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  1. "Thanks but no thanks. Im probably just going to embarrass myself just like i did at the meeting and its probably not worth the time. I just kinda wanted to try and come back to the front lines but seeing how organized you guys are already kinda makes me feel i shouldnt have even some and gotten involved. I will say good luck to you all and that i hope you make it out just fine. Cant wait to be another step to beating this stupid game and getting back to the real world where im still a nobody, but a nobody that his family care for. See ya later" I said to @Hestia without much hesitation in bet
  2. Taking another Hiatus. Might still participate in boss fight might not.

  3. It was a last minute decision for myself but someone had to put the KoC back on the grid especially in the front line. I joined the group of people with my arm resting on my katana as i listened to them chat among themselves. Not trying to be ignored but also trying not to be noticed at the same time. I sent a message to Neo and Hikoru whom i could see from the back of the group letting them know that i had shown up. I was a little nervous at the same time. I wanted to make the guild proud but i didn't want to die so i brought a teleport crystal in case something went awry. I looked over the c
  4. I stepped into the shop after receiving the message from Hei i made my way to his shop to pick up the items i ordered. I stepped in to the slightly familiar atmosphere and walked up to the counter to use the pick up ability. "Thanks for the hard work my friend, I'll make sure to give you commendations. Not only does the armor look excellent but the service time was phenomenal" I said to him as i took my item from the inbox. I examined it thoroughly just to make sure it was the product i had asked for. I opened the stats page and it was exactly as ordered. I thanked him once again and lef
  5. I yawned as i walked across town. I knew i shouldn't have stayed up all night running around town looking for people to make me things. I can make things for myself i guess. I opened my shop doors and Dante the wolf lifted his head and barked. "Hows it going boy, i just stopped in to do some crafting, then im heading out to the fields in order to get more crafting materials. gotta make money some how right?" I spoke to an animal that does not understand nor respond back he just looked at me for a little bit before laying back down as i started up the ovens for a few moments. (2 Unc
  6. I entered the shop and was immediately blasted with the smell of cinnamon. "Well at least is smells better than the forge" i said approaching the counter to see the lovely maiden in her gorgeous outfit. "Hey Symphony hows the shop business treating you? "I have a request fo you if you don't mind. I need a perfect crafted belt for the ninja gi i put together last week. If i hand you like 10 or 15 materials do you think you can put a some evasive properties on it?" I asked her very gently "And if you can customize the name, just name it something like Ninja Obi, thatll be fine. If you
  7. I stepped into the shop looking around mostly but not finding anything i wanted or needed. I noticed that there was a request form but it required a certain amount of materials for the item i was looking for. "Excuse me young tailor i was wondering if i might be able to pay you in my remaining 7 materials but also give you a sum of col in order to make some armor for me" i asked him hoping he would accept said request. I filled out the form just in case he was willing to accept my transaction @Hei
  8. It was another very early morning for me but maybe the early morning but maybe that was a good thing, i think that maybe the best time for me to craft is early in the morning. I entered the shop from the back door as usual so no one thought the shop was open yet. I turned up the heat and set out all the tools i needed for the days crafting. Once the ores were heated i brought the hammer out and began to craft my items. 114265 6 + 1 = 7 Uncommon T2 Armor +3 EXP 114264 9 + 1 = 10 Rare T2 Shield +5 EXP 114263 7 + 1 = 8 Uncommon T2 Armor + 3EXP 114262 4 + 1 = 5 Salvage (fail L
  9. What a great day to start crafting once again, seeing as the last couple of days have gone pretty good so far, i wonder what other creations i could make. "This might be the finest day for a walk but id rather spent it inside at the shop because i need to prepared Sharks armor and shield." I said to myself as i turned up the fire on the oven and began to melt the first ore. ID# 114173 CD = 7 + 1 = 8 Uncommon Craft +3 EXP ID# 114175 CD = 6 + 1 = 7 Uncommon Craft +3 EXP ID# 114176 CD = 3 + 1 = 4 Salvage LD = 2 Fail + 2 EXP ID# 114177 CD = 5 + 1 = 6 Salvage LD = 1 Fail +
  10. It was very early in the morning and i couldnt seem to sleep. I wondered over to the shop and began to fire up the heating mechanism. "Theres nothing wrong with a little extra work for a little extra sleep" i spoke to myself "Maybe if a sweat a little more ill be able to sleep, besides tomorrow is going to be extremely busy so i might as well do the work sooner rather than later." ID# 114092 CD = 12 Perfect craft (-1 Material) +8 EXP ID# 114093 CD = 2 + 1 = 3 fail (- 1 Material) +1 EXP ID# 114094 CD = 8 + 1 = 9 Uncommon (-1 Material) +3 EXP ID# 114095 CD = 4 + 1 = 5 A
  11. Today was a bright sunny day so i knew something was going to happen with me today. I went down to the shop this morning after a good nights rest and i fired up the smelting oven and took one of my tier two materials and placed it inside of the forge to heat it. After pulling it out i began to pound it out into the shape that I wanted it to be. I was to be a katana for me to use in all upcoming battle ready for major usage. I was ready for it, i envisioned its shape and size in my brain and i began to hammer the ingot. ID# 114046 CD = 12 Perfect Craft (- 1 Material) +8 EXP ID# 114048
  12. I returned to the old forge here on floor 9. It was dusty but nothing a little light clean-up couldn't handle. I unlocked the door and at the chime of the bell i heard a barking. It was my little boy Dante whom had come to greet me. "Hey there boy, sorry for my lack of presence, luckily i installed a dog door for you to come and go as you need. I promise im back for goo this time." I spoke to him and petted him with all of the good pets. I patted his head and went to the shop with him in tow. I began to clean. After about an hour or so the dust had settled and everything that could
  13. Item re-evaluated "Hammer of the Forge: Hephaestus" no longer exists it has instead been replace with Crusader Captains Blade Quality: Perfect Enchantment: +3 damage Item: T1 Perfect One-handed Straight Sword Description: Once upon a time during a major religious war over the holy land. One famous captain once wielded this blade and slew many enemies with it. I mean he also died during the battle but his swords design was kept in writing.
  14. Item no longer exists please change to
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