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  1. As the night continued on, the festivities started to die down as people started to leave to head to bed, or go get some last minute grinding for a gift for a friend. Benny's team started to take things down periodically, disassembling the area where nobody was at while leaving the lively areas alone and letting people enjoy their night. After a few more hours, the downtown area of Floor looked no different than it did when they had first appeared. Benny loaded up the last box of cargo onto his cart, then made his way onto the front part, where his two boars pulled the giant cart. Jesse and Da
  2. Benny looked around as the event went on, seeing the smiling faces, players flirting and a few fights that broke up quickly. All in all, the event he had put on had been a success. He beamed with pride as he looked up at the sky. a small bit of snow started to drift down from the sky, starting to coat players and everything that he had built, making it seem as if they had always been here. The snow didn't bother the bare-chested giant however, he was used to the colder climates. A small ringing came from his pocket, and he pulled out his pocket watch to see that it was just about midnight. He
  3. Benny nodded as players came up to him saying they would like to enter the raffle, taking down names, and generally giving affirming answers in his deep bass voice, "Yes, yes. Of course little lass. Yes, I'll put you down. Of course, course. You have been counted lass." only pausing to man the shop and get peoples orders. The shop was moving relatively slowly but benny guessed that was because people still had yet to decided what item they wanted. Everything else was moving so smoothly that it brought an unbidden grin the the massive man's face which crinkled his large mustache. He could've ha
  4. Benny watched, a grin on his face, as more people flooded into the town. A lot of them looked like the adventuring type. Probably the kind of people who would enjoy his wares. The man walked to a central area and then shouted in his booming voice, "Welcome all to the Christmas Extravaganza! I am Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan but most people call me Benny. We have a multitude of activities planned for the evening! There is a raffle for some extremely rare items I have found myself, as well as a drawing competition for those artists ou
  5. The settlement of Snowfrost had transformed. It was still covered in snowfall but the town was bustling with life, energy, and vitality. Townsfolk and workers hurried all over the town, carrying benches, poles, equipment, decorations, and really anything. Lights shone on buildings and holly wreaths hung from every door. More lights and ribbons strung from roof to roof casting a multitude of colors on the pure white snow. Children played in the snow and chased after each other. While all this happened one massive man, six foot seven or taller with shoulders that looked as broad as he was tall
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