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  1. Current Level: 51 Current SP: 216 SP Tracking: Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Shiva's Embrace - Skadi Item ID: 164213b Item Tier: T3 Item Type: Katana Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Freeze 1, Accuracy 2 Description: A rather standard looking blade, but once drawn from its saya it produces a film of white fog that drops to the floor in a parade like dry ice. The edge is so cold that it lingers a smog of the same around the slightly
  2. Being suddenly ripped into a hug, Setsuna couldn't help but feel her skin crawl. The other was so unbelievably hot, it almost burned and was causing her to melt. Reluctant in a strange mixture of not wanting to be here and strangely wanting to stay, unsure what any of it meant. A sharp cough as Kasumi releases her, she slides free and looks to Kasumi who appeared so damn earnest. "I do what I must, Kasumi. And I have a hard time believing that after I've seen you fight. Actually fight. Your actually better than me." her attentions shift, becoming a bit flustered at the compliment she had just
  3. A soft hand on Kasumi's peach colored shoulder, to temper that uncomfortable feeling on her chest. "I know you will, and there is nothing to be sorry about. That in itself is a weakness. Force it behind you, no matter the difficulty." Setsuna couldn't help but share this moment with the girl with a rather small grin of her own. She was reaching out and slowly forming a bond with them all, at Freyd's behest to try and see things from another perspective. Her mind was becoming more open slowly with time. It was why Kasumi and her even shared what they did as of recent. In a few ways Setsuna was
  4. A slide of her blade away, as Hidden would begin to beat a trail from this place. The lingering fog continued to obscure the night sky, and with it came the same obscurity on Setsuna's motives. What the woman had said stuck with her, but she was unconvinced. She was charged with following her actions, and seeing to it that whoever opponent was after her life would pay dearly. Setsuna was aware of the little agreement between her and Raidou, albeit loosely. But without Hidden being aware that very agreement went two ways. Her masters had charged her with this, but both for different reasons. It
  5. A scoff as Kasumi bows to the NPC as he gives her the reward, shaking her head no as she knew full well that the reward was going to be straight up useless to her. "Why you show such curtesy for garbage is beyond me." Setsuna quips as the girl begins to unfold. The answer to her prior question shows that she got what Setsuna was trying to convey. "I sure hope so, that hesitation puts everyone including you at risk. Bury it, stop allowing it to take hold on you." Setsuna drops the words in a murmur that came across cold and unfeeling. It was her truth. Each time that the girl would falter would
  6. "Do you?" Setsuna offered with a sharp recoil, she could smell the weakness on Kasumi like perfume. "Let it go." She spoke with the words broken up with time between. They both head to the shop keeper, as Kasumi turns in and waits for her light armor to be finished. There was awkward silence between them, there was still an obvious disjointed rift between them. Difference in perspectives, but Setsuna had begun to see value in that. All due to Freyd and their little discussion that they had shared. It was easy to get along and see eye to eye with like minded individuals, but the ones that chall
  7. A twist of her head in a snap, an intense glare strapped to her eyes to an icy blue trail. "If there is anyone that can, it would be my master. Do not choose what you believe over what is real. Assume not that there is anything wrong until proven, and do not mettle in his affairs." A spin on her heel, the venom spat. "Please do, and should you become a nuisance and attempt to slow my master down I will deal with you." It was very clear that Setsuna was not enthused by the fact that Freya intended to pry. A lift of her mask onto her mouth, sees the girl disappear in a blink of cold smoke that f
  8. A follow of the energy released, it was unfocused and rampant. She offers a firm no to Shiina's inquiry before turning to find that Freyd was gone. Her master wasn't usually one to exit before a routine was through, and her eyes narrow into that pool, as if it held some meaning. "You needn't worry, My master is not one for fickle weakness. Whatever ails him will be overcome." spoken from the silver haired girl, but she was unconvinced. It was an attempt to fool herself out of the concern. The girl had chosen to trust his instincts, for if there was something amiss. She had to trust that he was
  9. "As long as your serious." Setsuna quips rather quickly toward Sam, she wasn't one for games. If the girl was sure that she wanted to be put under the same stress that her and Kasumi were now doing on the regular then Setsuna would oblige her request. A spin of her scabbard back into the dock on her hip, sliding it between the folds of the sash around her waist. They were all but finished with this quest. "On to the next then." She offers to the group that seemed fully fit to make more rounds. As a member of O&I Sam had to get used to the kind of drive that this division in specifically ha
  10. A sudden jerk as Shiina made a lunge for her, trying to avoid the unwanted embrace out of the blue. But she was too close to the little vice. "I'll stab you if you don't let me go." Setsuna began to try and pry free her arms, this girl was stronger then she ever eluded to be. Her skin was hot, felt as though it would burn right through her. Shiina does not let go, and despite her best efforts Setsuna just cannot get out of her clutches. "This place isn't fun." Setsuna tries to confuse her into a release, but it just causes her to become tighter. How this girl was like an adhesive was so blarin
  11. Setsuna waits patiently for Sam's return, on the rim of the fountain here in Delilah. Their eccentric attire offering them no respite from prying eyes, looking at the strange high level players who were relaxing on the rim. Paying them little mind other then looking back in their direction once she'd notice them staring. Her gaze shifts to Shiina. "How is it you are always this wound up?" She asks of the songstress, Setsuna had noticed this fact before. There were so many times where the girl had been trapped into some nefarious affair due to her inability to show tact. The girl continued to b
  12. Setsuna stops her assail away, whisked toward her own devices in solitude. "I-" But the word is completely shut down as a hot hand finds her shoulder. Something about that heat, although it burned felt almost comforting. "Alright." she surrenders into the offer, sliding out of the clutches of the smiths hand. She couldn't take much more of the contact, it simply brought with its fire oh so much pain. Memories of time where such contact wasn't so rare. A glance to the others who seemed almost dumbstruck by her accepting, and with it a slight tinge of embarrassment. "Let's move, I don't want to
  13. An appear and a draw of her mask down returns her name and marker, as her weapon's handle is released. She was prepped just in case it was necessary but it seemed that this was going to be much simpler then it first entailed. An easy success, made this quicker to complete. "Turn the ovule into the woman and the quest is finished." A glance to Shiina and Griswold, who had both played their parts amicably. There was something about being with this group, but that extended to not just them but all of the guild. There was a strength that was almost incomparable in this little formation that Raidou
  14. Sliding across the field at a rapid pace, exploiting the opening produced by Freya as the serpent turns to face the blonde. A single silent blue lancing line slides across its neck behind the large head. The creature grows still, and as her weapon is returned into its saya the head simply detaches in a smooth and surgical line across that tear. In a chain of two pops, the snake ceases to exist moments after her attacks execution, the freeze not taking hold despite the fact. Perhaps due to the viscosity of the creature disabling its effects. This quest was over, as it promptly erases itself int
  15. ID# 187222 results: Loot: 15+5=20, Stealth Maintained! "Was" Setsuna offers coldly as she appears and slides her katana shut, causing the entirety of the pack to be diced to frozen pieces. Cut to smithereens without even the slightest effort, it was clear that this quest was designed for a much lower level group. A twist of her frame sees her dispersed again, knowing full well that the next on the platter would be the main course. The faster they slaughtered the produced mobs the quicker that they would be able to turn this in. It was a welcome stray from darker thoughts, this small affai
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