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  1. "A war, huh.." The word was fairly familiar to the hunter, as he remembered quite a few floors that had residents fighting each other, in these so called 'wars'. The treants and the wood elves of the third floor, or at least they were on the third floor. The dark elves of the twenty third floor had seemingly been at war with the wood elves of that floor, which turned into the catastrophe that the players saw. There was so much that he had to relearn, as the issue of the 25th floor made things slightly different everywhere. Hirru had to reevaluate the lore of each floor again. He sigh
  2. "That, or something that's within the forest itself. It's odd that we have a peaceful floor that has something like this here." He pondered the matter, but the thought process would be heavily interrupted by a flying Jomei. He tumbled past Hirru, whom had only then registered the might that these creatures could do. How was it that he and Freyd had not had any issues like this? The obvious answer was Freyd's insane damage output, to which he could solo the dungeons, which the hunter was sure he had done before. Hirru wanted to build around something like that, but then.. Rushing
  3. "I don't know! These things look like people I should know, but I'm drawing a blank? Like an old memory!" The hunter exclaimed. "A very hazy memory.." These guys were going to be much more stronger than the others, as the dungeons always were. Though, it seemed that Jomei was still faster than them by a long shot. He weaved between them with a fair amount of grace. That left Hirru without many options. Area of Effect sword arts were great, but they ate energy at a crazy rate. Checking their status bars, the hunter saw that Hyperactive fell of Jomei. He still had a bit f
  4. Combat ended just as swiftly as it had started. The warriors that had been cut down had shattered like normal, but the fog didn't disappear. Instead, it seemed to be rolling much heavier around the inner workings of the rock formation. At closer look, the odd formation looked to be quite a bit more deliberate. The placements of certain rocks seem nearly symmetrical to another counterpart on the other side of the clearing. This must be part of the dungeon, the hunter thought to himself. "I guess the fog is a mob wall, and we have to fight through each layer. The boss is probably at t
  5. It seemed that sabers were definitely not for the AOE role. That, or was Jomei a Single Target Shifter? Before the hunter reverted his stats, he had the AOE shift with several others to cause more damage to multiple enemies. Although, it seemed to diminish their final burst damage, but that didn't matter much when they could kill everything in a few hits anyway. Those thoughts were not for now, though, as Jomei was taking several hits that were caused by the excessive movement that an AOE can cause. He felt his energy return to him thanks to the combination of enhancements that could
  6. Hirru was reminded of something that he watched quite some time ago. It was during the first few raids that he was a tactician for. He remembered that there were quite a few players out there that preferred evasion than armor. Freyd was a recent example of that, always having the hunter have some too, even though Hirru had the higher mitigation, without having the block skill or extra enhancements. It didn't matter much, when one didn't even get hit in the first place. This was even more evident during the last boss raid. Their mitigation didn't fully matter, and faster players were able
  7. He was about to take a step before Jomei mentioned only slightly what happened, presumably on the 24th boss raid. His foot stalled before moving onward. "Honestly, I didn't even know it got that bad. Hestia and Baldur only told me so much.." Hirru had heard that the 24th boss fight was rougher than anything due to quite a few people not showing up, mostly due to the infighting that his actions caused. Though, by Jomei's wording, there weren't that many to begin with. How many actually participated? Three teams? Two? Did they only do it with one..? The thoughts raced through t
  8. "Good to see you! You're welcome to whatever is out." The hunter would be fiddling with a few last minute things before being asked about his reasoning. "Huh? Well, I've been going around talking to everyone that was there.. that day. Seeing how they've been since then. Seeing what my actions had wrought." He said while securing his Paladin's Oath, the silver plate armor that he wore during the last raid. Although most of the preparation was mostly done through the equipment screen, Hirru had to make sure that the pauldron and bracer that was part of the left arm were taken
  9. A message reached the hunter within a fair amount of time. All others had also had things they needed to do, but Hirru still opened the next message. Jomei had messaged him back, and was willing to tag along. Hirru sighed in relief that he could finally do something action wise, although he wouldn't be doing much. Although, that may not be true in this situation. Dungeons have gotten much stronger than when he first started hunting for them. Now, they seemed to be tied to how strong the individual level were, instead of the floor's level. This meant that any dungeon that the hunter foun
  10. A Peaceful Floor's Mysteries What lies beneath the surface of every floor? A place of wonder and enchantment, perhaps? Untold perils and glory? Loads of treasure to be found? All of these reasons have brought many treasure hunters and many more to search out mysterious dungeons to seek out the great plunders within. Although, the trial for such gilded items has become an ever growing complication. Monsters run rampant within their dwellings, growing stronger with the strength of those that dare enter their domain. Though, with these every expanding areas, comes more need for hunter
  11. The danger wasn't immediate, but the sinking was pulling the ropes attached with it. He had to think fast, as he tried to use Shelob's fang, but shelob was a two handed weapon. Trying to use it with one hand was a bit harder to do, and the hunter didn't want to cut his hand off. Not again, at least. He figured that he could saw at the rope, but the line was starting to disappear into the dark frothing waters. He didn't have much time left for this. Just as another wave seemed to splash him in the face, he noticed that they were facing into the waves now. What was she doing? Would that
  12. Pushed out of the way by the guide, she seemed to take the helm like an expert. Immediately, she called out for the sails to be drawn back in, as if ordering the hunter to follow her commands, or else. He didn't understand as the situation was still dawning upon him. He had phased out of reality into his thoughts, which ended up leading them into a mess. As he peered towards the ropes to pull the sails back up, he noticed the sea was incredibly rough and waves seemed to be nearly clawing over the sides of the boat. He ran over to the rope, with each step splashing into water that had been
  13. Some time more had passed, and Hirru was starting to feel listless. There was nothing to do, except maintain course for whatever they were going to. At some point, the hunter looked back and noticed that they were surrounded by water. That shouldn't have been right, as the floor wasn't that big. He should still be able to see the main land mass. Was this all part of the quest? Many questions passed through his head, so much so that he missed something that the NPC was saying. Although, it wasn't much suggestion as she used to, it was now shouts? Warning? Snapping back to reality,
  14. "Could you tell me where we are going exactly? I feel we've been traveling for some time." It was true. Not counting the couple hours it took to get to the boat, it seemed that it was taking longer to get to the destination. Was it because he was the one steering the ship? No, the lady was the one that was telling him where to steer, and the strange seaweed or glistening rope would indicate things that needed to be used. It was a slow and meticulous encounter, as if he was being tested. Was this the challenge? "We are going to the Isle of Respite, Land of Hesperides. "I di
  15. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Extended Weight Limit - 10 SP Mod(s)/Addon(s)/Shift(s) Being Dropped: Large Pockets - 12 SP *why is this so huge?* SP Incurred Towards Limit: 22 SP SP Refunded: 22 SP (Jan. 28 used 22 SP - total refunded in 22 within 30 days) Cost: 22000
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