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  1. The rustle of a bell, the soft patter of her tabi on wooden and aged flooring. Dim lighting, only enough to see a soft glow but no more. Reaching into the cloth around her neck, she pulls a single shard of metal free. "Hidden" she expresses but a single word in that same cold tongue, before she looks down to the clothing she'd hauled in with her. "Still shoving your foot into your mouth?" Her eyes flare in that ice blue atop a new feminine body, but there was something else to it then that. Where before it was so obviously hostile, it was almost taunting. Like what one would do to a rival.
  2. Back into the building, a small rattling of coins in a sack in her hands. A glance around proves there are no players within the building, only the NPC cook that ran the place. She ushers over to him, handing him the bag as per usual. He smiles to her, accepting the payment for the job she had taken. Under the guise of earning a small bit of coin, but to gather information without arising suspicion. "I am finished for today." her voice falls back into hers, a strange mismatch from the appearance she was still sporting. "Alright, feel free to come and work again. Oh! and here." He reaches into
  3. Sliding back into the cafe, and tapping on a menu behind the counter. Appearing out of virtually thin air, a small yogurt topped with fresh fruit. She plucks it up and adds it to a carrying tray before exiting back into the sunlit day. To a table with an awaiting couple, two spoons provided next to the dessert. "Bon Appétit!" The waitress expresses with a jubilant expression. A set of chairs, on her flank, slide out and a bag of col is dropped upon the table's surface. As soon as she curtsies and twists around, that emotion filled smile becomes cold as it fades from her face. It's replaced wit
  4. Placing the shake down in front of the blonde tank, a rather unremarkable waitress with a soft brunette ponytail and matching yellow apron. "Is that all?" she remarks with a smile. After a nod from the patron, she recognized, but not from days prior. She unfolds and ushers the metal platter used to carry it under her right shoulder, pushing a small notebook into the slot that hung over her thigh. "You seem a bit different from the last time I saw you." and within that woman's emerald green eyes, an intensity unbefitting of an NPC. But now was not the time to break guise, for there was a reason
  5. A wave of white crystallizes a wound before a glowing red global of light flickers with what sounds like the shattering of glass. "I will see you suffer." Setsuna spits with a snap, a katana tearing a fresh entry before she shoves that heart in a jar within the still heated and flayed skin. It begins to climb, prisms of the stuff falling off in heaps as its super cooled. A twist on her heel, as spikes of ice fire out, creating wounds of their own like branches on a tree. A snap of her fingers sees them break, a breathing fog still oozing from a blade in her other. As if attached to a ball of s
  6. ► Setsunin-tõ Cost: 10 SP Passive Requirements: Rank 5 [Hiding], [Vanish] Mod, [Surprise Attack: Assassin] Mod Effect: User cannot benefit from Mitigation Values in Stealth Freeze can now be applied from stealth, but gains no bonus damage User cannot use AOE or Stun Based Sword arts from stealth Stealth Does not end after an attack is made Description: The ghost of floor 4, an enigma and a weapon. What is assumed brash and volatile can be extremely effective. Forgo all forms of defense, to become a lethal edge to destroy all that stand in your way.
  7. 198965 | LD:12+6=18, Stealth Rating Success! Bishop to B5 As if on command, a black edged blade risen to point. A gesture to a lingering scalpel, waiting and watching for that small rod of a conductor to start the play. A rimesworn blade, chilled and ready to make another showing, sees ichor colored ink spray from what seemed from no origin. It crystallizes and shifts to a gunpowder hued spray of dust, falling to the ground like pebbles. "One final life, I will take pleasure in taking part in it being taken away." A murmur like a whisper through a cloth adorning her lips. Ice-cold ir
  8. 9/22/21 (Crafting Respite: 184167-1) Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 CD: +1 LD: Demonic Upgrade - (+5 Ambition) 2 198865 CD: 5 +1 LD: 16 Uncommon - 8
  9. 9/21/21 Materials Sent: 4/25/21, Shard Sent: 9/21/21
  10. Plot Placeholder Ebon Edge - Black Frost [T4/Rare/Katana] Fallen 1, Bleed 1 Zero Degree Icicle: [T4/Rare/Katana] Freeze 1, Accuracy 1 Item Fusion (Perfect, Gleaming Scale 1) Ebon Edge - Black Frost [T4/Rare/Katana] Fallen 1, Bleed 1, Freeze 1 Unfinished Business +5 [T4/Perfect/Katana] Keen, Fallen 1, Bleed 1 Ebon Rime - Harvester [T4/Perfect/Katana] Frostbite 1, Bleed 2 Item Fusion (Perfect, Gleaming Scale 1) Ebon Rime - Harvester [T4/Perfect/Katana] Frostbite 1, Fallen 1, Bleed 1 Ebon Edge - Black Frost [T4/Rare/Katana] Fallen 1, Bleed 1, Freeze 1 E
  11. Demonic Upgrade Patch Correction (3.1) Here (2 Shards) -> Freyd
  12. A twist of her frame sees the girl slide a blade in a quick swipe through a raging soldier, it staggers and fumbles before turning to a frozen statue. A searing blue hot blade burns through an awaiting body seeing it detonate in a cascade of ice quickly melted. Her eyes dart back toward the blonde tank. "Hold them back." Setsuna's vision snaps to the tower on the horizon, an amber sunset burning above. Her frame begins to take a smoky like sheen, bleeding off of her shoulders in soft fumes. "Well done, that voice finally carries." As her frame disperses in a specter like transparency, becoming
  13. Charge CD: [2/3], Vanish CD [-/3], ID:198506 | Loot:18+6=24 (Stealth Success) Endless waves of specters owned by both Setsuna and her captain litter the field, mirroring opposition with duplicates lethal in their own right. Freyd pounds the opponent that stood against their ascent up the tower, locked with Raidou's blade no longer. A single outstretched arm as it attempts to stand, to right the caved in section of metal that was its helmet. To its feet, bolstering thickened muscle and bone that rippled with tenacity. A solid slamming swipe down finds Raidou's edge, breathing sparks across
  14. Tearing through the spire controlled beast Celeste was dealing with sees the red head stir, a single cut clean before slicing through two in immediate proximity. A katana slowly finds its shelter and clicks shut. "Understood." The silvered haired woman responds with a hand hovering a blade, and a single vorpal swing cleaves her way through three before taking to a sprint. One weapon begins to scream in her direction, and ripping that edge out shows a flash of light and like a cloud of smoke she disappears in a blink of an eye. All before a massive cleaver crushes it flat through that vapor, tw
  15. A glimmer and a sea of frost sees the one assailing the red swordsman clipped in twain, two pieces frozen solid cascading into the soot like shrapnel. A glance back to the orange haired female that played her opposite, who was spinning the head of another in this opposing army. "We take her and it's over." Setsuna spoke with a cold bite, eyeing the tower with still illuminated eyes. An O&I task if there ever was one, but the field spoke to needing as many bodies keeping the rest of her forces contained and from intervening. A twist of her frame sees the girl eye the opposition, a multitude
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