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  1. Without hesitation, NIGHT dashed in, the only indicator of her vote being the small message notification that appeared in the corner of Koga's HUD. Right on his partner's heels, Koga followed. An explosion of sand at their feet sent Koga flying backwards, off his feet and into the sand, tumbling. The man spat the grit from his mouth as he got back to his feet and looked around. NIGHT fell back to ground nearby. "Shit, NIGHT, you good?!" Koga called as he tightened his grip on his weapon. As if in answer, the dragon reappeared, knocking NIGHT aside with his claws, before spinning arou
  2. Koga simply listened as Kyra tried to explain to Quip the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists. To be completely honest, Koga was never certain about which was which either, and he was almost certain he was going to forget before the end of this encounter anyways. Still, he paid attention as well as he could. Inevitably though, the conversation shifted towards him. At least it was in-regards to things he's killed. "Yeah, I've seen some dragons. Hatchlings only though. There used to be quests where you had to kill the poor guys, but I guess Cardinal decided they didn't like t
  3. Much to Koga's dismay, his pleas to the culinary gods were all for naught. The man stared at the undercooked egg and grimaced. "We can't get sick in-game, right?" the man asked, unsure ever since his visit to Kasumi's home. She had sure seemed awfully sick then, but that also went against all his knowledge of the game...Confusion seemed to find Koga at every turn these days. Deciding it was better not to risk it, besides, he knew he couldn't go hungry, the swordsman tossed the contents of his plate over his shoulder, and into the sand. Soon after, the party was moving through the san
  4. Rumbling and thunderous cracks of stone breaking against stone was accompanied by the shifting of sand underfoot, causing the small caravan to be dragged backwards a couple of inches, and sink into the desert less than that. Koga spared only a glance over his shoulder at the ruined cavern, before putting eyes forward once more. Thankfully, it was not long to Tarek's camp, and the two players were able to take shelter from the warm winds and biting sand underneath the tent's canopy. Sheltered, but not happy, both players watched Tarek with narrowed eyes as he gleefully went about 'cooking'
  5. Koga ducked to avoid catching a slimy critter with his face, looking over his shoulder as it flew by. "You're secret's safe with me," he assured the Quip, brow raised as he watched her do...whatever it was that she was doing. Again, why was he here? The laughter, however, assured Koga that he needn't worry too much about the details of his predicament. An amused smile played at his lips as he replied. "I'll be sure to be wary around her," he said, glancing over at Kyra with a look that said 'I have no idea what's going on, but I guess I'm okay with that?' "Therapy?" Koga asked, inqui
  6. Koga shifted slightly to give the girl more room to reach for whatever it was that she was retrieving. Kasumi pulled a thin orange cord from one of the boxes and he watched, eyes wide with surprise at the speed with which Kasumi twisted and folded the strand into shape, despite having just watched her even more impressive feat with the ring only an hour or two ago. And then it was his turn to feel heat flood his face as she held it out to him in offer. Koga could feel his ears begin to heat up as he reached out to take the ornament, their hands brushing, fingers to palm. "Uhm, th-thank yo
  7. "Heh, I'm not really much of an artist," Koga admitted with a chuckle. "Very strong emphasis on 'dabbled'. It's just one of those skills I've always wanted to have." And one he likely never would. Strangely, drawing was just one of the things that Koga had never been very patient with, despite knowing its necessity. The way quiet, subdued way Kasumi spoke about her training, and the way she stared at her gi, hanging on the wall not too far away, it made Koga wonder if she'd been one of those kids who'd been forced into the practice by their parents. Some loved it, and some hated it, after
  8. Kasumi's insistence that she was fine was unconvincing to say the least. Still, the effort was to be applauded, and as she forced down the tea brought an amused smile to Koga's face, one he tried to suppress, but failed. Seeing as that wasn't working, the man instead elected to lean down and move aside the wooden containers, and the other vessels, and shifted the boxes so he was able to sit a little closer to the girl and lean into the wall a little with his shoulder. Comfortable seats, crates did not make. Koga didn't miss the sudden head movement that accompanied Kasumi's question thoug
  9. "No burden at all," Koga promised. It was like she'd said before, the residents of Aincrad were lucky to simply have each other. If they couldn't rely on each other, then what did they really have? Besides, although Koga was loathe to say anything aloud, he was beginning to find this sick version of Kasumi to be rather cute. It wasn't exactly a far-cry from her usual cheery demeanor, just calmer. "Are you starting to feel any better?" the man asked, noticing that, somehow, Kasumi had gotten even more red than just moments prior. That couldn't possibly be her fever returning, could it? "Do
  10. The flush had faded as their conversation has proceeded, but now it had returned. Admittedly, it wasn't as severe as it had been before, but it was enough for Koga to recognize the return of the red tint. Not enough, however, for him to recognize the cause of the flush was not sickness. The more that Kasumi spoke though, the redder she got, culminating with a gesture towards her face which resulted in Koga laughing out loud. "Your face definitely doesn't need fixing, I think your face is fine just the way it is," he said with a smile as he leaned forward. "It's the fever I'm worried about
  11. Koga was, of course, more than a little oblivious to Kasumi's veiled compliment. As far as Koga was concerned, the girl meant she had simply found some other kind friends for herself, which Koga could neither argue, nor begrudge. Would that everyone could be so lucky in their life to surround themselves with kind people who cared for each other. "Yeah, he is," Koga nodded in reply as he reached over and picked up the bowl from Kasumi's lap, fingers gently brushing her leg through the sheets, and set it down on the ground beside his teacup. "From the sound of it though, he and your cousin
  12. Koga finished off his tea as he let Kasumi have her turn at talking about her family. The man gently set the cup down beside him on the floor, before returning to tending his soup, satisfied that, at this point, it wouldn't burn him too harshly. When was the last time had actually just sat down with someone and...conversed? Like normal people? Christmas where he and Yukiro had barge in on NIGHT? And even then, questions about the mysterious AI that resided with his friend had plagued him. Had it really been that long since he'd last just sat down with someone and enjoyed a conversation?
  13. Koga watched as the girl took her first bite of the soup, waiting to see what her reaction would be. He could only hope that she didn't hate it, at least. Evidently though, Koga's real concern should have been the temperature of the soup, for as soon the soup was in Kasumi's mouth, she wriggled gently on the bed, a sign of her discomfort. Oddly, it brought a small amused grin to Koga's mouth, obscured by the fact that he leaned down to grab the second of the packages, not that he had his answer. Not bad soup. As Kasumi asked her question, Koga unscrewed the second wood canister. A slightl
  14. Koga listened to solemn story with an expression he figured matched Kyra's. Stories like that were sadly far too common in Aincrad. Every player had one like it. "I'm sorry too," Koga said with a nod to the woman. "It's always rough losing someone you care about." A pointless observation, surely. It was something they pretty much all knew already anyways. "You know Freyd though?" the man said, trying to move the conversation away from sad subjects. "Probably couldn't have been rescued by anyone better. Good guy." Admittedly, Koga had only met the man a handful of times, but each of them h
  15. "Don't make what weird?" The voice's owner appeared in the crack between the door and it's frame as he pushed the door open with his boot, hands occupied with bowls and what appeared to be a couple of wooden thermoses. The man set the two packages on the floor beside Kasumi's bed before dragging over a couple sturdy looking crates and making them into a makeshift seat. "Sorry I took so long," Koga apologized, picking up the first of the packages, the bowls, "I wasn't really sure what they had by way of good food down here, let alone good soup." He handed one of the ceramic bowls to Kasumi
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