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  1. As NIGHT paused and blinked mid bite, Koga's look of confusion increased by an equal magnitude of that which NIGHT now displayed. At first, the man thought he'd asked a stupid question, but her answer relieved him of that concern. Only for a moment though, until she indeed asked why he'd thought that. "I dunno," the man admitted. "You said something about no fear of getting your ass-kicked by a boss, just figured that meant you don't end up as nothin' more than stardust. I take it then that there's just no bosses?" Which would really be the only remaining option, unless there was some other se
  2. "You move fast, you can dodge out of the way," Koga grumbled, echoing NIGHT's words as he lifted his sword again to face the demoness as she crawled out of the pit her impact had created. Just in time to watch the woman lunge at NIGHT in retaliation. Both the player's shifted out of the way, NIGHT rolling to the side, whilst Koga slid backwards out of reach of any follow up attacks. "Yeah, yeah, I believe you," the man said to NIGHT with a frown. "Man, I must be rustier than I thought if that attack of yours threw me off-guard," he sighed, eyes still fixed on Lilith. Might as well chat s
  3. Just selling some stuff T4 Rare Trinket #208231a, T7 Rare Trinket #208232a, T4 Rare Trinket #208813a, T4 Uncommon Consumable #208814a, T4 Uncommon Consumable #208861a
  4. Was this quest meant to be fought as a team? Yes. Were NIGHT and Koga meant to fight the boss and mobs together, as a single unit? Yes. Were they high-level players though? Also yes. So, that pretty much meant that the pair could do whatever the fuck they wanted. And that's exactly what they did. While Koga chose to finish dealing with the two extras, NIGHT chased after Lilith herself. With his boot firmly planted in the two vampires' heads, Koga had prepared to finish them both off, lifting the golden sword the quest evidently expected him to use high above his head to decapitate them wh
  5. Koga finally just shrugged at NIGHT's response. Some people understood what he meant, or truly were that accurate, some didn't. Though the man was still certain that NIGHT did indeed have that innate understanding of her and her weapons' ranges, honed over the years of combat, convincing her of that fact was ultimately pointless. Her skill spoke for itself. Unless she was an auto-battle player...Koga cast a brief curious look over at the woman, but neglected to ask the question. The man couldn't help but scoff though as NIGHT said that she'd still run from the giant bugs, screaming. Not t
  6. NIGHT rolled her eyes at Koga's explanation, and the man cocked a brow, not quite understanding why she didn't believe him. The look quickly faded though, as the number as to how many years they'd spent in game was finally pinned down to a tangible digit. Seven years. He'd have graduated by now, and probably working in the industry. If the industry had even survived the public backlash at what happened with SAO. No point in lingering on the what ifs and what could have beens though. The pair moved the conversation along to an arguably equally concerning topic. "After all the practice I've
  7. Koga shot a playful glare at NIGHT as she laughed at his pain. "I'm glad you're enjoying my suffering," he said with all of his typical sarcasm. Still, he grinned, and took a more cautious bite as NIGHT broke into her own box of food. "No, I guess they aren't," he admitted. Even if it was a smaller bite, the food was still hot, but at least it didn't feel like he had third degree burns on the roof of his mouth this time, and Koga was able to actually enjoy the flavor of the food. Koga continued to quietly eat his dumplings as NIGHT tried to reason why players seemed to be so enthralled wi
  8. "did you just target me for that sword art…?" Something about the question amused Koga, and the man tilted his head slightly as he gave a bemused half smile. "Untargeted cast," the man explained as the pair started their march towards the distant castle. "Have you never done that?" Meaning did she never just mess around and cast sword arts to watch the pretty, shiny colors while waiting for party members to show up. Koga had always assumed that that was just a universal player experience, but then again, even if he'd been late to meet up with NIGHT for a quest or farming session, he'd nev
  9. "Congrats on being the ballsiest, scariest, and stupidest player all in one," Koga said, with truth-laced sarcasm. While there was no question that taking on an entire Labyrinth on one's own was reckless and fool-hardy, Koga supposed if there was anyone who could handle it, it would've been NIGHT. And of course, she'd done it. Only so much complaining to be done there, the man supposed as he watched the woman's gaze brush over some berries and beans before moving on. "No, we don't," Koga said in agreement with NIGHT. Aside from a few hastily assembled holiday parties throughout the year,
  10. The sword wasn't even worth mentioning anymore. A useless hunk of shiny metal, it might as well have been gold-gilded shit. Koga sheathed it as his hip with a sigh, resigned to using it for now for 'quest reasons.' What was worth mentioning on the other hand was the height from which the pair were about attempt to jump out of. If Masato's vague memory of engineering and architecture served him correctly, they were roughly twenty three in the air, standing on the (absurdly large) window sill, as they were. "...it might be too low," NIGHT audibly moaned. Obviously, Koga knew just what to sa
  11. k o g a the elder wolf Koga watched from the sandy beach with a curious brow lifted, boots in the sand and soaking wet as Freyd passed by him in nothing but swim trunks, knocked on a door of what probably would've equated to a million dollar beach house back in the real world, and entered. Soon after, Jevi, whom Koga remembered from his Christmas party last year (or was it the year before?) followed suit. And then another person whom Koga didn't recognize. Was there...an event going on? Koga vaguely recognized the man who'd answered the do
  12. Thread Summary Page Count: 1 Word Count: 8,574 Thread Col: 400 Thread Exp: 8,574/10*4*1 (3429) Quest Col: 0 Quest Exp: 2000 Additional Rewards: <<Meditation>> Extra Skill Totals Col: 400 Exp: 5429 <<Meditation>> Extra Skill
  13. It was a quick exchange, with both combatants leaping back to their feet, and away from each other. Space to reorient themselves to their opponent. "You can't be at peace if you don't let go of the past, Mas," Akiara said, the tip of her blade lowering itself towards the ground and behind her. "I'll find my peace, Aki. Make it." Masato's own weapon slipped into it's saya, silent as it gently fell into the scabbard's embrace. "But I won't do it by 'letting go'." Flames swirled around them both, Masato's blue pushing against the deep scarlet of Akiara's. "I won't let myself forget them. I w
  14. Claiming: Braso Crystal-A | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Absolute Accuracy. (This effect cannot override the Absolute Accuracy enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) Braso Crystal-B | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Phase. (This effect cannot override the Phase enhancement cap. Consumed on use.)
  15. "You say it like its that easy," Masato sighed drawing his steel. "Of course its not easy, but you could at least make an effort." Akiara lifted her weapon, a standard mid-guard. No fancy tricks or wild gambits here it seemed. "Really? You think I haven't?" Masato mirrored the phantom's movement, lifting his own sword in a similar manner. The levelled, steady, blurred from his vision as he focused on his opponent. "Not really, no. At the very least, acknowledge what you have no. Let go of the past." "Kinda rich, comin' from you, lookin' like my sister who's famous for her grudges." "
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