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  1. A heavy hammer stops, and Griswold moves toward the door where Hidden was waiting. Dabbing his neck with a white cloth, he looks down to the smaller blades that the girl brought in. Reaching down and clutching the first, the one with the gemstone blade. "Hmm." twisting it over, he underhand tosses it to Vulcan. The hound grasps it out of the air, and it begins to glow bright. "First we fix it, the gemstone needs to be heated if you want it not to break." To the next dagger he peels off the counter leaving the white rag wrapped around his neck, grabbing the materials she'd brought and in h
  2. "He eats a lot." Griswold chuckles, looking down to the glowing hound, offering it a solid slap like an open hand against concrete. "Well, finding something like this comes down to what you're looking for. I found him." spoken as he uses an extended thumb to point at Vulcan. "On floor 9, about halfway up Mount Stygian." The smith was more than willing to join Fives on his endeavor, he was becoming accustomed to this stuff rather quickly. Tapping his hands together to remove the bit of charcoal that was still latent on his palms. "So any ideas?" Griswold asked the lad, curious if he had a prefe
  3. A heavy looking smith moving from the guild vault, having placed some heavy armor for a player who needed it. Hearing a voice from the entry, Griswold swivels just a bit to eye around the corner. "Aye boy, been a bit." he remarked with a shift of his right shoulder seeing a break somewhere in it. That large looking hound at his side, glowing like a lantern, moving for the kid and taking a few deep huffs like a dog in a rabbit hole. "That there's Vulcan. Don't get in his business." The smith remarks to the hound, trying to stop that habit of the flame kin shoving its nose in someone's butt. A c
  4. 6/20/21 Do the thing (Make a Demonic -> Fuse it Here) Auric Sunlight - Finality of Hope [T4/Perfect/2HSS] Damage 3 [154064] Blade of the Warrior [T4/Perfect/2HSS] Accuracy 2, AA [177368a] Into Auric Sunlight - Finality of Hope [T4/Demonic/2HSS] Damage 3, AA
  5. Do the thing (Make a Demonic -> Fuse it) Auric Sunlight - Finality of Hope [T4/Perfect/2HSS] Damage 3 [154064] Blade of the Warrior [T4/Perfect/2HSS] Accuracy 2, AA [177368a] Into Auric Sunlight - Finality of Hope [T4/Demonic/2HSS] Damage 3, AA
  6. 4/26/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 190965 CD: 12 +1 LD: 19 Perfect - 13 (+5 Ambition) 2 190966 CD: 8 +1 LD: 16 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition)
  7. A glance down toward the rather large appearing weapons, taking Heaven's Mandate where it sat. A massive weapon with contained energy that he'd yet to see. Griswold grunts, as his eyes trailed the length of it. "Aye, I'll give it a shot." he barks taking the weapon and one of the small fragments provided to the anvil. A whistle brings Vulcan to his side, and with reluctance he leans down and offers the handle to the hound. It swells and begins to heat, and with it the metal begins to become liquid. Lifting his mallet over the super heated weapon, a harsh swallow as forging that sword on O
  8. House Name: Tristram Molten Steelshaping (Attachment) [Recent Change Here] Location: Floor 22 - Housed within the guild hall in the forest of the forgotten, the metallic clanks of a smith who is hard at work. His own well furnished building to rest within arms reach of his friends and family. Plot Size: Estate Room(s): [Master Bedroom][Master Bathroom][Attic {Storage}][Basic Kitchen][Living Room][Storage Closet][Dining Room][Dining Hall {1}][Dining Hall {2}][Basement][Guest Room: Potted Tanabata][][][][] Yard(s}: [Forge (Ext)][Mega Slime Farm][Greenhouse] Alterations: Attic {Room: Ex
  9. Current Level: 50 Current SP: 208 SP Tracking: Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Forgemaster's Rattlecage - Juggernaut Item ID: 165401 Item Tier: 2 Item Type: Heavy Armor Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Mitigation 3 Description: A specially designed full body suit of plate that makes the wearer look almost robotic, showing no skin at all. It bolts and locks in place with latches that must be unhinged to be removed, which make the poss
  10. A heavy hammer blow into the side of the stone sees it break, as Vulcan begins to huff away at what was left in its wake. The familiar that was a walking furnace began to pick up pieces and an audible crunch is heard. "Found it." Griswold offers with a wipe of his brow, plucking a few more pieces up and transferring them into Vulcan's gullet. The rich red metal known as scarletite begins to ooze out of its jaw, and Griswold laps it up with more of those molds. He'd need quite a few to reach what he needed. An hour spent upon this cliff face, sees four bars of the stuff claimed. Once he returns
  11. Having his fill from that node, the hunk of rock being picked completely clean and was nothing more than a pile of rubble by this point. "That works." Griswold speaks his thoughts out loud. Pocketing the cooled ingots and holding aloft the single one that still was coming down. He keeps steady to not spill it and begins to climb up stygian's face just a bit further. He was still seeking the base metal that would be required to form the alloy he'd need to finish that weapon out. Vulcan keeping up beside him with heavy bounds, leaping like a rabbit across the volcanic floor. The incline start be
  12. Another solid crack of his hammer sees more debris falling loose, freeing up more of the stuff that he actually sought out. Even though this wasn't what he needed, it could prove useful in the future and save him a trip later. That was a good enough reason for him to attempt to harvest it. Thrusting the chunks of ore toward Vulcan, who begins to salivate out the molten metal from the crags within it. Griswold peels loose a couple of ingot molds and begins to have them set into bars. "Thank ye." Griswold remarks to the beast, who was getting his fill of what he desired from the slag produced fr
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