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  1. [The First Lesson] | UNDOCUMENTED LOCATION, APR 07 20XX. She cracked one eye open and snuggled against the soft brown plush in her arms with a faint sigh. Dawn was long past; the sun had risen to a particular point far above the horizon where its harsh midmorning light spilled past a gap in the buildings that framed her window's view of the sky. Bright yellow burned into the backs of her eyelids, and the girl disentangled her legs from the sheets, twisting around to face away from the glare in protest. She didn't have any pressing matters to attend to today. She pu
  2. Current Level: 17 Current SP: 44 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: The Widower Item ID: 104790 Item Tier: 1 Item Type: Two-Handed Battle Axe Item Rarity: Rare Item Enhancements: BLEED II Description: A black battle axe with a reddish gleam. The handle has a red webbing on it and the pommel is shaped like a spider. The blade releases a red smoke. Item Name: Veyl Item Tie
  3. Her eyes followed the parcel as Pinball tucked it into his pocket. The hand he held it with was trembling — terribly, Mishiro realized, as though a particularly cold draft had swept into the alley at that very moment, but she didn't feel the December chill was any different than it was before, and besides, any slight drop in temperature wouldn't have bothered him so; he came back to her wielding a weapon forged from ice like it was nothing, and as she often dwelled on his growing finesse, she just as often had to face her own foul envy. "Then, we should leave separately." An uncertain smi
  4. "Did you catch that?" There was no time to stop and listen; the unnamed player had taken the lead and it was all she could do to match her pace. She was fast, despite the cloth covering her eyes, and somehow she could pick apart portions of ruin that wouldn't immediately crumble at their feet. What if it was a player? The idea was considered, then discarded -- she buried it along with the harsh well of emotion that was beginning to stir in the depths of her consciousness. If they hadn't been climbing upwards, she would have long lost her way. As Mishiro hauled herself up a ledge and
  5. "I'll put it this way." Mishiro laced her fingers together behind her back, the windowless facades that rose on either side of her cold and bleak and stately in their feel as the light ebbed from the skies above. There was a saying that the walls had ears. She had gone as far as her limited ability could allow to ensure that no one had been looking their way, but she didn't have her brother's eye for the shadows. Was this feeling reserved for only these hidden places or did it follow players like him unto broad daylight? "I've thought about it a little -- how things like these aren't
  6. It was the whispers that reached them first. Twisted with mirth, clear as bells amid the torrents of wind and rain, the corrupted mass shifted beneath them -- shadowy globules emerging, threatening to break through its surface. When the first sphere burst, a creature bearing the tainted blood of the storm tore itself from the fold. She backed further up the ascent, lips parted in a soundless gasp. Aniki— wherever you are, are you seeing the same thing? Dozens more followed in the first's stead, and they raced up the mountain where the tides could not yet reach. Mishiro summoned
  7. "we're already in a group, so we take full advantage of it. stay close, and keep an eye out for at least one other person," the pure blank canvas of her expression bore a hint of concern as she glanced at Lessa, then at what remained of the lower districts of Nimbus. "our objective's the nearest mountain peak. that should be sufficient? if storm hasn't stopped by then—" Mishiro carefully tested her weight on the next step. "—we can talk about it when we get to it." she pulled herself up, and fortune's wheel spun. first, it was a clearly pronounced crack. her heartbeat skyrockete
  8. –Had Andromeda already [Howled]? Typically, tanks made some sort of ruckus to draw attention. Mishiro tried to find something that resembled said ruckus in their lead's silent figure, but the mesmerizing crimson of her cloak merely traced a hesitant circle around the edge of the action. She delayed her entry, waited for a cue she realized Andromeda wasn't about to give, then shattered the first of her debuff crystals at Mina's encouragement. If the prism hadn't already disintegrated from the force of her throw, it was immediately crushed beneath the armored heel of her boot. Macabre
  9. Their circle expanded as Lessa found another cluster of players in the murk. She followed the woman and her companion, her breath coming out in visible white puffs. She'd zipped up her coat, but she was still drenched and rubbing her hands against her arms could only do so much against the chill settling deep into her bones. In her periphery, another building fell to the storm. The howling wind had blown out its windows, battered its stone walls with stray debris and corrosive rain until all that was left standing was its foundation. Mishiro shivered, the sense of cold foreboding she'd th
  10. Where her knees should have knocked against solid ground, she found nothing but the cold bottomless depths. She was sinking, deeper into the water than she would have thought possible, and it took a fraction of a second too long for instinct to take over her disbelief. She kicked her feet to stay above the surface, but the void already had ahold of her and it only sought to take and take and take— Until someone grabbed her hand and the invisible force vanished. Mishiro didn't need any further prompting; she immediately returned the woman's vicelike grip and found her footing shortly
  11. She stepped out from beneath the awning. Cardinal's invisible hand had sent a large number of the stage props running in the same direction — the ones who chose to flee, anyway. The girl relit the crystal still in her hand and trudged down that same path. She felt her steps drag; the skies dimmed until she could see no further past the weak bubble of light she'd cast, and as the floodwaters rose, she pressed close to the fronts of the establishments bordering the main street. Mishiro couldn't pinpoint exactly when she lost the trail. Or whether the flow had simply left a foolish stra
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