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  1. Setsuna

    Setsuna - Creature of the Mist

    Stances: Mortal Draw [Iai[
  2. Setsuna

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    A parade of children held in a linkage, the girl in silver hair being barely a foot taller could be confused for one of them. In her brash and quick break, she'd managed them out of the settlement and to a softer pasture. A clearing would serve to halt surprises, and she had done as was expected of her here. It was an oddity for the girl to bend so heavily over to aid another, but like the small quivering child in Urbus she could not ignore them completely. Somewhere beneath all that spite and anger, that thirst for revenge was a child still. A girl who cared if another lived or did not, she'd just not let that kindness consume her or worse. Control her. The silence was deafening, the stillness unsettling. The storm seemed defeated if but for a moment, releasing the hand of the smallest in a bunch of eight. A single bound forces her upward. Twisting her frame around the lowest before another vault, she was aiming for a vantage. Perhaps only then she'd see them coming. ID# 181442, Battle: 10 (Setsuna no) Roll Value: Loot: 20 Giving/Receiving: Final Roll Value:
  3. "That was my gemini's gift, when I removed its head." Setsuna offered rather bluntly, digging small teeth into the roll to offset pressing hunger. She hadn't eaten in quite a while, the pain in her stomach was not obvious until the offering was given. "Kindness is strength, but also a weakness. If you let it control your actions then someone will use it to control you. Remember that." A slight twist of her gaze down to the streets of Urbus, NPC perambulating around beneath their very feet as they dangled from the edge of a high rose roof top. A single swell and change on the horizon above them, the warp gate flickering and twisting rather aggressively as it seems to go haywire. A leap from the top of the place down and as she steps to it as inspection, it activates without input thrusting her upward in an instant. The storm was about to begin. [Setsuna moves to floor 7] ID# 181440 results: Loot: 9 [25x9=225 Col awarded to all members]
  4. A bitter chill as she stormed from roof to roof, her only interest being in seeing the child returned safely. It was a test to see if Freya was true to her word, Setsuna was always the skeptic. It seemed that whenever the opportunity arose that people would exploit it. To her surprise, however, the blonde does what she was told. An obvious attempt at a conversation, a single bit of food placed to the girl's side. That chill would paint the exposed parts of the blonde's back as she flickered in, playing down the tiles of the roof with a clatter of her feet. "An attempt to bribe me?" the guild assassin quipped as she reached down and claimed the roll, taking a seat next to Freya. "Take heed you do not let that kindness become a weakness. Even more a better job at hiding it, else it be used against you as a way to rig the odds against you." she spoke from experience to the blonde, knowing full well what kindness was rewarded with.
  5. "Some assume they can handle whatever, and take whatever they please. I am sure you can see that my abilities do not mirror my stature. I would have removed your head from your shoulders if I felt you hostile." Setsuna offered rather bluntly with a rather plain but piercing stare, reaching a hand for her face and peeling down the mask that concealed the lower half. "It's what I am trained to do, don't take it personally. No one hears me coming." The words came off as a boast, but her demeanor did not match it, so it must have been true. "You may not have, but only a fool underestimates their opponents, you would be wise to not do so. It is that overconfidence that will put you and everyone around you at risk. Calculate your chances, and stack them entirely against that which you face. Take every edge you can, and push that wound as much as it can go." A faint blue builds in the girl's iris as she speaks, and a sudden flicker and shift cause her to turn into mist. ID# 181295 results: Battle: 10 {LOL}, Loot: 12+3=15 [Stealth Rating]
  6. A blind of white as Setsuna reappears mere feet from the entry, still held to her special brand of stealth. "You've found your whimpering child. I suppose that it is your job to bring it back. I have matters to attend to in my own right. It was...pleasant that I didn't need to drive a blade through your neck." Setsuna mutters coldly, something close to a blunt compliment. Pressed against a hardwood tree in darkened wood bark, arms crossed as she breathed the words through a deep blue mask covering her mouth. A small respite to recover what she'd spent in the affair before moving on with her own duties as an O&I operative, best to operate with a full tank. There was still quite a number of sectors that needed fog of war removed, even on a floor as low as 2. For other guild members to travel safely in these uncharted lands.
  7. The cavern echos with a screeching that eludes to hostiles, held back and against the wind, the small silver haired girl slides from cover to cover at a rapid pace. A jerking scream of steel and a single darting cyan line causes one to bisect and fall in two halves. A flicker as she cleaves and a metallic click of her katana shut, a flare of white and a bitter chill. She vanishes, dropping from visibility as quickly as she had appeared. Through and back to concealment, she was looking to wait for Freya's input: either removing the girl from the conflict or swinging on her own. It mattered not, as long as she didn't attempt to slow her down like the Blossom. The bat shatters long after, as if the system was waiting till she was long gone before detonating. A flash of data as it erupts and casts shards into the ceiling in an agressive spray. San Ge [x15] vs. Giant Bat #1, -12 EN [15-3 {Finesse}] Disguise Triggered {+1 Evasion} ID# 181286 results: Battle: 4+6-1 {Low Light} = 9, Hit vs. Giant Bat #1 dealing 16x15=240 DMG Players: Setsuna | HP:780/780 | EN:66/78 | DMG:16 | MIT:12 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 Freya | HP:500/500 | EN:50/50 | DMG:15 | EVA:2 | ACC:3 | BLD:24 | REC:1 Mobs: Giant Bat #1 | HP:-190/50 | DMG:20 Giant Bat #2 | HP:50/50 | DMG:20
  8. Setsuna

