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  1. The familiar silhouette of Cordelia came into view; her figure sat silently on a tatami mat placed on the floor next to an open window. Her once platinum hair had been dyed back to a soft blonde, reminiscent to the shade she had entered the game with all those years ago. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, really, perhaps caused by her life turning upside down once again, but not even Cordelia herself had a sure answer as to why. That seemed to be a recurring dilemma the girl was having lately; her always being at a loss for simple answers to seemingly simple questions. Part of her see
  2. Cordelia gave the nearly dead Orgoth a sad and pitied gaze as she watched him demand for the players to end him. Part of her felt guilty that they couldn't somehow find a way to rescue him from The Shadow, but perhaps it was just never meant to be. She didn't bother raising her sword for his demise, she knew someone else would take the deed happily. Consider it as an act of respect. A relieved sigh left her as she watched someone finally strike down the minotaur, knowing that his ones and zeroes will rest in peace now. In Aincrad heaven or whatever. She was thankful for a chance to final
  3. The corner of Cordelia's eyes twitched as Orgoth began throwing 'insult' after insult at the frontliners. Did this guy seriously have nothing better to do than to diss them in the middle of a fight? Frankly, she wasn't even sure if the words he threw at her was an insult or a compliment. It may was well be both. Well, whatever it was, it was seriously beginning to piss her off and they've barely been in this fight for more than a few handful of minutes. The last thing she wanted to do was to be driven by her emotions, though. No, she needed to think rationally, as much as this stupid shadow wa
  4. A solemn quietness fell over the shop as a familiar face appeared from behind the drapes. A busy Cordelia stood behind the counter, her hair tied neatly behind her as she worked quietly on the cutting board in front of her. "Welcome," she replied back softly, her eyes not leaving her workspace. "You can take a seat at one of the stools and I'll..." her already quiet voice trailed off into silence as her breath hitched in realization. A friend's voice turned stranger, she found it unbelievable that she still recognized it, but how could she not? Was it even possible to forget such a voice
  5. The fight was finally here. The fight she had been preparing for since the day she left the Town of Beginnings. The thought sparked an indescribable feeling in her chest. Hope? Triumph? Determination? Or was fear? Distress or anxiety? Her heart was pumping full of adrenaline, but because of what? Was it because she finally had a chance to help everyone, or was it the sheer terror she felt emit from that thing. Soft lavender eyes gazed up at the towering beast. This was not going to be no easy fight, no, that was for sure. She wasn't even sure she would make it out of here alive. There al
  6. As expected, the consumables were bountiful. It was a boss raid after all. Raidou had distributed the consumables she had forgotten- or rather, ignorantly ignored- to take. It was hard to believe that the newbie she had found absolutely annoying all those months ago was now head of one of the biggest trading guilds in SAO. Kind of crazy but she didn't bother to pay much more thought to it. After chugging through the last of the consumables, her attention turned to the players littered in the room. She wondered who else had joined the frontlines while she was gone. There were certainly a f
  7. Used x1 Essence of Steel for one more slot of MIT
  8. Out of all the things Cordelia thought she would be ready for, the Floor Twenty-five boss raid was probably the highest one on the list, but here she was, completely unprepared with nothing but spare buffs she had in her inventory. Months prior to this, she was grinding through quests and levels like crazy, but it seemed like good things weren't meant to last. It seemed that she had reached her peak in those months, and the time after was just a slow descent into what she had experienced when the game first began. It just seemed like everything she had worked and cared for had just start
  9. "A pseudo shapeshifter, huh?" she echoed, humming in though before she let out a short laugh. "Perhaps. I frankly have no idea what the heck he is," she admitted, scratching the back of her neck with a sheepish smile. At the mention of the pastry in her hand, Cordelia looked in her hand and blinked, completely zoning out for a fraction of a second before she shook her head. "Oh no, I didn't get them from a bakery. I kind of made them myself," she said, a bashful smile on her face. "I'm a cook. Probably not the best one in real life but I do what I can here in SAO," she chuckled, taking th
  10. "No, no, it's really fine," she exclaimed, watching as the girl scooped up the bear with her arms before pressing her hand against his forehead in a noogie. "I don't get to see many cute familiars anymore. It was somewhat of a fresh breath if you get what I mean," she mused, taking note of how close the two seemed. As the girl explained the reason why her familiar suddenly charged at Cordelia, she made an ah of realization, taking a moment to glance at the buffed food she was holding. "Oh, I see. I guess that's something that both me and him share then, huh?" she joked, a lighthearted laugh es
  11. "Alright! That's great. I really hate doing quests solo. Takes all the fun out of it, you know?" she asked, a wide smile on her face as she did so. A light laugh left her as Crow shooed off Pacco, leaving fluttering almost annoyingly to the grass. Didn't blame him though. It's hard to talk to someone when they have two large birds on their shoulders. Cordelia tilted her head. "I guess so. Believe it or not, I probably don't spend as much time with Baldur as you think I do," she chuckled, tucking a strand of ivory hair behind her ear before she leaned back. "We do train and do quests a lo
  12. "You don't have to worry about that," she uttered, not being able to help her lip curling into a sneer as he passed by, intentionally brushing his elbow against her and Pacco. Her bird friends didn't seem too happy about the whole ordeal, both fluttering atop her shoulders rather chaotically, as if tempted to rush after the man and peck him to death, and honestly, she couldn't blame them. If she were a bird with a short temper, she would do the exact same thing. With a heavy sigh, Cordelia pressed the pads of her fingers down on her temples, as if she was chaperoning a bus full of loud,
  13. "Perhaps we should just schedule a raincheck-" Cordelia's words cut off in surprise as a giant white ball of fluffiness came bounding towards her. At first, it seemed like it was just a slightly larger than average puppy, but the more she looked at it, the more she thought otherwise. The shorter snout, the smaller ears. Oh yeesh, that was definitely a bear cub. It kind of reminded her of Alec's familiar, except y'know, white... but it was just as cute! So cute in fact that she couldn't help but let out an awe when she saw it. Smiling softly at the cub, she looked up, presumably tryi
  14. "Lions kidnapping a bunch of beautiful women, huh..?" Cordelia mumbled, scratching her chin as she left Queen Delia's palace. "Hynes said that this quest isn't too awfully hard, but it'd be difficult to solo it," she muttered, opening her menu to take a quick inventory before sighing. Everyone was busy today. Oscar was out doing his own quests, and she was sure the others were doing the same. She probably should've planned this ahead of time so she could have a party, darnit. "What do you say, Pacco? Do you think we can solo this?" she asked, tilting her head to the two birds perched on
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