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  1. Trudging through the snow, he tried his best to shake the uneasiness that uncomfortably clawed his chest. His heart started to race. He wasn’t aware of it at the moment, but he’d begun to hold his breath. With every passing step, he wanted to run away just a little bit more. One excuse followed another, and doubts mounted interminably. There would always be another opportunity to visit. There was no reason to go. What did he even hope to accomplish? But he stubbornly refused to be bargained with. He pushed through it, resolute, though his veins turned to ice and he felt as though at any minute
  2. His second reprieve was much like the first, and yet still completely different. Standing alone in an empty field, there was no thought. No emotion. That was what bothered him the most. The memory was there. He held it in the arms of his mind’s eye, but it was hollow, and he knew it shouldn’t be. He knew what he was supposed to feel, too. Guilt. Sadness. Pity. Anything. But he would be lying if he were to say that he did, and he was once again reminded that compassion was a learned behavior, not an innate one. It could be lost, and it could be erased. Perturbed, he turned awa
  3. The first place he stopped was along the road, a spot just barely beyond sight of Snowfrost. His mind filled with the endless rings of steel on steel, the feeling of his body tearing and being torn, and the surge of grim emotions that came with it. Each blow had been struck with such morbid finality that the memories had permanently burned themselves into his mind, whether he very well liked it or not. Bahr. Lessa. The names struck mournful chords, and he couldn’t help but wonder…
  4. He drifted aimlessly between his usual haunts. As of late, things had gone quiet. There were no more posters in town bearing his likeness -- and if the lack of hunters counted as any good indicator, people didn’t seem too keen on tracking him down anymore, either. He kept his head down, yes, and stuck always to the darker parts of the cities he moved through... but somewhere along the road, he’d started to feel less like a fugitive and more like a vagrant; someone simply ignored and avoided, rather than despised and hunted. He wasn’t sure how to feel about that. The whole world seemed re
  5. There were faint ripples in the icy waters as his fingers broke the surface. The shock of the cold brought with it an emulated numbness; something he’d long since grown used to during his travels. He cupped his hands and brought what he could to his lips, savoring the drink. A moment passed. He let the rest fall between his fingers and stood, watching the chunks of ice drift lazily downstream. The young man cut a conspicuous figure across the endless white expanse, draped in black in harsh juxtaposition. A shadowy blotch stretched unattractively across a pure, untainted landscape. And he
  6. "No problem," he managed to reply, dripping wet and considerably grumpier than he had been a few seconds ago. He watched warily as Lessa leaned as far over the edge of the boat as she was willing to to throw out her attack. ready to reach out and grab her by the back of her armor should she lose her footing or start to teeter on the edge. It was during this vigilant watch that Pinball failed to notice Moretsuna swim rapidly into the water, out of view, only to launch itself completely out of the water, getting impossible air for its size, soaring over the boat, and smacking Pinball ass o
  7. He didn't know what was going on between them and he didn't really even care to stop and think about it. Arabelle was weird. Dustin was weirder. He just wanted to sleep, but he knew he wasn't going to be able to do that anytime soon. Exasperated, he ran his palm across the side of his face and sighed. Okay, so they were doing this. It wasn't the first time Arabelle had enlisted his help on a quest, but he couldn't help but wonder if it was just to mess with him. The update, from what he had heard, had not only completely changed most floors and landmarks, but also leveled the playing fie
  8. That sense of dread was almost immediately replaced with annoyance. He watched Dustin run off towards Ugzeke again, flippantly dismissing him, and for a moment he considered wedging his sword between his shoulder blades "on accident" as he took his attack on the Field Boss. Ultimately, though, the presence of the two tanks joining the battle dissuaded him from the hot-headed decision to cut Dustin down for a second time. Instead, he held his tongue and unleashed Meteor Break on the massive wall of flesh and muscle, still a little bit unnerved by the monster's almost cartoonish dismissal
  9. Attached to a memory? Pinball's stance grew rigid in an instant, and and coldness in his demeanor was only reinforced and accentuated twofold. Why was it that she saw fit to stick her nose in his business all the time? And that condescending tone, and the way she spoke, and, just -- -- everything. There was a flash of red in his cheeks as he stumbled over himself for a retort, but ultimately, it wouldn't be necessary. With a resounding crash just to the side of the two players, a third fell from a tree above. Pinball's head snapped in their direction, and his expression immediately
  10. He flicked his sword and sheathed it, giving the surrounding rooms and halls a quick once-over. They'd been fighting for a little while now, but somehow, it felt as though they weren't making any progress at all. Pinball ran his thumb across his jawline, unsure of how he should feel about it. They had said that the Chest Rooms were rare, yes, but just how rare were they in actuality? Were his low expectations higher than they should be? Pinball would have voiced these thoughts out loud, had he been in the middle of an interrogation. He was starting to regret making this deal in the first
  11. Hestia was understandably disgusted by his answer. Pinball realized in hindsight that he had probably given her too little information -- but at the same time, he also knew that there was no excuse for what he had done, and so he wasn't going to attempt to justify it. For that brief moment of indecision, Pinball struggled with deciding whether or not to tell her the rest, or to leave it at that. The second Kobold was lagging behind the previously stunned one, so he took the chance to swiftly put an end to its life before continuing. "She was the most recent." He repeated himself. "
  12. He awoke to the sound of someone whose voice never failed to annoy him, yet always succeeded in sending a dreadful shiver down his spine. "Little rat?" Pinball had quickly pulled himself out of his bag as he heard her approach. His first move had been for his sword, until his groggy mind put two and two together and he pulled away from it, annoyed, his eyes lingering on the sack of crystals left beside him. A slick looking black cat that had been snuggling beside him burst into a fluffy cloud of shadows and filled the jar beside his headrest, and as he stood, Pinball began hooking it to
  13. "Right, I get you." Pinball did not get her. He had plenty of things to gripe about, to be completely honest, though he wasn't about to admit as much out loud. For starters, I'm pretty sure your friend wants to kill me, he thought, but I don't think I can name a person who doesn't nowadays. She looked out at the water, talking about how she wouldn't be surprised if the quest boss had some sort of timer. He wouldn't be surprised, but with each passing moment and each centimeter the flimsy boat beneath them sunk, Pinball grew more and more convinced that they could have - and p
  14. "Sorry about this, my Sword Arts are on cooldown. I was trying to avoid this one." His preemptive apology was the precursor to a shadowy slash and following explosion that tore the first of the two Kobold's HP values to shreds - but it was unfortunately not quite enough to finish the job. As the colors flashed and then faded, Pinball would pull away from the two mobs, leaving the Kobold he'd attacked on death's door but stunned and struggling to stand. This, of course, meant that it wouldn't be able to strike Hestia's shield to finish itself, as he was sure she knew and understood, but h
  15. He didn't like hearing his name from that guy. It brought back uncomfortable memories. Pinball had to put another Sword Art into Ugzeke. He knew he did - they didn't even have him down to half health, and here they were talking in the middle of a genuine life or death situation. But an emotion flew through him that he didn't have the words to describe, and despite himself, Pinball found himself faltering, hesitating, leaning towards the Field Boss as though he were going to charge, but not moving, his eyes locked on someone who was both an old friend and a recent adversary. What was he s
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