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    A single flicker on the wind, a sole group barely visible through skill alone. A fuzzy projection in silhouette but with no features, it was strange that like this she could hardly tell them apart. But as her guild preached, her only 'friends' for lack of a better word she would shift from the onslaught to aid on their whims and expectations alone. Mishro was gone, assumed the girl had made it away and heeded what she was told. One less lamb for the slaughter. A single twist of a wrist, latching on to a cold and wet thing. Like let there be light, a small child. "Hush yourself, and feel lucky." Setsuna barked at her, a flail of tears come to nothing more than stifled whimpers. Placing her down upon the roof, one by one she begins to pluck them and silence them. A torrential typhoon of poultry lingered overhead, drowning the place out in screams. "I need a better method." Building a handful of children before her aim would be toward more able-bodied people. They could hardly fend for themselves, so somehow someway it became her problem to solve. ID# 181269 results: Battle: 9 (For no reason, because lol) Roll Value: 14 Giving: Final Roll Value:
  9. A faint white mist parades down the halls as it twists and bends, drawing a bitter chill that causes some of the moisture to clung to walls to freeze. It paints white as if formed on floor 4, and with a single lunge, she latches to hanging stone columns. Eyeing Freya in the dark in faint silhouette and using the minimap to confirm. The sniffling of the child in question forces her forward, more of a curiosity then earnest concern. Like a bullet, she moves to the position and keeps her eyes held fast to the entire birth of the cavern of jagged grey teeth, fazed black by the lack of light. Her domain, it would offer her opponents no respite, it was they who should fear the dark, not she. A well trained and ever sharpened weapon who was already drastically over what was expected or considered a challenge to her.
  10. Low Light Penalty triggered, Players -1 Accuracy To a cave, and as the girl continued to check her map over and over it was clear she was following a quest target. The small cat placed upon her shoulder, she peers into the cavern. What instantly catches her attentions are the cries of a child, and descent and scamper closer to Freya causes Setsuna to wrap a hand around her face from behind. "Push not forward without knowing what you face, make any sudden moves and I will put you down. Two paces ahead of me, but slow." With a shift of her menu and a target, Setsuna sends her a party invite. She was intrigued and wished to offer assistance, but her delivery was a bit lacking. As her hand is removed, a bitter chill as cold as the words spoken she vanishes within the confines of the wet interior, holding to the very swelling shade that consumed the lights within.
  11. A single look down to a blonde as she breaches the walls of the city, leaving it behind her. A small rat keeping to her side, before a slight squeal from it confirms it a cat instead. A glance into the coming sunlight, a faint feeling of the warmth it gives off. A wipe of her sleeve dries tired eyes. A memory repressed and another recalled. Eying the girl intensely from beside her peripheral, just beyond sight with a grace that was ever tempered. Hung low with a squinted eye, held aloft and inverted close enough to target her and check her marker. Green the thought races through her head, and with it, a hand is removed from a grip on a hilt. Now that it was determined she'd not be a threat at least not initially, why was she here? Playing the part of predator or watchman, Setsuna would wait for answers. ID# 181076 results: Loot: 16+4=20 (Stealth Rating)
  12. A soft exhale as she lunges and latches an outstretched hand to the bottom of a spire of wood, causing her to slide around it with finesse before she manages to find a point of solidarity to stand upon. Scanning the horizon before a leap to the next in sequence heading northward deeper and deeper in the uncharted territory, the lower half of her face covered with a dark blue cloth. A faint attempt at a hide of her identity, unsure if it did what she expected and frankly she was not too concerned if it had. The dead tell no tales. Her gaze shifts and finds the walls of Urbus, a hamlet to most player's avoidance. It was not quite as ripe as a primary city and as such offered much less in the way of wares. The commoners that ride through designated pathing, a faint remembrance of a face with purple hair. A single tear damps the cloth affixed to her nose. "I will bathe in their blood as repentance." Setsuna mutters with a burning pain riddling her heart.
  13. A single strand of silver hair parades across her brow, held aloft in a tree she was perched. Another scouting mission and affair to which she was required to perform. Below her a pack of four bipedal creatures in light green skin. Dropping and a slide shift in white, a scattering of blue shards and a faint looming white mist that accents cyan blue eyes through its obscurity. Screeches cut short, the sounds of demise being the only thing that continues past her attack. "Easy, too easy." The girl mutters softly with an aggressive bite to her words, these enemies were no challenge. As such how was she to improve fighting such dribble? Pressing her technique to the brim was the only way to get better. No rewards given but none were expected, these creatures were nothing more than a single swipe of Shiva's embrace from fragmenting and respawning. Another bit of the fog of war on her map falls away. Setsuna Consumes: Artisan Carrot Cake (+3 Accuracy/Filled) Mega Slime Farm Activated: +2 SP upon Thread Closure Setsuna | HP:780/780 | EN:78/78 | DMG:16 | MIT:12 | EVA:3 | ACC:6
  14. Setsuna

