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  1. And of course, Freyd didn't answer to either of them. With a deep sigh, Chase just looked at Hiru and gave him a shrug. "He sometimes does this. It's not personal.", he groaned before looking back on the path they were following, letting the rogue follow. Probably not the best choice he'd made considering who he trusted most and who he didn't- in this case Hirru-, but hey, who was he to speak otherwise. Before long, they were all inside, having gotten all the way down to the cellar and quietly looking about. That lasted about a few seconds before the monsters started to crawl in, or just
  2. ChaseR

    Chase's Journal

    Stats area: Playtest: Playtest Stats ChaseR: HP: 840/840 | EN: 102/102 | DMG: 21 | MIT: 69 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 4 | BH: 46 | LD: 6 | HLY BLS: 18 | HLY: 16 | PARA: 1 | V.D.: 46
  3. Chase was going about his business around the house, noticing the message on the corner of his eyes. Opening up his inbox to read it, it's Freyd once more. He understood what he was trying to do and still felt bittersweet about the whole situation, but... free EXP is free EXP. With a huff, he equipped his gear and got moving, ending up on the 14th floor not too long after. "Didn't have you for a 'chick' kind of guy.", Chase quietly emerged from behind the two, scratching the back of his head. Freyd had never shown interest as far as the bluehead was concerned before, and that especially a
  4. ChaseR

    3.0.2 Patch Notes

    Hiya. Just hitting you all with patch 3.0.2, the main highlight of which is a new SA system that's being tested. You can find it in this thread, as an event. In order to sign up for it, you just need to run your threads with the new combat found on it, and make sure to have marked your thread with [PT] at the very start. Any threads done during the playtest will provide quest progress and the standard thread reward, so please make the most of it and give us your feedback when the event is over if you'd like this system to replace the current 3.0 combat. In other news, some quests have had
  5. It made sense for anyone and everyone to take being chained to some virtual world without their permission personally. Who would even want this in the first place? It could sound good, if they didn't just flat out die. Then again, can that work in a game? The answer is obvious, but as far as bluehead is concerned, a shrug is the most positive answer one can get out of him. His expression became slightly more stern as he let out a sigh and looked back at the boss, seeing it barely still alive with any health. Chase ran in and slashed once, twice, three times, missing one after the other be
  6. Chase was able to tell. He didn't take that in an aggressive or mocking way, instead groaning and trying to deliver an attack to the agile bandit. He parried the strike with the knife he was wielding before hopping back to dodge what could have been from a larger sword (one not broken like blue's), and attempted to stab the vanguard. He managed to dodge the hit, just barely avoiding getting scraped if not worse by the lunge forwards, looking away from both their enemy and Freyd. "I lag behind a lot. I don't do well with systems and this thing... the cooldowns and things confuse me. And I
  7. That was not really what Chase wanted to hear from someone he considered enough of a threat to not trust on his own. If the point of them coming together was to slowly befriend one another again, then being this aggressive and bloodthirsty wasn't a way to convince him. He wanted to comment on it. To start screeching at Freyd again, but he wouldn't. He let out a drawn out sigh once more and pinched the bridge of his nose, watching the boss silently and just going along the rotation, diving in and slashing again. Another wide hit at the chest and it was left stunned completely, as Chase tur
  8. Throughout this fight, this was the most tense moment. Just when the stakes were getting higher, it felt like all time had stopped and Chase was just staring the boss down for a couple weeks, hell, a month even, wondering what to do. But he finally broke out of it, sighing and giving a quiet glance at Freyd. "Why do I feel like I've seen this play out again?", he asked and with a glance back at the boss, he gripped his sword, starting to charge right towards it. Although the boss began to hop away, the bluehead managed to close the gap alarmingly fast, tightening his grip and swinging his
  9. The whole mention of gaming got the boy to quietly lower his head, look at the counter and give it a bit of thinking. So she did 'game' on her free time to an extent, unlike him. Funny enough, unlike just him, everyone else here seemed to have had more ingrained experiences with other MMOs or whatever these games were called. "Ah, I see. I'm- uh... I only hung out with another person, Lily, so we didn't do that much. Went to school, came back and then just kinda sat together and went for walks in the park, or played together or we just talked. Kind of boring." "I don't think I needed anyt
  10. There wasn't much for Chase to say to the compliments he was met with. He quietly looked at Freyd, before turning to the burlier thug that took a dagger out, gripping it tightly in his hand. "Seems to be the chief.", he groaned and clenched his sword just as tight as the thief wielded his own blade, checking his list of sword arts and going for the strongest one he could muster without the cooldowns getting in the way. He lunged towards the boss, who stood his ground and gracefully dodged any attempt at the boy's attack landing over missing its mark. He dodged and dodged, and when Chase f
  11. A lot had been said and right now, Chase wasn't sure what to add to it or say for himself. If Kayaba wanted them dead, he would have done so a while now, especially considering the demonstration of power at the start of the game. The boy had his doubts about him sitting somewhere up there, playing God and watching everyone suffer to his sick enjoyment. But he wasn't sure what Kayaba really was doing, where he was, what he was and if he was doing something to them, or with them. "Nothing either of us knew about a storm, we were locked in the boss room when we were fighting.", he confirmed
  12. Chase wasn't a people guy. That much had become apparent if his declaration prior didn't make it so already. But he could tell just how awkward Lessa was with the topic from how she spoke about it- something about it hitting too close to the way blue himself acted. He sighed and took another bite, scratching the back of his head with his other hand. If Alkor was their only common 'person of interest' (or topic at all) and it was awkward, there wasn't much he himself could think about to bring up. "Drinks? Did you uh. Drink? In real life. Alcohol.", he awkwardly tried to help the conversat
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