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  1. Thread Summary Page Count: 1 Word Count: 8,574 Thread Col: 400 Thread Exp: 8,574/10*4*1 (3429) Quest Col: 0 Quest Exp: 2000 Additional Rewards: <<Meditation>> Extra Skill Totals Col: 400 Exp: 5429 <<Meditation>> Extra Skill
  2. It was a quick exchange, with both combatants leaping back to their feet, and away from each other. Space to reorient themselves to their opponent. "You can't be at peace if you don't let go of the past, Mas," Akiara said, the tip of her blade lowering itself towards the ground and behind her. "I'll find my peace, Aki. Make it." Masato's own weapon slipped into it's saya, silent as it gently fell into the scabbard's embrace. "But I won't do it by 'letting go'." Flames swirled around them both, Masato's blue pushing against the deep scarlet of Akiara's. "I won't let myself forget them. I w
  3. Claiming: Braso Crystal-A | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Absolute Accuracy. (This effect cannot override the Absolute Accuracy enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) Braso Crystal-B | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Phase. (This effect cannot override the Phase enhancement cap. Consumed on use.)
  4. "You say it like its that easy," Masato sighed drawing his steel. "Of course its not easy, but you could at least make an effort." Akiara lifted her weapon, a standard mid-guard. No fancy tricks or wild gambits here it seemed. "Really? You think I haven't?" Masato mirrored the phantom's movement, lifting his own sword in a similar manner. The levelled, steady, blurred from his vision as he focused on his opponent. "Not really, no. At the very least, acknowledge what you have no. Let go of the past." "Kinda rich, comin' from you, lookin' like my sister who's famous for her grudges." "
  5. Koga wanted to swing his sword at Burlock again and just end this fight. He really did. But. Saggy booty. The poor swordsman could not get that imagery out of his head now that he had conjured it up. The man had a sneaking feeling it would plague his dreams for the rest of his life, and that thought created such a sense of existential dread that Koga was rendered frozen in place. When Koga did finally return to his senses, it was just in time to duck beneath another swing or Burlock's weapon. "Hey! I already gotta be traumatized by the thought of your saggy ass, I don't need a shot to the
  6. "well? is it cursed?" Koga looked at NIGHT blankly for a moment. "Well how the fuck should I know?" He wasn't an appraiser after all. And all the blacksmithing skills in the world couldn't help him there. But, there was one trick he'd picked over the years that might help them figure it out. The man shrugged before turning towards the empty doorway, and the still closed door on the other side of the hall way. "Only one way to find out I guess." Chambering his sword arm back, the man propelled the golden katana forward, sending it careening through the air only for it to embed itself
  7. If Koga hadn't known Freyd already, he might've been worried for the other man as Burlock did his best to shank the dark haired man with surprising speed and dexterity. But tier, skill and experience was more than enough for Freyd to narrowly avoid the pirate's blows. The pushed apart from each other, the Newton's laws dictating they be pushed away from each other. But Koga had had more than enough time to position himself favorably. "Aim for the bling in his face. Maybe he's magnetic?" The gentle sound of metal tapping against leather came from the pirate's right, drawing his attention
  8. Koga couldn't suppress the small chuckle that bubbled up from his throat at NIGHT's almost obvious answer. "Oh yeah?" the man said with a faint smile. "Labyrinth got cleared already?" He'd stopped keeping track of that stuff a long time ago. Once upon at time he'd at least paid attention when he'd heard the errant talk of their shared progression through the floors, but as of late, it'd all been in one ear and out the other. For once though, it was NIGHT who was disappearing off the face of the planet (when had that happened anyways?) Usually it was the other way around, but the addendum
  9. "It's not like you would've listened," Koga replied, kicking a stone into the water, the resulting ripples drowned by those made by the waterfall. Should it have been strange to Koga, to see his own body from the outside? He may as well have been another player, stumbling across another of Cardinal's secrets. A side quest maybe. He was no field boss after all. Or maybe he was, he'd felled a number of them at this point. Strange thoughts, but no stranger than the situation itself. Tala circled his sleeping body, a hand trailing across his shoulders as she did so. "Maybe. But, still, you co
  10. My only complaint about the mechanics of the fight was that the wall was up too frequently/felt really repetitive. Every couple posts having to take the thing down was more of an annoyance and didn't really feel like it added anything to the fight itself. Other than that, two thumbs up!
  11. Even in the chaos of a boss fight, there was a lull as people took a much needed breath. Or in Alkor's case, a good vomit. Anything to keep from keeling over and letting Wushen pound them into dust. The swordsman watched for a moment, his chest heaving to pull air into his lungs as Zandra went wild, the blood-crazed gleam in her eye a strong enough warning for Koga to not get in her way. The man then took a quick glance at Alkor, tended to by NIGHT. It was the last push. Hang in there a little longer, Alkor. Cro had since paused, he too seeming to try and gather enough strength for the last pu
  12. Cold walls froze again, their glass-like surfaces already slick. They were clear, almost perfectly see through like wet glass. Just on the other side, Koga could see the other parties, each dealing with their own head of Wushen. Looking up at the great dragon himself, only one more HP bar floated about his head. Almost there, the final push. Koga could feel the fatigue wearing on him though. He hardly needed to look at his HP bar to know he only had a couple of good strikes left in him, but he did so anyways, getting an exact number. Two attacks. That's all he had. He'd have to make them
  13. "It fucking persists!" Koga looked over towards Crozeph, more drawn by the unfamiliar note in the man's voice than what was being said. He was starting to lag, Koga could see. But so was Koga. The man tried to remember the last time he'd actually run out of energy during a fight and came up short. It'd been years, he'd swear. But, it seemed Koga didn't have the infinite stamina he wished he had. They had to end this soon. Looking up at the boss' HP bar, they still had two full ones to burn through. As much as Koga would've liked to go home and collapse, the sweet embrace of Kasumi's thigh
  14. More walls went up, and yet another head of Wushen loomed over the party with the same disdainful eyes as the last. "Seriously? Does this guy not have any more tricks?" Koga grumbled before straightening his back and rolling his shoulders, the distinctive pop of a definitely not okay joint echoing in the arena. Well, what more was there for Koga to do than to charge in and attack once more. A beast made of fire. Koga would not fear his namesake. Though his blow was glancing at best this time around, the steel of his sword glinted in the firelight, and as his boots touched the ground again
  15. Just as quickly as the acidic head had appeared, it disintegrated, the flurry of attacks from his party decimating the oozing form until it was naught but a puddle on the floor. "Thanks," Koga said to the others, hazarding a glance back at them as NIGHT brought down the ice walls that separated them from their comrades. Hollow words bounced off the walls of the boss room. Or maybe from them. In decipherable as they seemed, overlapping one another, Koga could make out clips and phrases. None of it made sense to him, of course, but it didn't terribly matter. Koga knew his job, and that was
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