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  1. Blurs of motion and barely decipherable sounds flowed around Nymoria as she watched in awe at the teamwork and cooperation of the other players. Tinges of jealousy, and another feeling she couldn't quite put a name to touched her as she realised that she was well out of her depths. Determined to do as much as she could, she positioned herself in a way that she would remain outside of Freyd and Wulfrin's movements, standing across from Ciela so that the tank could see her whenever she signed quickly. They have this. She gave a quick flow of her hands, the sabre bouncing in her right as sh
  2. She should've known that the question would be turned back upon her, but as the smile from the thought of Adelyte selling her artworks on the street faded, a dark expression flitted across her face. There was no anger behind it, if anything it could be more closely associated with a depressive state. It appeared for only a few seconds, before Nymoria's features turned to a plain, almost empty void of a smile. Her hands moved slowly, and a few errors were obvious in the motions of the signing, a telltale to her nervousness at answering the question. I spent...some time trying to come to terms w
  3. Confirmation, and deflection. Tactics that Nymoria knew better than she would like to admit to, but she also knew better than to comment on it. Instead, she let the flow of conversation shift towards that of their familiars. Her eyes shifting between the two as they began talking about the two familiars that she and Wulfrin had found. She smiled and nodded at the comments directed towards her and Musei, before tilting her head at the questions posed by Adelyte. This little friend is named Musei (Voiceless). I named him because of the way that he can't speak properly. As if to confirm Ny
  4. She stared at the man as he corrected her assumption, the words registering slowly as he stated that he'd be willing to continue the questline with her. His flurry of commentary afterwards were, for better or for worse, mostly lost on Nymoria as she tried to come to terms with the fact that she wasn't being immediately turned away. She followed along, as he suggested leaving, barely aware of the trip out of the cavern itself. Her thoughts were a mess, and as she entered into the sunlight, she found herself squinting in surprise. I guess we're out now. Thank you, for your help. Most people
  5. Her breathing came in ragged gasps as she stared at the thing, her mind reeling as she registered the dangers it presented, and the fact that their entourage had missed his attack. She could feel the entirety of the situation pressing in on her, and it was only through a flurry of movement that she was pulled from the piling despair that was attempting to cover her and tear her away. Her eyes turned to focus on Ciela, her mind slow to register the fact that the woman had signed to her, the movements somehow both familiar and unfamiliar. It's fine. Freyd is strong. Freyd is capable...Freyd miss
  6. The pathway leading out from the town was it's usual calmness meets calamity as NPC and player made their way about the day. Like the two beside her, she gave a soft movement of greeting the guard, signing towards him even as the other two waved and called out. Not that it would do her any good; unlike the other guard she'd met in Tolbana, this one seemed far less welcoming. Paying no heed to the passing players, the man continued upon it's designated patrol route, oblivious to the world around him. I think I like Terin better. At least he says hello, even if he's busy. The ruckus within
  7. Her eyes shifted between the tablet, the cipher, her own notations and finally the continued messages she'd received from Salem. Everything had lined up, eventually, and as she turned to face him, she saw and heard the words that confirmed her own thoughts. We did it. It's deciphered. But...what is the meaning of it all? The message seemed to allude to a variety of things, and it was clearly meant as some form of riddle that would assist them - or more than likely confuse them - in whatever came next. Tilting her head slightly, she gave a smile towards Salem as she considered the possibilities
  8. Well, I'm not going with many healing skills, so the healing familiar skillset is a bit of a waste...which really only leaves hunting, scouting and profession. Profession might be useful, but...I mean for how long? What happens once I've mastered that? And...what if it doesn't really give Musei the job that he wants? I should ask him. She turned to the weasel suddenly, glancing at the creature as it rode her shoulder through the crowded areas that they had been passing through steadily. Her hands moved as she signalled to the small creature, before beginning to post her questions to him in an
  9. The message popped up in her peripheral vision, and she paused just long enough to glance over it. The catch was something that she had missed, and she quickly jotted a few notes into her small digital pad before glancing back at the cipher once more. It was quickly coming together, and as she stared at the runic symbols on tablet and tree, she felt herself smile. Her hands moving quickly across the virtual keyboard, she typed out a message to Salem as the excitement of her discovery took over her caution. Her face, beaming with a smile, didn't necessarily look at the man, but there was an ent
  10. They'd left the café behind, albeit Nymoria had risen with a grandiose amount of reluctance. She'd wanted nothing more than to remain seated for the remainder of the day, if not her life. Everything burned as she'd risen from the comfortable chair she'd been settled into, forced into movement by the ever growing annoyance that Musei had displayed at her tardiness. Now that she'd made it out into the street, she wasn't sure that she was feeling any better - everything still hurt, and each step felt like a singular moment of misery. But it is improving. Maybe sitting around would've made it wors
  11. She received the message not too long after she'd placed the order, and she happily bounded to the shop from the floor's teleporter. She'd been in a good mood lately, but as she entered the shop and found the pieces prepared and ready to go, her smile brightened immensely. A small glimmer in her eyes, she gave a collection of signs towards the shopkeeper after bowing deeply, her excitement beyond words. These pieces are masterful! I cannot believe the workmanship and dedication that went into each of them. I shall honour and cherish them, even when they become nothing more than memories of thi
  12. Nymoria walked along beside the other two, angling herself just so that she could see both of their faces as they spoke to one another. It made walking a bit awkward, but it was a skill she had developed some time ago. She couldn't help but giggle at the woman's commentary, covering the lower half of her face with her hands in order to hide her amusement, if only slightly. She gave up any pretense of appearance, however, as the woman tsked the attitudes and behaviours of the NPCs themselves, her hands drifting down to her sides as she shook with the quiet laughter. As the teal haired woma
  13. She'd eaten as slowly as she possibly could, consuming each bite as if it pained her to end it. Which wasn't as far from the truth as it could have been, the idea of ending the meal and having to focus on the quest she had put aside for the day - an activity that would mean she would have to continue moving when her body already felt like it was going to collapse under her - made her want to do nothing more than remain in the lounging bench of the café. At least it's nice and soft...and welcoming...I never want to get up again. Her reprieve and desire was broken, however, when the form of
  14. She slumped into the booth with a resigned sigh and a less than graceful thump. She'd argued with Musei for about ten minutes before giving into the weasel's stubbornness. No matter what argument she'd thrown at him, he'd ignored her and simply thumped his tail in a sign of disagreement. Eventually, tired and not desiring to argue any further, she'd relented and told him that they could go - but it would be a late breakfast. The weasel had simply acknowledged the comment before striding over to it's bed and curling up into a small ball, clearly content to wait out her preparations. A lar
  15. Training Your Friend Quest The vibration of the morning alarm, paired with the sunlight spilling in through the window of her inn's room, forced her awake against every effort she placed in trying to avoid and ignore them both. Her entire body still ached from the previous day, and she wondered if the game had some sort of recent update to accomplish a more realistic impact, or if her mind was simply filling in the blanks of the memories that she had of the entire routine. Whatever the reasoning, as she rolled over onto her side she felt a groan escape her in response to the various pains th
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