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  1. "Don't judge me." Griswold barks toward Sam, with an honest smile. It was clear she was joking with him, and he more than reciprocated the gesture with a jest of his own. The scowl on his face instantly twists into a grin, as he pats the girl's shoulder. "So how is my axe treating you, your looking pretty well." A flash of the gate reveals Simmone shortly after Sam had shown, looks like that was two down and 1 to go for a full group. "Ever done butcher?" Griswold asks with his demeanor shifting rather serious as Kasumi was the last to join them on the floor, a flash of the dark gray circular p
  2. A slide off the fountain, filled with murky and cloudy water. Sand had a habit of getting in this pool of liquid, making it filthy. The smith dabs his neck with a white rag, pushing the heat that held to his back at bay. To the quest board he rolls, swaying through the menu with a spin of his fingers. Every attempt seems to open something he did not intend to aim for, the glory of fingers the size of sausages. A sharp sigh after multiple attempts, finally claiming what he truly sought from its list. Butcher of the sands, should have been easy to undertake and this was tipped into extremes with
  3. 2/27/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 184243 CD: 10 +1 LD: 1 Perfect - 13 (+5 Ambition) 2 184244 CD: 7 +1 LD: 16 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition)
  4. Post Counter: 25 Concentration CD [1/3], Shield Bash CD [1/2] The exploding big cat on his left, a conjoined attack from both girls putting down most the pride in an instant. The king was down and only this single one was left eyeing him. "You think so?" Griswold barked at it as it leaned low. It lunges and Griswold connects with his shield, sliding the wall and changing its path. A harsh connection of his hammer puts it down with a sudden crack, knocking into the dirt causing it to grind at its side. The thing was dazed from being bopped, Griswold was a big man and that surely hurt.
  5. Post Counter: 21 Rampaging down the field and shuffling clean into the pack, Griswold slams his shield like a fist into the largest forcing it to topple with a heavy thud. The rest of the group twist and lunge on him, a torrent of fire and tenacity, Griswold bellows from inside the pile. A head butt, a slam of his shield shows he's not going down without a fight. What follows is a brutal exchange of him slamming punching with flames following behind every attack. His shield holds strong, as only one makes it past. The rest continue to attack at the smith who's armor and fierce jabs keep t
  6. Back into the soft sands that composed all that was floor 5, Griswold was taking a bit of initiative. Normally he wasn't the one to start a job, and it showed. Fighting with the damn quest board at every turn, the huge male just couldn't seem to get his damn fingers to cooperate. Eventually he succeeds in getting it open, and a half an hour later he manages to select a quest. Not one he intended at all, but at least he'd done it. "I hate these things." Griswold grunted as he took to the fountain. An hour later he manages to transpose a barely legible message to the rest of the guild.
  7. Post Counter: 17 Rolling his shoulders and looking down at Vulcan who was all fuzzed up in his own special way, the familiar was raring to go. "Everyone ready for round two? Stomp the big one as quick as possible, the little ones aren't that big of a deal like he is." he spoke from his experience doing this, checking the rest of the group as it looked like this was a walk in the park for them. A clap of his shield for a moment draws the stampeding groups attention further, right before the smith peels his shield close to his frame like a loaded gun. He was just going to meet them head on
  8. Vulcan seemed rather sad, a soft grumble as it receives the pats. There was promise of ice cream in his future, and he was a bit of a softie for it. Griswold chuckles at the thing acting so pathetic that he was begging. A short jaunt and a brief flash began combat, Griswold fought with his menu to finally accept the party invite last. His age was showing. Right behind the girls, Griswold was kind of lagging ass in his plate armor. But none the less he makes it up with them, clapping his hammer against his shield and drawing the attentions of all around. They're gazes redirect and he takes note
  9. A glance at his youngling who looked to be going along for the ride it dawned on him. Haine was the girl he fought the Leviathan with a while back. "You seem to be doing well, been a while." Griswold chuckled and looked down to Vulcan who also seemed to recognize her. Moving closer to the girl and huffing her in search of ice cream, he was definitely a dog somewhere in there. "Aye, I'll be comin' along." The smith removed his helmet for a bit so that people could see his face at least for a bit. "So lions, any of you done it before?" He asked them all to see if they had. The smith had and was
  10. ID# 182864 results: Craft: 2 (-10 HP) Like a bat out of hell, Griswold begins to pick up speed as the thing was focused on Simmone. A trail of fire as the very embers around him begin to lose their glow, building trails that seek out the face of his shield. A single impact like a being struck by a train, the whole cavern echoes back the connection as that thunderous boom reverberates. The boss itself is tossed, skipping quite a number of times before it finds something solid to stop on. A jagged outcropping of one of the walls of the cavern, it is impaled there, becoming immediately limp
  11. A hefty hit atop an anvil, a metallic clank sends a shower of sparks in all directions. The smith was hard at work, forging a new guy's armor in pure silver. Bending and peeling panels and bolting them down on a wood mannequin with rivets as he takes the heated metal from the surface. A sudden ring of his menu causes him to shift, holding the pliers loosely in his left hand. "Hmm. Haine." Griswold mutters, unsure of the name. "I suppose so." Twisting and anchoring the tool to the wall, he reaches back and grabs his blacksmithing mallet made weapon. A spin of it in his meaty hands, as he m
  12. ID# 182842 results: Craft: 12 (No Damage Taken) One attempting to rush past the group of DPS, Griswold takes note and begins to run in. The stammering of the feet of the beast is mirrored by Griswold's own movement toward it. It lunges toward the smith before being blasted by an upward swing of his shield causing it to whimper. The shield itself seems to drain the very heat out of it as if Griswold had taken its power for his own. A twist of his head to a crack before he reaffirms his glare, a shift of the bulwark in front of him he was the first line and the opposition they'd have to get
  13. Griswold wondered if Freya would be the one to heed the message that rings through his menu, from Gaius. But the girl didn't come on every one of Gaius's escapades and it would appear that she had her own thing going on other than being strapped to Gaius on the regular. That was fine by him, the dude still had some mental growing up to do before he'd be suitable. The smith moves up next to the dragoon. "Yes and no, the heat in that cavern is much heavier than anywhere else on the floor. You'll figure that out soon enough." A flash of a warp gate at their back causes both boys to turn to see wh
  14. A shift of his right arm fixes a held gauntlet, he uses his off hand to adjust the straps and buckles closer together with a pull of some leather. "Aye boy, the fires of the floor are something to watch out for. Avoid the pools of lava. I've read the quest before, it's in the infernal cavern." Griswold spoke from experience, this was his home turf. "Northeast, a bunch of pools of lava and howls from inside. Good metals bloom out of the stone on the entry, where I found Vulcan." He readies himself and plucks the shield from the ground. "I'll be your guide today boy, don't do anything stupid out
  15. Griswold tears ass between the girls and the massive creature, watching its mouth begin to open. "Get the hell out of here." Griswold barks at them as Setsuna disappears. He raises his shield right before slamming his hammer against it and forcing it to kindle with amber flames. The boss takes notice and with an almost inhuman speed clams down on the tank. Pushing back with a massive frame, peeling apart a jaw as the very fire on his body begins to bleed off and scorch the inside. Singed gums and billowing steam, Griswold pries it loose and shoves it back sustaining some fair damage even throu
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