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  1. The time had come. The battle would end here. Ignoring his party member whom had just become chained, he would direct the rest of his energy toward The Shadow. A blue light glinted off of his katana before he charged forward, swinging towards the Shadow with all of his strength. It created a gash in his opponent, the light of his sword art dying out. Could they do it? Was this the end of it? The Shadow against the Labyrinth group had decimated them just the battle had just seemed won, would it be the same this time? Or was the enemy finally going to fall? Would death take it and finally
  2. With the help of Crozeph, the bloodied shackles shattered and released their tank. An exhausted sigh escaped the blonde's lips as he turned his attention back to the boss. Now they could hopefully actually help bring this battle to its finale. There seemed to only be three members on their party at this point and the three of them needed to work hard enough to equal a full party. "Okay lets -" Shackles formed around Crozeph, shackling him to the ground. "Seriously? That's not fair." He mentioned in an annoyed tone. He lifted his sword high above his head before bringing it dow
  3. It seemed that his entire party had taken some of the attacks to surprise, frozen in place. He was not apart from this fact. His watched as his tank became shackled down by the same attack that had attacked Macradon in the labyrinth fight. "Im on my way" He called out, aiming his attack at the links in the chains. His blade seemed to almost bounce off of the Bloodlust Shackle, however there was now a sizeable dent in the chain. He called to his allies. "Can I get some help over here? This chain is bad stuff." Another attack should break the chain, the question was would someone else help
  4. The raid team had managed to work well together to bring the Shadow fight to its finale. This was the final push to the finish line. "Hit it til it dies eh?" he muttered, charging forward and attacking with the clean single slash. His blade met his opponents body before she charged backwards. He watched as the boss spawned terrifying creatures, those straight out of nightmares. They didn't appear that threatening however. "I suppose we could just leave those ones alone for now right? Hopefully that statement doesn't come back to bite us." His eyes fell on his own energy bar, noticing tha
  5. Through their combined efforts, the numerous shadows had finally been brought down, revealing their final target. He washed down a gulp of fear upon seeing the Shadow once again. He essentially had turned the Raid Group into his toys. Even with the help of Orgoth, they hadn't stood a chance last time. However, he couldn't allow the fear to cloud his own judgement. As soon as he faltered, those that stood beside him would be at an even greater risk. He couldn't allow them to fall. Activating his <<Charge>> skill, he shot forward towards the Shadow, striking with one clean stri
  6. Light emanated from the shattered fragment, but it wasn't enough to shake off the darkness that covered the room. He lowered his hand, the crushed item bursting into the air. 'I suppose there goes the best item in my inventory.' he thought to himself. Ignoring the loss, he turned his attention to the foes at hand. A blue blaze would alight on his weapon, and with a single stroke, this blaze would cast in front of him, hitting the shadows in his nearest vicinity. Of course, his AoE attack was far too weak to strike them each down but it was enough to get it started. The real fight had yet to be
  7. The blonde remained uncomfortably silent as he looked over the mess that was the group of players. A frown covered his face when they began to argue over nicknames for him. As they finished, he finally spoke up saying, "Well, sadly. The best of those was 'blondie'. I didn't even care for Sherlock much. I do my best, but figuring things out is usually one of my friend's forte." He gave a faint smile as his thoughts traveled to Itzal. While he didn't get to see the man all too often anymore, he was still a valued friend. "Wait, what the- WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GUYS DO TO THE TABLE?!?!" Even
  8. The battle almost seemed out of their control at this point. It was becoming overwhelmingly difficult to keep track of everything moving around him. The shadows danced along the walls as The Shadow and Orgoth bickered. Among the darkness was a few stable lights like the one that came from him and then the myriad of Sword Arts that shone through the blackness of the room. Until suddenly, a new burst of light caught his attention. His face turned to meet the figure of the Red Coat Alchemist who held up what he assumed was the Pillar Fragment. A second burst of light came from Macradon. "He
  9. His eyes traveled over to the opening door, a familiar smile greeting him. As she mentioned he could have come down, he shrugged and replied "Well, I wasn't sure which door. I could've kept opening but with my luck i'd stumble into some room that's off limits." The sound of a crash caused the floor to rumble underneath his feet. He tensed for a moment, but Mina's meek voice reassured him that it was something natural. As the girl moved down the stairs, he followed. His eyes captured the scene of Rosa standing over a couple of players, a dagger held in her hands. His eyes narrowed, noting
  10. The blonde watched as Orgoth would be struck down. It was sad to see the very entity that had saved them brought down by their very own blades. The king of the minotaurs deserved a better ending than that. He would sheath his katana and listen to their tank ramble on with something he didn't care much for. Taking the real charge, he would begin preparing their party for the next round. "Here is where it actually starts to get serious. Heal yourselves and prepare for it to start getting real bad." He stepped over to the tank, Yuki, and told her, "Warmup is over. Hope you're ready." He lif
  11. “The limit of my powers?” The ex-Paladin turned his attention from Bahr to the boss. “You truly believe that you’ve figured me out? That you have even the slightest idea what is actually happening right now? You stand there, so cocksure, insisting you’ve seen it all. You think you know what I’m capable of? You know nothing.” A small smirk appeared on his own face. "You're right. I know nothing at all. I'm just some ant that just aimlessly found myself unlucky enough to face you." He slid his weapon into its sheath. "The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows. You may be that shad
  12. Taunts rolled in from the edges of the room as the Shadow attempted to toil with their minds. 'Is he that far out of options that he thinks taunts are going to break us down?' Had the blonde even known which taunt was directed towards him it might have hit a bit more close to home. However; he doubted any words could have broken him down more than what he had already told himself in the past. A nudge caught his attention, bringing him away from his thoughts. Bahr seemed to be putting a lot of thought into the boss battle. "I don't think he can attack and possess at the same time. I think
  13. Stepping onto the battlefield, his eyes would search into the dark room that awaited him. Laughter reverberated across the walls as the boss began to taunt them. The minotaur, Orgoth, would emerge from the shadows and brandish his twin axes. ' "Hiding behind his toys as always" Jonathan would observe, unsheathing his weapon. The metal hissed as it was revealed, the normally yellow sparks red instead. The Paralyzing effect of his sword was often useless in boss fights, however now the Vampiric effect would endless restore his own health. As Orgoth settled into a ready position, the fight
  14. The blonde warrior stepped out onto the battlefield. A worn white cloak draped over his silvery armor. In the center of his armor, a pillar fragment lay imbedded in casting light around his body. He pulled the cloak's hood off of his head and revealed the his features in full. His eyes scanned the battlefield that he had fought on. The Shadow had fought the six of them on this battlefield, demonstrating a small portion of his strength. He had toyed with the Penguin Rangers until they had decided to escape. Orgoth ensured their escape and now lay in the clutches of the enemy. He brought his han
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