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  1. With her freshly updated quest Akiko followed Kanaoki out of the shop, giving a short glance to Almia, for someone who jumps from trees she seems to be rather clumsy, a small, friendly smile run over her lips, just like my younger siblings... As they reached one of the exits of the town Akiko stopped for a second, she never had left the town before it felt kind of strange for her to go out now, after nearly two years of sitting around behind the safe walls of this big city. After a deep breath she stepped out of the safe zone. In some distance she was able to see a group of boars who see
  2. Still happy about the axe she just got Akiko listened to Almina "I heard some higher levelled player talk about the quest from the major and the annoying collecting parts of materials, so I think we really have to collect some sort of things to get all the answers we need and just as he said, he doesn't know who he lend the money too so we probably need to speak to many NPC's on the way" as she had finished the sentence she opened the quest log and read the description and found a small map, leading the way to the shop of this Zackariah "I think I know where this is, I saw it on my strolls thr
  3. Akiko looked curious at the flustered major with his perfect moustache, even if this was only a game the expressions looked real it was creepy and fascinating to her. She followed Kana and listened to the NPC who was telling them the start of the quest. As he told them about the loan he had to collect but forgot who he had lend it to Akiko heard a flump next to her. As she looked to her side she could only see pink for a moment, it seemed that this girl had just jumped down to them from the tree next to them. The mayor had finished his speech and with a smile the girl introduced herself as Alm
  4. As she stood there waiting for Kana to get up to he started to talk again, agreeing to start the quest and telling her about the good news he had for her. Kana told her from the adventure he was on and that he had found some loot and that one of the items was for her. Akikos eyes sparkled as she heard, that he had an axe for her "Are you sure you want to give it to me and not try to sell it for some profit? I mean we aren't even really friends..." she asked happy but also a little bit unsure and muttering she added "...and I maybe just stole some bacon from you..." She looked at him and it
  5. As Kanaoki showed her his new equipment "Woah" she said with shining eyes "It does look good on you and about the quest, just look at me. Since I only have the starter gear at the moment I won't be able to fight or protect so it will be collecting and searching for the start" After she had finished the "traded" bacon he looked at her. Akiko kept her innocent look on her face "You only had six stripes of bacon to begin with" she said with big round, definitely not played, innocent eyes "You have some good news for me? Did you find a job or something?" As Kanaoki continued his mission of
  6. "Sorry" Akiko said as Kanaoki told her not to use his full name, again "I will try to" Happily she continued munching on her sandwich as Kanaoki ordered breakfast for himself. Soup for dinner? Sounded great! Akiko thought by herself she hadn't had soup in a while as Kanaoki's question brought her back to the table, away from the memories of her last good soup. "What? My plans for today?" she thought a short moment, if I tell him maybe he wants to join me? "I was thinking to start the beginner quests today, I have earned some col and commissioned an armour and a shield yesterday, maybe I am l
  7. Slowly Akiko opened her eyes and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she stood up and slowly walked to her window. Even though her room was in the attic she had enough space for herself, sometimes being small seemed to have its own virtues. She pulled the curtains aside to let in the light of the day and opened the window for some fresh air. Down in the streets of the town she could still see the shadows of the night and in the distance the sun had only just started to climb up behind the small hills. Akiko inhaled the nice fresh air and turned to the mirror, grabbing the hairbrush in front of i
  8. It had took Akiko some time, two years actually, to leave the town of beginning, she now had earned enough money to afford a armour and a shield she had in mind for some time. After she had looked around a little for some blacksmiths in the arear she found one that looked promising, even thought she had to go up to the seventh floor to place her order. As she exited the portal she looked around nervously, silently recalling the way to the shop and after a deep breath she started her journey up to "The Dragon's Flame" In front of the shop the view downhill was beautiful and with another
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    Roleplay Log: [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
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    Inventory: New Character Bundle: Set D | Support Package 2,000 Col and (25) Materials Equipment Vanity Axe Vanity Heavy armour Consumables (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
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    Akikos Journal

    Start of Thread: Akiko| Lv. 1 | HP: 20/20 | EN: 20/20 | DMG: 4 | ACC: | MIT: | LD Equipped Items: Battle-Ready Inventory: (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) Skills: Axes | Rank 1 Skills/ SP: Unused: 1 | Used: 4 | Overall: 5 Skills: ►<<Axes>> Skill 5 Ranks Passive Effect: At Rank 1, gain +3 DMG. At Ranks 2-5, +1 per rank (max of +7 DMG for R5 Weapon Skill). At Rank 5, unlock the ability to specialize in a Combat Shift.
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    Akikos Journal

    Profile: Username: Akiko Real name: Azami Hokkaida Age: 23 Gender: female Height: 152,4 cm Background: Azami is the oldest child in a family of five children. Her mother was the breadwinner and her father was the houseman. At the age of 13 she needed to watch her siblings as soon as she came back from school so her father could clean the house and prepare dinner. She helped her siblings learn, entertained them with games or creative activities and protected them from one another, when they started to play to rough. Even though she soon turned out to be the smallest one of th
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