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  1. Either way... It didn't matter. He wouldn't be either one. Because honestly, he didn't care enough to put in any more effort than necessary in order for her to leave him alone once and for all. In the end that's all he wants, right? Being left alone, wandering from floor to floor before sooner or later meeting his end inside of the floating castle that was Aincrad. This one thing was certain. No matter what, he would end himself before this deathgame would come to an end. He had lost his love and did horrible things in order to avenge her death. There was no way somebody like him should be all
  2. Well, maybe not the only thing. He also somehow talked himself into helping Hidden with her quest of clearing her name and gaining respect from everybody in Aincrad. A sigh escaped him at the thought. That girl was such a handful. She wanted everything at the same time. Respect and a cleared name, but also playing villain and being shady at the same time. In his eyes the girl was simply childish. It really looked like she never had had any reason to grow up. Not even being trapped inside of this hellhole had changed that. No... This fact probably had made it even worse than in he real wor
  3. That was right. He shouldn't be here anymore. It was never the plan to walk away from Laughing Coffin after he had visited them a couple of months ago. He would let them alone and do whatever they wanted from him if he got his chance to full loss duel the killer of his girl. "I should have just stayed there as they raided the base..." he thought to himself while watching his energy bar rise steadily. Then a thought hit him. Who were 'they'? Who raided the base? Was it Itzal and Hestia? No! he would have noticed them even inside of the chaos... Or would he? Scratching his chin he
  4. After dodging the last attempt at doing any damage to Aereth, the katana simply moved in a straight line forward, piercing the mob through the chest and pinning him to the ground. It was over. The mob exploded into tiny little poygons and the reward screen popped up in front of Aereth. Some good experience, money and a very usefull item that could come in handy in a tougher fight. Aereth simply let go of the katana that was still embedded into the ground, and fetched a bottle of water out of his inventory. It seemed like he didn't forget how to fight, but somehow it felt like the hot fire
  5. Strike after strike were thrown at the brunette, but he leniently side stepped each and every one of them. They looked so slow to Aereth that he didn't even bother to parry any of them. His movement speed alone was enough to evade every one of them. But what should he expect form such low level mobs. Another dash, another srike and the commander of the elvish forces also dissapeared in a burst of small polygons, only leaving the king and Aereth. Again the mob tried to speak to the brunette, but he was again interrupted by two gashes apearing on his chest. The king was outraged by ths disr
  6. His posture was as far away from a serious fighting stance as humanly possible with the tip of his blade slightly touching the dry ground. The first two to reach him were again two simple soldiers that fell easily to his activated area of effect sword art. As soon as his blade finished passing through the two soldiers, the brunette rouge pressed on towards the two other mobs that arrived at the scene. Both of them looked a little more beefy than the soldiers that he had just felled. One of them was shouting some orders as well as damning the trees, but Aereth didn't care. These two AI pow
  7. Immediately the brunette went into stealth, sneaking past them and drawing his blade. It wasn't his usual weapon, since he had given it to his old mentor before he went into the laughing coffin lair. No phase enhancements, no accuracy. To be compeletely honest it didn't even have any enhancements at all. It was just a plain and simple vanity katana he had picked up before leaving the laughing coffin lair in midst of all chaos. Generally speaking, his whole build was completely new. All ready for the unlimited power that came with tier three equipment. Either way, he prepared himself to s
  8. Quest Description: After finally getting his loot boost item in the form of a silver necklace and with the brilliant name: Greed Necklace, Aereth started to make his way down to the third floor in order to complete one of the many open quests he still had to finish. "Hmmm.... I should have done this one around level 25 so this shouldn't take very long..." he thought while reading through the quest description. Something about trees fighting elves, bla bla bla. He had stopped caring about the braindead content of those quests ever since this game turned into a kill or be killed hell
  9. "That was fast..." the brunette thought as a message notification poped up in his HUD. It seemed like the rumors were indeed correct. This artisan was pretty solid in regards to speed. He sheathed his katana and ported back to floor one, immediately activating his stealth skill to enter the town unnoticed... "Thanks. That was really fast." the brunette said flatly before inspecting the item he had ordered. His inventory poped up and he ckecked for the correct enhancements before switching over to the finace tab and transfering the necessary amount of money. "Good work. I 'might' be c
  10. It seemed like they really got through to Hidden. Thankfully her blind anger wasn't big enough for her to ignore hard facts and logic. "Have it your way then. I will agree with both of you that we shouldn't give Adrian reason to feel pressured right now, but you should be really careful around him. At least when you are completely alone with him." Doing his best to ignore the sticky substance that now seemed to have fused with his worn out pants, the brunette got up to his feet. "I'll stand by my word. I will help you to clear your name, but for that I need some time..." he said
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