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  1. Randal had been freed, thankfully. She hadn't actually been fully confident that her attack would have torn through the door but thankfully it had been enough to break through and let him out. It wasn't clean or as neat as what Hirru had done, but hey- she was several levels below him, and so she just did what she could. It seemed that he had managed to get out unscathed and made a beeline for his gear. That was probably smart- but Astreya hadn't yet had a chance to go over and grab her own stuff yet. But before she really had a chance to go over and grab it, she heard Hirru shout, and sh
  2. Astreya took a step toward her door, the weapon that she had managed to access from her inventory in her hands and at the ready. However, before she could get too much closer, she heard the clang of another cell, and realized that the others were trying to get out as well. She exhaled slowly, excited despite herself even in the fear that hammered in her chest. This was extremely dangerous, and there was the cold grip of fear that clenched her heart, making it hard to breathe. But even if she was pretty sure she was the weakest of the individuals here, she was still someone who wanted t
  3. Post Action: Treasure Roll ID: #194018 LD: 14 (Failure!) Astreya | HP: 459/459 | EN: 56/56 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 62 | BH: 8 | ACC: 3 | THORNS 38 | TAUNT: 1 Hunting Familiar: 0/5 Free Action: Hunting Familiar ID: #194019 (1140 Col) CD: 9 (2 Materials) LD: 6 (760 Col) Rare Trinket (1) Additional Col (380 Col)
  4. Post Action: Gathering ID: #194017 CD: 4 (No Bonus) LD: 11 (Failure! 1 Gatherer EXP gained! 62/199) Astreya | HP: 459/459 | EN: 56/56 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 62 | BH: 8 | ACC: 3 | THORNS 38 | TAUNT: 1 Hunting Familiar: 5/5 Astreya watched the bird fly off into the distance, heading out to wherever the bird was going to go. The young woman smiled as the bird went higher skyward, before she turned around her attention to the greenery, the number of small animals abound here was rather surprising to her, given the rest of the floor. It seemed like they all congregated right here in this
  5. Post Action: Gathering ID: #194016 CD: 8 (No Bonus) LD: 6 (Failure! 1 Gatherer EXP gained! 61/199) Astreya | HP: 459/459 | EN: 56/56 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 62 | BH: 8 | ACC: 3 | THORNS 38 | TAUNT: 1 Hunting Familiar: 4/5 She wondered if maybe part of the reason she found it so alluring was the fact that there was so much non-green that the Floor had, that when in comparison, this area was something special and magical. The smile on Astreya's face grew a little bit as she began to walk down the hill a little, curious to see what she might be able to find out here. It was curious to kn
  6. Post Action: Gathering ID: #194015 CD: 11 (Would be a bonus but) LD: 12 (Failure! 1 Gatherer EXP gained! 60/199) Astreya | HP: 459/459 | EN: 56/56 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 62 | BH: 8 | ACC: 3 | THORNS 38 | TAUNT: 1 Hunting Familiar: 3/5 The young woman's steps continued across the rolling green hills, and she couldn't help but to give a small laugh of her own excitement at the area. Not that there hadn't been other pretty areas here in Aincrad, but they were either stock-standard or there was a bit too much going on, such as all the forestry on the... fourth? floor. She wasn't s
  7. Astreya: HP 410/410 | EN 56/56 | 9 DMG | 62 MIT | 3 ACC | 18 Thorns | 1 Taunt | 8 BH | 1 Prosperity | Hunting Familiar: 5/5 Post Action- Search for Dragon Nest: ID#: 194014 LD: 3 (Fail | 5/5, auto-found next post) "Oh yeah yeah!" Astreya responded, her eyes suddenly lighting up with her own thoughts on the matter, it seemed like. "I did those introductory quests a little bit ago and they were out there having you kill the Boar Pups for their tusks or whatever. Like, Boar Pups don't even have tusks so it seemed like pretty senseless killing, right?' the woman asked,
  8. Astreya: HP 410/410 | EN 48/56 | 9 DMG | 62 MIT | 3 ACC | 18 Thorns | 1 Taunt | 8 BH | 1 Prosperity | Hunting Familiar: 4/5 Post Action- Search for Dragon Nest: ID: #193992 LD: 13 (Failed!) "Into more cruelty?" Astreya echoed, not entirely sure what the woman was referring to. Of course, she had barely begun to scratch the surface of the Quests before the system had updated, leaving her without any real understanding of what the quests had been like previously. "Well hopefully it doesn't, but it's not like the stuff here is for real and all that, right? It's just a
