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  1. The boars heard me as they were preparing their next charge, shifting ever so slightly their attention before focusing again on their initial opponent. Thankfully, this helped Fae to dive out of the way and proceed a potion from her thigh to her lips and top up her health bar. I sighed in relief, preparing myself to dodge incoming blows from now on. I heard Fae's warning, one that I knew all too well. Don't. Get. Hit. This was obvious to anyone, the less you get hit, the more your HP stays green. But in my case, seeing that I was practically naked and any injury I would suffer could be
  2. I listened to the girl's story in silence, holding her tightly against me as to make her feel welcomed. I didn't have any retort, except keeping my voice as sweet and wispy as I could, whispering softly above her head. — You know, we both are in the same situation... The only difference is that I know my way around video games, thanks to my... I shuddered to the thought of the death that happened right before my eyes. My now late fiancé. We were also interested in discovering this world, seeing it and interacting with it in person. It was a chance for him to introduce me to a foreign w
  3. As I was searching for more materials in the plains, I kept a tight eye on my allies' health bar, especially Fae's. I was worried, but expected her to handle a few boars on her own, and that's why I stuck to foraging. Rounding around bushes, I spotted a few tufts of grass that looked particularly, let's say, "alchemistic". I bent over and fell face-first into the bushes, prickling my skin on multiple occasions while waddling my way towards my prize. And for once, my eyes didn't deceive me. Gather materials for Zackeriah the Alchemist: 1/5 Stocking the material in my inventor
  4. I was sat at a table, my head resting on my knees as I was watching passerby go to and fro, a half-eaten pastry was laid on the bench at my feet and my hand clutching my pendant. Players, NPCs, everybody. Anybody, with or without purpose. Well, watching was not the right word. I was lethargically letting my emerald eyes wander from anything that caught their interests to the next stop, while my mind was reliving unpleasantries. I was not in the mood to eat, really. At some point, a young woman approached me, a full pie in her hands. I took a look at her, from her deep blue eyes and long
  5. As I adjusted the cape on my shoulders, I smiled at my companions' answer. I was about to go back to my searching when an approaching rumbling made me perk up my ears. — Hey, guys? Do you hear th- A stampeding boar rushed towards Fae, piercing her abdomen with its tusks and sent her tumbling down a few meters behind, around Nari's feet, rendering me speechless. Faerie got up, clutching her sword in her hand, and prepared herself to give back what damage she took. A whole horde of boars arrived, totalling 4 opponents against 2 and one tenth. I looked at Nari, a bit of fear
  6. It didn't take too long for Vigilon to craft my items, a few knocks on the materials and the job was done, as pristine as I had wished them to be. I was impressed by the speed and quality of the work done and at how polished the final products were. I instantly equipped my new items, marvelling at the perfect fit. — Snug as a glove! Thanks for your work! And for the note for your friend. I'll make sure to visit your friend as soon as possible. — I'll make sure to speak highly of your work and to come back to your workshop whenever I need upgrading or repairs! Thanks again fo
  7. Disappointed at the withering of the first drop I managed to spot, I crawled myself back out the thicket, seeing Nari's amused face that disappeared quickly. I stood up, brushing the dirt away from my pants before stretching my back. — I mean, I kind of expected the quest to just hand the mats instantly, 100% of drop rate. It's supposed to be a beginner's quest after all, right? I sighed, shaking my head in disapproval. Obviously, the game master doesn't want us to clear things too easily. By the way, what do you think is he doing? Monitoring us? Netflix and chill? A shadow p
  8. Following our discussions, we finally arrived into the small township of Tolbana. It was a tiny settlement with a few erring NPC here and there, some players had already invested the city, going in and out of some shops or just relaxing by the shadow of a tree. We followed Nari up to a small abode and entered it. The shop was dimly lit, the few sunshine rays shining through various vials stocked on several shelves and counters, casting coloured dancing shadows on the walls of the apothecary. It smelled of weird concoction and old medicine with a hint of je ne sais quoi that was mostly p
  9. As time went on, I slowly paced myself down as to let Nari take the lead of the group, hoping that my comrades would not notice it. I diligently listened to my companions' answers to my questions, quietly snorting to repress my laugh when I heard our leader's jokes, cracking a feint smile. Truth be told, it felt good to be in such good company, reassuring even, even if I didn't know these persons an hour before. I was scared of course, the promise of death if our HP reached 0 was terrifying, but I was sure that staying in good terms with other players could only be beneficial. I had to
  10. As we were walking through the town, directed towards the exit gates, I couldn't help but marvel at the city we were travelling through. Sure, it was a video game and the starting settlement, but everything felt so real it was uncanny. As we passed before several shops and POIs, I logged them into my travelling journal as to remember when to go whenever I would be looking for them. At one point, I noticed a blacksmith's shop and halted the group, pointing towards the forge. — Hum, could you wait for me for a moment, please? I- I'm going to look in there if I can get something to... W
  11. I press my hand against the doors and push them open, exhaling a deep, cold breath as I enter the premises. Entering inside the building, my face is instantly hit by the ambient warmth of the forge, heating my body as I press forward, closing the door behind me. I step inside the workshop, rubbing my hands against each other to warm them up as I look all around me, spinning around to take in the scenery. It was a smithing shop, alright. Weapons and pieces of armour were hanging all around me, my eyes wondering what my next acquisition would look like. The room was separated in tw
  12. As I kept shifting awkwardly from one foot to another and twirling my hair, I sighed. Half from the relief that I hadn't had to speak to anyone, half from the fact that I had to if I ever wanted to get some place in this world. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't muster the courage to take the few steps separating me from another group and asked them for help. I had almost given up hope that I could find someone to help me when a voice right besides me made me jump a bit. I spun around, my eyes meeting a green cursor hovering over a purple-haired woman, seemingly as uncomfortab
  13. The sun shines through a window of the room I was sat in, landing on my face and stirring me awake. Mumbling to myself, I come to my senses. A few voices can be heard around me as I straighten up, my back hurting a bit from my restless night against the hard surface of the wall. I had fallen asleep inside the Monument of Life, mourning the loss of numerous lives. I cast one quick glance to the list of names, wiping my teary eyes before anything slid down my cheeks, realising that it was not a nightmare and what had happened a few days ago, had really happened. We were a bit under 10,000 p
  14. FC artist ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Profile ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Username: Avoryn Real Name: Charlotte Loumier Age: 24 ⇒ 26 (21st of November) Place of birth: France Gender: Female Height: 1.79 m (5'10” something according to google) Hair Color: Green (dyed) – Auburn natural Eye color: Green (natural) Vanity accessories: A bla
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