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  1. Oji searched for a few moments around the base of this tree, but to no avail. This entrance was definitely a hard one to find, and he was sure that he was at the right place. He then heard a call from Star, and he came over to see the entrance of the tree, and gave a low whistle, the one-note-tune echoing within the hollow tree. He looked up and saw that it was an almost endless ceiling, only seeing a tiny glint of light above, which looked miles away. He looked to the group, and chuckled a bit awkwardly "Nice job Star, but after seeing this I had wished you found an elevator." He said as
  2. Oji nodded as they explained their reasons, and they were fair reasons to say the least. Adventure. the pursuit of knowledge, and wanting to help others. While they reasons may all be different, they are what brought them together and what would bring them to their goal. As they walked, they had slowly made their way to the base of the petrified tree. It was the largest tree he had yet to see on this floor, it's branches touching the heavens and scraping the sky itself. He looked up and gave a small whistle. "This definitely looks like an evil fae area. But I wonder what this thing looked like
  3. Oji was a bit taken aback by the combat action. From what they had all talked about, this creature was supposed to be a major threat and something that they should be careful. But his companions had absolutely beaten this creature within an inch of it's life in two turns. In fact, none of them had any use for him in this very moment. All of their health was high, and their energy levels weren't low enough for him to warrant a use of his energize. So for now, he just took a step back and gave them room, pretty impressed with the groups synergy. Soup on the other hand was hopping around Oji
  4. A violent sandstorm emerged from the dunes surrounding them, and suddenly the scaly creature emerged from the shifting sands. Nari and Jomei took point, charging the boss and dealing a very large chunk of its health. But as well as they were doing, he knew that this boss probably had a very dangerous ability to be paired with it, one that could possibly injure everyone in the party. He hadn't looked too much into the croc's abilities and tat could end up being his downfall. They seemed to have found a weakness in the creatures armor though, as both of them had done quite a large chunk to
  5. Oji listened to the young man, Morningstar, introduce himself, then he turned and said the bench-dweller's name was Monarch. He always seemed to meet people that knew each other, guess this game is a lot smaller than he thought. He turned to Morningstar to answer his question about the rumor, but Monarch was well ahead of him, stating what the rumor was. Oji was a bit impressed and nodded "Yup, that's all I've read too. A lot of players too. Who thought that the game would actually capture them and keep them captive." He shuddered at the thought of being trapped in a cavern or something with a
  6. Oji listened to the two of them have a somewhat private conversation of their past experiences with one another, and he decided to hold his tongue of any comments. He didn't know either of them well enough to make any comments of any kind. However, both of them were interested in the paper for their own reasons, Dustin wanted to also know who read the paper, while Freyd was more interested in any tidbits in the paper, which he was sad to report was none, most things were very small things for the more frontline-oriented players. It told him some cool things about fishing, and a good place to e
  7. Oji had finished his muffin as Soup licked up the remaining crumbs of his own breakfast, and the two of them sat in a quiet moment. Soup was still waking up, not entirely prepared for such a rush this morning, and he didn't get to do his morning run. Oji on the other hand awoke ready for the day, prepared for the struggles with only a cup of coffee and a muffin. He sipped his drink for a few moments, and when he had just about finished a voice rang in the center of town. He looked to see a young man asking for him, he nodded and stood, brushing off the crumbs on his lap and holding out a hand.
  8. As the morning sun shone through the attic window, today Oji only had one sole purpose in mind for his daily recreation: Rumors. He head read up in the news about Rumors, and it was apparently one of the only ways to help the frontlines that did not nessecarily need combat, it wasn't a requirement, only an option. This fit right up his alley, and he decided to take this opportunity to help behind the scenes. Even though he would not get recognized, perhaps he could help from the sidelines before he got there. It would only be a matter of time before he was frontline-ready, but he needed to fig
  9. Before Oji had even been able to enjoy his first cup of Sake, he had received a message from the owner of the Barnacle, and he whistled out loud. "That was fast." He muttered. He paid for the drink then went outside and headed back to the tailor shop. He opened up the door and saw the owner and his order waiting for him. He came over and took the clothes, adding them to his inventory with a smile. "Thank you so much, it means a lot, really." He save a wave then headed back outside, his order done and one step closer to helping on the frontlines. *Received +1 Eisei-Hai and +1 Kaiteki
  10. Oji stepped into the quiet abode of this nice shop. He had heard tale and rumor of a pretty good Tailor on the first floor when he had stayed there for the first year, but he never had the need or the col to buy any products. But now times had changed and he decided that it would be worth his time and his own safety to get some armor. He was about to ring a bell, but he saw that there was a bit of paper and pen, and he decided to just make an order since he didn't see anyone behind the counter. He chalked down the design, desired enchantments and then decided that he'd leave the rest for the o
  11. Oji listened to the... interesting, gentlemen telling him about guilds, gear and googads of which he did not have any idea existed. There were guilds in the game? And you could buy gear? He thought they only dropped from creatures. He thought his trinkets from his artisan was just accessories that could give small buffs, he had no idea other professions could actually make items. He was a bit lost, but as the other young man asked if they were fighting the weaker version, he shook his head. "On the contrary, we're fighting the stronger version." He pointed to to the sky, the sun burning bright
  12. Oji's heart was racing inside his chest. They had found their way into the main group, and a lot of them looked battle worn, as if they had been fighting far longer than him and his group, and he realized that maybe they had, they all looked like Frontline material just from their equipment, that much he could tell. But they all were fighting for the same goal, defeating this old looking dude with a big rock thing. He wasn't as old as him, but looking at the older gentleman's face made Oji realize that he had a lot of the same face wrinkles as he did, and he didn't like that. After mental
  13. <<THREAD COMPLETE>> Total Word Count: 5986 / 30 = 199 Base Oji: 199 x 10 = 1990 + 300 = 2290 XP, 200 Col, New Familiar Mastery Nari: 199 x 25 = 4975 XP, 946 Col, New Familiar Mastery
  14. Oji listened quietly, a solemn, but yet comforting wind lightly blew the trees as the talk of death approached the conversation on it's white horse. Oji hadn't truly thought about the deaths of the other players often, as he tried to avoid that part of this game. But, he knew it did exist. Her fear of losing someone on her watch, of a life being snuffed out thanks to a mad man's game, he knew that there as merit to feel such a way. But Oji knew that sadly, that was the price to pay for the freedom of countless others that were trapped within this game. It was either they ran free, using a ladd
  15. Oji was a bit shocked by the sudden interest in Soup from Astreya, and he took a cautious step back at first. Soup, also a bit apprehensive, sniffer her hand hesitantly as she brought it close. But once he heard the words "pet" and "hold," she was suddenly his best friend as he wormed his tiny front lets out of the jacket for the girl to pick his little body up. Oji sighed, a small smile as he picked him up and held him out to Astreya. "Just be careful, he doesn't sit still long." He chuckled. He heard Nari warn him about Astreya, and he gave her a wink. He knew what trouble Astreya was g
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