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  1. The serpent was slowly coming down as both Freyd and his familiar were making their way through its unnatural visage. Strike by strike, the bosses many limbs were cut off, but more come back more mangled and distorted. There would be no end to the torment, would there? The cursed serpent would fly out in a rage as each attack would miss its mark. There was no hitting the wild and sporadic movements of the whispering shade. Still, it seemed to be preoccupied by the two of them. Cursed as it was, there was not much it could do against sheer power. So, what was the big deal? They have
  2. Events unfolded before the hunter. The moose had smashed Ariel out of existence, or was it more that she was sent away? He knew much better than some others that she would not run away from a fight like this. There are some fights.. ..you can't run from. The chilled air seemed to be getting more apparent, as the burning effect from Freyd's attack and the shattering effect from probably Mornings' attack combined. The protective hide of the creature seemed to be melting and cracking, but was reforming just as quickly. One could see the heat rise from it, as if the cold around was making it
  3. After dealing a major amount of damage to the creature, the demonic snake reared back from the impact. The hands flailing around as the recoil took them, but it would come back to form soon after. The cowl of the cobra slithering back into being, but it felt that something was more off. Was there always eyes there? Were the arms forming odd patterns to look like eyes? Hirru didn't want to stare at it, incase it had some weird cursing ability. He didn't want to be having more arms than he should, or whatever these curses give. Maybe he would become a undead skeleton? Would be kinda weir
  4. "Yeah, I would rather not.." He would reply to the possible hair like creatures that could be lurking around. The defeat of the creatures entwined also cleared out some of the obstacles around them. The stalactites and stalagmites seemed shaven away from the blows that Freyd had flared out against the entwined Utterances. There seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel, quite literally even. "I'll be.. better once we're out of here. Maybe.." Hirru responded to his companions inquiry to his health, though he was probably more talking about the hunter's lack of response. Th
  5. The loud thudding was all the hunter could hear, as Mina shouted out to them to move. He could not move so well in the end so instead of trudging through the pile, the hunter dug deep into the leaves. He didn't see what happened to Ariel, nor did it matter. All he knew was there was a giant something that was barreling towards them. The charge blew through the pile, as if it were nothing. Thankfully, the hunter was sprawled out on the bottom. The smaller the target, the better; he thought. The only thing that was left was a few things of leaves around him, but the fern in leaf pile stil
  6. The two players were long from finding anyone particular, as the winding maze of bark and crimson passed on before them. There were signs of storms in the distance, but nothing had reached them yet. Could it have been whatever the players call, as sound effect? The hunter could only ponder as his eyes were aglow a bright green. Search was constantly on now, as their search for the labyrinth entrance had come to an unexpected halt. Instead of continuing to find salvation, the two decided that it would be better to find their lost companions. Hacking through some rough undergrowth and
  7. They were gaining a foothold into the battle, now that the creature was becoming sluggish and tired. It probably isn't a sustained fighter, like most other. Ambush tactics, quick and easy are more along this creatures repertoire. Even so, it would not take the constant hits against it lightly. Sending out its tendrils towards the object that it thought was the attacking Ariel, the Mimic would instead find itself attacking a bush nearby. It was getting more and more wild in its attacks, but their trajectories were starting to become predictable. "Almost.." He would breath ou
  8. Until they could find Mina or Bahr, they were alone out here. Ariel was right. They had no choice, but to rely on each other. Past circumstances be damned. The mimic seemed to be stupefied, or more so becoming more sluggish. Was it the massive attack that Ariel had planted upon the creature? It did seem that it could still be suffering from the toxic venom from Ariel's weapon. It was probably all of that, and such that dazed the mimic, just enough, to get it to miss it's tentacle attacks. They seemed to be flailing about, without much direction anymore. Hirru could finally tak
  9. Hirru couldn't understand if the girl was just not very keen on using her skills, or if they didn't have the stealth skill at all. He had to rethink that for a second, as he remembered that he had an odd time finding her when they first.. "met". Could be the terrain, or something else, but there was no way that.. "Hey you! Shiny boi!" Oh boi, here we go. Four people seemed to jump out at him with the look of plebeians and outcasts. Rogues and thieves. They seemed to be working their way around him, surveying him. "What'sa guy like you doing in a place like this?" "You
  10. Hirru didn't know what any of that meant, and probably for the better. If it had anything to do with being in a giant mouth, or not, was still not what was on his mind. The Utterance that was left seemed to be stunned, no.. paralyzed by the excessive power that Freyd could enforce. It's twin had been removed from their connected self, as if a part of it was no longer there. It didn't know what to do. It would be much easier for the hunter to attack it now, if he could. He wished he could. "Probably wouldn't sound more off putting than anything we've heard before." Hirru too
  11. "That, or it took my luck when it smashed into me.." It seemed that the creature was much more than what they thought. Being so evasive, that Ariel's best attack couldn't hit it; or, it could very well be luck. He wouldn't really choose to say either way, as the world around them was a game. From what he remembered how Shield explained the everything: the world around them was based around code and numbers. Most of the information went over Hirru's head, but it pretty much summarized as variables that are characterized by numbers and letters. Roughly speaking, at least. Looking
  12. "I agree. We shouldn't be in here any longer than we need to be. Though, I do hope that you're joking about the teeth part." He said while dusting his shoulder from the point that Freyd had used him as a springboard. The hands were vanquished and the stair well seemed much less.. alive, or should the saying be 'more normal'. Their ascent would take them a few minutes, before an opening would bring the next obstacle into view. The open stagnant air that would be attributed to the 13th floor would fill the air, almost tantalizing them as the way out was before them. The only thing tha
  13. "Huh? Oh, now we wait. It takes half a day to summon again, but thanks to that little spyglass I used, it should only take a quarter of the time." He said while finding himself a place to sit while they waited. Taking a few things from his time with Koga, he figured that there would probably be some questions or other things. Nari was pretty level headed, or so it seemed. There were plenty of things that he could talk to her about. How things would be for the front, if she thought to join them. What it was like on the front? Were there ever challenges that nearly broke them..
  14. Hirru could only sigh in relief from the amount of health that he could recover for Ariel. There wasn't much he could take, but that was worrisome. There was quite a bit of issue with the damage properties of this mob compared to the amount that Ariel could deal out. The hunter could sense the ringing of a burst art activation, which would probably help a bit, but that still brought a slight reprieve, if she can hit it. So far, with a low power art, she was able to do nearly a fourth of it's health bar. Hirru was sure she had power near equivalent to most high DPS in the front, as she nor
  15. [[Note: Due to the post action required to reveal the Mimic. Ariel's attack has been nulled]] "Wha.." The hunter had figured that something had come crashing down upon him. He wasn't expecting a chest. He definitely wasn't expecting a mimic chest. Before he could do anything, Ariel was quick to warm him to stay down. There wasn't much else he could do, except flatten himself out more than he already was. Not long after did he feel the weight lift from him, before the slight force of wind that would come from the force of their blade, would blow past him. Did Ariel unsheathe th
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