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  1. Things had suddenly changed, for better or for worse, Macradon was not sure. Quests, lore, the entire castle, mechanics, everything was new, it felt super jank, but everyone were probably in the same situation, it was new therefore it was jank. Sudden change was never accepted with joy, or at least very rarely. What really piqued the knight’s interest was his dip in level, his sudden heavy dip in level. For him it was a new start, a new fresh opportunity to grow, to experience, and to learn. He quickly went through his journal and thought “Wow, this is useless.” and found a place at his desk t
  2. Zandra was stunned. Zandra was chocked. She couldn’t believe what has just happened. She just sat there, looking into the air infront of her, didn’t knew what to say. What to do. Even what to think. The only thing she did was slowly shaking her head. Left to right, left to right. Like, how could this be possible? Suddenly, everything had changed. There had been some strange feeling in the air. As she had looked around her, it looked like trees, houses, yes even NPC’s started to glitch out or something. The homely streets that went thru town of beginning, all the shop stands. Wait, had they in
  3. With another exiting day lost in the real world, Kyoto decided to go try something he would never of thought of doing before. In his item menu he puts on his casual black compression shirt. With his sword on his hip incase if something happens he was doing a simple quest today. It involves with treasure and hunting for it. On the 11th floor, he walks towards what looks like an open beautiful floor with plenty of places to look for treasure and even materials for his shop. With that being said though he starts to walk out of the portal and see nothing but people inside a courtyard. Tons o
  4. Zenurik let the door to the inn swing closed behind him as he stretched out his shoulders. After delivering Lyle's package, the smith had told Zenurik to come back the next day, today now, and he would have some work for the player. Zen had tried to push for the quest to start when he had been there already, but it was apparently something tied to time, or the NPC couldn't act as a quest giver at night, because Lyle had remained steadfast in refusing and saying to come back later. Still, it wasn't that big of an imposition, if Zen was honest about it. Getting a night's sleep after his ja
  5. Meanwhile at the [Black Odyssey] Store. Kiyabu could be found reading from a leather-bound book. Which was written by a more experienced player. "Whoever wrote this book is looking out for the newer players... On the first page, It has detailed instructions on what quest to start first." While lost in thought, Kiyabu came back to reality. When someone called out his name. "Oh! Thank you." As he politely thanked the person behind the counter, before carrying his equipment to the changing room. After a couple of minutes, Kiyabu came out wearing his new leather armor. With a Dagger holstered to h
  6. Starting log . . . 6:49 AM It was a peaceful day on the first floor, the sun was cautiously rising, hiding behind the large tower in the central plaza, casting a long pronounced shadow. The atmosphere had a sort of tranquility to it, hardly anyone was awake yet. Well, for all this peace and tranquility, one question arose on the surface of Kade’s mind, where do you find a tailor around here. Kade wandered down the market district, head darting at every market stall, looking for anyone who sold light armor. Each stall he stopped at, his hope of getting some speciali
  7. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the birds were chirping. What could have possibly gonna so wrong, well, that is an interesting story. It all started during a stroll to Horunka, a village on the first floor. Kade was once again all prepared, wearing his typical brown and blue leather armor topped with an armet composed of the same materials and style. On his back, his Estoc in it’s scabbard, swaying from right to left as he walked. The orange autumn forest around him were beautiful, and were dropping leaves that left a satisfying crunch when stepped on. The afternoon sun had ris
  8. Almost Two Years ago... The warm glow of dusk battered elegantly against the streets and buildings of New Beginnings, and the cacophony of players back from fetch quests and npcs going about their daily business filled the air with idle noise along with the faint lingering smell of fresh rain. One might call it peaceful if it wasn’t for the foreboding knowledge that everyone there is basically wearing a microwave. A player walked down the streets, his attention centered on the map in the menu before him. This is Ferox. He has sandy hair and hazel eyes, though they couldn’t be see
