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  1. The excited agreement was sort of refreshing or relaxing in comparison to the several weeks of constant combat... In this moment, she thought back to those nights where she'd take a long walk while her outstretched cupped hands caught the fragmented light reflected from raindrops that hailed down from the sky. Taking a sharp exhale, she smiled a genuine smile unforced and unwavering towards the smaller girl. "I'd love to stare at the stars with someone, I've... never gotten the opportunity before," the words enunciated in a tone that hadn't quite come from the female before- completely rejuven
  2. Once she realized that they had been noticed the redhead sort of felt bad, unintentionally seeming as if she were making fun of her somehow despite meaning for it to be a supportive action towards her endeavors. This is sort of overcome when she overhears Hisa's argument to the creature- a laugh begins to bubble up, ultimately bubbling over as the final attack is landed. A leg among other limbs appearing to glow as it swiped at the large rocky creature. If this was 'embarrassing,' she was unsure what was 'impressive' to the female. Regardless, Vie celebrated their mutual victory with a "Congra
  3. Watching the girl from her peripheral vision she saw Hisa straying away from the group, bringing her hand atop Katoka's head essentially patting her, a grin spreads onto her face, "I'm glad. I don't know what I would've done." An exhale leaves her as she refocuses her attention on the redhead, concluding that she ought to follow Hisa's footsteps out of both curiosity and concern. Enclosing the sword woman's hand in her own after a moment she spoke, "Stay close to me if we're going to tail her," hoping that the blonde woman would allow her to take the lead on this one. Sticking close to the wal
  4. Just before the fist was able to pummel the redhead's body into mush, the blonde woman had protected her. She watched the event in awe- their blade risen, a golden shower of sparks falling from the katana impacting something rock solid as a once-stable leg was cast across the cave and into the 'safety' of its shadows. Vie felt overwhelmed with motivation, happy yet also upset that she needed to be helped. Ignoring Hisa's minor blunder, she looks beyond Katoka's distracted shoulder to find that the monster had risen once more and was headed straight for her friend- unsure what to say or do
  5. (Sincerest of apologies for the late reply. College has been killing me. I'll try my best to keep up- worst comes to worst keep me as a background NPC and I'll forfeit rewards.) "It's alright Kotatsumi," Vie spoke the nickname she had given the blonde with a smile, remembering that she hadn't quite yet told Katoka her own name. "Oh, right... I'm Jami. Sorry for my lateness on th-" Before their interaction had been interrupted by the loud yelling of both Hisa and the artist that had been painting just as Lyle had foreseen. Eventually they arrived by the NPC's side and the back and forth ha
  6. As an illuminated swing is brought down on the creature, Vie watches as its brightly colored corpse bursts into fragmented crystal. Though impressed, she still continued to frown. Both Eruda and Simmone seemed to be attempting to comfort her, which only made her feel even more lousy for needing support instead of being seen as someone who was independent. As the blonde's hand is brought onto her shoulder, Vie's downwards tilted head begins to raise to make eye contact with her. Some form of uncertain sadness could be made out in her eyes, despite this she listened to her words. Feeling just a
  7. Vie watched all of her guildmates attempt to support her in the fight- the thin woman unsheathed her rapier, the average-seeming female that had narrowly recovered from the last combat chased the small slippery water-covered creature about was essentially at a disadvantage at that point completely not in her element... Meanwhile the blonde tank had activated some sort of skill attracting the mob towards her and telling the group to attack. Following Eruda's lead, the redhead unsheathed her own sword and attempted to use her sword art to kill the thing- unsuccessfully of course. Meanwhile
  8. Vie walked through the entrance to the store with Asmura, the redhead glanced around at everything as if it had been a millennia since she had seen the place. The reality was that it had been a few hours at most. Gazing probably erily at the older male, the strange smile that creeped onto Zackariah's face had been interpreted as absolutely bizarre to the older female. He always bore this sort of neutral slightly disappointed expression towards Vie that she hadn't imagined that he was capable of emoting any other sort of way. As the two make their way into the back, the older girl shadows
  9. The redhead interpreted Ruler's character to be be filled to the brim with stoicism- something she wasn't entirely sure how to handle. It was hard to tell whether the blonde woman's words were meant to poke fun or state truth so she opted for the silent route though the addition of the word 'friend' towards the end was a bit more welcoming. "If anything it sounds like you'll be the one murdering the mob and we'll be bystanders," she spoke after a little while of silence in between- looking at Freyd and remembering the sandshark bursting before her eyes for a brief moment. Though it was possibl
  10. Katoka's words which were seeped with clarity cut through the awkward nature of Vie's comment. Relieved, the redhead becomes more of a bystander to the conversation now only occasionally interjecting for a few words to avoid similar mistakes. Oblivious to the Hisa's sense humor she says, "...T-That's a bit bigger than a butter knife actually-" before getting cut off and collaboratively deciding to chug down the potion, an action that she took alongside her now close friend. Somewhere inside she knew that it wouldn't be as big of a deal if she got hit, but didn't want to seem egotistical- ultim
  11. Making her way to the edge of the water, she thinks about how unsuccessful her fishing attempts had been today. After a bit of thought, she settles on picking up the pole's line and knotting another handcrafted vanity tackle onto its end- hoping perhaps this cast would be not only the last but the most successful. Carefully throwing the hook decently far into the body of water and attentively watching it. Bobbing a few times, she reels her bounty in. A smaller fish twitches into her hands as she slides it into her inventory. Slightly disappointed, she places the vanity items back in and rejoin
  12. Just as Vie observes the thin woman's graceful movements, though suddenly priority is take by the beast that had previously been on some sort of suicide mission resurrected, emerging from the lake soaked and making its way to its owner. Still a bit flabbergasted, the redhead finds difficulty on how to explain the whole situation. Somehow managing to get a few words out, "The boy was looking for traces of his savior by the name of Yori, apparently they've gone missing recently..." After a bit of an awkward pause she continues her explanation on occurrences as the woman questions what the stars
  13. Vie watches as the plate stacked high with sandwiches slides onto the table in front of Hisa. After a bit of thought, "I don't mind fighting more than the two, though I would prefer you or I take the damage just to be safe." The comment escaped her lips and floated into the air clearly referring to the blonde swordswoman despite not directly suggesting so as she didn't want to seem like she was underestimating her other comrade. Listening to Katoka and becoming slightly flushed though attempting to divert their attention towards the quest at hand as to not make the fellow redhead feel uncomfor
  14. She nodded, accepting ChaseR's conditions. Turning a little towards Katoka to properly respond "None in particular, haven't planned that far in advance actually." Listening to the growl her stomach produced she acknowledges the girl's hunger and remembers the cafe, "Did you really feed the majority of the scone to that damn dinosaur?" She emphasises, shaking her head in a bit of disappointment as her stomach produces a bit of a similar noise. Blushing, the redhead too scans the ground for any signs of materials that may allow her to escape the embarrassing subject at hand. Her search renders s
  15. The redhead watched the young girl pluck the flower and lay in her palms, showing it off. A smile grows on her face as Vie is glad for the girl's achievement, "Congratulations!" Right after their small pause to celebrate she's a little surprised by the amount of questions yet decides to answer them. Her expression changes from one of glee to a more serious alternative. As the obsidian haired girl takes her hand and travels with her back to Zackariah's house a bit of externally non-existent smoke streams out of the older woman's head seemingly released by mental gears turning, searching for an
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