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  1. Current Level: 4 Current SP: 10 Link to SP Tracking: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ri_WBNJavX2PMN_ftCaMFXgFuhX4eLqWbj6aIDhFNMo/edit?usp=sharing Item Upgrades: N/A (All are t1 or tierless items that are legal that I'd like to keep. All items are listed in the character's journal) Additional notes: Hammerspace Backpack and Truesight Lantern from christmas 2018 event are unique items that may need to be converted.
  2. Check messages for further action before approval.
  3. Hello, the main reason why the ban took place was because of several attempts from staff to resolve copy-pasted posts. While the posts in their entirety could be considered "unique" (i.e. no two posts are exactly identical) several portions of the posts were copy-pasted and, at some points, entire sentences (i.e. several parts of posts were copy-pasted and exactly identical). While staff understands the difficulty fulfilling the 150 word requirement, the requirement is an attempt to reduce low-effort posts and to encourage in-depth storytelling. At this point in time, it appears that you have
  4. A character will rarely ever notice that slight tic of theirs, but others will. 3rd person limited, the perspective of choice, works well for this. Nervous characters may reflexively wring their hands, someone constantly adjusting their posture may have been brought up with strict rules, and many others. But just because the habit is there and may be obvious, you don't have to stay that your character has a history of doing it. Maybe a phrase describing what they are doing and it can portray a lot about the character's current behavior. More showing, less telling.
  5. Have you guys ever just wondered, why am I sitting here reading some guys' status update who doesn't post? Yeah, me too.

  6. As many of you may know, the meme of a 3.0 release has existed since the first iteration of the patch was delayed. This eventually became a tradition within our community, especially as its contents were sealed away from the community the entire time. That was changed a while back, as this newest iteration of staff released an information dump regarding 3.0 and the mechanics that had been kept from the community. I'm glad to say that the unrefined work that you saw in the previous info-dump has been now fully updated to a higher standard which we believe will be better for our community. A lot
  7. tmw you find out there's an acronym bbcode and other bbcode that you've never used before Test
  8. Sadly, sorting subforum topics to topics you've posted in doesn't work if they are archived. My suspect is that it performs a custom search in those cases and will look through your recent activity (which archived threads do not show up in) and display those results. Do you happen to know which threads you are still missing and which floors those threads may have taken place? I could potentially help you out by manually looking through the list of threads. Knowing which floors they are on would be a huge help. @Ethereal
  9. While I'm unable to use the search function to find archived threads, there is a technique to find them. You should be able sort the subforums by name/lastposter/original poster and try to use that in order to find those locked threads. I was also able to sort through a custom parameter to find threads that you started and finished to help you get started. Those threads are linked in the following spoiler. @Ethereal
  10. Crafting/Shop Changes: Crafting in a player's shop thread is now considered an out-of-character interaction. Systems & Development Comments: One of the main reasons why crafting required a 100 word requirement was because the «Merchants and Shops» sub-forum is considered an in-character sub-forum. Now that crafting is an out-of-character interaction, there is no longer a 100 word requirement while crafting. However, any in-character interaction (e.g. interacting with another player; filling out a custom order) would still require the 100 word requirement. Housing Chan
  11. Kataware

    Rewarding Staff Members

    So, my take on the whole situation is that while it would be nice to receive something for our work, I don't think it's necessary or something I'd even want. I volunteered because I wanted to do something with site and didn't feel the desire to get compensated for it. This also gets into the issue of activity/inactivity for staff members and an inherent feeling of competition. Rewards typically are done so in a way that is done by quantity as opposed to quality as well.
  12. Thanks for the reply. This was actually something that hadn't occurred to any of us, and yes it actually seems that this would be a great thing to use for getting that extra edge in damage. After talking about it a bit, we decided that if someone wants to go through the cost of having two rank 5 sword arts AND quick change, then we'd allow it. Since quick change is also on a cooldown (even currently), it's not an extremely broken skill since whatever weapon you switch into, you're locked into for a short amount of time. Thanks for bringing that up and we'll be sure to have that in the bac
  13. To begin, we'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to respond and give your feedback. It's actually very much appreciated since it has given us a lot of insight. In this reply, we'll be going down the list and hitting specific points that we were able to discuss about. @Koga Although it's already been stated, your post wasn't completely on the mark for the discussion but it also let us gain a better insight on whether we want to have both energy and cooldowns applicable or just cooldowns. Even though we have not yet fully discussed and came to a conclusion which one we think would
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