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  1. had he hesitated? perhaps iris had misjudged. if she hadn't, she certainly hadn't been expecting that reaction. maybe her question caught alkor unaware; a possibility considering players, in her experience, hadn't exactly brought it up often as a topic of conversation. but alkor's true words surprised her even more – that his current attire hadn't exactly been tested yet. so iris reconsidered its purpose with a nod. likely, between his appearance on the ninth today and the upcoming raid, it was a piece specifically made to brave the floor boss. seeing as it was reinforced well, if th
  2. "If not me, then someone else. But I know what I'm to be faced with, and someone else might not. They might not respect the danger the way that I do. Might not be prepared. They might lose their composure, or worse." a justified rationale. iris felt herself nodding, acknowledging his words. it brought back memories of her old guild; their values, the creed. it seemed optimistic, the first time she'd come into contact with them, to have supported values like those. their cell as circumstances wasn't perfect as it were. it seemed a real possibility for every one of them to have to fend f
  3. purchasing: materials x700 | 700 * 700 = 490,000col | -> sent to banker.
  4. initial post. Rooms + Upgrades: workshop + extended workshop -> basuke / performer. [room] cost: 25,000 col.
  5. "oh! i can only imagine. that would be years ago, by now." to be fair, veteran frontline players were hardly identifiable these days. either they were still present, or they faded out of notoriety, as though heroes in the myths they would read as kids. to understand one was standing before her – her customer, even – was a shocking revelation. but iris kept swallowed her surprise. the reason as to his gap in activity on the front was quickly supplied – alkor had nearly passed. iris stopped briefly upon hearing this; in the same vein, she too had to internalize the possibilit
  6. it was good to know that he had time, though the place to meet seemed a little odd. by his warning, of course, the ninth was known for its unforgiving heat. why, by choice, would anyone decide to clear their head on such a floor? iris soured briefly at the meeting location, but her annoyance only swapped over to realizing she needed to pick something else to change into for the occasion. the dress she'd gotten accustomed to as part of her day job was pliable to ruin from heat and ash alike. she swapped out her gear relatively quick – the same casual attire of a tee and shorts she'd w
  7. a couple of stories in exchange for armor and a play at being fashionista – surely, this must've appeared to be a joke to everyone else but her. jean waved it off as her overthinking it. night generally wanted nowhere the trinket itself. bistro was more concerned about the absence of her appraiser (despite the fact that there was nothing else for her to do beyond remaining on standby...) and when masa questioned the armor perched upon the stand in the corner, the woman but blinked twice, and slow. "do you know him?" "ah, not well yet." "is that so..."
  8. iris had expected to see night the first moment she'd entered through the door. after all, who leaves their workshop listed as 'open' while having it unmanned? still, what was surprising wasn't the fact that the artisan was out (although iris felt that she had certain words for the player to have done so) but rather the fact that there was a stray cat who'd taken over the shop. inconceivable. did night know? it was only after a few chin scratches and her preparations to leave that she'd realized her error in judgement. for, despite the ruthlessness of the feline on her fing
  9. the mild delay was nothing in comparison to the amount of equipment bistro had slated for her to desynthesize. despite her best attempts at her appearance, iris still showed, rather worse for wear, and she swore she would be better with at least a decent night's sleep, but that was on hold just in case the mad alchemist had even more daring plans of asking for labour. the plate armor she'd received appeared to be outfitted well, according to specifications, and the cardstock would make a lovely addition to her miscellaneous collection. saving the equipment with a wave, she wrote a
  10. "you're thinking about your sole customer an awful lot." "tell bistro to send more my way, then. it's little wonder there's much less else to think about when the foot traffic in here is a tad less than expected. there were so many front liners the other day..." (well, with the recent change, iris figured it would be best to get a move on about fashion plans.) a fairly unassuming young woman entered the shop. casual clothing; nothing reminiscent of the fantasy world about her, and better reflecting street fashion found in the world they (knew better, was true). she
  11. item desynthesis. | total essences collected: 55. | from [the scarlet line.]: | from [x]: item evaluations. fang and claw. | [#206638] | TIER 4 HEAVY ARMOR | HB, THORNS II [desc.]: abandoned armor made from a once ferocious beast, now maimed and strained for its resources, the bulk of which went to outfitting this piece with hostile intent.
  12. item evaluations. demiurge | [#211519a] | TIER 4 STRAIGHT SWORD | AA, ACC, BLD [desc.]: an unassuming blade, found half broken and stuck in the ground.
  13. item evaluations. demolition | [#*tag-2] | TIER 4 STRAIGHT SWORD | TAUNT, VAMP-O, ACC [desc.]: a blade forged from weathered precious stone. exaltation | [#206644] | TIER 4 STRAIGHT SWORD | AA, ACC II [desc.]: a blade forged from the limb of a broken statue.
  14. okay, no service. jean would have a field day with this tale of false bargains she bet, before considering the woman's offer further. 26k wasn't exactly a bad offer – if iris was to negotiate, it was to round it down to a whole 25. despite wanting to push back, however, the woman held herself firm. with an attitude like that, iris knew she didn't want to stir trouble... especially in front of a number of potential clientele. so she hoped bistro would understand. it wasn't exactly her pocket change to spend, after all, and if the difference in pricing made up for her rescinded invitat
  15. obtainable as a quest reward. iris shut her eyes. if her memory didn't fail her, it was one of the errands on the fourth that owed one of her past party members the item. even to the highest tier, had it not been for the advancements in the appraisal system, it would've been regarded as a stepping stone to an adventurer's final tool. now, however, it would be deemed worthy as a crafting component to that precious arm. when she took in the world again, iris considered her quarry even more. someone rich, someone poor? it was difficult to tell with appearances, but perhaps, as someone o
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