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  1. The sound of Koga's cracking knuckles would reach him before the man would suddenly take a stance. From there, a few seconds would pass before Jonathan realized that the man wasn't going to attack. What happened to the rushing attacks that Astralin had implored? The woman had rushed him and then used feinting attacks to catch him off-guard. He never even got the chance to learn how to detect the intent in her attacks. With both fists available, it was hard to decipher the possible attacks. A sigh would exhale from Jonathan's lungs. "I was kind of hoping you'd make the first attack. My of
  2. The blond man would raise an eyebrow as Koga began to compliment Snow. The woman was quite attractive but to begin flirting immediately? Quite odd. That, or the man wasn't the best at typical social interaction. "Astralin didn't seem too strange to me. It just looked like she had something to prove, that's all. I only got to know her over a sparring match though." His thoughts traveled to his fight with the woman. The Martial Artist hadn't attacked him head-on and reading her moves was nearly impossible. Perhaps after seeing more attacks, he would learn to read them better. "I'm good wit
  3. Now, I know that no one was questioning where Morgenstern and Tricolor_Mina were... but it is safe to say that he wasn't doing anything he was supposed to. One look at the situation after the Scather fired and he found himself purposely busying himself and @tricolor_mina with things that didn't put the pair in immediate danger. Hitching a ride on a metal can and hope not to get shot out of the sky? That was ridiculous. Now, the pair stood guarding one of the entrances to Low-Ladonia and preventing anyone from entering. Only a few had come but he and Mina had swiftly cut them down. Large c
  4. It would seem that the young man was due for a lesson and one did not simply have a lesson without a story. The only thing Jon actually managed to take from the story that apparently fighting left-handed users were difficult to fight. "I've practiced against a few non-katana users. Not much I haven't seen I don't think, except for Martial Arts. I actually forgot the skill existed there for a while." He had seen most of the weapons out there and had a pretty good idea how to counter each of them. Unless someone brought a unique style or weapon to the field he was usually good for a fight.
  5. Looking at Snow, it was obvious that he was underdressed as always. Jonathan never really embraced the Japanese culture as much as the others had. It at least made sense since most of the students were actually Japanese, Jonathan however was an American. The blond respected Baldur's habits and when a large number of visitors would come he would find himself wearing more traditional clothing. As always, Snow's voice was cheery and spoken with a smile. The girl was insanely cute but in the eyes of many, she had almost felt like a little sister although she was a bit older than Jon himself.
  6. Stats It had been a few days since the tournament's passing and something had bothered him relentlessly. The Storm Samurai had been easily defeated at the hands of a Martial Arts user. Not only had she beaten him, but it was a landslide. Against her quick attacks, he hadn't stood a chance. Could he had even fended her off with a real blade? There was no telling. If push came to shove, could he compete in a real fight against a martial artist? It was these questions that had brought him to his Sensei's abode. The White King adorned a red t
  7. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Howl (10) Mod(s)/Addon(s)/Shift(s) Being Dropped: Focused Howl(5) SP Incurred Towards Limit: 15 SP Refunded: 15 Cost: 15,000
  8. The air vibrated as the Storm Samurai pushed forward, the wooden sword creaking with the air resistance pushing against it. The girl who was his opponent took a defensive stance and as he came close would... grab his arm? Using his speed, she would guide him away from her body. His teeth would grit as he turned direction back towards Astralin. He had purposely set up for his attack to be two-pronged, but his first was supposed to have met its mark. Everything was already off with her having redirected him, though he was too far in to redirect now. Another flash and his weapon aimed for t
  9. Astralin was a troublesome opponent. By using martial arts, she was able to attempt two puncturing attacks before he was able to make a single slash. Had he been using his real weapon he might have stood a much better chance here. Sadly, he was using a wooden bokken and had relatively no experience dealing with martial artists. It was a rather sore matchup for him. Returning to a defensive stance, the blonde girl would begin pushing him immediately. 'I need to decipher which is going to be her real attack. Detect the killing intent.' The issue was, the girl wasn't trying to kill him. Her inten
  10. His next opponent was a player that went by the name of 'Astralin'. It wasn't one he had heard before but the fact that she had beaten Calrex... it was worrisome. Not only had Calrex been someone the blonde had looked up to but he was also the first student that Baldur was said to teach. That spoke more in favor of the girl than anything else. He would need to be a bit more careful with this one. There was a good chance he wasn't fooling around with an amateur any longer. Stepping into that stage, he would become faced with a blonde-haired girl who was only a tad shorter than himself. Sh
  11. The tap of a sword to his chin would cause his eyes to widen. She had gotten her attack through his? Was she truly a beginner? Even with him using different equipment, he should still be performing well above her skill level. Perhaps she was just amazingly talented with a knack to pick things up quickly. He swiped his weapon forward but the girl had already widened the distance between them. 'Smart,' the boy would muse. Close-ranged fights were where he shined as a fighter even if he could close distances quickly. A heavy exhale would come from the man as he got his breathing back under
  12. Arabelle had been able to get into his defenses and an eyebrow rose. He noticed that she was doing her best to keep them distanced as well. Could it be that she was just an extremely quick learner? She had started this battle looking clumsy and inexperienced. After exchanging only a few blows it was almost as if she had slipped into a stance that made her feel more comfortable. She even was confidently calling out her points. Cocky? Perhaps. He would be more than willing to enjoy it though. "Alright then, not bad!" A shit-eating grin would plaster onto his face. Continuing forward, he wou
  13. Arabelle... that was his opponents name. It wasn't one that he had heard in passing. Her words told him that she wasn't very experienced at this and he gave her trill chuckle. "That's alright, I'm sure you'll do fine." Rushing forward, his bokken would aim for her right hip in an upward slant. To his surprise, her weapon would catch his and prevent it from striking her. A joyous grin caught his face. Even if she didn't have experience, she could keep up with the speed. "Splendid." He would mutter. Faint movement caught his eye and he immediately understood what she was trying to do. For a mome
  14. Surfacing from the sewers, the blond would be once again faced with the town of Low-Ladonia. He hadn't traveled much through the floor, but the slums of the city were something he had to travel through to end up at the boss room. It was still a bit strange that they had stolen the boss from the room and were now helping him basically wage war. Green eyes scanned the surrounding areas. The NPCs here were... cowering in fear? Approaching one, it would shrink back from him. Why were they so afraid. "You guy think we were too late? Perhaps we should have made a decision on Gabrandr faster."
  15. OOC: Morg is a level, I dont care for the EXP lol @Arabelle Round One: Morgenstern vs. Arabelle Jonathan was sorely unprepared for partaking in a match. The blond boy hadn't expected to even be fighting today. Much less with a bunch of training gear. Pushing the hair from his eyes, green eyes would focus on the girl who moved to stand before him. Bowing, he would introduce himself, "Name is Jonathan, nice to meet you." Straightening his posture, he would take a rather strange stance for using a simple bokken. Ara would be seeing him hold his weapon at his side as if it was
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