    The Frozen Tapestry {Tailor}

    1/3/21 Materials Sent: 10/4/20 Moved to Guild Vault
  15. 1/3/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 180987 CD: 7 +1 LD: 6 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition) 2 180988 CD: 12 +1 LD: 8 Perfect - 13 (+5 Ambition) 3 180989 CD: 12 +1 LD: 4 Perfect - 13 (+5 Ambition) 4 180990 CD: 6 +1 LD: 15 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition) 5 180991 CD: 11 +1 LD: 9 Perfect - 13 (+5 Ambition) 6 180992 CD: 6 +1 LD: 10 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition) 7 180993 CD: 5 +1 LD: 9 Uncommon - 8 (+5 Ambition) 8 180994 CD: 5 +1 LD: 8 Uncommon - 8 (+5 Ambition) 9 180995 CD: 2 +1 LD: 5 Salvage Failure - 7 (+5 Ambition) 10 180996 CD: 6 +1 LD: 9 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition) 11 180997 CD: 4 +1 LD: 2 Uncommon - 8 (+5 Ambition) 12 180998 CD: 1 +1 LD: 9 Critical Failure - 6 (+5 Ambition) 13 180999 CD: 11 +1 LD: 8 Perfect - 13 (+5 Ambition) 14 CD: +1 LD: Critical Failure - (+5 Ambition) 15 CD: +1 LD: Critical Failure - (+5 Ambition) 16 CD: +1 LD: Critical Failure - (+5 Ambition) 17 CD: +1 LD: Critical Failure - (+5 Ambition) 18 CD: +1 LD: Critical Failure - (+5 Ambition) Exp Total: 129 180987, T3/Rare/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180988, T3/Perfect/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180989, T3/Perfect/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180990, T3/Rare/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180991, T3/Perfect/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180992, T3/Rare/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180993, T3/Uncommon/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180994, T3/Uncommon/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180996, T3/Rare/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180997, T3/Uncommon/Light Armor Intended to Salvage 180999, T3/Perfect/Light Armor Intended to Salvage