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Found 7 results

  1. The Dragon's Flame On the seventh floor, on a mountain just three quarters of an hour away from Nimbus, near the peak, there is a building halfway embedded in the mountain's wall, but it stands out enough to be noticed well, despite any snow that reaches to where it is. Inside, you find that the interior of the building is decorated with stone carvings of dragons and lit torches, the largish room divided by a counter, where you can often spot a small white frost dragon sleeping on it. On your side of the room, you can see the items for sale on display, as well as the pricing
  2. Griswold floor 9, the massive heat pounding down on him looking at the hot environment. Griswold enters it and sees it filled to the brim with all the tools he will need to forge. With just a pat on the chest with his fist "Perfect, Time to get to work" Looking at his shop Griswold takes inventory to make sure he isn't missing any equipment: » A Worn Down hammer on sitting on an Anvil, Griswold takes note saying "Ah look at the hunk of junk, it will do but ill need something better soon." » A pair of Mythril Pliers, made of a metal unknown by Griswold. » A Furnace with a circular
  3. «Welcome to the Blazing Typhoon» Here at the Blazing Typhoon, we will make the highest quality weaponry and armory you have ever seen! All these items have been created by the skilled blacksmith «Macradon». We are open for requests and will look onto your ordeal right away! Buy your Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 Heavy armor or Weapons here! The shop is finely set up with a main entrance made of a wooden door with an Open/Closed sign out front. There are windows on the walls towards the road so people can take a look without having to get inside the shop. On the insi
  4. Wild Rose Forge A small, brick building stands on the outskirts of town. A handful of tools line the wall, and the fire crackles merrily in the corner. It is a clean, cozy shop, and it is clear that a lot of love and care went into its creation. A wooden sign hangs above the door. In pink, cursive font, it reads "Wild Rose Forge." Level Six Blacksmith Experience/Materials: Here Daily Crafts: 7 [1] = Critical failure (Lose materials) [2] = Fail (Lose materials) [3-5] = Salvage (Keep materials on LD 11+) [6-9] = Uncommon item (1 slot) [10-11] = Rare it
  5. The Royal Forge A place where only a king would step foot into...except there are no kings and I (the blacksmith) am not that picky about who purchases from me or anything like that. Typically i make weapons and armor based on royal statuses like Dukes, Barons, Kings, Lords, you name it In Stock: (Prices on all Items are negotiable) Armors: Tier 1 Armor vvv Tier 1 Weapons vvv Tier 2 Armor vvv Tier 2 Weapons vvv Tier 3 Items coming soon Tier 3 Armor T
  6. ✯The Molten Blades✯ How it was made A general ran down forage that Kosan went into, wanting to fix it up and make his own. Cobwebs mostly everywhere and dust bunnies. Though when he went into the forage, he saw in his head a new and amazing shop as he continued to fix it up and put anvils in it along with making it new and amazing. stands in the corners and walls of the shop to hang up some buy able items. You can generally get a good idea as of currently. On the outside, it looks a bit stonish with small bricks of stone here and there that build up to the conclusion of
  7. Nestled in Fortaleza on the fifth floor of Aincrad lies a humble smithy. "Forged by the Sun", the wooden sign hangs above the doorway suspended by thin chains. Upon entering, the forge looks simple but a player will find wares placed carefully on display. The violet-haired blacksmith behind the counter, though quiet and seemingly unapproachable, is always hard at work between attempting new crafts and keeping everything in order. [Blacksmith Info] Rank 8 - Master Blacksmith EXP: 1974/5120 Crafts Per Day: 9 Crafting Reset: 12:00:00 AM PST Items Types Available: Weapons | Shields | Heavy
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