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  1. "Ah." Picking up the order slip, Ren peered pensively for a moment before nodding his understanding. "Simple but effective. We have lots of that." Snaring a hammer hanging between a pair of nearby hooks, while wiping his other hand on the cleanest part of a soot-stained leather apron, the smith nabbed a steel ingot from the ether and set it into position. Working the bellows to temperature, Ebbon would watch as he slowly pulled at the glowing, semi-molten metal and tugged it into shape, folding and striking repeatedly like it was some sort of exceptionally rigid taffy. Within an hour - rem
  2. Name: Ronin's Edge Crafting ID: 222014 Roll: CD 11+1=12 Item Type: Weapon (Katana) Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: DMG II, ACC 1 Description: A simple yet deadly katana made for a wandering warrior. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/39174-f21-r7-blacksmith-the-knight-shift-open/?do=findComment&comment=679767
  3. Crafting rolls: R7 Blacksmith (9 crafts/day - 8 from rank +1 from extended workshop) Ambition Tool (+1 EXP per attempt) Extended Workshop (+2 EXP per attempt) Hephaestus' Hammer (+1 CD) ID 222013 | CD 4+1=5 | LD 5 | Salvage (+5 EXP) - lose mat ID 222014 | CD 11+1=12 | LD 7 | T1 Perfect Weapon (Katana) (+11 EXP) ID 222015 | CD 7+1=8 | LD 5 | T1 Uncommon Weapon (Katana) (+6 EXP) ID 222016 | CD 3+1=4 | LD 19 | Salvage (+5 EXP) - keep mat ID 222017 | CD 12+1=13 | LD 19 | T1 Perfect Weapon (Katana) (+11 EXP) ID 222018 | CD 11+1=12 | LD 8 | T1 Perfect Weapon (Katana) (+11 E
  4. "Ah, Wulfrin, wasn't it? Outgrown the gear we provided so quickly?" Ren gave a hearty laugh, belying his slender size. Most would consider him to scrawny to serve as a blacksmith, but he certainly made up for in zeal what he might have been lacking in size. "I had to whip up a few extra pieces to have the right components for your order. Fortune smiled, thankfully, and so we find ourselves done quicker than expected. I trust that these will meet your needs. Please return when you reach your next tier! It's always a pleasure to have repeat business." Pushing a pair of articles acro
  5. Item #1 Item #2 Material costs were paid to banker during crafting of component items.
  6. Crafting rolls: R7 Blacksmith (9 crafts/day - 8 from rank +1 from extended workshop) Ambition Tool (+1 EXP per attempt) Extended Workshop (+2 EXP per attempt) Hephaestus' Hammer (+1 CD) ID 219727 | CD 6+1=7 | T2 Uncommon Armor (LA) (+6 EXP) ID 219728 | CD 3+1=4 | LD 20 | Salvage - keep mat (+5 EXP) ID 219729 | CD 3+1=4 | LD 3 | Salvage - lose mat (+5 EXP) ID 219730 | CD 9+1=10 | T2 Rare Armor (LA) (+8 EXP) ID 219731 | CD 8+1=9 | T2 Rare Armor (LA) (+8 EXP) ID 219732 | CD 2+1=3 | LD 5 | Salvage - lose mat (+5 EXP) ID 219733 | CD 5+1=6 | T2 Uncommon Armor (LA) (+6 EXP
  7. With a polite smile and nod, Ren collected the items brought to him, immediately assessing how best to go about his task. While not quite a master, yet, the blacksmith had managed to develop his skill enough to warrant a steady stream of business. It also warmed his heart that he could make a difference for those more regularly out in the field than he typically managed himself. A short while later, Ren returned, signaling Morningstar that his goods were ready and as ordered. The system had done most of the work, but Ren insisted on doing as much as he possibly could personally, if onl
  8. Source: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/39174-f21-r7-blacksmith-the-knight-shift-open/?do=findComment&comment=678101 Item Fusion #1: Item Fusion #2:
  9. A tall, lanky man far too thin and scrawny to ever meet the expectations of his trade collected the order with a smile. Sheer sweat and soot smeared across his brow suggested that those expectations should be shelved or reconsidered. "You're in luck. I have some stock left that can be used to make this for you in a matter of moments. Have a seat. This won't take long." Pumping the bellows a few times, Wulfrin could have sworn he watched the craftsman speaking to his furnace as he did so. The roaring flames were too loud to overhear any specifics, but there was something docile and k
  10. Fusing: 2x T1 Rare Light Armor (216543, 216545) into 1x T1 Perfect Light Armor | Fusion ID 218989 Name: Armored Coat Fusion ID: 218989 Roll: n/a Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT 2, REC 1 Description: A red leather coat with added Plates on the shoulders and forearms Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/39174-f21-r7-blacksmith-the-knight-shift-open/?do=findComment&comment=677493 Fusing: 2x T1 Rare Straight Sword (213985, 213988) into 1x T1 Perfect Straight Sword | Fusion ID 218988 Name: Steel Longword Fusion ID: 218988 Roll: n/a
  11. "I share the sentiment. Most of my time has been spent pumping bellows or hammering some stick of metal on the anvil. It's surprisingly more fulfilling than I expected. The locals don't seem to appreciate the discounts I give to players who are just starting out on their journeys, but that seems surprisingly short sighted. People without decent gear won't last long in the wilds of Aincrad, and dead people make for poor customers." Beaming his companion a wry smile, the two of them soon reached the outskirts of the labyrinth, where a massive human NPC stood waiting for them. "Larbrook
  12. "Rencesvals," the knight replied, offering a gauntlet in friendship. "Most people just call me Ren. We can head out whenever you would like. The locals have provided some direction." Producing a notebook from the ether, Ren flipped it open to a page with a crudely drawn map of Aruyt. Several landmarks had been scrawled on the page to help him orient himself, without which they might easily have set off in the wrong direction. "Ah, it's this way, and not far. They said that Larbrook, a local warrior, would meet us there and help guide us about the place. With my sense of direction
  13. This was to be the day. Ren had already wandered through half the floors in the floating castle and The Knight Shift's business was quite busy. It was about time he actually got his hands dirty. To that end, he'd made his way to Aruyt on the third floor. Rumour was that there was a maze of some sort near the main settlement that was regularly patrolled and cleared by players. It was also a chance to try out his new gear. Strapping on his shield, loosening the blade at his hip, Ren twisted from side to side under the assumption that he needed to loosen his muscles and reflexes. Entering
  14. Gentle eyes in amber full of mirth of warmth greeted the new arrival, ever-pleased to offer assistance to those seeking to prove themselves. "Frontlines, you say? Then you'll most certainly need the best there is on offer." The man was slender and wiry in build - not your standard fare by way of blacksmiths, but seemingly capable judging by the wide array of wares stacked up on every shelf and other available surface. "I'm Rencesvals," he added, half-turning to pluck a few items and combine them on the anvil. A single strike turning four into one, a hint of vaguery still hovering
  15. Fusing 4x T1 Uncommon Weapon (Claws) [213409, 213410, 213411, 213412] into T1 Perfect Weapon Claws | Fusion ID 217310 Name: Wildcat's Grace Fusion ID: 217310 Roll: n/a Item Type: Weapon (Claws) Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: DMG 3 Description: Feline energy at its prime, thick metal claws meant to rip and maim. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/39174-f21-r7-blacksmith-the-knight-shift-open/?do=findComment&comment=675500
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