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  1. It was hard to keep up with his partner, heaving heavily as soon as they came to a stop and holding a hand up, as if asking for help. When she passed him the weapon, he looked up at her to accept it and then promptly plopped on to the ground, leaving the practice blade next to him and trying to pace his breathing. "One... One moment...", he huffed and wiped some sweat from his forehead, feeling his legs almost burn up from the inside. He hadn't done this in a while and his body was still tired as ever, even though he felt like he was making for a pretty swift recovery so far. "It's... Hoo
  2. Chase was somewhat amused upon seeing NIGHT go through the whole process of putting her shoes on properly, rather than just equipping them through her inventory, but... he shrugged and thought to give it a try. He took his shoes out of his inventory and after two, at least, years, he tried putting them on normally. Something so casual, so mundane felt almost new to him, which shocked him more than one would imagine. "Good god.", he grumbled almost out of embarrassment, looking up at NIGHT as he stood up himself and nodding. "We won't take too long DAY.", the vanguard tried to reassure th
  3. Chase was resting his elbows on his knees, hacking to clear his throat and turning to DAY to give a smile and a small thumbs up. "Thank you... blegh.", he expressed gratitude with a slight chuckle, before turning to look at NIGHT with furrowed eyebrows. Maybe combat would be a bit too intensive for now, even if it was just with sticks... It's not like beating boars around would be much exercise to him anyway. "N-No no, it's alright, let's go for a run. It'd do me good to... move a bit, you know. I haven't uh... gotten the chance to in a while...", he mumbled and fumbled, looking up at her and
  4. Chase had gone through all of it by now. He'd gotten sick, gotten better, gotten worse, gone through a fever and some incredible downtime, and it wasn't anywhere close to ending by the looks of it. He quietly sat at the couch, playing with Blizz and petting the little rascal who was trying to reach up to his knees and cuddle him. And around then, he heard DAY speak up and looked up, grinning at the offer and accepting the bowl. "There's some for you and Nyanko over there, go go.", he chuckled and watched the pangolin scuttle over, before they both started to dig in. And then he was addres
  5. Chase grinned slightly at NIGHT thanking him, happy that he wasn't being a thorn in her side. Right now, he could probably rest, and a bit easier at that. His vision, his hearing all started to blur out again before he got snapped back to reality by the feeling of Nyanko landing near him. He gave him a small smile when he began to purr, still wincing from the occasional pain but trying his best not to be too loud about it. He realised that the two were leaving the room and tried to put on a grin, nodding to NIGHT's offer and accepting it without putting up much resist or anything. "Aye.",
  6. Blizz quietly looked at the snack and grabbed it with his little hands, clawing at it while keeping his eyes right on Chase throughout. Once he'd chipped a part of it off, he grabbed it with his tongue and took it to his mouth, continuing to watch. He turned around to look at DAY and NIGHT almost argue, before turning his attention to Nyanko. He seemed a bit calmer, but still somewhat put off. Blue's grunts and groans continued alongside his uncomfortable shifting around, but he tried his best to not be too loud about it, knowing everybody was on edge because of him. With everything blurr
  7. Everything was blurry, blending together and Chase was starting to have trouble telling what was going on, as though he was on a different speed from his surroundings. Slower, much slower. The next thing he knew was that he was on the bed, and his entire body felt heavier, be it from exhaustion or the blanket. Blizz had ended up next to him, looking at the vanguard quietly and plopping down next to him, with his two claws in front of himself, watching his master patiently. "Where's..?", he tried asking for NIGHT, but in what seemed like a blink, DAY was next to him. The towel on his foreh
  8. Blizz seemed absolutely ecstatic at the fact he was being babied, considering he'd spent all this time with Chase, plus the boy never went to such lenghts. Just went to prove though, the pangolin could grow a liking, hell, love even to anyone that did him justice. Blueberry on the other hand, did his best to get up and gave a small, tired smile to DAY. Maybe too tired out of nowhere, for how he seemed upon entering. "Thank you.", and with that they started making way for the guest room. With a few small beads of sweat starting to form on Chase's face, his breathing got a bit heavier and h
  9. Chase flinched with NIGHT's truthful statement, remaining quiet for a bit. Although her gemini was quick to go right to the bright side of things, it still was somewhat worrysome when put that way. Even more so if he took a moment to process that the rogue too, had been hoarding information the same way Bistro and partially he had been. There was little he could add with how he'd been since getting sick, so he just quietly watched the two interact and gave a nod at the end. His familiar on the other hand wasn't anywhere near as quiet, enjoying DAY's petting and doing his best to cuddle he
  10. Chase only tensed up more upon hearing DAY explain how shaken NIGHT was that day, quietly trying to collect himself as they both noticed the player returning. Although with a slightly uncomfortable look, he tried to not show much to the rogue, being her houseguest for the time. A more grateful smile just took over, although faintly. "H-Hey, if something happens to the couch, I can help fix it. Although I haven't heard of a furniture breaking in SAO...", he grumbled and accepted the drink with a grin, which slowly became more awkward as they talked about how sick he was, looking to the sid
  11. Chase stiffened a bit upon being corrected by DAY, as though he was being scolded. It went without saying though that NIGHT cared for everyone. If she didn't, then neither of her 'guests' would be in her house right now, let alone staying over. "A-Aye, I mean, of course she cares about everyone. I think that's a given." Although the conversation steered towards gossip for a moment before DAY switched the topic of the conversation to Nyanko, the blueberry didn't usually show interest in such talks. Then again, he'd been out of the loop for so long, he'd take any conversation he could. "You
  12. Chase remained quiet as the gemini and the player exchanged words, quietly shifting his glances from one to another with little to add himself. "They really almost are the same in some ways...", he nodded to himself and smiled at DAY as soon as she steadied him, giving her a small laugh. "Thank you. Don't worry abo-", his words were cut short as he suddenly got picked up, his whole body tensing as he squealed. "A-Aah?!" From that point onwards, he blanked out a bit and missed out on their exchange, until he realised they were moving. He was more surprised than anything, although it wasn't
  13. When they'd eventually arrived at the estate, Chase smiled upon hearing DAY's voice. When the door opened, he chuckled out of excitement and walked in with a grin from ear to ear. "It's been rough, but I'm hanging in there! It's been so-", he was about to start ranting, but another few coughs threw him off. Maybe he was overdoing it for his current condition, trying to get louder than he ought to. NIGHT seemed to have said all that needed to be said, with the boy nodding his head to her explanation, until she got to the whole reason of his cold. "W-Well, I don't know what's wrong. But I'm
  14. It had definitely been a while since he walked a fair bit in a single day, let alone this distance at this pace. Although he found himself somewhat sort of breath, he shook his head at her and let out a low chuckle as if to settle her down however much he could. "Yeah, don't worry. I haven't gotten any dizzy spells this time.", he teased, hoping she would see through it and not start worrying about the 'this time' part too much. Chase really did appreciate her reassuring words too though, even if he didn't comment on them right away. This definitely wasn't the first time he thanked her to
  15. Chase was about to joke about stealing hot water from her with a remark around the lines of "You have a bath, don't you?", but she said it herself, and meant it too. Once again, Chase was very happy to see yet another joke turned into additional hospitality. Very well then! "Aye, expect an empty water reserve, if there even is one then!", he warned her ahead of time and then heard her next question. He quietly looked around, unsure. Had it changed? Had he just gotten too used to the 'new' floor if it had, to the point where he couldn't tell? It felt a bit darker and rougher overall, but n
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