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  1. Usually, Ghost would have froze from knowing that such attention was on her. With her playing the ukulele, however, it was almost like she was a different person. Unlike her usual blank face, her lips slowly curled into a beaming smile the more that she played, and the more that she heard Nari sing. In an instant, it was less of Nari singing to her acoustic, and more of Ghost doing well timed improv to the purple haired tank’s vocals. Especially with how she had switched from Gaelic to that oh so familiar Ed Sheehan song for a bar switch; Ghost quickly adapted the moment she heard the English,
  2. Ghost thought about what Koga had said. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the past… Master YunXiang said something similar, right after the Second Trial. They were right, of course; she shouldn’t let herself be swept away with what happened then. All the same, it was also easier said than done. Especially… when she partly blamed herself, and felt like she had good reason to. Even so, Koga’s words soothed her more. Hearing him mention the time, she looked up through the trees and saw that it was getting darker by the moment. Then she looked up at Koga, whom she was still clinging to.
  3. Ghost listened to them all discussing, one topic in particular being what she could play or what she wanted to play. Thinking about it for a moment, she could just give them a demonstration, based on semi easier ones she knew from when she was younger… Ghost stretched her chord fingers before immediately going into a light fingerpick instrumental. The beat had sounded oddly and eerily similar to Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz, although the lyrics were swapped out with well timed singular strums which she altered and cut and added reverb to as it went on. Something so upbeat, fast paced, and c
  4. Ghost nodded to Nari’s explanation, tapping her arm out of curiosity. Not harmed, but still changed.. Is it maybe a quest, of some sort? They really didn’t have much to go off of, but it certainly sounded more interesting by the second, and likewise more mysterious. At least if that’s the case, she might not have to worry about being too much of a chore for the others to look after. Then she heard Koga say her name, and her attention popped back up to one hundred percent. It did seem odd that the ghost seemed to appear with Nari’s singing, and then vanished once it stopped. At the same ti
  5. Feeling Koga’s arm around her, the tears became heavier, and she breathed slowly to keep herself from completely breaking down. It felt nice; Actually being in physical contact with someone, like this. Obviously, with finally making new friends, it was different but… something about this moment helped her realize, she wasn’t alone anymore. Even though she was crying, a small, sad yet happy smile slowly crept onto her face, leaning into Koga’s hug. Then, she felt the kiss on her head, and her face rapidly reddened from the sensation, but listened to what Koga had to say as she took a momen
  6. Ghost smiled back at him, sitting calmly next to Koga again as he opened and searched through the chest. It was hard not to find some humor in the situation now; She didn’t quite know what this ‘mimic’ was that Koga mentioned, but she was certainly glad that they didn’t have to worry about anything bad from what they’d gotten. Plus, it seemed like he was happy with what he’d gotten, judging by the same grin coming across his face as earlier. “…I.. joined SAO with someone,” she began. It was a bit easier than earlier to find the courage to talk, but even so, the words were still strained T
  7. Ghost’s eyes widened, almost having forgotten her worries from earlier. Her eyes glazed over, looking down at the creek and her reflection, contemplating his question. The water seemed so peaceful, despite the fish running through it. She really didn’t know how to respond; it was difficult for her to think about when she first started SAO, with Sana. But what Koga was asking was a completely fair question, and she had no reason not to tell him, as far as she was concerned. She still wasn’t sure what even encouraged her to talk in front of him in the first place.. Fixing to sign her answer
  8. Seeing him look away, Ghost felt like she succeeded in her claps of encouragement. Noticing that he had put the fish away into his inventory, continuing with his fishing, her mind completely went off course. It was rather a good thing that the game allowed the players to have an inventory menu, instead of using actual satchels and bags to carry everything. If they had to carry the fish along with them, there was a chance that it would carry an odor. Now that she thought about it, EVERYTHING would be a lot heavier. Weapons, armors, healing potions; without the inventory menu, Ghost hypothesized
  9. Getting somewhat of an answer from Koga regarding what she asked, Ghost then took a moment to listen to what Nari explained about this Cave. A cave that provides generally unnatural experiences to the players that go inside; Considering that it was the first time she’d heard of flat out paranormal entities in Aincrad in general since starting, it made sense to Ghost that something like that could possibly come from a location like this Cave, if it’s real. Then she’d heard Koga speak up, and Ghost (although she agreed with him on how the name could be confusing) was surprised at how blunt
  10. Glad that Koga was in agreement, Ghost nodded and walked with him to the creek. In all honesty, she was partly just looking for an excuse; Outside of quests and that one dinner at the Silver Eagle, she really hadn’t had a chance to spend a lot of time with Koga. While in thought, she scavenged around the creek to see if she could find anything. - 209050, LD9, fail - Nothing to find. That didn’t falter her smile, though. While looking, her thoughts drifted to Koga, as he pulled out his rod and began his fishing. Before, when she had first met him, it was difficult for her to be fu
  11. Nodding with excitement, Ghost looked up at Koga with an even bigger beaming smile than before, and accepted his hand up. Demon Shard! she signed, before quickly speed walking, almost skipping, to the place where she had seen it. She bent over to pick it up, giving Koga more of a show than intended, but not as much as back at Master YunXiang’s dojo at least. Digging around the glowing purple stone, the pale haired girl took the shard and the ore along with it, standing back up straight and showing them to Koga proudly. Slipping them away for now in her inventory, she nodded with satisfact
  12. Several minutes pass, just the two walking through the forest, Ghost enjoying hearing the birds lightly sing in the trees. It was the first time in a long time, but Ghost had seemingly started to seem.. happy. Her mannerisms were more relaxed, her brows not locked in place, her eyes glancing around at every tree and every ray of light as if it were the first time she had seen them. Glancing over at Koga, Ghost gave him a small smile. She seemed much less stoic and serious now, showing more of a playful and normal manner. Almost like a girl her age would usually act, minus the quiet part.
  13. Ghost listened to everyone as they talked, calming down and glancing at the place where she assumed the ghost was earlier. Having only seen a flicker in her peripheral, she didn’t know if she could really consider that seeing it, but she definitely saw something. Looking around the trees and brush, she didn’t see anything really worth noting. Would this game really have ghosts as an enemy? Even if it was a game, Aincrad is practically their real life at the given moment, so knowing that the paranormal could be injected into this world as something much more intense was… well, it was beyon
  14. Giovanna tucked a lock of red hair behind her ear, and hummed happily before pulling out a small apothecary satchel, digging through it as she talked. Ghost watched the woman curiously, noticing that the satchel had a lot more room than it appeared to. “You see, Demon Shards are quite rare! Typically, you wouldn’t be able to find a Demon Shard unless you had mastered your craft, but there are loopholes!” The woman pulled out of the satchel a small, engraved black compass, the engravings appearing Celtic and glowing just a faint green. “This compass is rarer than even Demon Shards,” Giovan
  15. Ghost bowed to Giovanna in greeting. Slowly but surely, Ghost was getting used to conversing with the quest givers, especially now that she knew they could understand sign. Hello! My name is Ghost; I was hoping to possibly learn foraging from you, if you’d be kind enough to train me. Giovanna tilted her head and her brows cocked in surprise. “Teach you?? How odd.. Normally, I just have people coming up to me asking for trade; I can’t recall the last time I’ve had someone ask me to show them how to find the materials themselves!” Smiling, albeit a bit in humor, Giovanna say back down gently, to
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