side. It wouldn't do much to do any more farming at this point, but still. It was a habit that kept Koga's skills sharp, and tha
  11. Although there was no response from NIGHT, Koga could see her flit about on the field, striking at the stunned, scaled beast. Koga should've figured as much. Satisfied in his partner's safety, Koga charged back in, a flurry of sand left in his wake. Circling to the beasts flank, Koga poised his blade to thrust at Avyss' rear. "Guh!" Before Koga could strike, he felt a forceful tightening around his throat as Tarek rode by and grabbed Koga's hood, pulling him away from the beast as he threw a dagger behind them at the dragon. Just in time too, as the dragon's massive tail whipped by b
  12. Without hesitation, NIGHT dashed in, the only indicator of her vote being the small message notification that appeared in the corner of Koga's HUD. Right on his partner's heels, Koga followed. An explosion of sand at their feet sent Koga flying backwards, off his feet and into the sand, tumbling. The man spat the grit from his mouth as he got back to his feet and looked around. NIGHT fell back to ground nearby. "Shit, NIGHT, you good?!" Koga called as he tightened his grip on his weapon. As if in answer, the dragon reappeared, knocking NIGHT aside with his claws, before spinning arou
  13. Koga simply listened as Kyra tried to explain to Quip the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists. To be completely honest, Koga was never certain about which was which either, and he was almost certain he was going to forget before the end of this encounter anyways. Still, he paid attention as well as he could. Inevitably though, the conversation shifted towards him. At least it was in-regards to things he's killed. "Yeah, I've seen some dragons. Hatchlings only though. There used to be quests where you had to kill the poor guys, but I guess Cardinal decided they didn't like t
  14. Much to Koga's dismay, his pleas to the culinary gods were all for naught. The man stared at the undercooked egg and grimaced. "We can't get sick in-game, right?" the man asked, unsure ever since his visit to Kasumi's home. She had sure seemed awfully sick then, but that also went against all his knowledge of the game...Confusion seemed to find Koga at every turn these days. Deciding it was better not to risk it, besides, he knew he couldn't go hungry, the swordsman tossed the contents of his plate over his shoulder, and into the sand. Soon after, the party was moving through the san
  15. Rumbling and thunderous cracks of stone breaking against stone was accompanied by the shifting of sand underfoot, causing the small caravan to be dragged backwards a couple of inches, and sink into the desert less than that. Koga spared only a glance over his shoulder at the ruined cavern, before putting eyes forward once more. Thankfully, it was not long to Tarek's camp, and the two players were able to take shelter from the warm winds and biting sand underneath the tent's canopy. Sheltered, but not happy, both players watched Tarek with narrowed eyes as he gleefully went about 'cooking'
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