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  1. A small grin lit up on the boy's face as Remington chuckled and gave him a nod, before gesturing him to go. "Of course. Get outta 'ere son, don' let me catch ya 'round here again. Shoo.", he joked and they both shared a laugh for a brief moment before he was really off. He got on the teleporter, just wondering if after this update every single town, village and NPC was like this. This happiness, this livelihood, this scary resemblance to humans. "Cardinal is really sending everyone's head for a spin. But at the very least, they're alright. This world is going just fine, we're the only one
  2. By the time Chase was starting to head off, Remington called him back and he turned, hearing the researcher out. "I know Sewallus can be one good ol' tirin' piece of work every now and then. Thanks for taking care of 'im. I won't give you more than this as a thank 'ou, but I trust you'll do good even without my blessings.", he said with a small grin, lighting his cigarette again and exhaling the smoke off to the side. "Aye. I just did what I had to do as a tank- defended my party. Same thing Sewallus would have done if it were anybody else and he were in my position.", the bluehead calml
  3. Maybe it was that Chase was there and it wasn't as easy as he was making it sound, or he just wasn't that type of person at all. But regardless, he didn't know or want to bother enough to find out which of the two it was. So for now, he waited until the crowd left the two back to their 'jobs'. And so, they met up with Remington near the teleporter once again, explaining the encounter. While talking, the researcher took notes of every little detail, with Chase trying to peek over but not being able to distinguish much. Around half an hour or so later, everything had been explained and answ
  4. Upon arriving, Remington looked at the pair quietly. His expression didn't change, but it didn't quite take a genius to tell that he was probably glad they were both back- not as much for the boy as much for his friend, the leader of the guard. "Remington, we got the baboon.", the leader of the guard cheered, 'accidentally' loud enough for the rest of the village to hear and start cheering. It was like for a moment, they had done some herculian task that noone else could possibly do. He didn't say much though. Chase knew that this wasn't a hard fight- the hard part was escorting Sewallus
  5. Little else needed to be said in terms of Sewallus' conduct throughout the encounter. It was almost like the paladin was hellbent on getting crushed by trees flying left and right, if not ripped apart by the enormous primate. "Yeah, you should. I don't think Remington or anybody else in Florenthia would prefer you dead to... you know, saving them.", he commented, being a tank himself and knowing why he was acting this way. Selfishness, pride, it was all part of his job. He was a tank, if anybody else got hurt then part of the burden would be on Sewallus' shoulders. "I understand.", he sai
  6. The store was closed, but the bluehead stepped in regardless. If the door was open, the door was open. He didn't have a very good history with Firm Anima the way things were right now, but there wasn't anybody better suited to request the help of but Griswold. With a dry cough, he spotted the hulk further back in the store, quietly approaching the counter and whistling. "I want you to do me a favor. I've got the materials, you've got the hammer and workshop.", he asked of the man, his face completely serious. Any hint of aggression was gone, and he seemed ready to pay whatever price Grisw
  7. Using x1 Paragon Tier Up Ticket (Paragon Level 50 Rewards) on: <<Sanguine Half-Sword>> T3 Perfect | Straight Sword | PARA II, V. OFF I A half broken sword with rounded edges, that make its usefulness in combat questionable. Blue bits of lightning appear around the blade every so often, giving off a menacing and corrupted aura. to turn it into: <<Sanguine Half-Sword>> T4 Perfect | Straight Sword | PARA II, V. OFF I A half broken sword with rounded edges, that make its usefulness in combat questionable. Blue bits of lightning appear around the blade e
  8. The clap and laugh made Chase blush a bit, mostly because he didn't have an idea what the funny part was- it kinda stuck together when he heard her comment though. It came out naturally and less like a cheesy attempt at anything, but maybe it seemed otherwise to his companion. Oops. "D-Don't laugh, I'm god horrible at communicating normally.", he added somewhat shyly and gave a small laugh in response, looking back at the boar as Sera began to approach it. Even though she missed her attack once again, she was still learning. Chase remembered having gotten his first few encounters down alr
  9. Speaking of luck, two holy triggers in one day- hell, even a single proc felt lucky at this point. The hardest fight he'd had in the past few days, no, weeks, happened to be with the Shadow. "You actually got to see my sword's full form. I didn't during the boss fight.", he told her with a small smile, dusting his legs somewhat and starting to walk towards the Boar quietly, seeming much more reserved- still not properly holding his ground, but he looked more concentrated. "Right now we've unlocked 26 floors. I helped unlock the 26th. We kill bosses to do that- big bad monsters. The Shadow
  10. The sudden perking up in Sera's attitude and finding the spirit of SAO honestly felt refreshing. Hearing someone say 'partner' with this much confidence was definitely cheesy, but god did he need to hear that once in a while. Now was a good time, better than ever if anything. And no better way to top this first quest off for the truthfully enjoyable friend he'd hopefully made than to finish the optional objective in a jiffy. Approaching the mother boar, he took his blade out again and whistled to get its attention, wandering slightly to the side to make sure no attacks could hit his partn
  11. Although he'd seen the boar charge at her and knew there wasn't much he could do, hearing the squeal quickly made him react the same way he would if the monster was any dangerous- he held himself back and used his weakest SA available, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to pummel the everliving hell out of the mob. Or at least he would, if he got the chance to. Holding his sword with one hand he moved it to the side, keeping his arm stretched to the side before white wisps began to gather around the blade. And they quickly formed what seemed like the rest of the two handed greatsword- o
  12. ChaseR looked at her attempt at attacking the spear, wincing when he noticed Sera's attack miss. And now came the boarlet's- but it barely scratched her. Thankfully, she seemed to have put on mitigation or something of the sort on her armor. He stepped forward, ready to instruct her on how to use her spear but before that, the other two boarlets charged straight at him. One missed, while the other hit his stomach dead on. Gasping out a bit of air, Chase groaned and pushed it back with his free hand, unsheathing the broken stone blade. "C'mon, piss off, shoo." "So, what you need to do is u
  13. Before long, somebody had appeared on the plaza. Happy to see someone, Chase calmed himself down. They might as well just be here for the new dungeons that showed up. And then he saw the person. Good grief he wasn't getting his hopes up... "... Is she actually-", he almost groaned and tried to avoid glaring at her as Zandra walked up closer to him, letting out a deep sigh. "... Beggars can't be choosers.", he thought to himself and just tried to forget about their brief history. Or at the very least put it aside for the time being. They had to work together after all. "... Hi.", he quietl
  14. Purchasing the following item(s): Blank Dungeon Map T4 | 400 Col Total: 400 Col
  15. And so, Chase had decided to put up an offer to run a party in the player request board. Instead of it being for content he wanted to explore though like dungeons, be it the Black Iron Dungeon or the normal ones, or any quests, it was for the new floor boss. Nobody was doing anything a while now and it was getting on his nerves. He himself was a prime example of a sitting duck the past while. So, he did it. "Any frontliners interested in exploring the 26th Floor and finding the labyrinth, meet me in the 26th Floor's teleport plaza at afternoon. I'm a tank, so I can make sure you don't die
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