  9. Ben gathered up his supplies back at home. He had been on a few different raids with his friends lately, but some days he just felt like working on his own. Well, almost on his own. His faithful familiar, Sebastian was draped over his shoulder, ready to head out on the long journey ahead. Or just lying there watching Ben work in the kitchen while waiting for something else to happen- he was a hungry caterpillar after all. Right now though, he was working on one of the Ultra Luck Hot Dogs he had purchased, adding mustard and relish on top of it- it wouldn't be a true Chicago d
  10. "I don't even know why I'm gonna do this but I'm doing it, should I take a nap first?" he asked himself an important question. That question, however, is not a good idea to give no as an answer. The settlement of Taft was the floor that Crozeph entered after a floor boss battle. He signed up as a frontliner and managed to live through the ordeal despite having four people fight a boss with many heads. The European aesthetic of the floor was nostalgic to him, it's been a while since he entered the Taft and now he's standing iin front of a building tall and long enough to at least be called a ma
  11. "I'm too goddamn young to give up and rot in this godforsaken game!" she shouted, visibly agitated after waking up for the what felt like the millionth time, about to repeat her daily routine again. As Hisa leaned back, falling on her bed, she stared at the ceiling in frustration. "Even Katoka ventures out, trying to advance and help beat this mmo. Why am I so scared?" she grumbled. Fearing that her only close real life friend would find out that she was a coward at heart, the anger within her grew with every passing moment, before it got the better of her. Never one to hold back when
  12. Mega Slime Farm (+2 SP); Attic +5% col from chests Itzal had finally managed to find a new familiar recently. A black feathered raven named Aldion who rested on his left shoulder. The scout/rogue was fairly certain that Aldion was a rare mob, as it's feathers had a blush/green sapphire sheen to them. Of course appearance didn't really increase any stats or make it any more powerful, as most games typically did. Instead SAO just gave players some cool looking familiars and that was about it. He didn't mind it, at least he could find the really cool ones. As for today, he wasn't going to b
  13. Resting on one of the higher rooftops of the Town of Beginnings, Itzal crouched comfortably, his eyes scanning the vast radius of the town region he was currently inside of. Normally when he was at this position, it was just to scout out the area for anything out of the ordinary, or locate new places of interests. Today however, he was here for a totally different reason: Itzal. Needed a new familiar. His hand flexed at the thought of Velnia dying, but for the most part he was over it. He'd been through a lot and now he needed a new companion. He was ready for it this time. And this time, he w
  14. It had been several months since he discovered the grim truth. His wife, Kasier. Jenna Arno. Had died. He was worried because he couldn't find her contact info, and she wasn't returning his messages. Then one day when he was giving his respects to the fallen... Her name... He never did find out why their shared inventory didn't just give him the items. Maybe it was a glitch. All he knew was that his beloved wife was deceased. It was hard for him to process. The first month he cut all ties to anyone and spent some time alone. Near the end of that month he figured he might as well try and be pro
  15. [Lv. 10; Hidden Blade {3 DMG}; Assassin's Armor {3 EVA}; Strange Sigil {3 ACC}; x1 TP Crystal; x2 Starter Potions] [Buffs Active: +1 DMG {x1 DMG Potion}; +1 ACC {x1 Fish Snack}] The twelve year old kid panted heavily as he reached the top of the stairs leading up into the tenth floor. He'd never actually been here before, so he wasn't able to use a teleport crystal to get to any location on the floor. So, unfortunately, while he could teleport up to the fourth floor, he had to walk the rest of the way. He wasn't too thrilled either when he found out that floor five was a freaking desert
  16. 'Today was the day!' Freyd had been feeding himself the same line for nearly a year, since first realizing he was trapped in this game, along with every other player. He was convinced that the Cardinal system had somehow realized that he'd logged on with dual intentions. Like everyone else, he had been geeking out at the prospect of testing out the new nerve gear and checking out SAO's capabilities. It was as if years of gaming experience and anticipation were about to be fulfilled. The fact that he'd accepted a contract to report his findings to one of SAO's major competitors was merely
  17. The last time he was out here he had found some armor and got a few mat . It was a nice small run this time he had on the Heavy Knight Armor and the cured long sword of power. He had used the blade a lot it was nice blade that an old friend had given him. Hopefully this old friend was doing ok he hadn't see him in a long time. He made his way out of the safe zone of floor two he unsheathed his blade with his left hand his green eyes slowly turned white as he looked around the area. Not seeing anything right then the winds picked up a bit blowing his semi long silver hair the air felt good as i
