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  1. Kimi took a look at the items she just received and said, "There is something you can do for me, I got some items i want to sell that i won't be needing anymore so if you're willing to take them off my hands that would be great." She said while going through her inventory to bring some things out. "Ohh, and also i'd like to get one more golden Key too." It really helps having one. Kimi proceeded to take out some items from her inventory and leaving some of the identified items on the counter while putting the items she want in her inventory.
  2. Kimi came back to the familiar shop that she so eagerly goes to for her identification of her loot. "Hello~ Its me again." Kimi said walking in. "I have quite a lot of things that i need to be identified if you don't mind. I've been holding on to these for some time." She said as she made her way to the counter. Kimi proceeded to take out a lot of items that shes been holding on to and placed them on the counter. "Could you please check these for me." OCC: so 800 to you & 3,200 to banker -Equipment -Food
  3. House Name: Kimi's Estate Location: 8th Floor in Florenthia Description: A large mansion that lines the major river flowing through Florenthia. Though it has been abandoned for an unknown amount of time there has been signs of it being taken care of. Even at night the lights inside the beautiful estate glow with life and brighten the stone roads out by the river. The house is of Old English style, but with vines climbing the walls. The interiors of the estate match its exterior are rather simple in design, but hold a strange luxurious feel to it. As Kimi moved in she thought this wo
  4. Kimi walked though the now familiar store that she visits from time to time, but for now however she had some business to make. As she entered Kimi noticed that the store has undergone quite a few changed. There were not more materials available and some unique items that might catch someones eye, of course for a price that is. Kimi took a nice took around examining all the new and different wears that weren't there last time she visited. "Best not get distracted" Kimi thought to herself as she pulled away from one of the unique display cases, and made her way towards the counter. There she ca
  5. "That's perfect!" She exclaimed "I didn't think my first perfect i found would be very handy." As she made her way to the exit saying her farewells Kimi took the armor happily and switched out of her old armor. "I'm not to sure of what to do with this, but i heard merchants buy these stuff. Can i sell them to you?" She said staring at her old armor then glancing back at Shield. "I also have other things that i don't need. I just happened to come across these as i was looking for some materials to use for crafting." Kimi closed the door and made her way back inside. She opened her inventory and
  6. As Kimi was traveling around looking for someone to identify some of her things she remembered she came by a nice store on the 5th floor which did exactly that. She then began making her way back to the store that was mysteriously placed on a plateau. "Hello?" Kimi said as she entered this mansion of a store once again. She walked up to the counter which had a sign that offered to identify her things for a fee of course. "Could you please identify this for me?" As she slide a Perfect T1 Heavy armor on the counter. As she glanced around she noticed some golden keys in a nearby display with a la
  7. While strolling through the 5th floor looking for some materials and maybe someone to party up with. Kimi found a building not to far from where she was. Out of curiosity she went to check it out. Maybe this was a place for people to rest, and right now she could use some. As she made her way up to the building she spotted a sign "Everyday Miracles". "Theres a store all the way up here" Kimi thought as she neared closer to the building. The one thing that was a miracle as how a store way up here managed to make it so far away from big settlements. Anyways she went in to have a look. "Hell
  8. Anyone wanna do the quest "Long Live the Queen" with me?

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    Profile Username: Kimi Real name: Heiloa, Kimiya Age: 17 Gender: Female Height: 5'4" About: History/personality Kimiya is your typical quiet and shy girl, until you meet her online. Behind the screen this reserved girl takes up a whole new persona. Always trying to get attention and trying to taking up leader roles. Even though she has this new persona at times, she could get caught off guard and her shyness would take over. At times like this when she gets caught in the wrong, she tries to play off her mistakes with the "I knew that" while clearly being in denial o
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