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  1. Oji followed behind the young stayr in silence for a long while, the ascent taking awhile longer than he was expecting. The footsteps echoed off the clouded pathway in mute tones, making it feel as if he was in a void where no sound could escape from this accursed staircase. After a few moments, he awkwardly cleared his throat to help break the ice. "So, how long have you been a soldier?" He quizzically asked. The stayr did not turn around, but kept his head high and weapon in hand. "I'm sorry, but I am not supposed to speak to those who are summoned. You are greater than I." He said, a b
  2. After a few moments of recovery, Oji was up and wandering the area for a few minutes, enjoying the rich-looking fruits and speaking to the different NPC; who all seemed to be minor 'gods' and differing nature creatures. They were all polite and taught him about Olympus. Soup enjoyed the attention of the differing nature creatures, who all cooed him and gave him small berries to munch on, which he did happily. Soon after, Oji gave a small whistle and Soup looked over. Oji was ready to go and he finished off his last berry before scurrying to him, climbing up his leg and perching on his shoulder
  3. As he squinted his eyes at the sudden, bright shining light that the 17th floor seemed to give off, Oji found himself within a very Greek-themed floor. Gleaming white marble pillars and buildings with stone and sandstone intertwined. It was breathtaking, but it took him a minute to get used to how bright everything seemed to be. On the floor his home was located on, a lot of it was darker tones, as the sun couldn't pierce every inch of the dense foliage of the forest, so it gave a luminous glow to everything. This light was striking, making everything seem to radiate with the power of the sun.
  4. Oji packed away a few things into his inventory before heading o the 17th floor. A bit of spare food for him and Soup, since he had no idea how long this would take him, his artisan tool, Hādowāku. And finally, his backpack he wore that comfortably held Soup. He set it on the ground with the top open, and the sable gladly hopped in, getting comfortable on the soft blanket and peering out the bubble-like window, where he could watch things safely. Oji zipped the top and put it on, shifting to find a comfortable way for him to wear the sable-weighing backpack. He locked his door and headed
  5. Oji slowly wandered over to his mailbox, the red letter shimmering with power. He reached out and took it in his hands, and a popup window appeared as his fingers brushed the rough paper. It was apparently a quest of some kind, named 'Challenge of Olympus' and he was a tad confused. What kind of quest showed up in your mail box? He popped open he letter, being delicate with the wax stamp, and tentatively took out the piece of paper within. The paper was soft, supple to the touch and the lettering was in a cursive that took years to learn and master. I was beautiful, and the sold and silve
  6. Oji heard her rise from behind him, and he smiled in remembrance. He knew the feeling of not wanting to keep someone waiting. He went through the same thing with his brother when he had started dating his wife, and at the time he found it silly, and maybe obnoxious. But now he understood the reasoning, and he felt no ill feeling as she arose to leave. "It was very nice to see you as well Nari, and to see that you've done nothing but grow." He said with a smile. He came over and picked up the plates and silverware, placing them in the sink to clean a little later. "And I will probably take you
  7. Oji's business had been in the gutter ever since he started. It hadn't helped that he had an on and off relationship with the crafting skill, but ever since the Roundtable he'd not been feeling himself. He had not only felt as if he'd failed as a mediator, but he in fact almost caused the entire meeting to end because of his wording. He set off one of the councilmen, and they had almost stormed off if not for the assistance of another one of the council speaking. After that, he clammed up and was only another body in the background, muttering thoughts and comments about things happening in the
  8. Hehe new crafts go brrr
  9. Oji opened up the side door that connected his home and his own little artisan shop on the 22nd floor. It has been some time since he had come into his shop, having put off stocking his shelves to "another day." He decided to roll up his sleeves and get back to work. He started his work, hit small hammer chiseling away and his eyes checking and rechecking every jewel and piece of metal he had as materials, trying to find the best quality ones to sell. He wiped a small bead of sweat from his brow. He had a few good successes, but he had far more attempts fail. He frowned a bit, but decided
  10. Oji smiled as he listened to Nari speak about their person, and he could see the care and compassion in her eyes. This person meant a lot to Nari, that he could tell. But he wasn't going to try and butt in on what their relationship was, more than light teasing at least. He nodded as he listened, taking mental notes to ask about this woman at a later date, but he felt now wasn't the right time. "I'm glad you've found someone, truly." the honesty of his words ringing through the small abode. "I only pray one day I can get as lucky, but I'm sure any woman here would much rather go for a you
  11. Oji sat quietly with himself for a few moments, unsure of what to do. He saw Destin come in and spoke some good words, and in his eyes seemed the most level-headed in this entire situation, which would make sense since his people were not affected from these attacks, which was suspicious but maybe it had other reasons or implications that he didn't understand. He looked over and saw a small group of players next to a large table of refreshments, and he could do with some comfort food at this moment. He scooted his way through, a few hushed "Excuse me" and "Passing through" passed through
  12. As Oji was thinking of something to say from the most recent bickering, he heard a loud fanfare and ruckus come from the entrance to the great hall, and a man who claimed himself as Raidou entered and spoke with authority, and his words rang true, albeit they were said in such a harsh tone that Oji himself felt the backlash. Another stood and agreed with Raidou, and Oji only felt more discomfort in this situation. He had tried the same tactic and almost caused one of the council to leave, so he felt this would only be bad, if not worse than what had happened. He slunk back from the pulpit
  13. Oji's words did not come across the way that he had hoped and intended. Far too late did he realize that 'Man of Standing' was quite insulting and he took the yelling from Percival as he probably deserved it. He only nodded and watched the scene unfold as the gentlemen who had stayed silent spoke, and was able to keep Percival here, and he asked him if he could agree, and he simply nodded to him, letting his voice no be head for this moment. He listened intently to the group agree that these attacks were for all of them. He heard a quieter voice appear in front of him, and he looked to se
  14. Oji listened to the qualms and squabbles of the people on the bench. Things were heated, far more heated than he had anticipated. He looked around to see angry eyes glaring at one another, and the one who he hoped would stay calm about it was throwing accusations left and right. He let them speak their minds, and as he was about to say something, another player stood and said what he was thinking. He smile and nodded towards the young lady. "Thank you, took the words right out of my mouth." He spoke politely. Then, his smile faded and he turned back to the council. He locked eyes with Per
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