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  1. crux had finally completed his preparations. it had been the better part of a month that he had the twitch to begin climbing the ladder as much as he could and this was the last step before he would head to the tutorial area as a complete an utter monster of a newbie. sure, he wasn't really ready to destroy much else than the starting zone but he knew that he had achieved much more than the beginners did when they first started. there were murmurs and whispers that he had been able to pick up in the town of beginnings and the biggest tidbit was the thought to find the gemini on the
  2. In a display of mostly authentic confidence, Crux knew immediately when asked to meet Freyd on the 27th floor that he was in for a rude awakening. It seemed easy enough and he had been a part of any buses in other video games but now he was about to take a gamble with his life and deep at his core, he felt the foundations crumble by the pressure. He wasn’t one to back down from a challenge though and he committed to this insanity and so he would continue forward with as much feign confidence that he could muster. The information brokering had done him some good as he felt his weapons sec
  3. If Crux had to comment, he’d admit that mania must run in his family. His father was his modus operandi in showcase and example that being stuck in a world long enough with warfare, destruction, and the possibility of death all being on the table that some day, the answer would be why the hell not. The brain rot sat in his mind for months at this point with the frontlines pushing through the twenties at a steady pace but not quick enough to feel like they had a sturdy enough group of people to make it out of this hell game alive. It’s why he sat in this first floor cafe for months ; it’s
  4. The man, power and lithe combined in a slender frame, wasn’t exactly who Crux had been expecting. There even was a kindness in his voice that didn’t feel appropriate to the setting but who was he to expect tropes and stereotypes. “ Rene–ce–. ” The other’s name fell awkwardly and haphazardly out of the teenager’s mouth not used to the jumble of consonants to struggle through. “ Ren. ” A hand went to the back of Crux’s neck with an exhaled bated breath, Japanese was very foundational in its use of vowels as a standard for word building. “ I’m set for now, but thank you. ” He’d remember to r
  5. As the teleportation crystal sent him propelling through the levels of Aincrad, Crux finally settled himself within Tomoika and his face twisted into sheer disbelief at the thick cavernous atmosphere and looming darkness that hid in the deep reaches of his vision. “ Why the f***? ” He had heard a rumor on the first floor that there was someone this far up that if you were willing to explore this high and find their shop, they would help by arming newbies with gear that they couldn’t even imagine procuring in the lower levels. His only true wish that this might've been somewhere on the first fl
  6. In the wreckage of fragmented memories, Crux has a self to discover. Years of gaming and being traumatized to act and memory loss had the teenager on unstable footing but that would not stop him from persevering forward. Months he spent talking to others, NPCs, beginners who hadn’t felt the urge to fight for their lives and he, too, joined them in the mundane until he felt it to be too much. The call of battle, the call to reclaim his life too great to continue to waste the years by simply existing. So, he entered The Evening Star with a blank expression, eyes cautious but wildly drinkin
  7. Roleplay Log: [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
  8. Story so far Friendships
  9. Dying Star by Ashnikko, Ethel Cain [ ♪ ] SKILLS TOTAL SKILL POINTS : ( 05 ) USED SKILL POINTS : ( 04 ) UNUSED SKILL POINTS : ( 01 ) [ 04 POINTS ] | Weapon Mastery: Claw ( Rank 01 ) Inventory: New Character Bundle: [ SET B : DPS PACKAGE ] Equipment: wildcat's grace ( #217310 ) / equipped Tier: One Rarity: Perfect
  10. EXILADA by NIKKO, Istasha [ ♪ ] USERNAME : Crux REAL NAME : Conrad Isagi-Williams ORIGINAL AGE : Seventeen ( 17 ) / Nineteen ( 19 ) F A C E C L A I M : megumi fushiguro/ jjk GENDER : Cis-man HEIGHT : 6'1" BACKGROUND. born to a half-american and half-japanese military family, conrad knew what it was like to fragment and adjust. his whole life had been picking up and moving for the sake of the united states army and he was tired of it when he felt so innately not of the united states at this point. he found h
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