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  1. Pinball consumed the items at a meticulous pace. Not too slowly, but not too quickly either. He felt so strongly the need to appear as normal as possible in this group that he probably succeeded in appearing as anything but. He was aware of this, and he felt very uncomfortable in his own skin. The longer he remained sitting there, silently chewing and drinking, the more his face burned up because of that encroaching embarrassment. Finally, he threw caution to the wind and sped up, intent on finishing as quickly as possible. He was already finished and wiping the corner of his lips when L
  2. He'd taken his time glancing the two over, and thought he had a pretty fair grasp on the situation. As such, he was aware of a couple things. Nari was unfamiliar to him. But that wasn't entirely surprising. While it felt like the rate at which new players arrived at the frontlines had slowed when compared to when he'd started, there would always be a somewhat steady stream of new faces arrived ready to fight. There had to be. Without them... well, things would get pretty bleak, pretty fast. Her skepticism was warranted, he'd suppose, if she'd never heard of him -- or even more so if she
  3. Of all the floors he'd travelled, the twenty-seventh was most likely the one he'd frequented the least. It wasn't only because of its newness that he hadn't had the opportunity to check things out, but also because of what new floors attracted. Those on the frontlines tended to gather en masse to plan out their attack on the next boss. Information brokers, gatherers, merchants, and explorers all flocked to the wilds in search of fortune or adventure in some way, shape, or form. Consequently, the lower floors had a way of emptying out in comparison. It was quieter, and there were less cro
  4. Back once more. He wanted to help more. He needed to. It wasn't just about himself anymore -- not with what he was planning. If he wanted to last or make a difference in any way in the labyrinth search, consumables would be key. Pinball moved quickly. Using the Cook's ability to combine just two identical consumables into a feast for many, he created most of what he thought would be necessary in a crawl through unexplored territory, and then a bit more after that. As soon as he'd finished, he'd gather his things and hurriedly clean his shop. It wouldn't be much longer now.
  5. Name: Junk Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 7 Roll ID: [#209553] [#209554] [#209556] Roll Result: 7/10 // 7/8 // 7/4 Item Type: Dessert Tier: 4 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: +1 MIT Description: I hate it Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15508-f8-r7-cook-~-closed-msg-4-order/?do=findComment&comment=653384 Name: Eye-Spy Cake Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 7 Roll ID: [#209552] [#209552a] Roll Result: 11/13 Item Type: Dessert Tier: Tierless Quality: Rare Enhancements: +2 ACC Description: Better than carrot cake. Post Link: ht
  6. Purchasing: x2 T4 Blank Dungeon Map 800 Col sent to Banker
  7. More consumables. More crafting. He had way too many materials to work with and way too much time on his hands, and ever since he'd stepped foot into his old workshop, the urge to cook had thoroughly had its way with him. So every morning, as early as he could, he made his way back into the kitchen and baked, mixed, and did whatever he wanted. Fizzy drinks and desserts were his preferred specialties -- anything and everything that could rot your teeth were what held his interest. It was a good thing most of the consumable buffs applied to desserts.
  8. THREAD COMPLETE Rewards: <<Fisher>> Profession Unlocked 1 Gleaming Scale Loot: 8 Materials Unidentified T4 Perfect Weapon x2 T4 Rare Consumables Experience and Col: 3,480 Words/10*4*1= 1,392 + 300 (Quest Reward) + 800 (Yui's Grace) +10% (Mega Slime Farm) = 2,741 EXP 2,741*15% (Paragon) + 150 = 561 Col
  9. Pinball took a knee beside the chest's lock. He whistled. "Zomekko." Emerging from the jar was a cloud of shadow that quickly coalesced and took shape. The ghostly shade of a cat stood beside him as Pinball fiddled with a golden key and his lockpicks, staring up at its master with wide, empty eyes. He palmed the Golden Key, and without a word shared between them, Zomekko launched into the tree, her form warping and condensing to surround the golden key in an inky blackness. What was once gold was now an inky black, and Pinball stuck the key into the lock where it vanished, consumed, and
  10. With that, the Quest Completion panel popped up in front of him, and Pinball made a quick tally of the results. Anthony Gill coldly turned away and busied himself with his supplies again. It was clear he didn't really want to talk to him, and that was alright. Pinball was about done talking to Anthony himself, at that point. He'd pretty much exhausted everything that could have been done. Preparing to leave, he took one last look at the scenery. He just really stopped to take it all in. To breathe it all in. But something shiny caught his eye. Nestled among Gill's assortment of crates an
  11. Anthony was slowly looking less frustrated and more angry, and Pinball figured now was time to call it quits. "Relax," he said. "I'm just messing with you." Without further warning, Pinball tossed the tin can back towards Gill, who, much to his benefit, caught it with one hand. Pinball snorted, his eyes half-closed as he stretched. After a few silent moments where Gill took the opportunity to pocket the tin, the man finally spoke up. "Right." His words were slow and the words felt meticulously enunciated. Pinball watched one of the man's fingers slowly curl into a tight, whit
  12. Pinball was honestly just having fun with it now. "You'll run out eventually," Anthony scoffed, as if that was going to change his mind any. "Maybe," Pinball admitted, "but if I do as well with it as I did back there, I feel like I'll make more than my fair share of profit in scales." With a huff and a glower, Anthony shook his head, frustrated. Pinball continued, a wry smile growing on his face. Somewhere deep down inside of him, Pinball was enjoying the exchange; it reminded him of days long past. "Would it help if I bought it off you?" "It's not for sale." "But it
  13. "Wait." Pinball pulled the tin away from Gill's reach, holding it behind him. A look of genuine confusion came over Anthony's face then, and Pinball couldn't tell if it was intentionally programmed or not. Surely it was. There was no way the people who made the quest hadn't expected what happened next to happen. He continued to keep it away from Anthony, looking deadpan towards the man who grew increasingly perplexed as time passed. "Why should I give it back at all if your bait is so special?" "B-because it's mine? You just borrowed it." "..." "...Because it's the righ
  14. Pinball walked up to the man with the rainbow fish bait tin in hand. Gill had his back turned to him, but that didn't stop Pinball from rudely whistling to catch his attention. The fisherman turned to face him with that same (annoyingly) handsome smile he'd introduced himself with. "I caught your fish," Pinball said languidly, "got that scale off it and everything. Bait worked." Gill laughed. "I knew you could do it!" After smacking him companionably on the back, Anthony gave Pinball a quick wink. "I knew there was something special about you from the moment I saw you. As a gift from me
  15. The walk back was uneventful. His mind went blank as he walked beside the shore, and all those other super descriptive words used to describe scenery in the most expeditious way possible. At the risk of sounding monotonous, Pinball wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do now. Usually quests weren't completed so quickly. Usually, there was a certain timeframe that was expected of a player before they could turn in a quest. How was that going to translate here? Was he going to get another objective? Would he be able to turn in the quest early? And what exactly was keeping him from turning i
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