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  1. She would tilt her head when hearing of the first thing of what he could remember the idea of dying to a boar being rather foreign to the girl who hadn't experienced that time where the game was that difficult. Who had been from the sounds of it lucky enough to be apart of it where things got easier over time and especially to at least herself in regards to being able to tank any hit that would come at her. She would listen to Hirru's story just nodding her head and being there for him not interrupting once herself able to remember most of the names that got said with the only exception being
  2. She would gaze towards the hunter just sadness in her own blue colored gaze able to tell that this is hard for the man before her to grapple with these revelations. Closing her eyes to focus her thoughts down she would think on what was said to help her say something besides just standing there awkwardly unable to say anything from that. After a few moments of silence with herself and letting her mind collect itself she would open her eyes once more to meet the worried gaze of her companion. I don't think you're crazy, but i do find this confusing i can't deny that. It's not impossible either,
  3. She would smile when seeing the completion screen since it meant that the quest was over she would give her familiar one last small kiss upon the top of his head as she would rise to her feet stretching a bit and looking towards Hirru about to say something. Though she instead finds the man meditating, and as she looks around the field she can't help but find that if this wasn't a place where people could get killed it would serve as a wonderful area where people could just paint here. She would wait patiently for the hunter to finish his meditation as she would open up the skill menu not want
  4. As much as she wish the fight would be over she would turn her attention back towards the floral lion as it regenerates a bit more hp once more before charging towards the raven haired tank. A sigh escapes her lips as she braces for a possible floral trap while raising her shield to impact against the paw of the lion causing it to growl once more in anger at my defiance while scratching against my armor once more dealing a small amount of damage that gets healed over. Taking a quick few steps back she would glance towards Hirru and just give him a reassuring smile hoping that he can finish off
  5. Weightlessness into the harshness of gravity is what greets her as she falls upon the ground letting out a grunt of pain having not been prepared for the mane to be destroyed by the hunter. She gazes up towards him while getting up to her feet slowly as she sends a quick glance towards the floral lion who is reeling back in pain seemingly unable to get a good grip on reality of the two fighters. Seemingly much more preoccupied dealing and tending to its wounds now. So i either have the worst luck in the world, or this thing gets really strong the lower its hp is if that was anything to go by.
  6. She would just push against the floral mane feeling it try to tighten around her as if suffocating her the sharp teeth digging deeper in the process as she takes deep breathes trying to remain as calm as she can manage in this situation. 'Okay Hestia you are trapped and this thing is only tightening it's grip upon you. Just try to heal through it that is your only hope right now while waiting for Hirru to break me out of this somehow.' She would fool the mane loosen ever so slightly allowing her to see a bit of sunlight that feels blinding from having been encased in pure darkness, but her fre
  7. She would gaze towards the lion who would then look towards her with a growl in its throat as the energy from the sun seemingly changes the flower to gain teeth all along the petals as it would lunge at her. The tank would raise her shield with a grin upon her face expecting another claw strike, or maybe at worst a attack from the teeth being fired at her, but much to her surprise it was neither but instead herself being encased in these teeth as they would dig into her armor and lift her off the ground. Leaving the tank face to maw of the lion as it roars at her while having her encased in it
  8. She gazes towards the hunter and just looks at him with sad sympathetic eyes not knowing how he must feel about this since it was completely outside the realm of her understanding to know how he must be feeling due to all of the chaos within his mind and life. Though she can't help but notice the team mentioned and with that she grimaces remembering even if vaguely that shield and baldur didn't agree with Hirru's action during the floor boss and thus probably didn't give it to him easy or as gently as they could have possibly. Though she does catch the second part as she can remember a quest t
  9. She would grin feeling a bit victorious due to the damage that gets inflicted upon the lion meaning that they were very close to ending this fight and making their way back towards the town, or maybe even the end of the day depending on how the emerald hunter feels about it. When hearing his words following the attack she would remain silent the entire time not wishing to interrupt him or his thought process since she could tell from his word choice and as he went on she further reinforced that decision from hearing his voice the way it trembled, and she couldn't tell if it was out of confusio
  10. She would nod towards Hirru while keeping her gaze locked firmly upon the lion unable to help but keep her guard up the entire while since she can't be certain that the beast doesn't have some way to escape the stunning effects of the strike. She would see the floral beast still receive the sun's healing energy not swapping to the powered boost and letting her know that the beast probably only swaps when it can act not just as a passive effect. Though she does find it interesting that dps people now have to rotate attacks instead of just using your strongest attack possible for every round, bu
  11. I'm glad that you got it because i'm kinda just having to let it do whatever it wants i don't really have any damage to back up most of my bark, so it's all up to you to kill this thing and my thorns. Beyond that i am more so a sustain kinda tank due to healing. She says with a slight shrug of her shoulders watching as the flower mane lion refocuses itself upon her letting out a growl as its mane still charges with solar energy preparing for another boosted attack as the might beast barrels at her swiping at her with its claws. The sound of the beast's claws scraping against metal followed by
  12. Speed or luck she can't say for certain which is playing a factor in this fight, but she can only hope to come out on top and win against the Ki'Raon even if Hirru is missing his attacks against the elusive target that he is aiming for. Keeping her gaze firmly locked upon the tiger she would get a bit lower to the ground getting ready for another attack as she watches the lion's mane glow with energy as it lets out another roar that is most definitely louder. Keeping in mind the new cooldowns she lets out another warcry activating regular howl aiming it towards the lion as she can only hope sh
  13. As they travel towards the sun lit fields of the floor she listens to Hirru and nods her head a bit thinking on what was said finding herself stunned a bit since she had not really thought about all the new players that would be coming to the frontlines. Though based on the last event she was apart of, the halloween event, she can't help but think of the few people who might be added rather then the possibility of the plenty that could arrive. Only being able to think of a few individuals that she can think of that might be able to come in full force towards the frontlines, and being reminded
  14. She nods listening to Hirru and once more adding to her mental list of information she has to write down later now having details to add about the floor nineteen floor boss that she hasn't heard any details about from people. Though from the sounds of it their was probably a reason people didn't like talking about it if it did have this humongous mitigation stat. Maybe there will be an event for the rest of these talos that are in hiding. It'd probably give these people something to fight for and hope for if an event could change this floor possibly. Though you might be right that we'd have to
  15. She would smile a bit hearing Hirru's response glad that someone else took a interest to this game's story besides herself. She chuckles a bit hearing the last bit that was like a whisper that had come from him. I'm kinda surprised there was paralysis on the fifth floor if it was as bad as you made it out to be if that haunted look on your face is any indication. I have never really seen any paralysis from that floor back when i was doing quests, but i also never really did sub-dungeons either so i guess there was lots of room to explore more of each floor to see if there was any hidden gems a
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