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  1. Within arms reach and hearing the same outline, a bit of that thought scratching at the back of his head. Into his right front pocket, using the physical gesture to peel items out from his digital inventory. He had his own pile of these things that were collecting a fair bit of space. "These?" Griswold remarked before the girl like a falcon, Kuni scoops them out of his outstretched palm. Oni chuckles and sweeps his hand over the tarp for Griswold to choose from what was on its surface. Grabbing the first that spoke to him, a strange blackish stone with an inscribed orange rune he couldn't unde
  2. Shocked, in a bit of a stupor, recognizing the woman but fully able to place where. He found himself staring once Eruda says something break him out of it. "Huh, yeah. I guess I am just tired, is all. Dream?" He started to think back, trying to sort out the fog. It probably just the time of day, normally he laid down much earlier than this. The beauty of being an old man, early rise and early fall. It seemed as though his daughter and this woman were friends or something, that was alright by him. The smith couldn't really command that she hang out with her old man before friends her age. His g
  3. Finding a place in the sand, Vulcan dropping with a thud like a loosely tossed stone at his side. Shiina was already up to her eyeballs in the water, flailing about like a lunatic and throwing things out and into it. His familiar groans, watching the lake carefully. Out of the blue Rasarei tackles the grump, making them both spiral sending a spray of sand. "Yeah it's pretty sudden, but at least she's excited by the idea of hanging out with us eh?" Griswold sprawls out a bit, taking up a fair bit of space. "Bit crazy this place we're trapped in, didn't really know what I was doing before I met
  4. An alert causes his tired old bones to swivel, as he sweeps the metal shavings from a tired old anvil that had seen a day of work. Vulcan perks up with the sound, huffing the air as he seemed to be searching for another stone to lap up. "It wasn't for you." Griswold chuckles, opening the message with a bit of difficulty. His muscles still ached from the day prior, but he was getting a bit better. "It's from Freya." Speaking out loud as if the familiar could even understand what that meant. It was more rhetorical than anything. Trailing left to right, as he works his way down the little pigeon.
  5. Quest Complete 8950/30=298*5=1490 8950/300=30 Seeds Griswold 1490*6=8940+5000 [Quest] + 2000 [Ugzeke #1] + 8250 [Dungeon] + 2000 [Ugzeke #2]=26190*1.45=37975 EXP Kasumi 1490*7=10430+5000 [Quest] + 2000 [Ugzeke #1] + 8250 [Dungeon] + 2000 [Ugzeke #2]=27680*1.45=40136 EXP Setsuna 1490*7=10430+5000 [Quest] + 2000 [Ugzeke #1] + 8250 [Dungeon] + 2000 [Ugzeke #2]=27680*1.55=42904 EXP Simmone 1490*6=8940 + 2000 [Ugzeke #1] + 8250 [Dungeon] + 2000 [Ugzeke #2]=21190*1.55=32844 EXP (32844*.15=4926 Laurel, 28000 [Wave #2], 20000 [Quest]) = 52926 Col {Simmone} (4
  6. Howl Refreshed, Recovers 8 via BH Into the fray with a solid right hook, twisting his body and bashing the much larger entity with his shield. A fist returned, as Griswold starts to exchange blows with Ugzeke. Body boxing until he catches a heavy hand in his own. "That the best you've got!" Griswold barks, his eyes kindling in orange. His body begins to steam and sputtering sparks begin to dance on his skin. A headbutt, skull on skull. Griswold twists his massive right hand and jams it as far as he can into that creature's stomach, where out of nowhere an explosive detonation of fire. It
  7. Howl CD [1/2], Recovers 8 via BH One bleeds out and dies of the wounds it had sustained from Setsuna and by extension Celeste, the other was trapped under Griswolds massive leg. Slamming his hammer a couple of times for good measure until the thing stops moving. "That takes care of that." Taking stock of the warzone, no more hostiles. Kasumi sitting in a pile, Setsuna working on her own breathing. Celeste wobbling back and forth trying to carry that sword of hers. They were a mess, but they made it out alright. Griswold spins that hammer and douses the flames, running his hand along the o
  8. Tapping the front of his shield with his hammer sees it engulf in flames, as his skin began to smolder in that same heat. Eventually, after insistent blows sparks begin to fall off as if he was striking a blade atop an anvil. "That should do it, bring it." Griswold barks as the few enemies within the chamber all set sights on him, he'd drawn them away from the prospect of hurting the rest of his team. The smith was becoming quite the effective tank these days, turns out age wasn't as big of a weakness as he'd first been led to believe. "This is all we have left?" He speaks over his shoulder to
