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  1. "That was fast..." the brunette thought as a message notification poped up in his HUD. It seemed like the rumors were indeed correct. This artisan was pretty solid in regards to speed. He sheathed his katana and ported back to floor one, immediately activating his stealth skill to enter the town unnoticed... "Thanks. That was really fast." the brunette said flatly before inspecting the item he had ordered. His inventory poped up and he ckecked for the correct enhancements before switching over to the finace tab and transfering the necessary amount of money. "Good work. I 'might' be c
  2. 06:56pm | F1 After both of his artisans went out of business, one committed suicide the other captured by Hestia and the APF, the brunette had to find a replacement shop for his orders. Although it wasn't hard to find shops that would sell goods to player killers, greed of the green players be thanked, it was very hard to find a reliable source of perfect custom made items at a reasonable price point. So after some time of searching around by himself, Aereth managed to pick up some rumours about a pretty decent artisan on the first floor. "Greetings. I hope it isn't too late to place
  3. It has been a very long time since the last time Aereth stood at the crafting table. Many things had happened and now he finally had archieved his goal of taking revenge for the girl he loved. It was a miracle that he was even still alive, but somehow fate didn't seem to want to let him die just now. Somehow he felt empty now that he had no clear goal anymore, but for now helping Hidden would be the thing that would force him to push forward. For now he would need some new equipment in order to do so... Critical Fail[+1 EXP]: 0 Fail [+1 EXP]: 0 Salvage [+2 EXP]: 0 Uncommon
  4. Happy Birthday my dude. Hope you are well.

  5. Since it's boring not being allowed to work or go to university, I'll use the current situation to shamelessly advertise my OP return thread.  ^^ So pls join. :)


  6. 200ms ping Overwatch ranked? I'm so f*cking in boizzzz and girlzzzz.
  7. Aereth


    Col, Material and SP Balance Income: Expenses: Total Balance: SP: 227
  8. Request:
    2 Safeguard
    1 Perfect T2 DMG potion
    1 Perfect T2 MIT potion

    Tell me the costs, I can pay with mats.

    1. Macradon


      If it's for the raid you can do it in our frontline chat on discord

    2. Aereth


      Yeah. Saw the channel after I created this request. xD

    3. Macradon
  9. REQUEST: If anybody has 1 spare T2 DMG Potion, 1 spare T2 MIT Potion and 1(or 2) spare Safeguard potions, shoot me a PM (before the boss raid starts) and I'll buy them with mats if possible.


    1. Mars


      Name: Tylenol
      Your Profession: Alchemist
      Your Rank: 4
      ID: 98066
      Roll: 12
      Item Type: potion
      Tier: 2
      Quality: perfect
      Enhancement: x3 MIT (+30 MIT)
      Description: A elixer that allows one's body to take more hits with ease.


      Name: Adrenaline
      Your Profession: Alchemist
      Your Rank: 3
      ID: 98180
      Roll: 11 
      Item Type: potion
      Tier: 1
      Quality: Rare
      Enhancement: x2 damage
      Description: A elixir that stimulates the muscles to increase in mass to increase the force one can exert when swinging their weapon to increase the damage output.


      take them for free

    2. Aereth


      Awesome, thanks my guy. Consider this post as a 100% discount on a product in my shop. xD

  10. Anybody up for a thread with some RP based PvP combat. Wanna have some fun. (everything NK of course)

    1. Ruby
    2. Morgenstern


      Sure, but you gotta post for our other thing first!

    3. Kaya


      I'll stand in the sidelines and cheer. :D

  11. Today Aereth was about to create an enhanced version of the set of armor he had given to his... Apprentice? Yeah. More or less... Anyways. He only used his best tier two materials for the armor so it would hide her identity as well as provide enough protection to survive a hit or two, without reducing freedom of movement for the female. Even though he pressed her on dodging every hit that would come her way, there was never any safety to say that she wouldn't get hit from time to time. And with a good set of armor she would be able to take just that. Critical Fail[+1 EXP]:
  12. Skill(s) Being Dropped: <Material Arts (All 5 Ranks)>Mod(s) Being Dropped: <N/A>SP Refunded: <50>Cost: <50,000 Col>
  13. Currently Aereth had stopped working on the tier one light armor since it seemed like nothing would come from the many attempts he already wasted on the item. So with a sigh he started to work on the clothing from that girl that came after his other customer. He had sent him a message that the costs for the item may get higher than he had expected but up until now nothing came back. Fast forward a couple of hours and in front of him, lying on the crafting table was a perfect piece of clothing with three enhancements that should help with finding things. Critica
  14. 2.5.2 Mechanic Discussion is online. Please join and vote. :)


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