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  1. Drazyn


    Bumping this since it is finished now, and am going to use this seperate post in the future for roleplay/arc descriptions. Thanks!
  2. Drazyn


    Faceclaim: Somewhere similar to Gary and Green Oak, Pokemon Series Drazyn's Profile Username: Drazyn Real name: Matsuda Tsuneo Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5'8" About Drazyn has messy brown hair and light emerald green eyes. He looks a tad bit older for being eighteen, but has a cleanly shaven face. History/Personality: Drazyn spent his youngest years in a smaller town several miles north of Tokyo. He had a happy childhood there, with his younger sister, older brother, and parents. Drazyn had been an energetic kid, always wanting to be outside and alwa
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