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  1. Nari had paused in her movements, turning a grin as NIGHT had moved to engage with Lilith. She had no doubts that her companion would end the fight, a quick slash like the younger girl always did in these moments. She watched as NIGHT lashed out, her blade making a quick motion that would tear the form of Lilith in half - if it had connected. Her smile shifted to a small frown as she registered the girl's missed strike, the movement of Lilith out of range and back towards Nari's own position. Belatedly, she made her own move to strike, but Lilith had already moved on by the time Nari had
  2. The large tree was engulfed in flames, and Nari couldn't help but to stand back for a second as she eyed up her target. There was no doubt that the fight was almost over - in fact, she could likely stand back and watch the poor thing burn to death, given enough time. Somehow, however, that just felt wrong to her; as if it was something that should never be done, computer program or not. "One more hit it is..." She stepped up and slashed outwards at the tree, bringing her blade down to bare on it as she attempted to bring the fight to a finality. A single second elapsed before the tree sha
  3. They never seemed to stop coming, and as Nari stared at the appearance of another head, she couldn't help but feel a single second of despair. It seemed like they would be never ending, appearing, broken down, reappearing. She wondered if they were even doing anything against the thing at all, and couldn't help but feel herself growling in response to the thought. Knowing that she couldn't let the others see her concern, she shook off the feeling and rushed forwards to strike the head. Her attack was reckless, wide and leaving herself open for retaliation - but it was showy, and showy wa
  4. Nari felt herself blink as NIGHT's questioning continued. She had just begun to answer one question, when the next was presented. She felt herself falter in her movements, stopping to stare at the other girl who had become somewhat more lively than Nari had expected. "I-I'm honestly not sure if...I mean, she's fairly weakened, I can maybe...?" She stumbled over her words as she turned to face Lilith again. Raising the scythe, she readied herself and took a few short breaths, before launching into her movement. She let the blade dash around the vampiress, looking for weak points and openi
  5. The head still stood, and as Nari glanced up at it, she felt herself become frustrated. They had already brought down one of them, perhaps not overly easily, but they'd managed it. She felt her lips twitch as she stared at Overgrowth, wanting nothing more than to end the thing. "Alright...I got this!...I think" She took the few steps forwards towards the large beastly thing, stabbing upwards into it's underside as she tried to bring the giant dragon-like head to an end. Her spear point embedded into the form for a few seconds, before she pulled it back out and free. Stepping back,
  6. Nari felt herself suck in a breath as Lilith went on the offensive against NIGHT. She kept her distance, knowing that she could wait for an opening at the sacrifice of the other drawing the attention, even though it felt wrong to her somehow. She had become used to being the target, being the one who stood at the forefront and took the brunt of the attacks. Even after all this time, it felt odd to allow someone else the position of taking on the assault, a fact that Nari tucked away to deal with later. "It would be far more helpful if you could remember how to defeat this thing. As much
  7. The others had begun the assault against the newly formed head, a few giving curses as the wall that had just fallen rose once more before them. Nari could feel the frustration in them, but also the determination. "Shit...You got this guys! Keep up the hard work, and focus on bringing down the head! We can do this!" She tried to call out her encouragement even as she positioned herself beneath the head, waiting and watching. She wanted to be the last to strike, to draw the attention to herself. She knew that it was a dangerous gambit - just in case she somehow missed her strike, or if the
  8. NIGHT had rushed forwards to engage the man who had appeared out of nowhere, and Nari had to restrain herself from trying to call out to the girl. Out of the two of them, NIGHT was by and far safer acting as she did, a note that Nari was trying to keep in mind nowadays. Still, as the shadow had rushed towards NIGHT, Nari couldn't help but feel herself tense up, a reaction born of the very concern that she'd always had. She's fine. You don't need to worry about her, though. Instead, Nari turned her attention to what needed to be done. There were two - now one - spawns that had appeared alongsid
  9. The pathway had led to an entrance, continuing beneath the ground into the plethora of tunnels and caves that Nari was sure stretched a good portion - if not all - of the floor itself. She'd been through similar areas in the area for other quests, and had found them dark, unwelcoming, but a good relief from the warmth that seemed to burn and blight the upper lands of the nineth. Even Mio had shown a desire to escape into them the moment the pair had realised that their path would lead them underground. Nari, however, had hesitated. Something still didn't feel quite right with the entire situat
  10. Nari moved in tandem with NIGHT as the girl continued onwards. She kept silent as the other explained their viewpoint on everything, their own selfish desire to escape from this world, to be back into the life where they weren't being controlled by those who had made the world - or, at least they weren't being controlled by the administrators of Aincrad. She couldn't argue with the logic, didn't want to argue in fact, and so she kept silent as they approached the keep itself. As they approached the keep itself Nari could smell a change in the air. A hint of blood and death. Something abo
  11. The tree was putting up far better of a fight than Nari had expected. She knew that her own statistics being downed by the limitations of the system were causing things to progress far less smoothly than if she had her entire power behind her, although she was aware that it was just an excuse she was using. This thing is difficult, no matter what. Thankfully it's not proving to be overly dangerous, just an annoyance... "You're doing an awesome job as it is, Hirru. Just keep things going as you are, and I think we'll be good to go here!" She called out as she dodged another root, letting
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