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  1. ChaseR

    PT Event Feedback

    Heyo everyone. Seeing as the playtest event is over, it's time to gather feedback. As you can see above, there's a poll on whichever system you prefer and would like to say. Please note that whichever system is decided to be overall the more desired of the two will stick around, in place of the other. That means if the playtest is found to be better overall, we'll be intergrating it into the site officially. We want to hear your opinions on the event, the combat and any crtisisms/improvements you may have for us, so please, note them down in the replies alongside your vote, if possible. A
  2. A deep sigh left Chase's mouth. There wasn't any lashing at Freyd or trying to start fires, but he gave him a miffed glance and then looked at where the boss would be, were it still alive. "You killed all eight. Field boss, the mobs and the dungeon boss.", he stated, although it sounded more like a complaint. Dead was good obviously, so that wasn't what was bothering him. And so, he turned back to Freyd with a hand resting on his sheathed blade's hilt. "I could kick your ass back then, I swear. One hit and you'd be down for the count if we were to fight.", he muttered and then looked down
  3. On the note of 'glitched' monsters, Chase gave Freyd a suspicious look. Glitches? In Sword Art Online? Putting aside the impossibility of that happening, it coming from Freyd was even more dubious. Regardless, he wasn't going to start an argument just after having his ass saved. And so came the mushroom, right before them, forcing one to go right and the other to go left. Fuck. Now that the two were split up, Chase was beginning to get worried before the rogue literally cut its health to a fourth if not less, getting a grunt out of the boy. He approached the boss and turned his sword, sla
  4. Once the fight was over, Chase could feel the ground rumbling and shaking further out the back. He didn't seem interested in proceeding just yet though, quietly sheathing his sword and putting all his weight on his knees, resting for a moment. "I'm alive. Just give me a minute.", he huffed and tried to catch his breath again, having gotten a sudden rush of adrenaline from the sheer health drop. What the fuck was really wrong with this game by now? Even after such a fight, he almost reached his half point by a single mistake- no, it wasn't even in his control. The attacks both hit him beca
  5. Not too far back, groans could be heard as two more, larger Myconids approached from the distance. One was holding a staff with what seemed like crystals attached to it, glowing ever so faintly, while the other held a sharpened halberd, ready to run it through anything in its path- two humans in particular, as of right now. "The pinky and the brain.", he joked lowly, having let his guard down now that he got to throw a couple shots back at Freyd. The one that seemed more so like a mage shook its body, letting spores spread before they began to glow the same violet color as the crystals, h
  6. It was almost as if something awoke in Chase when he started to chuckle and even laugh loudly with Freyd's troubled breathing and coughing, finding it comical. This guy, who was an absolute hardass with everything was having a hard time breathing in here? Most unfitting, if you were to ask blue. "Didn't know asthma carried into the game.", he joked, seeming completely unbothered by the smell. He charged right in (sadly not literally, otherwise there might have even been a different outcome entirely) and slashed at the monsters, causing more spores to fill the room to Freyd's probable dism
  7. Chase let out a deep, long sigh. Of course he'd kill it in a single hit because why wouldn't he. At least he didn't go straight for busting a kneecap this time around, that part was a lot better (and less violent). "Dead is dead, that's good enough.", he commented and looked around, unsure what exactly they were going for next. Hell, under the assumption it was probably a dungeon, he activated his searching skill and decided to try spotting any nearby. With a blink, his eyes' colors had changed and everything in his vision looked just a tiny bit greener. The first attempt at using the ski
  8. Chase had a glance at the feast, silent. Was this the guy who's store he'd raided the other day? Regardless of the man's identity, he knew what was on the table. Something that was looking mighty tasty and very much to his liking. And he just so happened to have a consumable in need of pocketing something inside. "Yeah. It looks pretty good.", he raised his head and told Damien with a very neutral expression and even fainter smile on the corner of his lips, giving him a small thumbs up. "Thanks.", he finally muttered, accepting the feast and stashing it in his inventory so he could fill Gugnir
  9. Chase quietly looked at her and scratched the back of his head, trying to figure out what she meant by tearing up the materials. On the ground? His attacks didn't have any form of reach that would hurt the environment around him so they should be safe. His blade isn't that long either, even when holy kicks in, so that should be good too. The bluehead began to take a few steps towards the boars, the rustling grass being enough for them to turn their heads and look at him, grunt and start preparing to charge right at him. As he continued, it seemed he'd accepted their challenge. They starte
  10. And so, another swing from Chase's blade and the 'boss' took another massive hit to its health. With its health bar almost fully depleted and it having stayed still yet another time while he wailed away at it, the boy let out a deep sigh and lowered his guard. He wasn't even fighting any more, just target practice and little more. His last two hits were fully sloppy, yet they'd landed properly. This didn't feel like a boss fight as much as it did a stand up comedy show. "... Bringer of Flame, yet can't stand still.", he muttered under his breath, more bored than anything else. Hell, he ev
  11. Going on that tiny rant might have confused the lass a bit. So, he tried to tackle it the same way he would have normally. Simplify it to non-gamer terms. "Doing stuff gives you experience. Fights give you more and quests the most. Every some points of experience you get levels. And levels give you points you can use to get new skills that give you uh... s-skills. You can wield your weapons better or unlock new attacks. Or you can look for materials faster and easier. Hide from enemies, heal others, use a shield, armors..." Yet another bombshell of things she would most definitely not und
  12. Chase quietly watched the farce or whatever it was playing out before them, and within the first turn the boss almost had its health bar cut to half (the first one at least), as well as had gotten stunned and the other two were on their way to kicking its ass back into Cardinal's storage. Great. Even though his attack wasn't with a great form, he let out a low sigh and slashed forwards at the immobilized boss, almost missing him. He would have if it wasn't fighting with a (probably) rabid mongoose, truthfully. But the damage had been dealt and it was only then that the boss decided it had
  13. Jesus christ, someone was going balls to the walls with the violence this time around. When simple hits were enough to do the trick, Freyd seemed to appreciate busting a kneecap or snapping someone's neck just a tad bit more. "The point is to kill the thing, not put it in a wheelchair." As long as damage was being dealt though, that was fine. He ran up to the monster again and slashed it while making his way behind it, before going back to the front with another sideways slash. He wasn't dealing anywhere nearly as much damage as Freyd was, but that was due to a lack of holy procs and bein
  14. Chase absolutely empathized with her, he would have reacted the exact same. If he could spurt wings out of happiness, god he'd be flying by now. "Yeah, I uh... I was also sleeping in an inn until a while ago. And then I started doing things but someone had to guide me through this mess.", he tried to explain his situation, looking out into the fields and giving her a smile before opening up his menu, and assaulting her with a white message box in her face. A party invite, to be precise. Now out into the grass and no longer the confines of the safezone, he quietly looked around and gave he
  15. The observer let out a sigh and clapped almost bored, the 'excitement' from his face wiping almost immediately as he looked between the three. "Excellent, you managed to defeat my servant. I bet you're feeling quite excited now, aren't you? You beat the final boss, hooray.", his sarcastic demeanor spoke for itself. Noone needed a gigantic brain to figure out he, probably, was the final boss. And then came the health bars, swinging as soon as they appeared. A massive tag above the boss and its name read much longer than whatever Shadow's name was. "... Yay, the final boss showed up.", he s
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