  9. Winding back and a drive of that hammer with a solid and distinguishable *thud*. The texture felt like mashing potatoes, Ugzeke was the potato. A pop sees Celeste's foot loses its raised height. "That's that then, easier than I imagined." His eyebrow perks up, catching just the faintest bit of color from some other players present. He wasn't really sure how to respond, so just winging it, he gestures toward the opening with his hammer. "Onward, out? Whatever, let's just go bash some more heads." There was the taste of some epic moment, but instead they just all took turns beating some defensel
  10. Recovers 8 via BH A heavy foot onto Ugzeke's back as the troll tries to peel his face out of the stone. "Don't get up. All you will end up doing is making this harder on yourself." He scans the rest of the group, Celeste included. "I'll keep him pinned." Slamming that hammer into the back of Ugzeke's head dazes him even further. This was an absolute slaughter, just 6 players kicking the crap out of this single isolated mob. Yeah he had a lot of numbers, some group attacks or what have you. But at the end of it all, he was just outnumbered 6 to 1. The odds were totally in Firm Anima's favo
  11. A bit of hesitation, and exhaustion setting in. He was an old man, and had been at it for quite a while. Also, the thought of having to deal with that idiot after working all day wasn't quite enthusing either, when he'd said he would try he wasn't exactly meaning right this second. "Oh, alright." He couldn't convince himself to decline, and he moves toward the back. There was a nervousness in a 'dad is my date to the prom' kinda way. Tapping his neck with a white rag, trying to get some soot off his hands and face. Back into the center, he reaches for that stool and moves it out of the walkway
  12. Another grumble as the girl's hand finds his shoulder, a long time coming. "Surprising, maybe I finally knocked some sense into him." His face twists into a smile, trying to be happy about it. "If you're sure, I suppose I can try and lighten up a bit. But don't expect me not to deck him one if he gets out of line." He chuckles for a moment, as Vulcan finally gets his lazy ass up and his feet click upon the stone floor. "What? I don't have any more you fat stone." A whine, sees the smith kneel down and wiggling the beast. "I guess I need something." Toward the entry that was still opened up, an
  13. "It's yours." Griswold offers it to the girl with a slide, watching her pick it up he couldn't be happier. "I got a bit carried away, I reckon." Griswold chuckles, his thoughts getting stuck on Anna for a moment. But he wouldn't sour this with drudging up the past. She almost immediately devolves into a child like wonder, a smile painted upon her face within a moment passing. Then she mentions Gaius, and just like one would expect a dad to do, his smile changes into a raised eyebrow and a scowl. "That boy, is he still being an idiot all the time?" The grumble of a concern. "You could probably
  14. The sudden warble in the girl's tone caught him off guard, making it hard to swallow. Vulcan had sense finished his given stone, and starts to lay down. The familiar Ko poking at the lazy slouch, who was all tuckered out from a day of smithing. A snort as he lets all that air out. Griswold leans forward on, applying an elbow to his right knee cap. "Don't be, we don't have to be strangers. I just didn't really know where I am supposed to be. Yeah, I'm your dad, but that doesn't mean I can just show up and expect to be a part of your life." The voice was a bit broken, for even he had emotional b
  15. Relaxed [1/2] Staring into the sky with his arms at his side, Gaius all but blocked by the tossed beast. "Did you fig-" The sentence is cut off with this absolute blinding light, so much so that Griswold has to advert his gaze. Shielding his eyes with his hand, as he can feel himself move. It fades rather quickly, and once it does Griswold starts to move his jaw trying to get his hearing to pop. His eyes catch Gaius really far up there, like a speck on the lens. Shouting to the rest of the group with a simmering buzzing in his ears, "You all alright?" Celeste was in a pile, eyes wide like
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