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  1. The soft crunch of snow, the twist of her head to one side, still beneath the appearance of Valna. "So ignorance, a murder to be excused simply due to the fact that you were both imbeciles." Setsuna spat, an eerie blue glow ablaze on her iris. "You know nothing of vengeful, she allowed you to speak. I would see your tongue removed from your mouth, filthy animal. If too riddled with stupor that you forget your escape, you chose to accept. You chose to end it." The bile beneath her phrases could almost be tasted, like venom imbibed on the tongue. She'd look for her captain playing mirror, for so
  2. "Fine I'll save her myself, go be useless somewhere else." Setsuna snapped in the same tone that Dazia would have provided, stepping back onto the warp gate and jumping to her own store instead of the plaza itself. As soon as she'd land, a quickly transposed message to Freyd: To: Freyd From: Setsuna Yinangi seems unconcerned if the other has perished or not, may be hired mercenary and not with any real allegiance. May be exploitable. On my way back to Snowfrost. In the few seconds it takes to pound out the abrupt word, her image
  3. A tinge of silence on her roost, still holding fast the girl's appearance. Listening intently with a soft ice like glow showing like stars against the moonlit night, Setsuna begins to recite it all, having far more answers to questions that may be relevant in the near future getting up close and personal with the pair under a faint bit of fog. Each transcribed and added to the mental page, learning more and more about the girl than she'd first expected. A quick message to Freyd pressed against a wall near the town's warp gate. To: Freyd From: Setsuna
  4. Setsuna's drops into the snow like vapor, under disguise, just as she. For Dazia's allies she moves, and makes but a simple phrase in the girl's appearance. "She's not the real, you need to get out of here. This copy of me is leading you into a trap." Isolation bred compliance, as well as desperation. At the very least, she'd build suspicion and drain their agreement with the real Dazia's actions. Unsure if the girl she was would be so foolish to lead her partners into a snaring net might just be enough to convince them otherwise. Only visible for a moment, she takes her roost upon anothe
  5. The single opportunity arose, as Freyd had clipped its wings. A single finite line of cyan blue, and you can see the line pass through clean the creatures' gullet. It offers pause, as if someone had used a remote and struck the key to do so. No breathing, no panting. It appeared almost as if it was experiencing horror. Around its neck beginning to form were shards of ice, like frost building on a lake. Setsuna appears, and you can see that bitter cold edge extended off to her right side. She twists the grip and slowly slides the blade away as the ice grows. "Mortal Draw - Erasure" she quips as
  6. Out of what seemed like nowhere, the cyan blue line tears across the felled beast. Fenrir's blood sprays in a red hot splash. The rest would be able to barely pick Setsuna off following that trail she had left, sheathing her blade back into its saya. As soon as the katana clacks shut, Fenrir's health bar takes a nose dive by a rather fair margin. It was efficient, as she was always striving to be. Quick, clean, and without any remnant of her being the primary focus. A pivot on her heel and a brace against that weapon. Her left hand clutches the scabbard, her right hovering the handle. As if a
  7. From where she stood, the girl just starts to lose tangibility, as if you were seeing her through glass that was thawing out. A few seconds as she started to rush down the creature. In only that short sprint sees her disappear completely. She'd wait for a moment, wait for that opportunity to rush it down. The frost began to build on the sliver of steel, dry ice peeling off of it and bleeding into the ground and pulling a further amount of smog around her frame. She'd need it to remain out of view, her eyes narrow and take that ice like glow on her iris. The hunter was waiting, watching. For bl
  8. At blinding speeds, Setsuna apparates and slides through where Fenrir stood, and what comes is nothing more than a shower of sparks. This version of Fenrir had significantly tougher hide, and as a result her blade doesn't penetrate at first. A sharp glare as her head pivots downward, it was clear she wasn't happy. Another pulse of that white fog as she begins to sprint back toward the beast. It turns and takes a snap toward her, she dissipates. His bite finds no purchase, and as she appears off kilter where the attack was made, she had sustained no damage. "I will come back twice as hard." Set
  9. Taking a moment of reprieve between the chaos as the hound was howling on the horizon. A few bites of something that lay in her inventory, preparing for the fight to come. A slide of her menu open sees a large increase of all of her stats, highlighting in blue as each buff began to take. A shadow in the dark watching the field as the other players began to prep as well. Looking on toward the direction where the screeching shows flame on the horizon, as if Hades was on the approach. The very fires of hell were moving up to meet the party, and this beast would die all the same. Burning away the
  10. A tear of reality at Freyd's beck and call, before that vorpal blade tears through the boss's chest. She shatters like glass, pieces of her falling in twain as her legs would no longer support the upper half. An extended weapon finds its saya, as if to beckon to allow her to die. A few steps shows dry ice like fog emanating from the child. "Next." She remarks toward the group in a very placid and emotionless decree, she wanted more to test her strength against and more over to prove her use to her captains. As if she wasn't tangible at all, the girl flickers and begins to lose focus like as if
  11. In a blinding flare, a single pinpoint line slides through Hel's throat. An attempt to lift her defenses up again finds no purchase. The wound, that laceration, begins to freeze solid, breaking off in pieces and showing some of the red lines that made up her frame. "I told you." Setsuna quipped with a snap. "It wouldn't work twice." her eyes advance to Raidou and the others of her quickly formed group, and within mere moments. A huge chunk of health drops from her in an instant, and with it, Setsuna ceases to exist. Like mist, she diffuses into multiple copies. They end up walking around in so
  12. Appearing like a flash of smoke, a small child slowly drawing out a weapon from its saya. A gleam of bluish light, as she rips through the field. As quick as the art could carry her rather tiny frame. A blast against some manifested shield produced by Hel sees it shatter, as Setsuna simply vanishes behind the titan's frame. "Not quite, but that defense will not hold forever." She remarks coldly, apparating near the rest of this newfound group. It seems that Raidou had bitten off more than he could chew, and it was up to O&I to save his skin. Luckily, Freyd and her had been in the area 'han
  13. 196724: LD:5+8=13, Stealth Rating A soft patter in the snow, that crunch that showed there was another within the walls of the settlement. An eerie fog draws across that ivory white powder, beginning to build this almost smoke on the water appearance. Setsuna, sits on dangling wire just out of purview. Watching, waiting as she sizes up what group this girl had chosen to bring. She'd be given the opportunity to parley, to 'convince' her master that she wasn't a wolf with the wrong moniker. But the creature in the mist wasn't too keen on allowing such an animal near her captain. A cyan
  14. A deep fog of white taking shape, plucking up a folded bit of paper. A pulled needle out of a scarf around her neck that glistens softly in the dim candlelight. A message returned rather quickly, mere minutes after SuzuNa had slipped that bit of parchment beneath that door. To: SuzuNa From: ???? Your order is finished, move quickly before it is taken. If and when that girl would return, she'd find but a simple square under cords in the shape of a cross, as well as her very own bag of materials since denied. Beneath that white lin
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