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  1. She didn't grin in response to his kindness, the words clearly spoken from a level of his heart - or where one would find a heart, in a being such as themselves - in an earnest attempt to show his warmth towards Nari. The knightess found the words somehow more welcoming than the many placating, half-false attempts that others had made, and the corner of her mouth twitched towards smiling as she cocked her head to the left. Without breaking stride, her hands reaching down and tugging slightly at the small purple skirt that surrounded the upper layers of her armoured legs, she gave what could on
  2. Nari threw a quizzical glance towards Freyd as he explained the fact that all of the Treants had been Ned, following the revelation with a horrible pun that made her shake her head and laugh. "Really? Really? Rooting? An entire plethora of commentary and possible connections, and you come up with rooting? I swear if I didn't know better I'd say you were a father..." She followed along behind him as he began leading the way towards the waypoint, his words coming in a change of tone that stirred something within Nari's heart and mind. Somehow it felt more vulnerable than when he'd previousl
  3. She could feel herself blink slowly as she watched Freyd's sudden outburst. An obvious ploy, she realised slowly, in order to detract the path of aggressive diplomacy that Nari had been taking in the moment, and one that she - eventually - realised was likely to be more successful than her own stance against the Treants. Whether through some measure of wisdom, understanding of Freyd's plans and intents, or pure dumbstruck reaction, Nari found herself remaining silent as Freyd continued to drive his overexaggerated excitement home. "Shut... up." The simple words were sudden, and yet
  4. "Somehow the word planning coming from you just sounds...weird." Onora stuck her tongue out as Nari threw a pinecone towards her, the piece lifted from the ground without thought and lobbed with a soft overarm throw. It landed well wide of the other player, rolling away into the grass and disappearing from sight. The jest had been expected as soon as Nari had stated the words, and she felt no real agitation at the joke thrown out towards her, but she knew that the reaction would be expected as much as the words. Instead of playing into it further, however, Nari turned her attention back to the
  5. "Huh...? No I meant in the group of gir-" She ducked under a wide swing from Lilith, her look of surprise and confusion as much targeted towards NIGHT's commentary as Lilith's flailing assault attempts. The confusion had, at least for the moment, broken any of the residing anger and frustration that Nari had been feeling. She found herself breaking out into laughter as she ducked around another flurry of swipes and slashes. "Gods I'd forgotten what the character names were. No...I meant the idiots who thought they were vampires. Ironic, because...this thing." She'd waved at the creature
  6. Nari considered the question calmly before responding, knowing that she would be doing something that she'd thus far refused to do. When she did speak, her voice was soft, and there was an obvious hesitation to the answer she gave, although there appeared to be no embarrassment of the topic at hand. "We...started out as roommates, I guess. Met on one of the lower floors, back when...when we were lonely. It's evolved...since then. Although what we are now...I cannot really say." She gave a soft shrug at the end of the sentence, realising that she wasn't entirely sure where the two of them
  7. Silence fell over the field as the final wolf exploded into the shimmering shards that marked death in the world of Aincrad. Nari felt her breath release, the held air pushing out with a soft whistling sound that signified the stress she'd been holding inside her the last few seconds. Her eyes shifted towards Onora, confirming that the blonde was safe and alright following the conflict. She considered crossing the small distance to ensure the other's safety, but figured such actions were unnecessary, and would likely only bother the blonde more than appease. Instead, she turned her attention t
  8. "NIGHT, to some degree, and Onora - another player that I've...that I currently live with." There was only the slightest hesitation in her explanation of Onora's relationship to herself. Out of the three, she knew that Onora had learnt the most about her, but somehow she was hesitant to place any sort of labelling upon their relationship. Shaking off the doubtfulness within her mind, she turned to raise an eyebrow at Freyd when he mentioned putting others of himself in the ground again, before nodding in response to the later conversation that may or may not occur. Instead, she turned to the n
  9. One of the wolves exploded into shards before it was given the chance to launch itself at Nari's form. She felt the impact as two others slammed into her shield, pushed off to the side even as she felt the third slam it's claws into the side of her head. She felt herself spin slightly to the side with the blow, her health bar barely reacting to the assault even though the force of it knocked her aside. She shook it off in time to see one of the wolves lash out at Onora, the blonde's longsword struck aside before the claws raked across her side, cutting a minimal amount of health from the bar i
  10. All thoughts of Nemo's currently expressions were left behind as Nari entered the fight in truth, spinning in the air as she brought the spear around in a wide arc meant to dislodge and drive back any form of resistance that her initial strike may have missed. She found herself landing in the centre of the mob of wolves, her spear tip slashing across the noses of each in kind - enough of a connection to drive the stun effect into their body, and allow Onora to follow up with precisely timed strikes from their sides, before the pair fell back into a defensive posture. "I don't think they
  11. Onora had already begun moving towards the small pack of wolves, even as Nari had pretended to recover from the shot to her ribs. Shaking her head and chasing after the blonde, Nari gave a quick glance over the area, making sure they weren't accidentally pulling in anything further during their travel between the two small areas. She could see a pair of Snapdragons in the distance, and a few of the large Knight creatures that carried razor sharp blades for hands. Her eyes shifted over Nemo, standing off by himself with a pleased look on his face, and Nari found herself pausing in step for a mo
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