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  1. "Every quest?" Alkor asked skeptically. "You absolute madlad. How do you even have fun anymore with nothing left to do?" He drew his blade as they entered the arena, and spun it expertly into a ready position as ChaseR moved to engage. The man looked a bit put out as the crowd roared its excitement and the world decreed their fate in Piasuhon's... hooves. By the time they traded failures, the blue haired boy and the massive beast were separated by a decent distance, but its eyes were focused on him. Hit it. Go. "You got it," Alkor spoke quickly as he readied his weapon and race
  2. "Mmmmm..." Alkor had absolutely no experience with love and feelings in a romantic sense whatsoever. Those sorts of things were probably beyond the scope of his ability to advise on, but what he did have plenty of experience in was bad encounters and being hurt. He'd also learned the importance of knowing his own limits, and learning when to take a step back. That was what she was doing now, wasn't it? She took the space she needed, and now she was sorting through her thoughts. When she laid them out plain, he started to piece things together a bit better. "At that point, you've got a con
  3. "Yeah," he agreed with that. Lifetimes was definitely the word for it. It felt like he was another person from the one who met Lessa originally. Almost as if he had died there, in the flames on floor nine, and been reborn as something else entirely. Something new. "It does feel that way." It would have been clichéd to say 'I'm not the same person I was,' so he didn't. The truth was that layers had stripped away, first the facade of Alkor that he'd created, then the failed mindset that had done him no favors in the real world or any place else. Now, he was almost like a child fumbling arou
  4. He had expected more. Of course he had. When they talked about the dangerous field bosses in Aincrad, this guy tore apart the eighth floor on the regular. Compared to lower floor enemies, he was supposed to be a challenge for a group. In two strokes and without even losing a single health, the two Players had bested it. Disappointment robbed him of the high he actually wanted to feel as he shoved his curved sword back into its sheath. "Well, that was kind of a letdown," he agreed with her sentiment. That really was it. "But hey, alls well that ends well, I guess. We still get the exp
  5. "Good job, Princess!" he called out to her jokingly as he sank into his combat ready stance. With his blade ready, he waited for the precise moment when Lessa's howl drew the King's ire and began to channel his Sword Art. A good damage dealer knew how to time these things- the tank couldn't keep up if they fell behind. That was a fact of life. Even the best tanks in MMO games couldn't hope to keep a handle on an over-aggressive damage dealer. Alkor had worked with all kinds; and he learned from old mistakes. "Now," he said, once the beast went hurtling toward Lessa, "I'll show you what I've go
  6. Ex-fiancé. So he was right, she was talking about a relationship issue. Alkor looked out over the water without any change in expression, enjoying the breeze. The seasons in Aincrad changed, even on floors like this. It was cooler in the night than the day, but the breeze was far from cold. Summer had come and gone, and now they were in as bitter a Winter as Floor 24 could muster. Just like home. The line blurred once more. "You won't be too surprised to find a lot of overlap," he explained, "or shouldn't at least. The earliest known belief systems sought to explain the things beyond thei
  7. "Maybe you should then," he said encouragingly, "make it your goal once you're out of here, put all your focus into studying it and making a career out of it. Give yourself something to look forward to," he said as he considered his own dream. Much smaller, much less significant, but still valid to him personally. Everyone held on for different reasons, all their own. When she stopped herself, she was talking about planning something. Her and someone else's... wedding? It almost sounded like that, but he didn't want to make any assumptions. Instead, he spared a long glance toward the woma
  8. People had made fun of her accent? He blinked slowly, then realized that she had probably learned to hide it. The practice suddenly didn't seem as uncommon as he used to think it was. He didn't ask, because people who felt that way generally weren't inclined to talk too much about the origins of those feelings. He completely understood it, though. Growing up in the American South, the accent that was prevalent a hundred years ago had been relegated to significance of racism and systemic hatred. Now everyone bleached the way they spoke in the community where he grew up. "Yeah," he spoke softly
  9. "Suffer? You make it sound like being around you is just a chore," he said as he leaned back against the mass of rocks where he'd originally taken shelter. "As far as I'm concerned, I haven't had any reason to feel that way about it." It could have been a been-confidence issue. Noctua had claimed to be a shy person, all told. He wouldn't read that far into it, since this was the first time they had met. "I've never really been the type to talk about my own problems, either," he explained, "or at all, honestly. It just kind of... happens." There wasn't a good way to describe progression on
  10. It was funny how often people did end up repeating mistakes that happened in the past. For all the Val that they saw in historical evidence and content, they seldom utilized the knowledge for their own benefit. Progress that wiped away the past was favorable to tradition when the two came to blows. It felt like the woman sitting near him now knew that, or at least, sympathized with it. He had to laugh to himself at the words she chose though. 'The Smart,' huh? "Not even the smart ones seem to learn," he said quietly as he stared down at the endless grains of sand that sifted into the tide
  11. Alkor smiled when she said that. There weren't many people who related things back to ancient history, or to the seemingly unimportant, fictional deties, creatures, and people that the people in those civilizations used to explain or justify things beyond their understanding. At least, he hadn't met many of then in Aincrad. "Exactly like that," Alkor agreed emphatically. Just like the sea contained memory from everything it touched, written and oral history kept pieces of all the people that influenced it. Children's stories and urban legend alike transcended over time into folklore. God
  12. "Sup, fellas?" Alkor asked as the others arrived, smiling in earnest. He offered a fistbump to Chase, who he hadn't seen in the longest time, and gave Koga a thumbs up in response to his query. "Well, like Chase said, there's a pretty mean looking Rhino inside just waiting for us to beat on it," he said. "Figured since I'm still pretty frustrated about some things, I could use some violence. Thought you might feel inclined to the same." He turned his attention toward the blue haired player and nodded. "Yeah, honestly, I figured you'd be one of the best people to call. You're usually prett
  13. "Yeah, that doesn't fill me with confidence," Alkor muttered under his breath as they turned away from Koga. He wasn't sure how physics worked in this world, but in the real one, when you fell from a great height and hit water it wasn't much different from hitting concrete. Combined with the fact that he generally thought this was an awful idea, he walked alongside NIGHT toward the Teleporter in town. They hadn't gone too far when he spoke up. "I don't really like this," he said plainly. Alkor wasn't often blunt with his thoughts like that, but this situation could have been prevented. Th
  14. Alkor landed on his toes from the last attack, crouched low as Setsuna rushed through and smashed the Lich, such that it was unable to eat the remaining Warrior. Without hesitation, the dark swordsman slipped between the two enemies and turned a corkscrew in the air, tight to the ground. His attack launched quickly, before either creature could move. With a powerful screech, the Lich shimmered faintly before exploding. Alkor landed on one knee, blade out to his side. After a moment, he settled back into a standing position, wavering slightly as he turned to find Setsuna, sheathing his bla
  15. "Just like me, then," he said quietly when she mentioned that the Ocean felt like home. The sound of waves crashing against the shoreline was among the few greatest forms of catharsis he could imagine. He recalled his grandmother telling him about the healing properties of salt water, and how her mother would stand waist deep in the sea and let the water flow into open cuts or scrapes. It sounded painful when he thought about it, but somehow, almost the same as what he was doing now. The same as both of them were doing, really. Without hearing her reasons, he gleaned her purpose from her
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