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Staff Rewards



Staff Rewards  

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  1. 1. Should Staff Receive Rewards (at all)?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Is 1000 Col per page/crafting day evaluation a good baseline?

    • Yes
    • No (please submit suggestions as replies to this thread)
    • Answered No to staff receiving any type of rewards

The topic of providing staff mechanical rewards (of any kind) for their efforts has generally been a taboo topic because of multiple reasons including skepticism from dubious intentions and a longstanding belief that staff work should be enough of a reward on its own.  However, a larger goal of staff and its individuals for the past couple of years has been to re-establish trust in staff in hopes of fostering a healthier environment. We’d like to bring it the topic to the table once more and clearly define what the mechanical rewards would entail and how staff would earn it.

First and foremost, I’d like to mention that the mechanical rewards would entail only Col at this time. In any case, we have no interest in providing staff rewards that would be exclusive to them and create a dishonest and toxic environment. Secondly, staff members would earn rewards based off of the amount of content that they approve which is easily some of the more intensive work on staff with the possibility of including rewards for helping to run an event or boss (which is usually a one- and sometimes two-person ordeal for a larger player turnout) and other staff works in the nearby future. Currently, the baseline that the GM team has set is 1000 Col per page in a thread or crafting day evaluations (i.e. crafting approvals equivalent to one crafting day). We believed that this baseline was suitable, especially given how Col is one of the easiest resources to gather with mob grinding. These numbers and rates, including what provides it, is flexible and up for discussion (e.g. there were some ideas to decide based off of batch of approvals/thread to simplify the rewards).

We’d love to hear your feedback regarding these things and hope that you are open to the idea.


Recommended Comments

1,000 Col per page/evaluation would quickly add up and is also a higher Col reward than one would earn from actually completing a page of roleplay. I don't think that, at a baseline, approvals should garner more income than the base thread reward. That said, the base thread reward is a wholly inconsequential amount and could do with being ramped up.

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Providing staff some sort of reward for the time they invest in the game is fair and reasonable.  It is an investment of their own personal time that they could otherwise spend on developing their own characters and stories.  Figuring out a suitable reward is the tricky part.  Linking it to effort put in as staff (via word count, threads closed, etc.) is a good metric.  My only concern is whether col is the most suitable reward.

It's really not hard to earn col in the game.  You can earn six figures from a single grind thread rather easily, at max level, making the standard page reward and the proposed staff reward rather insignificant.  It's also easy to appreciate that anything too substantial could provoke a negative reaction from the community.  Kudos to staff for taking the time and effort to put this poll out for feedback.

It's unlikely that a single type of reward will be meaningful for everyone, so perhaps a small range of minor perks could be provided to help offset time lost for threading:

1. +10% EXP to a single thread reward once per month(basically, a separate staff perk version of the mega slime farm)
2. EXP reward for word count for staff/site content generated (can only be assigned to one character)
3. Use of a free Crafter's Respite once every calendar week.
4. Some small col-related benefit, possibly including the reward proposed above.

Lastly, being on staff is a commitment that carries both privileges and responsibilities. If tangible rewards are to be considered, they should probably be accompanied by formal guidelines for dealing with inactivity or absence.   No one should expect to remain parked on the staff roster indefinitely without contributing.  Burning out isn't good for anyone's mental/physical health, and staying on while losing interest isn't fair to the rest of the site.

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