  9. The repeating of her Father's mantra over and over again in her head was supposed to help her to do what the words were. To relax, focus and then to Concentrate. However, that repetitious speech in her mind had the opposite effect. That or it was whatever spell had been cast, or perhaps some mixture of both as the woman could feel her eyelids steadily growing heavier. She tried to take another step back toward where the others were when she could practically feel the weight of sleep upon her shoulders. She slipped forward, but was asleep before she even hit the ground, an [Immortal
  10. Dwayne seemed to get a little interested and excited when he started to talk about the runic stone that he had seen. Astreya frowned as he did so, the sudden change in demeanor not sitting well with her. The young man had been quite fearful and uncertain back in the town- to the point where it had seemed like anyone joining him was far beyond what he had been expected. But she was starting to get a really bad feeling from the way that he was acting... and she started to hang back a little bit as he went on about the stone. The mist rolling in as the approached the stone was of far more
  11. Astreya: HP 410/410 | EN 48/56 | 9 DMG | 62 MIT | 3 ACC | 18 Thorns | 1 Taunt | 8 BH | 1 Prosperity | Hunting Familiar: 3/5 Astreya glanced to Krysta as the young woman announced that she had found something that had been on one of the boars- a paper of some sort. "Oh! What's it say?" Astreya asked, curious as she sidled a little closer, the dark-haired woman one to always be quite curious about things, especially things that she couldn't normally be invested in. "Amethyst Dragon?" she asked aloud once Krysta had finished, frowning. While she hadn't heard of anythi
  12. Astreya was pretty used to seeing people not quite manage with their weapons since the update. There had been the option to switch a weapon type to a different one altogether which she imagined some people had taken advantage of... and it seemed that Krysta was one of them. Then again, it could just be the fact that sometimes this game had a way of making your footing suddenly not quite as good. She remembered having seen Freyd effortlessly deal with creatures before and yet when they were hunting the Hoya, he had been barely able to land a blow on any of them. It had been quite silly,
  13. The green-haired fellow didn't seem to take a whole lot of offense to his hair being called out, and Astreya was glad for that, even if he took a relatively... odd approach in response, asking if any of their hair was real. The girl blinked, reaching a hand up to her own. She had to admit that there was some weird truth to those words- But of course, before she could consider it too much further, he began to laugh a bit, noting that it was dyed. "Whaaaa? Really? I wonder if I should dye mine," the young woman spoke, glancing at the long stands of black hair. She wasn't so sure- she
  14. Astreya wasn't long to keep away from the group, even as they looked for others to assist them, and so she made her way over to where the others were located. Her heavy, two-handed straight sword was on her back, and the young woman kept one hand on it as she moved, but as she came to a stop, she clenched both hands in front of her in excitement. "What's going on? How can I help?" the girl offered, eager to be doing something more to help someone. As she did, it seemed that the others were looking over at the guy with the green hair, and she turned her gaze that way as well, curious a
  15. Astreya gave a wide grin as she waved cheerily to the other player who she'd just helped through the quest for the Hoya. She'd already completed it before, but that never stopped her from helping someone out if they were in need. She had always tried to do her best for others- in here, or back in the real world. Here she was doing her best to get outfitted as a tank, to keep herself (and others) safe from harm. Back in the real world she was the captain of her volleyball team and the cheerleading squad both. Despite the fact that the girl didn't really play a lot of games growing up o
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