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  1. summary. | col: 22500 = 22500 | 14/7/21 item identifications. | [link] | TIER 3 CLOTH ARMOR | perfect (20) | cost: (20 * 2000) = 40,000col item evaluations. [link] | 14/7/21 | evaluating [TIER 3 CLOTH ARMOR] (x2) stitches. | [#191865a] | TIER 3 CLOTH ARMOR | HOLY BLESSING, LIGHT MOMENTUM II [desc.]: a white poncho made out of thick fabric. parts of it are fraying, worn. rider. | [#194564] | TIER3 CLOTH ARMOR | LOOT DIE III [desc.]: a set of black fingerless gloves. stylish, comfortable, lucky.
  2. thread summary. [total] + 700xp + 400col + hermes' scale | cd tool
  3. What good was creation if not for the people it served? An artist and its viewer. A developer and their players. Her, and the people that loved her. Experience, emotions, enthusiasm. All of it served herself, but-- "Without people, doubtless we'd be nothing but a single speck in the universe. And… how could I abandon one star over the other that way?" That slyness was restored to her image when she met eyes with Hermes yet again, and with him still silent, Iris spoke. "The Hive encompasses all the stars in this galaxy," she clarified. "And the next. And the ones after that. So long a
  4. From their held positions by her front, she raised her hands, stretching them out towards the night sky. Head held high, she greeted space with a grin, smugness and regality radiating off the movements of her figure. "I call it 'The Hive'." She wasn't able to see it, but she could feel the god's presence float away, voice taken aback. "The--" A pause. "The Hive?" "Or 'The Bees', if you'd prefer." Iris looked back at the god, red eyes blinking with conviction and joy. She nodded in delight, recognizing his delirious confusion, before returning her attention to The Hive,
  5. It wasn't so much the gesture itself. Her mind simply struggled to follow the instructions offered to her, bouncing between the varied dots, stunned and left in awe of their majesty. Empty. Blank. They were the conclusions she came to looking up at the lights. In lieu of her patron overseer's words, she counted them. Silent, slow. Bit by bit by bit. She remembered a time when she'd known so many faces, seen so many people. A wave of familiarity swelled in her at that recognition in the vast darkness. Pride lighting up at her recollection, their interest. The chatter. Their eyes.
  6. The duo continued watching the dark, quiet, as a handful of lights grew brighter and then darker; pulsating, like slow beating hearts. "Iris," Hermes judged. "Your challenge for today is simple. Draw me a constellation from this myriad, this stretch of black and white." And as the woman's pupils searched the abyss, Hermes raised a hand, fingers matched together. "Ah. Don't bother looking for the ones you know, new or old." It was at his warning that the god's perspective dawned on the player. "This isn't any sky that you, nor I, nor anyone else in Aincrad has ever known."
  7. With two claps, the world was sent askew. And though Iris hadn't shifted, hadn't slid off the face of the rotating earth, vertigo kicked in for the delicate player, and invisible forces held tight to her to stay steady, still. She closed her eyes. When she opened them again, the sky was awash with sequins. "I'm only lucky you're my singular challenger for today--" Hermes expressed his exhaustion with a lay on his back, arms tucked behind his head, dark eyes reflecting the depths sparkling above. Iris couldn't help but turn to look, too; first at the god before the darkness. Nigh
  8. The player thought about it for a moment; reticent, diminutive. "I suppose I have to," she concluded, finger once drawn to her lips in thought now pulled away to a clasp of her hands. "As the quest orchestrator is standing -- well, floating right beside me, it would be foolish of me to say otherwise." Hermes hummed with a roll of his head, gaze fixed on the woman's form. He was quiet for a pause, mouth agape. And as the two exchanged glances, Iris could start to feel a cool chill running down her neck. But-- "No," the god responded, "Not if you choose it so." Her throat felt dry
  9. In place of indefinite starlight, tiny squares and diamonds rose up into the sky, pixels more than voxels. Iris stayed silent watching them, watching their once-existence pass her by. The god spoke once more, turning forwards on their merry stroll. "So you see, connections like these are formed within the blink of an eye." A finger to his temple, the god resting on his elbow. "Conscious and unconscious. You never would've started without the help from my prompt, would you?" Narrowed eyes and lips pressed into a thin line. Iris nodded, solemn, as Hermes continued with his speech.
  10. "You know," Hermes began, eyes set on the horizon, "You humans are pattern-seeking animals." The fields by them shifted from grassy plains to wheat-ridden stretches of gold. A low cobblestone wall bordered their path, as though to protect the travelers than to prevent their passage over it. In the distance, Iris could spot creatures grazing in the vast beyond; bull, sheep, horses. Hermes followed her gaze as it wandered, and made a noise as his head stopped turning, gesturing to them with two fingers. "Did you count them, lass?" An immediate response. The numbers were drawn in her he
  11. "Really, now?" A kick of his heels backwards, Hermes beginning to float off the ground again, this time laying on his front, elbows propped up, hands laid underneath his chin, one above the other. He laughed again. "You make it sound more like you need to see stars in place of enhancements. All things considered, viable, but--" He bowed his head, waving his hands with a bend of his wrist, a glimmer in his eyes. "-- if you'd wanted a knockout, I'd rather Ares be the one to do it in place of me." Iris rolled her eyes, a smile starting to form. "You know what I mean." "Indeed, inde
  12. "So tell me about yourself. Uh--" Hermes' smile faded once he realized the folly of their conversation. "Iris." "Of course. Tell me about how you do it. The item identifications." It hadn't occurred to the woman exactly which systems the god had been speaking about with regards to deviations between players. When the mechanics of the systems were put under scrutiny, that was when Iris found her eyes widening, paused for a moment, before her fingers went up to her face in thought. Hermes simply waited with crossed arms. "... My eyes," she finally said, gaze matching the subd
  13. The god's eyes were set to the sky as he continued speaking, expression wistful in blatant ignorance of Iris' growing sours. "Now, most of the pantheon would disagree with me on this, especially Dionysus, if you could believe it! But here're the facts, if I do say so myself: if he can't hold his liquor on nights before a new champion appears, then he can't serve a quality test befitting of his steads. You understand?" His gaze finally settled back on the player, her eyes closed tight and thumb tucked underneath her fingers, clenched. Iris took a deep breath, exhaling, before matching her
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