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  1. "That, or it took my luck when it smashed into me.." It seemed that the creature was much more than what they thought. Being so evasive, that Ariel's best attack couldn't hit it; or, it could very well be luck. He wouldn't really choose to say either way, as the world around them was a game. From what he remembered how Shield explained the everything: the world around them was based around code and numbers. Most of the information went over Hirru's head, but it pretty much summarized as variables that are characterized by numbers and letters. Roughly speaking, at least. Looking
  2. "I agree. We shouldn't be in here any longer than we need to be. Though, I do hope that you're joking about the teeth part." He said while dusting his shoulder from the point that Freyd had used him as a springboard. The hands were vanquished and the stair well seemed much less.. alive, or should the saying be 'more normal'. Their ascent would take them a few minutes, before an opening would bring the next obstacle into view. The open stagnant air that would be attributed to the 13th floor would fill the air, almost tantalizing them as the way out was before them. The only thing tha
  3. "Huh? Oh, now we wait. It takes half a day to summon again, but thanks to that little spyglass I used, it should only take a quarter of the time." He said while finding himself a place to sit while they waited. Taking a few things from his time with Koga, he figured that there would probably be some questions or other things. Nari was pretty level headed, or so it seemed. There were plenty of things that he could talk to her about. How things would be for the front, if she thought to join them. What it was like on the front? Were there ever challenges that nearly broke them..
  4. Hirru could only sigh in relief from the amount of health that he could recover for Ariel. There wasn't much he could take, but that was worrisome. There was quite a bit of issue with the damage properties of this mob compared to the amount that Ariel could deal out. The hunter could sense the ringing of a burst art activation, which would probably help a bit, but that still brought a slight reprieve, if she can hit it. So far, with a low power art, she was able to do nearly a fourth of it's health bar. Hirru was sure she had power near equivalent to most high DPS in the front, as she nor
  5. [[Note: Due to the post action required to reveal the Mimic. Ariel's attack has been nulled]] "Wha.." The hunter had figured that something had come crashing down upon him. He wasn't expecting a chest. He definitely wasn't expecting a mimic chest. Before he could do anything, Ariel was quick to warm him to stay down. There wasn't much else he could do, except flatten himself out more than he already was. Not long after did he feel the weight lift from him, before the slight force of wind that would come from the force of their blade, would blow past him. Did Ariel unsheathe th
  6. There was nothing that the hunter could do in this situation. All he could do was raise his shield while lowing himself, so that Freyd could easily attack around him. It was an awkward position, but it was the only way. Though, as the shadowed wanderer seemed to split the hands down through their health bars. There was the sound of crystalline shattering, but by the looks of it, they were still in the fight. Hirru could only look on at the health bars that seemed to be empty. How were they still alive?, he would think. Though at closer observation, they were only a slight blip of health
  7. "I'm sure they'll do more than just see me." For the hunter however, his survival skill was still locked away from use for the foreseeable future. He was sweating up a storm under all that heavy armor, it would probably be the end of him if he wasn't a merchant. The many water bottles he had to buy through merchants and swindlers were cluttering his inventory, anyway. Tossing back several bottles every few hours, the man would be drenched, if not for the hellish heat of the ninth floor. Even if the floor bosses volcano was no longer active, it didn't change a god damn thing. The hunt
  8. They were snared in the NPC's trap. Always coming up at the wrong time, but right when they were needed. Odd, to be sure. The girl had accepted the quest givers request, and she would have her reasons to leave the hunter behind. He was only there to figure out what was going on, and that's essentially what they did. At least, that's what he thought. She didn't seem to agree with what he thought, but that doesn't mean that the hunter couldn't be anything else but himself. He could only sigh and give an affirmative nod. "I guess if you're accommodating me with the talk, the least I c
  9. They were all able to pass through safely, and that made the hunter's job that much better. He didn't want to have to deal with healing over health that they didn't really need to. Especially with the mobs that they may experience here. There was just so much that could be done and all they had to do, was to find the entrance to the labyrinth. Though, as they flew through the trapped zone, they had found themselves in a dark part of the forest. There didn't seem to be as much light coming the canopy of trees. The leaves.. they were a sickening dull red, or could they be slowly turning br
  10. Listening intently on the words, the hunter would smile under the helm. Freyd was finding his own in this world, and that gave Hirru a bit of reprieve. There wasn't much the hunter really knew about the man, but he was happy to know that there was someone there for him. He nodded, seeing that the man was settling that talk for now. "Thought you were just as much a free spirit. Though, I guess I don't know any better. It may be more than I thought." Not to say that the hunter was probably the most grounded in his ways than anyone else. So far out of his way to work through the w
  11. "Excellent! We're out of that threat.." He would say while the two women would talk about their sneaky party member. It was odd that the guy was with them, but not during the combat. Even more so, he had not yet revealed himself. Did something happen to Bahr? He didn't know, but a quick search ping would definitely help him in that regard. Though, it seemed that Ariel was much faster on that part, as her tracking skill would point out that he had ventured out before them. "Tracking really does seem to help out more often than not." He would say before Ariel quickly stopped
  12. "With how our progression is going, maybe we'll see another quest in their line. Maybe then, we can see what she thinks then. Maybe, Ali would willingly meet with us himself." He would play upon the thoughts that the npcs were really getting their own thoughts, which the hunter was not seeing. He was goading those answers out of the thing controlling her actions. Hirru was learning more and more about the ways the world was built and how the artificial intelligences seemed to work. At least, he thought he was. Things were becoming slightly different with each passing month. Was som
  13. Through the shouts and clashes, there seemed to be a bit of understanding between everyone, at this point. Through some fancy foot work and even fancier spear arts, Ariel would seem to be coming out of her accuracy issues. Though, it did seem like something was switched out for it. Hirru was pretty sure it was something that she could only control, so he couldn't say anything on it. There was the issue of Mina's constantly being hit though. "Mina, hold still for a sec!" The hunter would call out as he still had to be within short to touching distance to his healing target. He re
  14. "I can sort of see where she's coming from. The monument does tell one who died, how, and by whom. By your explanation, it would probably read 'Wardege' Full Health Duel loss to Dazia', or something along those lines. Was that his name? Anyway, with that information alone, someone can easily assume the worst." Hirru had the same issue with another person that died by the exact same duel set, but the context of that was still unknown to him. Could it be just the same as Dazia's situation? Was this something like all the other player killers that he had met in the past? Was he hunti
  15. Dungeon Map used ( https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/21019-pp-pt-f7-never-had-a-friend-like-me/?do=findComment&comment=642959) The air around them seemed to ripple and change before them before the ground fell from beneath the hunter's feet. The grey and near lifeless visage of setting would change to something a bit more tinged in a sickly pale green. The room they fell into seemed to undulate and rumble before finally coming to a stand still when their feet touched the ground. The stones flooring still seemed to slightly give to their touch, but would come back to a solid feel of
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