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  1. "...kinda feels like only one of us is pulling their weight here..." Koga shot Nari a glare as soon as the words had left her mouth. "I'm a duelist. Ya know, one on one fights, that's where I excel." The man lunged forward, his weapon cleaving through the air, alight with black flame again as it tore the Revenant that Nari had targeted into two. "If you want AoE, go ask NIGHT instead." Not that he was certain that was a good idea, but that was the woman's expertise at least. Again, the godforsaken sound of another construct booting up. "I swear to fucking God, Nari, if we die here, I'm
  2. Koga seemed to be staring off into space as he watched his bob in the water, lost in his own thoughts, even as he made mental commentary about Jomei and Nari's converation. Speed, agility, just as good as raw damage. Had it's own benefits. When Nari mentioned that she wasn't that much help in the kitchen, Koga waved the woman off absently. "Don't worry about it, I can manage." He cooked for himself and Yuki daily. The boy would be eating ash if Koga wasn't around. With Jomei trying to escape though, Koga shook his head. "Naw, it'd be no trouble. As long as you don't have anything to be or
  3. NIGHT responded to Koga's callout with a flash of sparks and steel, the clanging sound ringing like a bell in the courtyard as she rounded onto the last of the surprisingly nimble shamblers. Unfortunately for them both, her blade went wide, cleanly cutting the air instead of bisecting the corpse. "I said no promises." Koga couldn't do anything but roll his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I know," the man grumbled before he went in for his own hit and tactic. A few quick steps forward had the man leaping into the air, only to descend upon the Revenant, his blade catching between the undead's ribs
  4. The hammer fell. Thunk! The hammer fought against Koga's outstretched hand, stopping it dead in it's track. "You're right, Hikaru." Fingers clutched at the hammer's head, thin cracks spiderwebbing across the engraved stone. "I do need to forgive myself." The hammer crumbled away like dust, particles of fine sand clinging to his fingertips as the man stood. "It just won't be today." That process takes time." The years were short, and too few had allowed Yugam the time to heal, but it was not too late. Not yet at least. "It will happen," Masato promised. The glint of steel shone a
  5. The whistling of blades seemed to never end as Koga thrust his weapon into another Revenant's chest. Not that it really cared. The walking carcass simply pressed forward along side it's friends, swinging it's weapon wildly, forcing Koga to duck as the blades clanged off of Nari's armor. "Fuck off!" the man swore, kicking off the impaled revenant. The clanking of yet another construct filled the air and Koga rolled his eyes in annoyance. Three of them now. And six red clad revenants that just wouldn't fucking die! "Ya know, next time, I'm picking the quest. I am so sick of these fuckers."
  6. "What do you have to say to me, Masato?!" Hikaru lifted the weapon high into the air and brought it crashing back down to earth, forcing Koga to roll to the left to avoid the blow. This time he was the one to attack, dashing in aiming to thrust his katana into his opponents side. But much like Koga had done, the spectre of Hikaru deflected the blow, using the handle of the hammer to parry Koga's attack to the side. "What the hell do you want me to say, Hikaru!?" Koga shouted as he tried to land another blow, swing his blade at the man's neck. "That I'm sorry you died!? That I'm sorry I le
  7. Koga's eyes flicked over to Nari as he felt her flinch, more so to assess if she'd taken any damage, than any assumption that he'd startled her. Confirming that she was fine, he turned his attention back to the growing crowd of enemies, augmented by the arrival of the first construct, the whirring of it's gears threatening to lash at them. "Hey uh…Koga, we may be in a bit of trouble. If you’ve got a trick up your sleeve…now may be a good time to consider it…" Nari said. The first of the Revenant's attempted to sneak an overhead slash past Nari's shield, but the rusted weapon was met
  8. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I mentioned the constructs before," Koga commented as he stepped back behind Nari's shield, placing a hand on her shoulder pauldron so as to follow her movements without needing to focus on her. "Like I said, if we're fast we won't have to worry about them. Unlikely, but we can hope." The woman cursed in, again, what Koga could only assume was Gaelic. "Mind speaking English?" Koga answered back as she finished taunting their enemies. "I can't laugh at whatever you're saying to them if I don't know what you're saying." The dark-haired man then broke formation fo
  9. Item Name: Shadow Profession: Blacksmith Rank: 8 Roll ID: 209428 Roll Result: N/A Item Type: Straight Sword Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: ACC II, DMG Description: A shorter ninjato, this single edge blade is entirely black from the string wrappings on the hilt, to the tip of the blade itself. Post Link:
  10. A few days passed of Koga definitely not forgetting to make that sword for that one random dude, and definitely not just sitting around being lazy. No. Not at all. He was definitely working super hard on it. You know. He had to farm up materials and what not. Because he definitely didn't have a surplus. Anyways, after working on his very difficult craft, Koga sent a message off to Zenshu letting him know he could come pick up his weapon. Probably one of the less ostentatious weapons he'd crafted for others, the man laid out the weapon on a plain white cloth on the counter top, ready for Z
  11. Item Name: Hammer of Bahn Profession: Blacksmith Rank: 7 Roll ID: 209397 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Hammer Tier: Tier 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: DMG III Description: A glistening hammer of steel. The folds of steel have been etched into the form, and gold leaf decorated the edges. Post Link: Item Name: Shield of Bell Profession: Blacksmith Rank: 7 Roll ID: 209408 Roll Result: N/A Item Type: Shield Tier: Tier 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Thorns II, MIT Description: A medium sized kite shield. Polished to a mirror finish, with a golden phoeni
  12. "Welcome in," Koga said politely with a short bow as an older gentleman walked in. "I do believe I actually have just the thing for you," the blacksmith said, before walking over to a display case and unlocking it. He pulled out a shining hammer and set in on the counter before turning around. "Oh, and one more thing," he pulled a kite shield off the wall behind him, the emblem of a gold phoenix emblazoned on it's front. "Take this too. Both are free of charge. Consider it a welcome gift," the man said with a nod. "And a bribe to get you to come back," he said with a cheeky smile. Just th
  13. Just like last time, a Red Cloak burst from beneath Koga feet, forcing the man to leap into the air backwards, drawing his sword and slicing at the clawing hands beneath him, meeting only air. Landing on his feet beside Nari with a huff, he said "Pretty sure the Red Cloaks used to own this Keep. Not sure what happened to them, or what the deal is with the robots but, here we are anyways." The man sighed as more of the Red Cloak Revenants popped up out of the ground, clearly dissatisfied with the pair's trespassing. "Keep an ear out for a weird whirring sound...kinda like computer fans, if
  14. Koga chuckled quietly at Nari's impersonation of a zombie. The next thing he knew, she might be dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller. "No, they're more like Draugr in Skyrim, if you've ever played that," the man replied as she downed yet another potion. "Uh, I'm not sure to be honest. I doubt it, but if you ever have to fight a floor boss, those fights cap at six buffs for some reason. So, maybe don't rely on too many at a time?" Although, to be fair, six buffs were a lot to begin with. While Nari stopped to gaze at the gothic keep, Koga didn't give it much pause, having already see
  15. "On it," Koga replied before a familiar whirring sound filled the air, making him pause mid-stride to look at the source of the peculiar sound. As the man's eyes fell upon the now animated hunk of metal, moving on it's own and quiet threateningly towards them, the man let out a low groan. "Oh c'mon, gimme a break." That thing reminded him way too much of the Dwemer Centurions from Skyrim, and he was definitely not in the mood right now to take a hammer to the face. Growling in annoyance, Koga launched into a wide slashing attack, quick flashes of black flame and energy wrapping around his
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