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  1. Good to roll! Will get your starting Col/Mats sent shortly. Don't forget to list out your healing potions that you got from the DPS package!
  2. Normally, Iris wasn't even sure if she'd be willing to be this close to someone else that she'd just met. Not because there was anything wrong with Avoryn, but she was simply...not really the sort of person to get close to people that quickly. She didn't mind, over time, cementing a friendship, becoming closer and just allowing herself to open up to someone fully. But that took time for her to forge that trust with another individual and to allow her to...let go some of the apprehensions she had about doing that kind of thing. But right now, she was just so raw with emotion and shock
  3. All songs above are Astreya-Approved!
  4. Well, if she wasn't hungry, she wasn't hungry. Astreya was fine with that. She was really only offering to be polite- right now there was an empty void in her soul and she was pretty sure that this chocolate pie wasn't going to fill, but she couldn't be really sure until she ate it all. And if she had the chance to devour this entire thing, she would. Like she'd already commented, it wasn't like there was any real ability to gain weight or calories in here- the game just took your self-image as it was when you started playing and that was who you were... didn't matter what you ingested in
  5. "Catch." That was about all the brunette had heard (having not been paying super close attention to the environment around her) before the snowball from Nari had caught her. She had turned around to see who had said her name and had taken it full in the face. That, of course, caused the young woman to spit and sputter the snow out of her mouth, the snowflakes clinking to her eyelashes and hair for a moment. She looked over at Nari, before Jomei arrived, and then Hirru- but before she could offer greetings, Hirru had taken another shot at her as well. Of course, the girl hadn't readied
  6. The world around her seemed to move at a breakneck pace, while the young woman merely sat, unable to really...appreciate anything happening. Her sapphire gaze stared out into the distance, not paying much attention to those around her, although admittedly she understood the fear and apprehension that surrounded the Town of Beginnings like a fog. A mist that choked out the joy of life, leaving fear and anger in its wake. They were all here to die, it seemed. That was what the guy up in the air above them all had said. None of them could log out. The Monument continued to have more nam
  7. She felt Nari's proximity before Astreya heard the words coming from the other woman, and couldn't help but to feel like perhaps she had said too much. Or that she'd let too much of her mask slip. This wasn't like her, she knew, but being confronted with the potential that she might not ever get out, or that what shew as doing was somehow fruitless... it didn't really sit well with her. There had to be an end to all of this and she would absolutely push to get out, and to make sure that as many other people made it out as well- she only wanted everyone to live the lives they wanted...back o
  8. There was logic in Nari's words. Astreya wouldn't be able to truly say that there wasn't. And they all tickled the logical part of her brain. The side that would analyze a chessboard and pick out the moves to take, the steps to achieve victory over an opponent. That calm, analytic part of her mind that seemed to tear down everything before her responded in full to Nari's words. It was the same argument that could be said of someone who was dying of a malady. You could spend your remaining years looking for a cure that might not exist, or you could accept that was your fate, and enj
  9. Post Action: Foraging Roll ID: 210453 LD: 12 (Critical Success! 1 Material! | NT Success! 1 Material!) CD: 6 (Bonus! 1 Material!) | 9 Exp gained ---- Astreya was about to open her mouth to respond, when she had to stop a minute to consider Nari's words. She was right, to an extent. It was a human that put them here, that forced them to play this death game of a sort. Of course, by that same token, that could put a human at far, far worse than any AI that was out there, or at least, from what she knew. Of course, she did know the book 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'
  10. Between Snow and the Astr-girls, it didn't take too long to pick up the leftover dishes and trash from the main area, and before long it was looking rather nice once more. Everything was cleaned up, leaving Astreya and Astralin without much direction on where to go next. While the two seemingly had no problem in helping Snow continue to clean things up, once the majority of the work was done, she had shooed the two girls off to go enjoy the Onsen while she finished tidying a few other things for Baldur and bid them to go and enjoy themselves as guests here. While there was some pushback fro
  11. Post Action- Concentration + ST-B @ Terra Firma (22 EN) ---- The teamwork between them all was, honestly, working out great. She had no doubt that if they continued to push and work together that they could take this thing out. Still, Astreya was watching this creature's movements with her usual keen eye. Oftentimes, she'd reserved that aggressive studious nature of hers for picking up how people communicated, and altering her own tonal pitches and adjustments based on what she knew, as well as her word choices, emphasis and so forth to reach an idealized version of what she
  12. Astreya gave a small breath as she got everything situated, even going so far as to strike at one of the other creatures that were encroaching in on her. There weren't many of them that were left, and while she didn't have the same raw level of power that her two allies did, she could at least still do some damage, or so she expected. The young woman wasn't exactly used to fighting enemies like this yet- usually she took one or two on at a time to keep safely away from any real threat coming toward her. Of course, the green-haired guy to her right seemed like he'd finally had enough, an
  13. Snow time! Yule! Holidays! Astreya was jazzed beyond jazzed at the idea of being able to romp around in the cold snow with people, and honestly the idea of doing it in a game setting like Sword Art Online was almost better somehow? Like all of the cold and everything was simulated, you could pretty easily get warm without any real problem afterwards. The frost bite probably wasn't permanent. All of these things objectively made it better than the grand fun of playing like a child in a snow bank. But as she arrived at the event location, she noted that there was only one other pe
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