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Updated 3.0 Info-dump and the Home Stretch



As many of you may know, the meme of a 3.0 release has existed since the first iteration of the patch was delayed. This eventually became a tradition within our community, especially as its contents were sealed away from the community the entire time. That was changed a while back, as this newest iteration of staff released an information dump regarding 3.0 and the mechanics that had been kept from the community. I'm glad to say that the unrefined work that you saw in the previous info-dump has been now fully updated to a higher standard which we believe will be better for our community. A lot of the work has been towards ensuring balance, but also towards maintaining a level of complexity that isn't too harsh for a roleplay site. There are numerous changes that are too many to list in this blog post but I will be sure to making a patch notes in our usual style eventually for those who simply wish to peruse the differences from our current systems and this (nearly) finalized version of 3.0. Of course, none of these things are set in stone. Part of doing this is to ensure transparency between staff and community while also receiving feedback on updates before they get released. There's quite a bit of stuff to trawl through (69 pages of it), but we'll be doing our best to make sure that the systems side of 3.0 is settled.

However, before we move onto the info-dump an important note has to be made. The Floor Team has also been through the arduous task of trying to update all of the floors and quests to something more substantial than we currently have. They have tried to flesh out all of the floors and quests that have previously lacked detail and direction while maintaining the flexibility that our site tries to maintain. While Floor Team has made amazing strides towards this goal, they have not had the ability to work on it as long as the mechanics were being developed. This push has been done largely in the past several months and with the level of quality they have put towards their reworked quests and floors alongside their real lives and other hobbies, there simply isn't enough time. When 3.0 is released, floors and quests will see a rolling update. In other words, they will be updated incremently. The currrent goal is that all quests should at least have their mechanics (mainly the damage, HP, EXP, etc.) updated to 3.0 so players have something to do while they are being fleshed out by Floor Team. I realize that Floor Team's current project was something that may not have been expected, but I wanted to put this forward in case anyone knew and had high hopes for a complete rewrite of the inner workings of site as we know it.

Without further ado, have at it.

Sword Art Effects:


Aoe: The ability to strike multiple targets at a time. Each target attacked requires its own BD roll.
Stun: Target loses their post action for the next turn. A target can only be stunned once every three turns.
Focus: Decreases requirement for a minor critical hit to 8 instead of 9.
Delay: Enemy must wait an additional post cooldown for the Sword Art they last used. If the enemy has no cooldown or a subsequent effects of Delay is being applied apply a -1 ACC debuff instead. Using a Delay Sword art procs the cooldown for all Delay Sword Arts the user knows.



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