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  1. The battle came to an almost immediately halt. It was as if the king suddenly gave out. Frowning, he would watch as the King's name would suddenly glitch out again. Not only that, the boss had suddenly taken a shift from almost half of his unique Blue health to a low Red. How had that happened? What did the blue stand for and why had it gone away when Gabrandr gave up? There was something about this boss that was different. Listening to his words, the blonde could hardly believe it. Was he just giving it up there? He wanted them to take his torch? Why was he unwilling to fight them? Movi
  2. A call out from Macradon gathered the blond's attention for a moment. He was going to take on the role of tank for the next half? Alright then, he would definitely be willing to have a break. "I'm gonna help the girls with the cannon thingy!" A sudden burst of light took the center stage as Gabrandr hurled a volley of blue fireworks. "Is that even allowed? Look at the range on that." He would mutter aloud as he made his way over. Gabrandr stood guard over the Scather but with Sam and Simmone already working on it, it was little effort to get involved. He supposed it would be hard to figh
  3. Turning her attention towards him, Violet smiled brightly as greeted him. Returning the warmth, Jon would then be greeted by Violet's feathery dragon, Akame. After a moment rubbing against his face, Violet's familiar found its place resting on his shoulder. The creature was lucky his own familiar didn't stick around too often. The ice crystal dragon was prideful and seemed to enjoy keeping his own space. Jonathan never called on it too much in the first place. Fingertips brushed his cheek and his thoughts returned to Violet who carried a loving expression in her eyes. She invited him up
  4. Attacks slammed through his defenses as Gabrandr slashed through him like it was nothing. Then to put the icing on the cake, the spear that struck down cut through the whole party, bringing all of them even lower. His health had reached the yellow as well. A heavy breath was released from his lungs as he realized their predicament was slowly becoming worse. It was as it the man was getting stronger as they were going on. The battle had started at a relatively easy pace but they were getting more difficult as the time went on. A tickling sensation trickled up his body as Simmone would take
  5. The flower garden was never for him. In fact, it hadn't even existed at his original residence on the 19th floor which was actually amazingly close to Rikers Edge. Still to this day, anybody could walk the abandoned halls of the Morningstar Mansion. It was left deserted after the Ascendants fell as he himself had fallen to despair. The Morning Rose Manor was different. It was... happier. New life had bloomed here and it was one he could feel comfortable at. Brilliant blooming colors beamed as their hues almost seemed to dance in the sunlight. There was only one thing that set apart from the dr
  6. BH Activates: +51 HP EN Recovers: +4 EN Jonathan's eyes narrowed at the flashy display of the boss. Were they finally getting into the real fight? Had they seen what they gotten their proper introduction now? It was barely after that thought passed through his head before the boss was on him, and he was forced into a defensive stance. Blocking the blows with his katana, he couldn't help but feel the extreme pressure of the titan pounding away at him. What strength was he possessing now? A singular attack and almost a third of his health gone. It slowly began to creep up, but how much
  7. PH Purchasing: • Cluster of Stars (x2) - 40 Seeds • Gleaming Scale (x1) - 30 Seeds • Demonic Shard (x1) - 10 Seeds ______ 80 Seeds Seed Counter: 84 Total To Melt away the Cold -> 84 Seeds
  8. Olenna seemed outraged by his words. Made sense enough, the idiots had this idea that they were a family. They might've been, but a toxic one at that. As he was backhanded, satisfaction would appear in his eyes as his thorns activated, draining her health a small portion. "Yanno, it isn't a god complex. It's the only way to protect you want to keep safe. If you want yourself and Shireen to survive, get on a level you can protect them. Simple as that, its what I did. In the end, it still wasn't enough." As the woman mentioned allying with Hidden, a glare would meet her. "Don't think you c
  9. The dark gold of his eyes remained unwavering as Raidou began his reply. In fact, the man's natural calm and collected voice was aggravating. It was as if Mina's demise had just been a insult thrown to the wind. He didn't enjoy anyone making light of the one thing he had left. If he were to trust the man's words at all, someone had rescued Mina and she was making a safe return. However, it didn't sound like he was planning to stay away. "I accept that responsibility, as I always have." "Do you really think that protecting a few people makes up for the lives you've massacred? You're
  10. "Disciple? That isn't accurate. Hardly have ever talked to the guy. He seems to actively avoid me for some reason." It had been awhile since someone remembered the APD. The main members had gone silent and Jonathan himself had even been slacking on any duties. He had other things he was interested in doing. While he spoke, he caught sight Raidou's face. "What's up? Looking pretty a-" "You don't trust me, and I know damn well this looks like a trap. But Mina just disappeared from that room with one other person." Anger quickly rose in Jonathan. Here it was, of course there was somethi
  11. There was a lot of information to take in at the beginning of this battle. The boss was just a normal person with... cannons? He really should've attended that meeting. The boss threw some words into the air, but it was drowned out by the players who entered into the room first. As they finally got to enter, it was chaos. Players were all over the area, messing with the new toys found inside of the boss room. A voice called out to him, from the man in red himself. "We should draw hatred and hold. Just in case this thing has anything up its sleeve. The rest should work to figure out what
  12. After being told to sit and stay, Jonathan was only halfway through his soup before Rosa headed out. A flicker of annoyance passed over his face. She risked his anger by throwing a knife at him to leave moments later? Continuing to eat, he was now interested in what Mina and Raidou would talk about. She had actually brought him here hadn't she? Though it seemed instead that poor Raidou would have to sit in silence as Mina and Heart spoke amongst eachother. "I'll be back in a bit, Shireen asked me if I could go give her some lessons again. If you need me, I'll be upstairs~" Raising a
  13. A dagger sailed past his face and into the wall behind him. Raising an eyebrow at the obviously flustered Rosa, he would internally question her motives. Had the blade touched him, it would've most likely been soaked up through his mitigation and instead forced his thorns. Rosa spoke violently at first, but her tone dimmed as the sentence ran on. A sigh escaped Jonathan. He guessed he let the Arbiters push him around more than he cared to admit. Although, he wasn't going to turn down the offer for more food. Catching Raidou's look, he would nod before going to grab a dish. Quietly sitting down
  14. Gib Items: Teleport Crystals x1 Total: 800 col
  15. Firm Anima? A name he'd only recently familiarized himself with. A fist slammed into the wall as a burst of anger came from the boy. Great, wow just how stupid for this friendship was she going to act? First, she'd befriended a mass-murderer and then expected that to just be okay? Now, she was joining another group to go on death missions with? Did she have a death wish. Originally, he thought Violet wasn't serious about the frontlines. He figured that the two of them would just live an easier life for the rest of the time in Aincrad. A heavy sigh as he opened his inventory. He hadn't wa
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