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  1. "Kochira koso, yoroshiku onegaishimasu." For someone with a laid back attitude, his linguistics mirrored a more cultured, respectful upbringing. It was an odd dichotomy. He watched as Hikoru left them to their business and once he was gone, Ariel set about her work immediately. Business as usual, and for Alkor, that suited him just fine. When she pulled the map data, he glanced it over thoughtfully. Not much had changed about the topography, but it felt like other things were in flux. At one time, there was no danger from the Gryphon unless its nest was disturbed; but now, it seemed that
  2. "Waruikedo, ano otokowa sono yōna kotode yoku shirarete imasu." Alkor's lips peeled up in a slight smile. For a Japanese person, blonde hair was general seen as symbolic of rebellion or delinquency. Since she spoke the language, and they were in a predominantly Japanese game, it was probably safe to assume she was either fluent or a native speaker; and if the latter, then they had at least one cultural faux pas in common. Because of that, he felt no real need to apologize for not initially introducing himself. He glanced back toward the waitstaff, who hurried a refill to his cup as he added, "
  3. His gaze moved sideways toward the woman Hikoru indicated, and he watched as she quickly recovered from her blunder. Unintentional movements were rare among the stronger Players in Aincrad. It meant something had caught her off guard. Alkor couldn't tell by looking at her just how powerful she was, but he could hazard a guess. If Hikoru knew who she was, she was probably one of the Frontliners. "Loud and clear," he said as he stood up. "Then at this point, the conversation is much better served if we just include her, right?" he questioned. "Yeah," the Broker shrugged. "Just needed
  4. "Honestly, I'm a little disappointed," Alkor said quietly. "Of all the people I know, he was the least likely to succumb to depression. Or at least, that's how he always seemed. Maybe it's true what they say, that the people who smile brightest are the ones with the most to hide." Their personalities were like fire and ice. All the time they knew each other, Evan ran counter to virtually everything Thom stood for. Quiet, level headed, and focused versus loud, hot tempered, and erratic. Both of them were good, both at different things. The main thing that kept them glued together was that they
  5. Perspective: Alkor, at the Monument As Corvo left, Alkor turned back to the Monument and sat down on his knees. There were lessons to learn, from the living and from the dead. Corvo was an exercise in patience, in understanding. They were opposite personalities. Alkor was a quieter, meeker, yet driven individual while Corvo wanted the whole world, and he wanted it his way. Both of them understood the value of hard work and determination, but they applied that knowledge in vastly different ways. Truthfully, when Alkor had heard that one of his friends was alive and trapped in the game wit
  6. He wanted to speak, but he understood and respected the other man's tenacity. Since they'd known each other for so long, he knew that Evan wasn't the type to flinch on something like this. If he felt that seriously, the most he could do was begrudgingly agree. "I get it," he said, more quietly. There was a part of him that was sad they'd be parting so soon after finding each other again, a few years later. Sad, but excited to see what would come out of it when Corvo finally got serious. The other Player had spent so much time wallowing that he'd forgotten how to live. His rage, his sadness, hi
  7. "Think nothing of it," Alkor waved a hand dismissively. "It's important that every Player in this world does their part to make things a little safer for everyone else. That's what I think, anyway." He took a look around at the garden and ran a hand through his golden hair thoughtfully. "But, you did kind of get lucky. I'm not here to do the quest myself or anything, I just came to get a good look around since the latest update drastically changed everything about this damn castle It's good to have as much information as you can get, and sometimes you just can't get the information you want fr
  8. Alkor didn't take time to worry about the dragon's health. At this point, it was far beyond survival. As it's form slowly withered toward oblivion, he watched the other Player interact with the creature. Nothing would delay the inevitable for Nemo now, slowly fading in the company of the flowers that he loved so much. It was almost sad, or would have been if Alkor knew anything about this place. All he knew was that there was an enemy trying to kill a Player, and that was cassus belli. When it came to lives in Aincrad, those who were logged in and trapped took absolute precedence over tho
  9. "Oh, yeah, that's mature," Alkor slumped down the face of the monument and took a seat. "Look, man, I'm sorry that I suck at communicating, and I'm sorry that it came this far and got this bad. I wish there was something I could do to make up for all of it, but honestly, I know that's unrealistic. I just want to find a way to make things better. If you're willing to do that." "Yeah, I'm not so sure that we're on the same page," Corvo snapped. "If you think saying your sorry makes me feel any better, you're still a child. This is gonna take a long time for me to even begin to work through.
