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  1. As the three wolves had attacked him, and he had more or less stood his ground without getting damaged to badly, Kana took a moment to scout his fighting grounds. He was in the valley and the area he was rushing through, while the wolves followed him, flanking him from both sides, was stony and had little else to use. Just as one of the wolves reached him again, Kana made a big step for one of the stones and using as much power as possible, used it to jump back into the other direction. The wolf that had not been ready for this rammed into the stone, whimpering a little. But Kana was far from
  2. Once the light started fading, Kana started to feel uncomfortable. It was his first night outside of a save zone, and he wasn't sure, what awaited him. Sure, there were mobs roaming around, he had seen some wolves just this afternoon, but what made him even more worried was the fact, that he had heard of players killing other players, and outside the savezone, nothing would protect him from a high level player deciding it would be fun to kill him. With the ever increasing darkness, Kanas thoughts started spiraling downwards towards a point where he wasn't sure if he could handle them anymore.
  3. It had taken the best of the afternoon for Kana to reach the more mountainous region the village of <<Horunka>> was situated in, and he still wasn't even able to see the smaller village, so he opened the map to have a look at his position. If his reading of the map was right, he would have to travel another four to five hours to reach it, and from there it would be two or so hours to find the rivers he was looking for. "I could continue onward and might be able to reach the village not to long after dark." he mumbled, as he tried to decide, whether he would continue walking, or sea
  4. The sun had crossed the highest point some time ago, and it must have been a little in the afternoon, when Kana stopped again, this time he decided, that he wouldn't give up as easy as before. The determination to make this trip worthwhile stopped him from simply continuing onward, and so he looked for the next tree and soon he was standing next to it. It was a beautifully grown apple tree, even though there were no fruits at the moment, and its branches where big enough for him to climb the tree with ease. From up there he had a good view over the surrounding hills, so he let his gaze wander
  5. Once both girls had accepted his party invitation, Kana smiled at them, happy to have such nice company. He hadn't been great with people out in the real world, and all the time in the Town of Beginnings hadn't had helped him with this, so this felt really like something special. But the moment went by fast, and they returned to the quest at hand. Almina mentioned that thought the quest probably was created in a way, that they had to do smaller tasks for all those people that might have had the money, and once they followed Akiko to the Alchemists Shop, it was clear that she was right. The eld
  6. He was all ears, when Hirru told him about the desert floor and the ruins that lay scattered around the place, waiting for adventurers to delve into them and find what ancient weapons and equipment there would be. In his mind, he imagined a desert, as he had seen in TV with meter high dunes and sand as far as he could see, only disrupted by what could have been the steeple of some ancient temple. "This floor sounds like quite the adventure and might be worth me looking into it. I have never been to a desert and it wouldn't be top priority in the real world, but here it sounds like a solid choi
  7. Kana was listening what Hirru had to say, and with every word about the vast area of floors for him to discover, his eyes seemed to light up a little. He knew those upper floors would be dangerous, and that there still was much to do to complete the game, with them being at floor 27 right now, but it seemed so exciting. So when Hirru metntioned him testing the waters, he nodded and replied "That's about right. I need to become stronger before I leave this floor. I wouldn't want to move up, just to get killed by whatever. So I will complete the few quests there are down here, and then I'll move
  8. Kana had been to excited to try out the newly gained fishing skill, so hadn't answered right away, but now that he was sitting there again, all wet from wading into the river, he turned his head to look up at the ceiling and then slowly nodded. It was strange to see the upper floors above instead of the sky, but by now he had accepted that this was how it would be until they managed to leave the game. "Do you know what's up there? I've never left this floor, but I guess you have been travelling the floors before." Kana asked, his mind wandering through what he imagined the upper floors would l
  9. While he made his way out the western gate, leaving the Town of Beginning on the trail that would finally lead him to <<Horunka>>, he equipped the heavy armor, completing his adventure look. The sword on his side would not see use for some time, or at least that was what he hoped for at that moment. Sure he could have started the trip with some fighting, but he already had found out, that fighting quickly drained his energy, and he was sure he would need all the energy he had for travelling. So he started walking, following the path and every once in a while he opened the map to ch
  10. A smile crept onto Kanas face, when he saw the recognition in Hirrus face as he came closer, and when the jade haired man asked him if he was right with the name, he nodded and smiled even more. "You're right, Kana's the name, so no need to apologize." he said, and moved closer to sit down next to Hirru. He had just sit down, when Hirru reeled in the line, noting that nothing had bitten and the bait had been taken, he answered his question. "Well, I went out to do some training with the new equipment I got, maybe fighting some of the boars, but now that I see you fishing, I would love to join,
  11. With the new <<River Stone Delivery>> quest in his log, Kana had to rethink his plans for the coming days and where would be a better place for that, than in one of the street cafes that were littered around the main plaza. So quickly he walked through the increasingly gathering crowd, before to many other players would fill the place. With a thoughtful expression on his face and one hand gliding through his long black hair, he sat down at the next table and once again opened the map, using his experience with the fisher hut to find out how far it would be to reach the quests desti
  12. It was early in the morning , the sun hadn't risen high enough for the first sunlight to enter Kanas room, when he woke up, rubbed the sleep from his eyes and with a big yawn and a cracking stretch stood up from his bed in the Smashed Apple. Ha had a quick glance at the surrounding room, just to check that everything was fine, and when he noticed nothing out of the ordinary he nodded to himself, and walked over to the small table. Before he sat down, he quickly opened the menu to change into his gear, even though he omitted equipping the heavy armor and instead equipped the dark green uniform
  13. Kana had been watching the major with his stylish beard and monocle, while he had told them about the quest and soon enough a quest popup had appeared in front of him. He was just ready to accept, when he noticed another player jumping - he furrowed his brow for a moment, thinking that that was kind of strange - right next to them. The Girl wore an outfit that would have been a good fit for a normal day in the city, but seemed out of place to him now, as it didn't have any fantasy aesthetics at all, and he wondered where he could get normal outside world cloths like that, but then his train of
  14. Since he had started adventuring about two weeks ago, Kana had started to get into the daily routine of leaving the town of beginnings as early as possible and stroll around the fields, enjoying the sight of the fog illuminating to a glowing orange that looked a little, like the plains were on fire. After watching this spectacle, he would stroll around, looking for some solitary boars to slay, or material spawns to gather. To him it was strange, how quick it had become natural to fight, when he had been scared to leave town just a few weeks, but he assumed this was how it went, once one realiz
  15. As Akiko asked him, if he was sure, he nodded and smiled at her, answering her question with a simple "Don't worry, it's not like there are many players who would by something like it. And those that could use it probably have just as little money as we do." The next thing he saw was the small woman jumping up and down and rushing in for a hug, that was to fast for him to really react to. He was to say something, but she had already turned around and walked out the door, asking him to follow her. As they had planned to go out and get some basic questing done, he soon followed her into
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