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  1. That sense of dread was almost immediately replaced with annoyance. He watched Dustin run off towards Ugzeke again, flippantly dismissing him, and for a moment he considered wedging his sword between his shoulder blades "on accident" as he took his attack on the Field Boss. Ultimately, though, the presence of the two tanks joining the battle dissuaded him from the hot-headed decision to cut Dustin down for a second time. Instead, he held his tongue and unleashed Meteor Break on the massive wall of flesh and muscle, still a little bit unnerved by the monster's almost cartoonish dismissal
  2. Attached to a memory? Pinball's stance grew rigid in an instant, and and coldness in his demeanor was only reinforced and accentuated twofold. Why was it that she saw fit to stick her nose in his business all the time? And that condescending tone, and the way she spoke, and, just -- -- everything. There was a flash of red in his cheeks as he stumbled over himself for a retort, but ultimately, it wouldn't be necessary. With a resounding crash just to the side of the two players, a third fell from a tree above. Pinball's head snapped in their direction, and his expression immediately
  3. He flicked his sword and sheathed it, giving the surrounding rooms and halls a quick once-over. They'd been fighting for a little while now, but somehow, it felt as though they weren't making any progress at all. Pinball ran his thumb across his jawline, unsure of how he should feel about it. They had said that the Chest Rooms were rare, yes, but just how rare were they in actuality? Were his low expectations higher than they should be? Pinball would have voiced these thoughts out loud, had he been in the middle of an interrogation. He was starting to regret making this deal in the first
  4. Hestia was understandably disgusted by his answer. Pinball realized in hindsight that he had probably given her too little information -- but at the same time, he also knew that there was no excuse for what he had done, and so he wasn't going to attempt to justify it. For that brief moment of indecision, Pinball struggled with deciding whether or not to tell her the rest, or to leave it at that. The second Kobold was lagging behind the previously stunned one, so he took the chance to swiftly put an end to its life before continuing. "She was the most recent." He repeated himself. "
  5. He awoke to the sound of someone whose voice never failed to annoy him, yet always succeeded in sending a dreadful shiver down his spine. "Little rat?" Pinball had quickly pulled himself out of his bag as he heard her approach. His first move had been for his sword, until his groggy mind put two and two together and he pulled away from it, annoyed, his eyes lingering on the sack of crystals left beside him. A slick looking black cat that had been snuggling beside him burst into a fluffy cloud of shadows and filled the jar beside his headrest, and as he stood, Pinball began hooking it to
  6. "Right, I get you." Pinball did not get her. He had plenty of things to gripe about, to be completely honest, though he wasn't about to admit as much out loud. For starters, I'm pretty sure your friend wants to kill me, he thought, but I don't think I can name a person who doesn't nowadays. She looked out at the water, talking about how she wouldn't be surprised if the quest boss had some sort of timer. He wouldn't be surprised, but with each passing moment and each centimeter the flimsy boat beneath them sunk, Pinball grew more and more convinced that they could have - and p
  7. "Sorry about this, my Sword Arts are on cooldown. I was trying to avoid this one." His preemptive apology was the precursor to a shadowy slash and following explosion that tore the first of the two Kobold's HP values to shreds - but it was unfortunately not quite enough to finish the job. As the colors flashed and then faded, Pinball would pull away from the two mobs, leaving the Kobold he'd attacked on death's door but stunned and struggling to stand. This, of course, meant that it wouldn't be able to strike Hestia's shield to finish itself, as he was sure she knew and understood, but h
  8. He didn't like hearing his name from that guy. It brought back uncomfortable memories. Pinball had to put another Sword Art into Ugzeke. He knew he did - they didn't even have him down to half health, and here they were talking in the middle of a genuine life or death situation. But an emotion flew through him that he didn't have the words to describe, and despite himself, Pinball found himself faltering, hesitating, leaning towards the Field Boss as though he were going to charge, but not moving, his eyes locked on someone who was both an old friend and a recent adversary. What was he s
  9. Sugutsuya. His face still wrinkled in disgust at the name. He regret killing him, yes, but Pinball didn't bear the same guilty conscience as he once had in regards to the long-since fallen guild leader. He'd felt it then, too. Pinball didn't know what Lucy had seen in him -- because every time he had looked at the young man's face, the only image conjured in his mind's eye had been that of a snake. The memories also served as a swift reminder at just how uncomfortable he was still at the idea of talking about it. But a deal was a deal (as if he cared about such things), and even past tha
  10. "Our time together is short enough already," he replied, watching the monsters rush forward and Hestia run out to greet them. He drew his own sword in response, and followed closely behind. With a Focused Howl, Hestia drew the attention of the mobs and pulled them onto herself. They were killing themselves on her defense, her MIT being more than enough to protect her while her Thorns dealt damage back onto them. Pinball picked out the most vulnerable looking mob of the two and took his shot, swinging his blade out an an arc, killing it in a furious fury of blows. "So I'll tell you
  11. Ah, Jesus Christ. Of all people... When was the last time he'd even spoken with Dustin? Probably when he'd cut his arm off. For a brief moment Pinball considered slinking back into the shadows and trying to creep away from the fight entirely. He hadn't seemed to notice him, and showing himself would probably be opening a can of worms he didn't really feel like dealing with, at least not at the moment. But he was able to see perfectly how Ugzeke seemed to take notice of him after his punch, angrily turning to face him though quickly discovering that its body wouldn't obey its commands. Ug
  12. It came as a relief when she followed him willingly. Honestly, he probably would have headed into the dungeon had she declined, but he wouldn't have even begun to risk venturing into one of its infamous "Chest Rooms," which, allegedly, would be more aptly named should they have been called "Trap Rooms." As they descended into darkest depths, she sprung her first question, which came as little surprise to him. She asked him whose death had earned him his crystal. "Sugutsuya," Pinball replied, "Belial, Roulette, Kirbs. I've never forgotten a name. I've fought a lot more, though, and
  13. By the time Hestia would arrive, Pinball would have brought up a crate and taken a seat. When he saw her coming down the way, he adjusted himself, sitting up straight, before finally standing to meet her. The first thing she did was ask him what was up. Under normal circumstances, he would have ignored her. Ran away. Froze up. But this time he'd rehearsed his answer. "You've heard about the Black Iron Dungeon." Surely aggravatingly enough, it was a statement, not a question. The arrogance and cold disregard to the tank's free will would only be accentuated by him turning his back t
  14. He heard the roars and rumbles of Ugzeke echoing across the walls of the dark tunnels well before he even saw him. Thanks to Night Vision and his gradual, increasing familiarity with the once seemingly intricate network of underground passages over the times of his wanderings, Pinball was able to travel quickly and largely unimpeded by obstacles. He drew his sword as he approached. It was time to retire Cold Fervor for the meantime and give Ruby's Astral Blade a go at it. Ugzeke grew larger and larger as he rushed forward, leapt forward, and unleashed a vicious string of attacks as Cardi
  15. Ugzeke, Ugzeke. Hadn't he killed that thing before? Apparently it was different now, turned into a Field Boss post 3.0. So many things were different, now, and there was so much that he had to relearn from scratch, especially now with his potential at earning decent EXP being skewed by Paragon's steep level requirement incline. Field Bosses were apparently a means to help them along, but how strong were they exactly? Could he possibly Solo it? Most monsters now seemed as though they were intended to be fought alongside parties, but he'd manage to just barely make it through on his
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