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  1. She just stares at this man and just listens to him talk taking in his words and trying to connect the ringing bells within her mind to try and understand where she had met this person as a flash of recognition flashes within her eyes remembering that small detail. Wait you're that guy that disappeared on me during that floor ten quest. Where did you go! She says shouting a little bit near the end as she crosses her arms at her chest and shifts her weight to rest upon her right leg causing her entire stance to noticeably tilt to the side with her other leg having her foot be at a 90 degree ang
  2. She continue moving forward with her gaze fixed to just stare in front of her as she pondered her self given question thinking back to how the fights have been going for the frontlines of the recent raids that they had to deal with. A slight frown appearing on her face when thinking on that with everything feeling like a rather close failure and the bosses seemingly getting more complex in their design to challenge the players that face them to compensate for people like herself and Calrex who show up to fight in them. 'Though from the fact i still know Zandra is alive along with Morgenstern d
  3. A soft sigh escaped the lips of a raven haired girl as she steps up onto the settlement of the eighth floor away from the teleportation pad that takes people from floor to floor as her gaze went along the multitude of trees that make up the floor. She slowly stepped off and made her way towards the direction of the nearest quest board having heard there was a new series of quests that was released, and more importantly to her one that allowed her to become a better tank to those who would need it. The girl walking having a black t-shirt and long black pants with her familiar at her side walkin
  4. I enter the shop having received the ping that the raid buffs were as per my order with a surprising swiftness that i am frankly not certain how to accept since no other crafters had been that swift except for macradon when it had come down to making armor for myself. 'Well i guess some people just like that feeling of doing a good job, or maybe he just likes cooking that much that he just does it for fun and had things already on hand?' i think to myself with a small smile upon my face at the thought as i make my way over towards the counter and once more shout the name of the owner. Hey osc
  5. I walk into the shop and find myself rather surprised at how different the outside is from inside with how clean everything is within it. Compared to the outside that looks like a abandoned dump in the worst part of the town, the inside is something that i could only think would belong in something like a 1980 or 1990s teen movie. The old style eateries they showed in the movies where the main cast of characters would go to the local "diner" to grab a bite of food while saying exposition to the film. Walking over towards the counter i shout out. Hey is anybody here! Once the owner would step o
  6. She winces a bit as the next torch that she had lit had caused a rather explosive effect for a lack of a better term that she could come up with and thus caused many difficulties for those around her. A soft sigh as she just shakes her head trying to focus on the moment as she goes to the last light learning her lesson from the last light that if lighting more of these things causes more thing to occur she would delay activating the third light as she glances towards her party's hp values and sees them being rather healthy for the most part even after every hit they have all collectively taken
  7. She just smiles a bit watching the shadow decide to not hit her for the sole reason it'll make this go by much faster since she an just focus upon healing those that get hit rather then take a hit herself when it'll come down to it. 'Maybe i'll invest in light armor someday, or more so get rid of healing if i am thinking that in the first place.' A small chuckle escaping her lips at such a thought before moving towards the second unlit brazier as she quickly uses the vanity curved sword and shield to create sparks igniting the object finally and letting in more light into the this dark arena a
  8. She just stood there wondering what she is meant to do next since seemingly everything she has done has been rather pointless so far in terms of getting the lights to ignite with rather minimal effects seemingly compared to the others. She can't even tank a hit all the time like she would prefer to do against this kind of boss since she felt the hits that collided against her armor the impact being stronger then anything she is use to. 'It's even worse then the leviathan's wave attack it feels like and that was a actual floor boss. What is this thing made out of? Could we even realistically le
  9. She glances towards the side and sees Macradon get pelted by a hard hit from the boss knocking away a bit of his health as she can only just nod her head to accept the loss of that as she turns and continues to try and light this stupid thing to try and progress through this fight as steadily as one can with how slow moving it is. Though it seems her attempt still leaves it wanting as it refuses to light with as little luck as she could get with it before a frustrated sigh escapes her lips as the tank girl can only just once more turn back to the boss and prepare for another attack that might
  10. She looks towards the figure that moves like something of a gaseous being not one made of flesh and blood, but made entirely and made from the shadows itself not something one could easily hit. Feeling the air shift beside her head she can only catch the glimpse of the shadow immortal being go for a strike and then swiftly retreat as she just grins finding herself both rather lucky and ready to light up the entire place as well when she sees zandra move into action as well. Well i guess you can't be that much of a good marksman if you couldn't hit somebody whose a tank. Better luck next time.
  11. A cold wave of dread crashed over the tank of the group as two simple words sets in upon this figure that they were meant to win against, or they were meant to survive against as a floor boss. The phrase immortal objects rings within Hestia's mind as she realizes that means one of two things for what is about to play out as her mind races with possibilities before having them quickly silenced with a strike against her from this figure that knocked the minotaur and then herself around like a ragdoll. A loud thud follows as she slams into the wall her head meeting stone as her world blurs and he
  12. The cold air the falling snow and the lively energy of a winter side town quickly fades away with the command word as it gets replaced with a totally different environment. The skies goes from blue with some clouds in the sky to a dark overcast of ash with a orange tint to the smog cloud like ash. The cooling cold that chills to the bone turning into a scorching heat as she quickly unequips the winter clothing she was wearing. Replacing it once more with a T-shirt and shorts as she also equips her armor. (Will continue this later)
  13. I smile seeing that the creature just barely survived the attacks of all of the players and knowing that means the next time that baldur or somebody else attacks the dragon will finally die and they can then move onto the floor boss to get an idea of what it would be capable of against them all. When the attack came from the dragon once more i raise my shield towards the side seeing the dragon go for the bite as i feel the force of the jaw clamp down against my shield and my back crushing slightly only for it to as swiftly as it came to end as well. The crushing force having just stopped and j
  14. Seeing the dragon prepare its breathe weapon I just take a calming breathe and prepare for what I am going to assume won’t be that much damage compared to other labyrinth guardians. Hearing the flapping of the wings followed by the intensity of fire all around I just grit my teeth and close my eyes as tight as possible as the attack hits my fully armored form. I just grip my shield tightly even as it heats up to become hotter and hotter along with the heavy metallic armor. The only respite being the slight cool sensation of snow frost that isn’t protecting me from the fiery barrage of a drago
  15. I watch as the dragon takes up to the air once more as I shake my head as I quickly check to see how the ballista going. And see the sight of the two DPS players struggling with it as I just nod my head as I activate the next support skill in my arsenal. Activating the skill as I place my hands near my party a hexagonal barrier surrounds everyone for a brief moment then disappears as I nod my head. “Okay I used barrier everyone! That should cover us for at least whatever is about to come next. Just hit the deck and prepare for whatever is about to happen” I say as I just lift my shield up to f
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