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  1. "Thanks.." As the green haired hunter had settled down, a feeling of anxiety about the feelings of the people towards him would fall away. Only to be replaced by the pressures of story telling, it would seem. Jomei had thrust the prompted question towards him about how he had known about Baldur. There were many interesting stories to tell, but Hirru guessed that he would start at the first encounter. "That was some time ago. Before I joined the front lines, about around the 16th or 17th floor had been unlocked. I used to have an old side business where I would post my 'Hunter fo
  2. Hirru watched one by one as each of his party members would make their way through the fiery trap. Nari seemed to pass through without much trouble at all. So too did Cro, as he seemed to skate on through. The only one that would not make it would be their resident stealth user, NIGHT, as they seemingly walked right into it. Was it that they didn't care for the amount of damage that it would probably be putting out? They just saw two mobs be completely destroyed by the jets of flame, but NIGHT was able to see that it was much less? Hirru was right to have her as a forward scout, but she
  3. It would seem that the hunter would get his answers sooner rather than later, as the young masked woman would be grinning from ear to ear as they seemed to partake in the Hor Dourves. Every so often the maiden would make heavy glances towards someone within the crowd. Without search, Hirru would have a hard time looking into who the woman was looking towards. Though, as the glances would get longer, the hunter could distinguish a specific group of players. There were quite a few different people in there, but what really got the hunter.. was that over 90% of that group were people that Hi
  4. With quick actions and precision that would give tells that everyone has had experience beyond their time, one of the Labyrinth's Sentinels had fallen. Having been cleaved through by the thinly bladed one, the second sentinel was thrown for a loop and drive to it's maker. Crystalline fractals would be it's only remaining form of the once metallic rock formation. The other one would not take this loss without causing some sort of discourse. It would come down swinging towards NIGHT, before it too would find itself breaking down into crystalline mesh. It seemed that Cro's last attack was mo
  5. There wasn't much in terms of action on the main deck itself. A few players were up here, but not much in terms of anything interesting or suspicious. He didn't want to be forcing any altercations with anything or anyone, so he kept the search skill off, just in case. Although, he was ready to switch out his entire attire into battle condition. His hands tensed up at the thought while looking up at the balloon-ish thing that was keeping this ship in the air. Their entire night was in the hands of something like that, huh? Hirru wasn't really feeling the ascetic and setting, even though t
  6. A sound of muffled foot steps could be heard from above. This was the norm for the once decent hunter, as he lived his days underneath the main dojo of his friend and mentor, Baldur. There could be a number of his students up there right now training. Heck, even Morg, Cro and Calrex would sometimes be found up there training. Though, this time it seemed like a single set of feet were walking towards the entrance to the basement. He didn't really mind the students coming in, as he had set a couple cabinets between him and the entrance. It wasn't until he felt a chill come down his spine t
  7. Hirru was glad to see that Nari had come as soon as she could. It was gonna be an ordeal, and he figured that it would be a good time to bond with those that he had not talked to before. This would be a fine way to break through his initial barrier, especially since Nari didn't know what happened before. This was his fresh slate. He would take the moment to try to make better bonds. He would smile as she asked about the work ahead, but then she seemed to revert to a simple greeting. "It's good to see you too, Nari. Meet anyone that you knew yet?" Hirru would then point slig
  8. "Huh?" Hirru wasn't sure what a 'Dickens' was, but left that to something that was from the outside world, and that he was talking about his current attire. The hunter looked down at his robes and thought they looked pretty up to par with everything for the season. He had seen enough people wearing the red versions to understand as much. "Oh this? I got it for a bargain from a tailor, at least after some business talk." He would grin before following Jomei up the stairs, where two faces awaited him. One was a recently familiar face, the scythe wielder, Nari-Lanreth. It woul
  9. Following his talk with Baldur, he figured that it would be good to follow his advice. The hunter walked his way down the hall, down a few steps, and followed a bridge over to the bathhouse where the onsen was staged. The place had a separate space for men and women, a formality for privacy. Hirru entered the men's area to find a room with a few low benches and small cupboards, with baskets to store ones clothes. This was rather redundant, as one could easily unequip their equipment and put them safely in their inventory. It was probably more for the ascetic than anything else. He c
  10. Note: Mob HP changed due to ... A LOT (3 extra dmg calc? / AOE specialist not added / Mit not calc / Phase should be active on second mob hit) missing from Cro's attack. Corrected in current stat. It seemed that the first wave of attacks was coming along swimmingly. Nari seemed to be perceptive of the hunter's words, as she started out with a Shatter Art. Weirdly enough, the move seemed much more powerful than a normal one. Was she a Tech user? This is definitely a great find, as he didn't know too many Tech users and would benefit from looking into her fighting style with it. NIGHT
  11. Shop Post: Traveling Flame Transaction Date: 01/06/23 Cost of Transaction: 640 Crafter's Profession: Appraiser Crafter's Rank: R5 Item Name: Lähmungsklinge Item Tier: 1 Item Type: Straight Sword Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Keen 2 / Paralyze 1 Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: Found ID: 181501 ID 212113 | LD 2 | Keen ID 212114 | LD 3 | Keen ID 212115 | LD 12 | Paralyze Item Description: A sword that seems to narrow ones focus, while stunning the oppo
  12. Breaking Bark 2 Yet another day upon the 11th floor. Another time to remember all of the ant hills that propagate the floor, and for the memories of Taft. The guild hall of the Knights of the Blood Oath still hangs there, as symbol of a time stood still. He could never go back. Not again. Not since the events of the 23rd floor, would he ever say that the crimson red was home. His home was now in the water covered island of Jacob's Ladder, and Baldur's Dojo. He truly wished that he didn't have to be here, but the need would weigh more. There was a single consumable that
  13. "Hmm?" The rune scribe had recently purchased a plethora of small time Tier 1 items, and was well on his way into start appraising them, when someone new came to the little wagon. He forgot where he was for a second before looking over the item. "A weapon, huh? Let me see what it has." Taking a gander at it, the slots would alight. Three in total, before the images would burn themselves in. It was something that all items have, but not much else. Simple runic creations, nothing more. "No charge for your first appraisal, but you'll have to pay for rerolls." He woul
  14. There was something that the merchant had taught the hunter during their long long stay together. That was the 'eye for a sale', that is. A keen sight to look into anything and everything that could be used for the greater good, or at least the good of the community. Those that wished to sell their items, especially ones at a much cheaper price than others. That's when this little place came upon the hunter's radar. Word from afar said that they were an alchemist that had accrued a simple living, but also seemed to sell some extra bits for a steal. Entering the shop, it seemed that t
  15. *achoo!*achoo!* A few sneezes would blow up from the hunter as he lay in the little bed that was afforded to him. Was he catching something, or was it that cold outside? He then had to remember that he was in a world that wouldn't all that. Getting up from the mass of sheets, Hirru saw that he had a message. Another party, it would seem. Maybe, Nari was able to get in touch with her people? They did say that they were going to make another gathering for people. It was rather lonely. The storage basement for the dojo was a decently spaced one, and there was a minor wall hiding
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