  18. After Rei had returned to the Town of Beginnings with her new rapier and shield, she took it upon herself to seek out advice on how to survive in the floors above, at least, survive beyond the floor's town. Until recently, she had never even been to the floors above and the dangers to a low level player were apparent. After picking up several unhelpful pieces of advice and a couple of good suggestions, Somebody comments that, "You will need potions to survive out there, and more than just a few." Rei then asks him, "Where may I find a potion maker?" before pulling out her map of the floor
  19. Quest and Stats are listed above Snow crunched underneath violet's feet as she trekked to a quest spot towards, where she could farm a few Ice elementals, which would give her the opportunity to fight the <<Avalance>>, a powerful quest boss that was a danger to the lower-leveled players. She had akame perched on her shoulder, and simply followed the Icy path through the woodland part of the tundra to get to the spot, where she readied her weapon, and started to check over her inventory, a bored look on her face. the floor was filled with mostly uneventful and weak monsters asi
  20. Sayori sat on her heels, her head was tilted down as she looked at the grave she made for Kaito. Even with it being about two years ago now, the pain was just as fresh as it was when it happened. Sayori closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she pushed the memories of that day down again. With a frustrated sigh in response to the self guilt and blame just surged back, despite Sayori's attempts at dispelling them, she allowed herself to fall back onto her back as she opened her eyes looking up at the sky overhead. She balled her fists as she angry with herself and with this game, despite kno
  21. Quest: The First Few Lessons are Free It seemed a bit foolish, to be stuck in a game for this long without any way to drink alcohol. He had spent years, seeking the buzz but it seemed to be something he simply could not create. To be fair, it took him longer to come to terms with that fact than he tried but then again, Titan also believed this game would've been finished by now. Bumping into one of the NPCs on the floor, he quickly chatted with them to see what would the first thing to do would be. " You should go to Zackariah. He can lead you in the right dir
  22. Woah. Bleed froze in place while he tried to understand where he was. It was just a second ago when he managed to launch the game, he could swear he was laying on his bed that time... Oh, the game. ...Now what is this town? He have tried VR games before, but none can match how immersive the current VR he is in right now, he is not playing as a character, he is in the game. The healthy bunches of flowers that decorated the fancy town reeked the sweet odor of nature like those that can be found in real life, the breeze can be felt. Since when have technology reached this level? It
  23. With her new armor in tow, the knight decided to journey off for herself and try her hand at some combat and also find time to harvest some materials, since she decided she would work on a craft while leveling up. Most players seemed to do so and she could make herself nifty items and not to mention sell them to make extra cash. The quest description mentioned a place where she can find materials easily. It wouldn’t be long until she found herself at the garden in the grasslands. The entrance to the Town of Beginnings was rather close, so if she needed to make a hasty retreat to sa
  24. Cordelia's hands tingled as she walked through the calms waters that rippled under waterfall. Was she really going to do this? Face her demons? She wondered what kind of demons she even had. What if she didn't even have any demons? She didn't know. Cordelia sighed as she found a flat rock not too far away from the waterfall. Just sit here, right? That's what the people told her to do. She. . . wasn't sure how this was going to give her a new skill but hey, she didn't question it any further. She crossed her legs as she plopped herself on the rock. So she just had to. . . si
  25. Xian had heard about these tutorial quests for newer players, and he was interested in getting these done to help with his leveling. He needed to grind up as much as he can, and that was why he ended up going to this shop first thing in the morning. He soon meets this man named "Zackariah", who was apparently a very friendly blacksmith who helped newer players get started by providing them with a quest that taught them material gathering, an important part of the game - as materials are practically currency. Xian walked in and accepted the quest, and soon enough he was sent to the wilderness o
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