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  1. The other two's warning was all she needed to confirm an ever growing concern within herself. She nodded to Morningstar in response to his question, as well as towards Katoka's own commentary. Whatever elation at the ease of the quest that had built within her, had just as quickly dropped away. Something about Freyd's movements screamed of the dangers to be found in wild animals. Dangerous, wild animals. She was glad he was on their side, for the moment, but the concern in Katoka's voice, as well as the very essence that was Freyd in the moment, spoke to greater concerns for her. "For t
  2. Thread Summary Word Count: 6,260 Quest Failed | No Quest Rewards Given Nari-Lanreth 3,943 EXP | [6,260/10x9x0.7] Jevi 1,752 EXP | [6,260/10x4x0.7] 400 col [Thread Progression]
  3. They just kept coming, and as Nari saw another shatter into pieces, being replaced by a duplicate copy of the creature as it stepped out from somewhere that had provided cover for it, she couldn't help but squeal a bit in rage. Striding forwards, she caused her horse to spin slightly on the spot, as if an olden time general turning to call out to their soldiers. The image didn't feel fitting to Nari, somehow, and even as she spoke aloud, she felt silly doing so. "Everyone make sure to stick together! It doesn't matter how many come, so long as we're aligned to face them, they will falter
  4. Two of the pirates simply disappeared beneath Star's blade, reduced to shimmering shards upon the air in an instant as the power of his weapon tore them asunder. She almost laughed as Star's voice mentioned from behind her how nice it was to have an actual tank, rather than an individual who simply danced around the battlefield. She kept her shield raised in front of her as the pirate continued some weird litany of a song or chant, and while it felt like they were trying to summon something, Nari figured they were safe for the moment. "I've fought with Freyd, I kinda know what you mean.
  5. She could hear the sounds of the knights approaching, a soft thumping in the distance that had been growing ever more loudly in the past few seconds. Nari watched, in a mixture of confusion and amusement, as Jevi seemed to scramble about, looking for somewhere to hide herself. She repressed the need to burst out into laughter, walking over to the girl and grabbing her on the shoulders before pushing her towards a divot in roadway that seemed to be well covered in shadows. "As adorable as it is to watch you bluster about...try hiding here. The less you move, the more concealed you're going
  6. She'd stopped at the sudden soft word from NIGHT, coming to an immediate halt in place as she turned to look at the other player. There was no concern regarding her own safety - Lilith paid no heed to her at all, at this point. She was certain the vampiress, if it could've had any sort of thoughts of it's own, considered Nari as little more than an annoying fly buzzing around her head. She watched as NIGHT strode forward, strucking the vampiress with a movement of ease, and then turned on Nari and began directing her into their plan of action. It was simple, really - land a critical stri
  7. "Oh, no, no pressure at all. Also yeah, I'm like, ninety-nine percent sure that it is, in fact, somehow directly related to her death. These vampire stories always have only one way to kill the vampire right? With our luck, it's this freaking...useless...piece of...garbage...scythe!" The weapon slashed out time and time again, attempting to land a strike on the vampire without success - and the frustration in Nari's voice became more apparent with every swing. "Aaaaggghhhh! Stupid. Freaking. Scythe!" She would've thrown the weapon to the side and donned her normal piece, if not for the f
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