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  2. Spencer was more than happy once he realized that the fight was over and the two of them were able to finally finish the quest. "Yes, lets get back to the city. While I like fighting as much as the next guy, knowing how long that battle just took really... really makes me want to be done." The battle did not take that long, but Spencer wasn't really in the mood to constantly play lawn mower to all of these lower leveled mobs. "Well, glad our work here is done." He sheathed his mace and began walking with his companion back to the city where they got the quest in the first place. While the
  3. Current Level: 28 Current SP: 86 Link to SP Tracking: [Journal] Items to Upgrade: N/A
  4. Spencer readied his mace and was prepared to attack the Nepent Variant. He was honestly very surprised that it was able to dodge Shiroe's attack. However it wasn't even able to hit Spencer, which made him laugh just a little bit. "Okay, well this one doesn't seem too bad. Dodgy but its accuracy is terrible." He nodded to Shiroe and raised his shield, slamming it down and letting out a loud yell. A red aura flowed over Spencer, his Focused Howl ability activating to draw the attention of the creature. He slowly circled the creature, making sure its line of sight was being pulled away from
  5. "Yep! Hate is the main trigger for Aggro. Some monsters have AOEs much like how players have them, which can usually ignore Aggro from it attacking multiple individuals. So having Mitigation is always good no matter if you're a DPS or a Tank." He shrugs and smiles, keeping an eye on the last Nepent. Luckily for the both of them, it died rather quickly at the hands of Shiroe. He smiled and clapped his hands together. "Well round two of fighting the Nepents went well! Shall we start looking for the Variant to try and end this quest?" Spencer picked up Noot and held him for a moment, not wan
  6. Spencer smiled slightly when Shiroe was happily surprised about the Thorns. "Yep! Thorns actually really comes in handy. Drawing hate then having them attack me is a really good pattern that I need to increase even more. Luckily, with my familiar, I can hold off on mitigation for now on my armor and focus on armor and other things akin to that." He smiles a bit while he talks about his build and his familiar. "I don't think I've asked, but what is your build? I'm assuming you are going more so towards DPS, but I could be mistaken. DPS is always a good build. I know.. a lot of people who are go
  7. "The artic is beautiful. I still believe you are lucky to see what you saw. While it may have been boring, I would be in heaven to see the Northen lands of the World, the real world that is." Spencer gets a slightly wistful look, but shakes it off and smiles at Bliz again. His face flushed red when the man flexed, not expecting the definition and large amount of muscle on his arms. "Yeah, if the Teddy Bear Lifted everyday of its life." He laughed a bit and tried to ignore the fluster on his face. He could feel an attraction to the older man, but he did not want to push it too far. "Your s
  8. "Perfect We- Damnit indeed." Spencer groaned softly as he watched the creature explode into blue crystals, but not leaving behind the item the two of them needed to complete the quest. "Well, that's depressing." He muttered and looked around, trying to spot four more Nepents. "We are going to have to go after another four, but I think we should get them done and over with. I'll Howl. You can fight them without fear. If they hit me they die, and when I have an opening I can also strike. Does that work?" He had done the first four lessons quests by himself so he understood that these things coul
  9. He smirked slightly when Nat mentioned he was going to forgive him. Yeah.... Yeah I probably will. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He shook his head at the entire situation and laughed a bit. "I was just properly catfished." He rolls his eyes and adjusted his clothing, all the sudden feeling as though he was being watched more intently than before. Mostly notably, however, was the cow features that Weed possessed. He was definitely going to talk to him later about that. He smiled a bit at the new animal and picked up his own penguin. "The familiars are adorable in this game. Gl
  10. He looked at the mouse, smiling softly. He smile dropped a bit when his voice swapped back to the more disguised one. Did i imagine it? He briefly thought, but those thoughts changed when the man, Nathaniel, decided to finally reveal his identity. Spencer tensed up a bit at the hug from the larger man, but he slowly melted into it softly, his body betraying his irritation. The face above him made him vividly remember everything that happened between the two of them before game started, and how they hadn't really seen each other since. "Hey. I'm a bit irritated with you. So maybe not act
  11. Spencer smiled happily and walked with the man. It was nice to have decent company. He didn't feel much pressure for anything crazy to happen with the two of them. It was a date after all. The rustle in the grass made Spencer draw his mace and shield, moving to try and get between the noise and Weed. Luckily he didn't make it far enough and Weed found his familiar. "Awww they're adorable!" He said to the creature. His eyebrow perked up when the voice changed, making his body react a very different way when he heard the voice of what sounded like Nathaniel. "If I may ask, Weed. Where are y
  12. Spencer blushed softly at the comment of being at Weed's knees. He looked up at the man before standing up, brushing off his pants. Weed had a similar vibe that he has had with one other person, so he could feel himself being drawn to that type of feelings. He's kind of cute... I haven't even seen his face. He blush worsened for a moment before he pushed the thoughts away. "His name is Noot. Found him on the fourth floor like.... A year ago." The mention of Weed having a preference towards Men made the man smile ever so slightly. He wasn't used to meeting so many men that had an interest
  13. The girlfriend comment caught him off guard. "A girlfriend?" He paused, then let out a loud laugh. He smiled and blushed a bit, surprised at how funny he thought being with a girl was. "Oh lord. Sorry. I'm gay. And single. So nope, never." He sighed and calmed a bit. "Sorry. No one has asked me that in a long time.... How about yourself? Any partner to speak of? And if you don't want to speak of them you fully don't have to. No pressure." Even beyond the strange voice to body ratio, the man was nice to talk to. Noot waddled over to Weed and hugged his leg softly, looking up at the tall ma
  14. He sighed, happy that nothing was wrong with his companion. "Oh you're okay-" He grunted and winced from the phantom pain. He didn't realize this man wanted to break his ribs. "Jesus, you can't really feel pain in this game, but man that phantom pain is a b*tch." He chuckled and gasped, feeling his body rolled on top of the man. He was not expecting the quick movement from someone who was so clumsy with his armor, but he ignored it. However, he felt a red hue on his face grow as he realized he was laying directly on top of Weed. He paused for a moment, not really sure how to react. Well, he kn
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