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  1. placehold, basic attack rolling Dire Wolf: -2/10 (-3 HP) DEFEATED! Dead before attack. Drazyn: 20/20 (EN: 0/2) uses a basic attack. Hit! (-1 energy) Roll for Basic Attack and Dire Wolf attack: LOOT ROLL: REWARDS: 30 Col (HP*3 col) 4 T1 Mats (LD odd, CD odd) <<Unidentified T1 Perfect Light Armor>> (LD 19 / CD 7) <<Unidentified T1 Perfect Trinket>> (LD 19 / CD 7)
  2. As the battle continued on, Drazyn was definitely finding more success than before, and the wolf still couldn't pull off a hit. At the moment, it seemed like the battle was going to be a quite quick and easy victory for the rapier-wielder. Just keeping bringing it's HP down, you can do this! Drazyn thought to himself while he kept his mind focused on the battle at hand. Even a small mistake or error could mean death in this game, and he had seen the countless names that had fallen prey to the game's murderous ways on even just the first floor. But Drazyn had to do something more than just sit
  3. Drazyn actually felt a bit more frightened this time by the wolf's charge, even though it had the same gleaming red eyes it seemed more angry than it could've been before. It's hatred towards Drazyn definitely showed. The wolf quickly came at Drazyn while attempting to hit him with a running tackle, but it would prove futile once more. Drazyn barely managed to avoid the Dire Wolf's attack. Drazyn had definitely gotten just lucky enough in his ability to dodge the attack. With the wolf's missed attack, it left the beast vulnerable towards Drazyn. With the wolf wide open, Drazyn pierced his blad
  4. Drazyn knew at level one he didn't have enough energy to use much in the terms of Sword Arts, so his first failed attempt at one was the only chance he was going to get in this fight. Now he had to keep using just basic hits to fight the wolf, which was okay he thought because of the wolf's very slim HP bar. Now if he could just land a hit, maybe this fight would be going better. With a quick three step process, Drazyn approached the wolf so quickly that it didn't have a chance to react or move. Moving with swift motions, Drazyn pierced the Dire Wolf with his rapier, <<Breath of the Fore
  5. The battle wasn't going well for Drazyn, but it certainly wasn't going well for the monster by any means, either. Neither Drazyn or the Dire Wolf seemed capable of landing a hit on the other, no matter how much they tried. This could end up being a very long fight if it kept up at this pace. Maybe it would have been worth it for Drazyn to buy some item with an accuracy enhancement before he headed out into the wild? Of course it would've been worth it, but it was no time for Drazyn to be having regrets. Another weak (but potentially dangerous to the level one player) charge was given from the
  6. Well gosh dang! This isn't going as planned. Come on Drazyn, you can do this... Drazyn thought in his head to himself as he got himself back off of the ground as quickly as he could. The wolf hadn't done a good job of utilizing the error Drazyn made, and the young newblett of a player was lucky for that. The wolf wouldn't give Drazyn long however, even if it had given him a chance to get back on his feet again. The wolf quickly made a mad dash towards the standing player, giving seemingly all the speed it had. All it took for Drazyn to dodge it was a slight shuffle to the right as soon as the
  7. As Drazyn turned around to see what snarling creature had approached him, he found himself looking into deep read gleaming eyes. "Ah crap!" Drazyn jumped backwards and immediately drew his Breath of the Forest, it seemed it was the best environment for it to be used in anyways. The monster, that seemed to be named a Dire Wolf, was not happy by any means for Drazyn's 'intrusion' into its forest. The wolf wanted Drazyn dead, the player could tell. It seemed like there was no way Drazyn could escape unless he won the battle against this monster. The wolf snarled again, reminding Drazyn of t
  8. Drazyn looked around the forest as he walked, staying on the clearly-used and meant for use path through the trees. He hadn't come across any mobs yet, well, any close enough to have been a threat to him. He saw a few monsters in the distance in the grassland area, but Drazyn hadn't approached them at all. But the more he thought about it, how was he going to get stronger if he was too scared to fight a dang weak little boar? He kept an aware eye as he continued the path and finally came to a halt when he found something that looked like it could be a material. It was a small plant that
  9. Drayzn continued to walk and he eventually found himself at the entrance to the forested area. As he walked, he was cautious, ready to grab his rapier without a moment of hesitation. Drazyn, new to the SAO combat scene, wasn't sure if the monsters out here in the forest would be any stronger than those typically found in the grasslands surrounding the Town of Beginnings. With a rapier like his, even if the monsters were a slight bit stronger, he knew he could still probably take a mob or two down pretty easily if it came down to it. Upon entering the forest, Drazyn found his environment b
  10. As Drazyn was walking, he approached a flower that perhaps looked like something good old Zakariah could use in one of his potions. It was a short flower, with almost fluorescent white colored petals that seemed to call out to Drazyn. Drazyn knelt his knee into the wet grass to examine the flower closely. He went to pick it up, hoping it could be his first material, even if he hadn't been searching all that long. Instead, as Drazyn picked it up, the flower crumbled in his hand. "Darn it!" Drazyn said to himself, slightly disappointed in the failure of a material. He then stood up and made a qu
  11. It genuinely was a wonderful day on the first floor of castle Aincrad. The sun was shining with just the right amount of white, poofy clouds spread across the deep blue sky. The morning weather couldn't have possibly been better, with a slight and just right breeze blowing through Drazyn's brown hair. It was the type of weather that would make the fairy tale character of Goldilocks happy. It wasn't too far into his walk, but Drazyn hadn't had too amazing luck searching for materials across the grass land. He needed to find a better spot to search for Zakariah's materials, but he really d
  12. Drazyn was brave crossing the gate and walking right out into the grassland area, but with every step he took in the dewy and soft green colored grass, his bravery and courage was questioned in his mind. Was it really worth putting himself into this danger, where he could die and lose everything? But, the more he thought about it, Drazyn realized he really didn't have much to lose. His mother and sister were gone, he didn't have any friends since the move way back in middle school, and his remaining family were all abusive to him. I mean, really - why not play the game it was meant to play?
  13. It had been a while since Drazyn had actually done much in the game of SAO besides simply walking around the Town of Beginnings, with fear of death on his mind. But now, here he was about to leave the massive town, having accepted a quest from an NPC named "Zakariah". The quest seemed simple enough; Find the old man some materials so he can craft with them and probably get nice reward, Drazyn wasn't interested in searching an info brokers list to find what the quests reward would be. If he was going to do something in this game, he wanted the reward to be a nice surprise. Something he could ac
  14. Drazyn


    Bumping this since it is finished now, and am going to use this seperate post in the future for roleplay/arc descriptions. Thanks!
  15. Drazyn


    Faceclaim: Somewhere similar to Gary and Green Oak, Pokemon Series Drazyn's Profile Username: Drazyn Real name: Matsuda Tsuneo Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5'8" About Drazyn has messy brown hair and light emerald green eyes. He looks a tad bit older for being eighteen, but has a cleanly shaven face. History/Personality: Drazyn spent his youngest years in a smaller town several miles north of Tokyo. He had a happy childhood there, with his younger sister, older brother, and parents. Drazyn had been an energetic kid, always wanting to be outside and alwa
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