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  1. "Yeah, let's continue looking. Not like we have a choice in the matter, this is something we have to do." Said Antonie followed by a sigh as he continued looking for the materials and started questioning if collecting grass is what kids are into these days. Not that he really bothered learning about the current trends anyway. Antonie looked around and found nothing, the task Zachariah gave them started to seem more troublesome than originally thought. He started wondering if the heat was getting to him, which is the reason why he couldn't find the materials that are supposedly meant to gl
  2. The quest was, in fact, not an exciting one. Zacharia had given the two brothers the task of collecting materials, in other words a fetch quest. Antonie was quite relieved by having a task so seemingly peaceful, considering that he expected a much more dangerous quest from a game named SWORD Art Online. Once they exited the safezone, he started looking out for materials to collect. Antonie squatted "They should be somewhere around here.", he said as he started looking around near the ground. The materials are meant to give off a glow making the relatively easy to find or at least that's h
  3. "Mio fratello!" said Antonie as he saw his brother approached him and gave him a kiss on the cheek as Italians do. If he knew what "no-homo" meant and it wasn't part of his culture he would've said it by now. Antonie taps his brother on his back and says "You see Lugi... or should I call you The_Infuser? I don't know if you noticed but..." he pauses for a second and leans closer to his brothers ear while saying in a serious tone: "We can only cook this repulsive muss." No longer whispering he continuous by saying "I thought that it had to do with my skills degrading which, let's face it, it
  4. It's been 2 years since he entered SAO, 2 years since Antonie got stuck in this virtual hellscape. He finally came to accept that this would be his life now, whatever was going on outside of here was no longer his business. He downed another bottle and chucked it at the wall in front of him shattering into tiny, little virtual pieces that vanished before hitting the ground, just like his hopes of ever going back. With a defeated sigh he stood up and started scratching his scalp. "Quests, quests, quests..." he thought to himself. Antonie had heard that word one too many times. Word was that if
  5. Profile Username: Cupc4k3 Real name: Antonie Locatelli Age: 34 Gender: Male Height: 6'0’’ / 182.88cm History & Personality Antonie was the second son in a family of Italian cooks. As a child, he often found himself in the family's kitchen and spent a great deal of time at his father's restaurant. At age 16 he worked unofficially in the dishpit (read it carefully) as a dishwasher to get the hang of things. During that time, the rest of the staff members called him Cupcake, which was a running joke considering the fact that Antonie's features, size and face resemble
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