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  1. "I'm not the inspiring type, you know. That's more of Baldur's shtick," she said with a long sigh as she palmed the hem of her clothes again sheepishly. She was just a girl with a bird and a sword, but she guessed that people will take hope from almost anything nowadays. Even now, with a leader like Baldur as her teacher, her life has never felt more bleak, so she supposes she can sympathize. "My drive to fight has been near impenetrable since I first stepped foot in this game, but I guess even the warrior's spirit wanes over time," she would say quietly, a far off look in her eyes befor
  2. Her breath hitched at the sudden mention of Mari again, which left her feeling a bit more melancholy than she would've liked. "Maybe Mari rubbed off a little too hard on me then," Cordelia replied lightheartedly, a fond smile on her face as she remembered the fiery spirit of her old friend. "She was a woman of many troubles. I knew that much," she said quietly, not missing the tone behind his words. Briefly, her gaze flickered over to read Freyd's face, eventually huffing in defeat when she realized he was avoiding eye contact. People are weird. "I miss her too. We were never close enoug
  3. Cordelia pondered a little bit at that. "I s'pose that's true," she'd say out loud with a far off look on her face as she reminisced about the night. She guessed she really didn't know Freyd all that well, because as hard as she was trying to remember, she was still drawing blanks whenever she tried to pin point anything about him. "I'm glad we're able to meet under better circumstances this time then. We all have our moments like that, but it's nice to see you're doing better." Her voice hitched into a bashful laugh at the compliment, cheeks slightly flushing in amusement. "That's actua
  4. "Is that so surprising?" Cordelia asked, brows arching up in amusement. She hummed, nodding along almost bashfully as he went on to explain why he was so surprised in the first place. "As much as I'm flattered, it's not like I was strong from the get go," she huffed, lips tugging up into a crooked smile. "We all start from somewhere, yes? I met him long before I was even close to frontline level, and I undoubtedly owe a lot of my skill to him. Even then, I never once thought I was in his shadow. I am my own person and I can say the same about Baldur," she explained, much to her own surprise. S
  5. Cordelia, the poor girl, nearly jumped out of her pants when a familiar-unfamiliar voice called out her name, surprising her since it was hard to even hear her own thoughts in the cheering crowd. "Ah..." Cordelia nervously trailed off nervously eyes, darting around in a panic before landing on Freyd again, lingering for a few seconds before lighting up in recognition. "Right! Freyd, was it?" she asked, praying to whatever higher being above that she was thinking of the right person. Nothing would embarrass her more than screwing up someone's name right in front of them. Still, even with
  6. Cordelia had honestly started to feel more like a caterer than Baldur's beloved pupil with all of this cooking, but she'd much rather tough out the pain than let him and Calrex prepare food for all these people alone. Kitchens may not be combustible in Aincrad but she was certain that those two would find a way. She wouldn't even trust those two with a toaster. If toasters existed here anyway. They'd probably find a way to get a toaster, too. Fortunately, cooking was easier done than said nowadays, so it wasn't a huuuge deal, and it left Cordelia tons of time to be able to focus on more
  7. "Hey Bistro!" Cordelia exclaimed, yet again poking her head into another shop. "I ran out of damage potions a bit ago so I've come to stock up on some more," she admitted, giving the girl a sheepish smile before she went to inspect the wares. As always, Bistro seemed to have stocked up a lot on the potions. "Is it okay if I take a bit more than I usually do? I don't want to have to keep coming back to bother you," Cordelia chuckled, her hand raising to scratch the back of her neck awkwardly before she selected about ten Liquors of Light. "This definitely won't be the last time I'll be se
  8. Cordelia poked her head into the shop. "Never been here before," she muttered under her breath, stepping into the alchemist's shop. She looked around, inspecting the lined up potions, salves and crystals with interest. Whoever owns this place is certainly not a rookie alchemists. Gosh, where has this been all my life? Cordelia blinked, realizing that she wasn't alone in the room. "Oh, hello there! I just found this shop recently. I didn't realize that there was such a high ranked alchemists down here. Your shop is certainly a hidden gem!" she exclaimed, flashing the girl a wide grin befo
  9. "Oh my God, thank you. I wanted both of them but I never guessed that I'd be as lucky to get both," she said, amazed. Never would she have thought that Lady Luck would be on her side-- now she just hoped that she could actually proc the enhancements on this thing-- but at least she'll never miss anymore! She chuckled, sheathing the katana back in its scabbard. "Even if you were the most persuasive on Earth, I wouldn't let anyone ever take Onimaru. Thing took me half a year to get together," she exclaimed, shaking her head before she grinned at him. "Most of it thanks to you, of course. Thank y
  10. Cordelia wheezed, running back into the merchant's shop. "Alright, I'm back," she exclaimed, slapping the reroll tickets down on the counter. "Again, thank you. I really needed this," she rasped, taking a sharp breath before she huffed. "Also, do you think you can reroll one of my burn slots with that Easter Bunny's Favor?" She asked hopefully, unsheathing Onimaru from its scabbard before she placed it in front of him. "I'll seriously be forever in your debt if you do. If you get something good on the first one, go ahead and roll on the second slot too," she said almost too seriously, but anyw
  11. Cordelia gave the man a mock salute. "I appreciate it. You're seriously a lifesaver," she sighed, rubbing the back of her neck before she gave him a thumbs up. Yeah, there was no way she was going to be able to get all of those eggs by the time the event was done, and it just so happened she had connections with someone who had. . . a lot of eggs. . . even though she met him just a few days ago. "Anyway. I'll go ahead and go to that. . . stand place or whatever. I'll come back to give you the reroll tickets!" She exclaimed, giving him a bow of appreciation before she skipped off to where
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