  10. It felt like a hot knife lancing through his chest. The words, far more than the vicious onslaught by Corvo, made Thom want to scream back. He understood all too well what it felt like to be alone, but he couldn't relate to the hardships that his friend described. All he could understand was the feeling of betrayal, and yet, Alkor had become so good at that during his time in Aincrad. First Lessa, and now Corvo. He was better at running away than he was confronting his problems. But he was done with that. "So what?" he asked, "I die, and you magically feel better?" "No," Corvo s
  11. Sometimes, he came here to think. Penitence wasn't his aim. At the time, Alkor fully believed his actions were just and he took the life of a man in defense of another human being. Later, he came to realize that justice was more than just black and white. He lived with the weight of what he'd done, but good had come of it. Or so he'd believed. Mari went on from there to descend deeper into moral subjectivity. Her actions became depraved, and he lost the ability to counsel her because of some selfish vendetta against the world they were trapped in. Thom succeeded only in losing two ye
  12. He glanced to ChaseR warily. "This is a safezone, sure," he agreed, "but I don't think that's true of every district in the city." Alkor gestured toward where the guards were patrolling out of the market, to different wards of the city that they hadn't gone yet. "What I'm saying is," he turned his gaze toward NIGHT, "I think this city is Floor 26." He let the implication sink in, almost like it was beyond any of their ability to comprehend, and yet suddenly it wasn't as insane as it sounded. It made perfect sense, but it also flew in the face of everything that they'd known up to this point. I
  13. It almost seemed nonsensical for Alkor to visit this place. Without a profession, he'd never had a reason, but now that the System had drastically changed it seemed like a perfect time to get acquainted with new information. The more he knew, the less things that Aincrad had to use against him- and by extension, those around him. So, when he made his way into Little Eden and saw someone struggling against a mob that he'd never seen before it did strike him as odd. Usually, this place was full of parties of people who were fighting for materials. This was just one guy, and he seemed to be strug
  14. As Lessa surmised when she'd sent the message, Alkor hadn't completed the quest she contacted him about. When he glanced over it, he muttered something about how the Ninth Floor just couldn't seem to leave him alone. Then he replied. >Lessa Lessa: I got a hot tip about a quest. It's on floor 9. That's why its hot. Alkor: I should have stayed dead. Lessa: Are you in or not? Alkor: I'll head that way now. Meet you at the teleporter. The exchange between them lasted no more than two minutes, maybe three minutes, and they were in total agreement. Alkor activated the telep
  15. Perhaps the most annoying thing about Hikoru was how slippery he was. Even now that he'd retired from the Frontlines and given up on his notoriety as a quiet killer, he still clung to secrecy and clandestine movements. Part of what made him such a great Info Broker was his ability to slip into and out of places unnoticed. Usually any intel that he gathered came secondhand. With information about the Twenty Sixth floor still new and hot, there were many things still in flux. That meant he would be there, somewhere, seeking the answers in person. What Alkor found defied expectation. Wi
  16. "Let's see you back that up," the voice of his father jeered as he fought his way back to his feet. The image gave no quarter, weighing heavily down on the First Sword in an instant. He beat back the attack with his body weight, throwing his blade into the path of the attack and using momentum to stave off the initial impact. The lessons he'd taken in martial arts and the childish obsession with swords gave him knowledge that he turned into an advantage, even against an enemy manifested from his memories. "Perhaps you do have a shred of confidence," the voice conceded, "which will make it all
  17. Alkor returned the bow respectfully. "You're kind to say so." It was true that the world of Aincrad was lonely without others around, but for someone with a shop that intermittently relieved itself. Such was the situation here, more than likely. It was a welcome reprieve from one's own company. He watched the brief exchange between NIGHT and Iris in silence until their trade ended, and the frontliner turned her attention toward him. He raised a hand thoughtfully to his chin and tapped it a few times. "I was going to look into one of the Broker's rumors or grab a quest, honestly," he reve
  18. He gave a sigh and shrugged, the only visible or audible suggestion that he found the exchange tiresome. Alkor thought to make light of the situation, but it was apparent that some of the Frontliners who had been at the apex of strength had misgivings about the new situation. To be summarily brought down to the same level as many other Players with only a handful of caveats had to be harrowing. That was why he didn't press the issue much. It wasn't like Alkor hadn't been there as well, strong and then suddenly thrown back to the start of the climb to power. Circumstances were different, but he
  19. ChaseR did nothing to hide the fact that he saw a significant difference between them in terms of previously ordained level, and it only made Alkor shake his head slightly. The difference between them wasn't much in that way. He'd always considered Chase stronger while they were leveling up, and the man had always been blunt. It was almost a surprise to hear him complain about the sudden equalization, though. The blue haired player had never seemed the type to get bent over something so trivial. Then again, there were a lot of things going on and he could understand a certain degree of anxiety
  20. "Is this all you can do?" the shade that wore the face of his father and spoke with the same critical condemnation sneered down in contempt. Alkor swung his blade in a valiant effort, but the brute swatted his weapon deftly away. "All this time, all of the emotions you held in, everything you've fought for and this is the most defiance you can manage? You truly are pathetic." The was a look of disgust in the man's eyes as he watched Alkor struggle against him, wary that the Player might make another attempt. His observation was rewarded when Alkor took another powerful swing, and met with summ
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